P2A Lockdown Blog – Ms Pincock


Friday 26th June:

Good morning on our last day of school!

Good morning. It’s our last day of term, our last day in Primary 2A and it will hopefully be our last day of Home Schooling. Though Mr Teddy, Mr Penguin and I have really enjoyed blogging to you, I’m sure you’ll all be very relieved not to have to read this every day. So let’s stick with tradition and do our last Wake and shake. I’ve chosen a summer one today, with a holiday feel.

Normally at the end of a school year, your teacher would give you a little present. We can’t do this at the moment, because the teachers don’t know all your addresses, so instead the staff have agreed that we’ll all make a class WordArt for you. I have emailed it to your parents, in case you want to print it and keep it. Of course, I couldn’t chose which animal shape was best, so you have a choice of two.

All week, we’ve had our final Primary 2 Sumdog challenge, and the winners are first place Kieran, second place Oliwia and third place Lara. Well done, and well done to everyone who took part. You answered an amazing number of questions in just four days.

You have been a super class and I’ve really enjoyed teaching you all, so I’ve recorded a little message for you all.

Lots of you have also sent in photos and messages for us all. Look at them all below.

I think all our messages say everything, don’t you? So have a great summer everyone, stay safe and fingers crossed we are all back together again as a school in August.

Ms Pincock

Thursday 25th June:

For those joining P3A, here is a video message from your new teachers – Mrs Clark and Miss Chuwen!

And for those joining P3B, here is a video message from your new teachers – Ms Mathieson and Miss Davidson!

Wednesday 24th June:

Hello everyone!

How are you all today? It felt very strange not chatting to you yesterday. Mr Teddy and Mr Penguin seemed quite confused, but they had fun doing the Honesty Quiz, and phoning a friend. I’m a bit worried about my phone bill, as I think Mr Penguin chose a friend who lived in Antarctica, not Edinburgh Zoo! We’re going to do this Wake and shake today because it’s one of our favourites.

For literacy today, you’re going to try to read something. It could be something strange like the words on the cereal packet or instructions for a board game, or maybe you’ll just read your favourite book. I know that’s what I want to do this evening.

For maths, we’re working on our last P2 Sumdog challenge. Remember, this week it stops at 5pm on Thursday, so Miss Davidson and I can tell you the winners on Friday’s blogs.

This week is all about transition and you’ll all be moving on to your new classes after the summer. New children from the nursery will come into school and you will be the big P3 children. Mr Penguin and Mr Teddy have also been welcoming little ones. They have been very kind and helpful, and suddenly feel very grown up.

Today is the day of the class quiz. I had such fun making this. I hope you enjoy it.

Click here for the P2 Class Quiz

Mr Teddy and Mr Penguin wanted to do the quiz, but quickly realised they couldn’t answer any of the questions. I could see they were starting to get upset, so I made them a P2A Lockdown Quiz instead with just true/false answers.

They’re off to do the Who are you? bit of their transition passports now. I’ve left them to it, as I’ve some school work to do myself.

Remember, I’d love it if we could have a Keep Connected slide show on our last class blog on Friday, so send me a photo of yourself before 5pm on Thursday, and perhaps include a message for the class.

Have a super day and I’ll chat with you all tomorrow.

Ms Pincock

Monday 22nd June:

Good morning!

Hello everyone. Did you all have a good weekend? This is our last week of school before the summer holidays. What a strange term it’s been. This week is Transition Week and we’ve all got our Transition Learning Grid. Before we start, let’s do our Wake and shake. This one always makes us feel really happy.

For literacy this week, try to keep your personal reading up. It doesn’t matter what you read – books, information on tablets, instructions for games, recipes, comics, even signs – as long as you try to read something every day.

Today, we’re going to start our Transition Passports. As you can imagine, Mr Teddy and Mr Penguin couldn’t wait to start theirs. I managed to print them both one and they’ve been busy filling them in. Of course, they’ve not actually been in P2A all year, so their favourite things have happened in Lockdown. Mr Teddy has enjoyed all the cooking and picnics. Mr Penguin absolutely loved the trip to the International Space Station. They both wanted to put their school ties on to fill them in. I don’t know why? They are funny!

This week for maths we are just doing Sumdog, but this is last Sumdog challenge in Primary 2, so do the best you can! Try to do a little bit each day and you’ll soon find you’ve done lots of questions.

We also have our Transition Learning Grids. Mr Penguin and Mr Teddy want to make the postcard, and bring it to school in August. I hope they’re allowed to come into school in August. (Where would they fit within the 33% capacity?) They are away just now, chatting about what advice they would give to their class in August.

Have fun with your Transition Passports, and I’ll chat again with you on Wednesday for our P2A Quiz!

Ms Pincock