P5/6 Lockdown Blog – Mr Morley & Mrs McMorris


Friday 17th July:

I am gutted not to be celebrating this with you – I had a party planned and everything!

All my chat you’ve had to put up with over the last year (and the last 7 years I’ve been at CK) has been worth it!

Friday 26th June:

It’s a busy blog today!

A little message from Mrs McMorris:

It’s the last day of term and I just wanted to say how proud I am of you all! You have coped so well during these last few months of home learning. It has been a new experience for us all and you should be so happy with what you have achieved.

We are so excited to see you your smiling faces back at school in August and although our class will be split over three new classes I am sure that you will all continue to support each other like you have done all year. It was amazing to watch the bond between you all grow as the year went on and you should be very proud of the positive relationships you all made in what was a brand new class at the start of the year. You are all stars and I really will miss you all so much next year!

And a little message from Mr Morley:

I think Mrs McMorris has said it all – what else can I say!?

You guys have been a legendary class. Hard working at times, bonkers at other times but always doing things with a smile on your face. I have loved every minute of being your teacher.

Although I’m the teacher, you guys have also taught me so much this year too… I’m now more knowledgeable about dogs (Shreya), Roblox (Rose), draughts (Jack), Harry Potter (Makensie and Lauren), cheer (Ava), Fortnite (Cody), models (Rithvik), outdoorsy stuff and building things (Blair), Irish accents (Jennifer), how to seriously injure people in cricket (Aakash) and of course who can forget India’s life stories! The list could go on…

As I keep on saying to people, I will still be around next year making sure you’re all on top form and keeping up the high standards – you can’t get rid of me that easily!

And finally we have a couple of things to finish the year off with…

1) Final Countdown (there’s something quite ironic about the 9-letter word!)

2) A Farewell Poem (Moving On)

We think you’re very special,
And we just want you to know,
Our time with you has been amazing,
We’re so sad to see you go,

We’ve watched you learn and grow,
And change from day to day,
We hope that the things we’ve done,
Have helped in some small way,

We’ll come visit you next year,
We would love to see you grow,
You still have lots to learn ahead,
But there is one thing you should know,

The thing that makes you wonderful,
And will shine through all you do,
Is just to be yourself,
And be proud that you are YOU!

3) A P5/6 Momento

Click on the images below to make them bigger and why not print them out, frame them, and remember the one year we had the perfect class!

A HUGE THANKS to you for working so hard this year and TO YOUR FAMILIES for being incredible teachers over the last three months.

You now have permission to switch off (if you haven’t already) and enjoy your summer holidays!

Mr Morley and Mrs McMorris

Thursday 25th June:

Today’s blog post took ages because our wonderful P5/6 class are being split up three different ways!

So for those going into P6A next year, here is a video message from your new teacher – Mr Wallace!

And for those going into P7A next year, here is a video message from your new teacher – Mr Brewer!

And finally, for those going into P7B next year, here is a video message from your new teacher – Mr Morrison!

Wednesday 24th June:

Good morning everyone,

We’ve got a treat for you all today – as we’ve created an online quiz for you to complete. Five rounds – Five questions in each round! Here are the rounds:

Round 1 – How well do you know your teachers?
Round 2 – Food, Art and French
Round 3 – Maths
Round 4 – Space and Titanic
Round 5 – Bits and Bobs!

To start the quiz
just click here!

For those of you who have joined our Teams chats in the past few weeks, you will notice that we have been doing a weekly quiz! Well… it’s all change today because today we’ll be playing BINGO!

Bingo at Bristol Public Library | Downtown Bristol Events ...

We are really looking forward to speaking to those of you joining our last Microsoft Teams chat at 10am today!

Mr Morley and Mrs McMorris

Monday 22nd June:

“Don’t you worry, we’ll be back before the end of P5/6… Trust me…”

It looks like I got that a bit wrong when I said it to you back in March however… we have made it to the final week!

There is no Learning Grid this week, instead you have a ‘Transition Themed Grid’ where there is a number of activities which focus on the follwoing things:

  • The Transition Passport (Completing a new section each day)
  • Celebrating This Year…
  • Looking Forward…

Despite the rubbish end to the year, try to to remember all the brilliant things that have happened this year too! Here’s a little throwback to our Human Solar System for you…

And I think I can hear Cody say how he loves Countdown and wants more… Go on then… By the end of the week I think we will officially run out of 9 letter words!

As well as the transition activities, I’ve also set up a final SumDog challenge of the year. Well done to Rose, Grace and Deja who spent a good hour last week on SumDog. A POLITE WARNING TO EVERYONE – DO NOT FORGET YOUR TIMES TABLES. Thanks… Cheers… Danke… Merci…!

There’ll be no blog tomorrow however Me and Mrs McMorris will be posting a P5/6 quiz on here on Wednesday.

We’ll also be having our final Teams Meeting on Wednesday at 10am and it would be great to see as many of you as possible!

Have a great final week!

Mr Morley