P1/2 Lockdown Blog – Miss Davidson


Friday 26th June:

Well done P1/2, you have made it to the last day! It has been a very different and difficult year. But I am so proud of how resilient you have all been and the incredible work that you have been putting in to your learning at home. I have loved seeing your pictures and hearing about what you have been doing at home. You should all be so proud of yourselves and make sure that you have a good rest over the Summer Holidays with plenty of fun!

Unfortunately, we didn’t get an end of year class photo but I took a photo on World Book Day that has most of us in it, outside our classroom.

Bruce is definitely ready for the Summer Holiday and we both hope you have a fantastic Summer!

Oh and before we go…the last Sumdog challenge winners in P2 for our class was Lara, and for P1 it was Daisy! Well done!

Have a wonderful holiday and I will hopefully see you around the school in August,

Miss Davidson

Thursday 25th June:

This has been the most complicated blog to do today becasue P1/2 are heading off to 4 different classes therefore we’ve put all four different class teacher videos below…!

So for those joining Mr Harper in P2A, here is his video…

Here is a video message from Ms Pincock who will be teaching P2B…

Here is a video message from Mrs Clark and Miss Chuwen who will be teaching P3A last year…

And for those joining P3B, here is a video message from your new teachers – Ms Mathieson and Miss Davidson!

Wednesday 24th June:

Let’s start this day off with a wake and shake, I remember this being one of the songs you chose as a class for the Christmas Karaoke. Enjoy!

Now that was good fun, I enjoyed that!

I hope you have been enjoying the transition grid and filling out your passport. Today on the grid, it says there will be a class quiz. I have created a quiz about all the different things we have done over the year. You will need to follow the link below to the quiz, your answers will then come through to me. Have fun!

Click here for the P1/2 Quiz!

Remember for Numeracy this week you have a Sumdog challenge, this will finish 5pm on Thursday so I can reveal the results on the Friday blog. For Literacy this week you are choosing different things to read, this could be a favourite story, a new book, a comic book, whatever interests you!

As it is transition week, tomorrow, you will hear from your new teacher so that you can get to know them a little bit and then it will be me again to say goodbye on Friday.

Miss Davidson

Monday 22nd June:

Good morning P1/2! We have all made it to the last week of term, well done!

As I said on Friday we do not have a normal home learning grid but a transition grid and your transition passports. Today, you have been asked to complete the All About Me page, which is on the front page and discuss your favourite moment from the year and then make a postcard.

I think one of my favourite moments from this year was when we role played a castle invasion in the playground with P2a, I think this has already been shared on our class blog but I thought I would share the pictures again.

This week there will be a Sumdog challenge to complete and like you did in health week you should continue to read, so find a comfortable spot in the house and choose some of your favourite stories, stories you have never read or fact books to read.

There will not be a blog from me tomorrow, but you will hear from me again on Wednesday with a class quiz.

Have a fantastic day,

Miss Davidson