P1B Lockdown Blog – Mrs Henderson & Mrs Kane


Friday 26th June:

Hello and Goodbye Primary 1

We would all like to say thank you so much for all your hard work this year. You have come on so far and we are so sad that we didn’t get to end the year and say goodbye properly.

All the P1 teachers and other adults have really enjoyed working with you and we want to say a final goodbye to you all.

Please make sure you say hello to us all when you come back. Mr Harper and Ms Pincock will have a great time with you all in Primary Two.

Here is a little gift from us all. Check your Learning Journals to download and print it off as a little keepsake from Primary 1.

Have a great summer and keep smiling!!

Thursday 25th June:

Here is a video message from your P2B teacher – Ms Pincock!

Wednesday 24th June:

Good Morning 1B!

Woweee!! Welcome to the last Wednesday of Primary 1!

Today we are going to have a quiz but before you try to answer all the questions have a jump about and a bit of a boogie to get your brain buzzing to one of my favourite action songs.  Try to keep in time!

Now that your bodies and brains are warmed up try to answer these questions about some of the things we looked at in Primary 1!


  1. Name the two days of the week beginning with the letter s for snake.
  2. What shape has three sides?
  3. Name three things that help to keep your body healthy.  Remember Gobble our monster chum….
  4. How many new words can you make with these letters? (you can only use them once in every word, for example: past)  s a t p i n
  5. How many actions can you remember for your sounds? Show an adult.
  6. Can you name our school value that starts with a ‘k’ sound.  hint – we used to put leaves on our tree if we were this!
  7. What is the name of the cosy bag that a caterpillar makes as it turns in to a butterfly?
  8. How many tricky words can you think of beginning with t?
  9. Can you finish this number sequence to 20: 2, 4, 6…
  10. Which characters did the teachers dress up as on World Book Day…?

Well good luck. Have fun remembering some of the things we did.

Mrs Kane and Mrs Henderson

Monday 22nd June:

Good morning P1B!

This week is the last week of Primary 1. Do you remember when we used to play this song every morning when we came together on the carpet?

This week you have a Transition Grid to work through and you have your Transition Passport which you can complete. One thing you can do today is look back over the year and think about what you have enjoyed the most.

Mrs Kane and I tried to write about some of the things we have done when we made up our little poem for you all. It would be really good to hear some of your favourite things from Primary 1. I think one of my favourite things was when we all did silly dances to some of our songs, Here are two of my favourites –

Did you show people at home your groovy dance moves?!

It would be good this week if you kept reading and doing some sumdog challenges over the week.

Have fun today whatever you do.

Mrs Henderson and Mrs Kane