P5A Lockdown Blog – Mrs Mitchell & Ms Anderson


Friday 26th June:

Well Primary 5, we have all made it to the end of term.

It’s been an interesting and unusual year but we have both be delighted to lead and support you throughout the ups and downs. We have so many fantastic memories.

You are all amazing. We just could not be prouder of all your achievements both in and out of school. The teachers who have you next year are very lucky to be getting children who try so hard in everything they do.

We hope you all have a super summer holiday with your family. Hopefully the sun will shine so you can get out and play and perhaps even a have a few day trips away.

We look forward to seeing all in August ready to start a new year.

Take care of yourselves and those around you and remember to be kind always!

We have sent this image with all our names on it as a word document to all of your emails so you can print it out and keep it if you would like to.

As promised on the Teams meeting on Wednesday, below is the link to the powerpoint we showed. We hope you enjoy watching it again.



Mrs Mitchell, Ms Anderson and Mrs Centola

Thursday 25th June:

For those going into P5/6 next year, here is a video message from your new teachers – Mr Morley and Miss Inglis!

And for those going into P6A next year, here is a video message from your new teacher – Mr Wallace!

Wednesday 24th June:

Good morning Primary 5! I hope you are all having a great week and you are enjoying the activities on the final home learning grid for this term.

Today, I have set up a quiz for you to re-cap on the year. It can be found using the following link:


or by scanning the following QR code:

QR code for P5 quiz


Disco Clipart Childrens Birthday Party - Children Party Clipart ...

Today we are having our final Teams meeting at 2pm. Mrs Mitchell and I hope to see as many of you there as possible. Remember to bring a snack and a drink along and get dressed up for the party! Before the party begins, you need to create 2 bingo cards (just like the one below) and fill in each square with a number between 1 and 50. The same number can not appear on your card twice.

Blank BINGO & WORDO Grids | Bingo template, Bingo card template, Bingo
Create 2 of these with a number between 1 and 50 in each box.

Have a lovely day primary 5 – see you at 2pm. 🎉🎊🎈

Ms Anderson 😃

Monday 22nd June:

So here we are Primary 5, at the start of the final week. Only a few more days before another school year ends and the Summer holidays begin.

This week is another themed week. Your learning grid, which was sent to you all via learning journals over the weekend, is all about looking back and reflecting on Primary 5 and looking forward to the year ahead when you all move into Primary 6.

On the grid there are a variety of activities planned for each day to have a go and enjoy. I have also set a SUMDOG challenge for the week and try to keep reading for 15-20 mins each day.


Last week your transition passport should have been delivered through your door. Today you can open the envelope and begin the ‘All About Me’ page and have a read of the messages written by the teachers.


Many of today’s activities are asking you to think about your favourite memories from this year. To inspire you here are some of my favourite moments.

I have loved all the group tasks this year, I particularly loved the STEM challenge linked to the Amazon Rainforest. Many of your parents joined us for this activity. It was mayhem but such great fun!

There have been so many great reading tasks throughout the year. I always loved talking about the books with you in groups on the carpet but my favourite reading moment has to be when we got to the end of ‘Why the Whales Came’ by Michael Morpurgo. It was such a great story which had us all gripped. However, it was the round of applause when it ended that I remember the most. It was such a lovely moment and I remember feeling quite emotional.

I am looking forward to hearing what your favourite memories.


There will be no blog tomorrow but there are lots of activities on your grid to keep you busy.

Wednesday will be our last Teams meeting and when we say goodbye to Alecia and Aditi who are moving on to new schools after the Summer. Remember to bring a drink and small snack along as we are going to try and have a little party to end the year and to say Goodbye!

Have a great day Primary 5.

Mrs Mitchell