P6A Lockdown Blog – Mrs Bennett


Friday 26th June:

Well P6A What a year! You have been an amazing class, full of fun and imagination. You came up with the best of slogans. We have had a busy year and it has suddenly, after all those weeks of lockdown, come to an end.

It’s the summer holidays and the weather has been great. So have a magical time, keep safe and Mr Brewer and Mr Morrison will be welcoming you to P7 in August.

Bye for now, Mrs Bennett

Thursday 25th June:

Here is a video message from your new P7A teacher – Mr Brewer!

Wednesday 24th June:

End of School Year Quiz

QUIZ: What type of student are you? - Fun Kids - the UK's ...

Below is the link to your online End of P6 Quiz which has a variety of questions based on our learning from throughout the year!

Answer all of the questions and when you are finished, press ‘submit’ then ‘view results’ to see how you got on.


Good luck!

Mrs Bennett

Monday 22nd June:

Good morning and welcome to our final week of P6!

This week you have the ‘Transition Learning Grid’ to keep you busy and help you reflect on the year you have had in P6 and look forward to the summer holiday and the new learning ahead in P7.

Favourite things from this year with P6A.  Well, there were lots of great things this year!  They started with our early tram ride into town for the Book Festival. We met the author, Scarlett Thomas

and learned all about her Worldquake series of books. We took the number 21 bus to Holyrood Park and learned lots of skills useful for the outdoors.  The group I was with met a Druid(how had he survived form ancient times?) who explained all about common plants and trees and their uses, herbal, medicinal, and healing.  This information came to life when, later, we read the story of Torak, in Wolf Brother, by Michelle Paver.

Chronicles of Ancient Darkness: Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver ...

Later in P6 we roamed around our own local area finding the old railway station at Pinkhill, on the cycle path. Then there was the birth of our class character Harry the Hedgehog; thanks and credit to David Thomson for his wonderful imagination which gave us Harry’s ‘back story’. Harry was a BIG part of our transition from school to home learning.  Here he is waving goodbye with his latest interest – ‘semaphor’

Semaphore is an alphabet based signalling system.

This week, as well as the more gentle activities on the  ‘Transition Learning Grid’ make some time to snuggle up with a book, or simply notice the wide variety of things you read. Here are some of the things I have been reading.

If you’re looking for a maths challenge then head over to SUMDOG

Working at Sumdog | Glassdoor.co.uk

where a challenge awaits with revision of graphs and geometry. 

Enjoy a gentler pace of life this week as you wind down towards the summer holidays.

Mrs Bennett