Mrs Buchanan’s Blog

This term, Mrs Buchanan will be teaching Art to all of our P3-P7 children. Each week she’ll be choosing an artist of the week so keep checking back here for more of our wonderful artwork!

The ‘Wee Juney’ Competition!

A member of our P3 class won the ‘wee Juney competition’. This stunning artwork has been framed as a gift for one of our retiring staff members! It is so adorable! Great job!

June is a cleaner in the school who has worked at Carrick Knowe for 9 years. Today, Friday 13th September, marks her last day as she has chosen to retire. Everyone at Carrick Knowe wishes her a very happy and relaxing retirement.

It was far too difficult a decision for Mrs Buchanan to make on her own so she shortlisted 3 paintings and asked all the other staff in the school to help her decide!

Artist of the Week (w/b 9 Sept)

A member of P6A became Mrs Buchanan’s little artist of the week for her fantastic still life pot. Mrs Buchanan loved the highlighting on the inside to show where the light was bouncing off the shiny surface. Well done!


Artist of the Week (w/b 26 Aug)

A huge well done to our first ever ‘little artist of the week’! This Primary 3 child’s line drawing of his school shoe was phenomenal. His attention to detail really blew me away – take a look below!