P4A Lockdown Blog – Mr Harper


Friday 26th June:

Good morning Primary 4. This school year has flown by so quickly, looking back on the year I almost can’t believe that you managed to get so much work done before the schools closed in March! With your stories about Phoebe travelling all over the world, taking part in science experiments, learning about living things and creating our very own Vikings you have all achieved some amazing things in Primary 4.

You’ve all worked tremendously hard this year and made great progress with your writing, reading and maths. I’m super proud of you all and you should be very proud of yourselves too, in fact give yourself a big pat on the back just now!

It’s been great fun being your teacher and although I won’t be your teacher next year I’ll definitely be coming to say hello to you all and I look forward to hearing all about your summer holidays. I’m sure you’ll all have a great time in your new classes next year. As soon as I can I’ll be starting Lego club again and I hope to see some of you there. After today we’ve all got 6 weeks of holidays and after all the hard work you’ve put into P4 you all deserve to have a good rest.

Here’s a little something I’ve made so we can all remember our fantastic year in P4. There’s a link underneath if you would like to download it to have it on your computer or to print it out.

Have a lovely holiday and I’ll see you all in 6 weeks!

Mr Harper & Buster

Thursday 25th June:

For those going into P5A next year, here is a video message (or two!) from your new teachers – Mrs Mitchell and Ms Anderson!

And for those going into P5/6 next year, here is a video message from your new teachers – Mr Morley and Miss Inglis!

Wednesday 24th June:

Good morning Primary 4. How are you getting on with your transition learning grid? I’ve already seen some of the great things that people have been working on this week, keep up the hard work everyone!

Today is your final P4 Sumdog challenge! This challenge has different questions from Monday’s challenge but again it’s a great big mix of things we’ve learnt about during P4. Give it your best shot!

End of Year Quiz!

We’ve had a lot of fun with quizzes in Primary 4 and now it’s time for the end of the school year quiz. Mrs MacLennan and I took some time to create this quiz for you all, it’s a tricky one! It’s all about our year together in Primary 4 and the interesting things we’ve learnt about. Follow the link below to find the quiz. See how many you can get correct, I’ll reveal the answers on the blog tomorrow. Good luck!

End of Year Quiz

Here’s a message from Miss Chuwen for you.

Hi everyone,

I can’t believe it is summer already!! It’s been great working with you all and getting to know you during your RCCT slots this year. We have had lots of fun playing games and learning together (even if it did take me a while to learn all your names!) I’ve also loved taking over your blogs during the lockdown and thoroughly enjoyed all the creative ideas and work you’ve sent me. 

I hope you all have a lovely summer holiday. It might not be like the summers you are used to but I hope you use it as a chance to relax and have lots of fun! 

See you in August!

Miss Chuwen 

Mr Harper here again.

What do you think the answer to Monday’s riddle is? Who is it that rows quickly with four oars but never comes out from under his own roof?

The answer is a turtle!

Here’s today’s riddle: Who is it that rows quickly with four oars but never comes out from under his own roof?

Have a lovely day

Mr Harper

Monday 22nd June:

Good morning Primary 4. Today is the last week of Primary 4 and this week’s learning grid is all about the transition to Primary 5. Here’s one of our favourite GoNoodle videos to start off your day.

You should now have your transition learning grid and your transition passport to complete. To get started on your transition grid you might want to think back about some of your favourite times from Primary 4. Was it our trip to Dynamic Earth? Or maybe it was taking part in our animal adaptation science experiments? It’s good to spend some time thinking of what you’ve enjoyed in Primary 4. One of my favourite moments in Primary 4 was seeing all the incredibe mini-beasts you found when we went on our bug survey in the school grounds.

There’s a brand new Sumdog challenge today, this one is a huge mix of different questions from all the different maths learning we’ve explored in Primary 4. It lasts until Wednesday morning so give it your best shot! Even though there’s no reading task mat this week you should still be keeping going with reading at home, if you can’t find a new book to read try listening to one on https://stories.audible.com/start-listen or find a new book on https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/. Our class username and password for Oxford Owl is on the previous learning grids.

Here’s a couple of amazing pictures from last week’s art project. Can you spot the details?

Harry Gi’s awesome picture is like a drawing within a drawing, how clever!

Aarush’s drawing has a brilliant hidden detail, and some excellent use of shading. Fantastic work!

Any ideas about the answer to Friday’s riddle? I’m a god, a planet, and measurer of heat. Who am I?

This was a really tricky one so very well done if you figured it out. The answer is Mercury! Mercury is a Roman God, a planet in our solar system and Mercury the chemcial is used in some thermometers to measure the temperature.

Here’s today’s riddle: Who is it that rows quickly with four oars but never comes out from under his own roof?

Have a great start to the week

Mr Harper