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Friday 29th May:

GOOD MORNING! Start today by having a look at the front page of the CKPS website or at Miss Inglis’s BLOG to find out who has been crowned our first ever  ‘Ultimate Fit In 15 Champion’ 🏆⭐😃 at the end of this month’s CKPS Let’s Get Moving 2020 Fit in 15 Challenge🏃👣🚴! Fred Frog and I only just remembered in time to send in our ⭐ total yesterday before 3pm! We are happy with our effort to STAY ACTIVE each day while collecting a TOTAL of 105 ⭐s over the month of May. Thanks to Miss Inglis for creating this fun challenge to help keep us all moving during these COVID-19 ‘lockdown’ days. 

Fred Frog has chosen today’s CKPS Fit in 15 task and it’s his favourite because he loves to JUMP! Find a good space, wherever is best for you, and count up to 15 as you’re jumping as high as you can each time. (At the end of today’s BLOG post, you will see one of our P5 friends enjoying the outdoors and doing well with her Fit in 15 Touch one toe and then the other, in her garden yesterday. 🙂 ) I have chosen today’s clever perspective picture (above) because it links nicely to our next SHANARRI wellbeing indicator which is NURTURED. When I looked up this word in my dictionary and using GOOGLE, I discovered the answer to this question: What does being nurtured mean? It means: to take care of, feed, and protect someone or something, especially young children or plants, and help him, her, or it to develop. In the picture above the Mum is nurturing her child, trying to protect her child from being hurt by, or trapped under, what looks like an ENORMOUS bucket! 

I hope you enjoyed making your Family Achievement Tree yesterday, and that Achieving Alfie helped you to celebrate your success. 😉  Today we’ve reached the 4th letter in the acronym SHANARRI which as you know is about our eight well-being indicators representing the areas where we need to progress to do well – they are: Safe, Healthy, Achieving, NURTURED, ActiveRespectedResponsible and Included. Look at each section of the Nurtured picture above; can you think of one way each of these people have nurtured and taken care of you recently and/or one way you have nurtured and taken care of them? Share your ideas with somebody else in your family if you can.

Meditation can be a great way to NURTURE and take care of ourselves, by clearing our minds and calming our emotions, especially at the end of another busy Home School Learning and Teaching Week. I found this lovely meditation music and story on Miss Inglis’s BLOG recently. Why not try it now? I think you will enjoy it. All you need is a quiet space where you can sit or lie down.

Afterwards, if you want to, share what you used to decorate your secret 🌳 🏠.

Perseverance Penny has been our CKPS Superhero of the week on this BLOG; she and I are so pleased with all that we have seen and heard through the photos and messages, as well as from the conversations with your parents and carers this week. Well done for NOT GIVING UP even when things can sometimes get a bit difficult. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK… and keep sharing it with us when you can:

After the weekend, the month of May will be over and Monday will be the 1st day of the 6th month of the year, June. Next week is a special FOCUS Health & Wellbeing WEEK so look out for all the fun activities planned on the Family Learning Grid as well as on your Class Teacher’s BLOG – there will be NO ASL BLOG. The week will culminate on Friday 5th June with our first ever CKPS virtual ‘Sports Day’ organised by Mrs MacLennan and our P7 Sports Captains. Have a HAPPY WEEKEND all of you, and a great Health and Wellbeing week. Fred Frog, his friends and I will miss you on this BLOG next week but we’ll be back again on Monday 8th June. 🙂 Mrs Dale

Thursday 28th May:

Good Morning! It’s THURSDAY…. so there are at least 2 things to remember today…. the CLAP FOR CARERS at 8pm …. AND….

…. this is the final week of the CKPS Let’s Get Moving 2020 Fit in 15 Challenge🏃👣🚴! Don’t forget to send in your ⭐⭐ totals by 3pm today before Miss Inglis will crown our first ‘Ultimate Fit In 15 Champion’ 🏆⭐😃 tomorrow!

I’ve really enjoyed speaking to your parents this week and hearing all about your many achievements during ‘lockdown’. Well done for all the hard work with ‘Home School Learning and Teaching’, and for doing your best on the good days and on the not-so-good days too. 🙂 Remember, don’t worry if you cannot manage all, or even any, of what’s on this BLOG each day…. pick and choose what is best for you. 😉 Make the most of being outdoors (safely) when you can – it’s SO GOOD for us all, especially during these tricky COVID-19 times.

Our CKPS Fit in 15 activity today is to TOUCH ONE TOE THEN TOUCH THE OTHER. Find a good space, inside or outside and count to 15; do this 2 or 3 times. I have chosen today’s clever perspective picture (above) because it links nicely to our next SHANARRI wellbeing indicator which is ACHIEVING. If you’ve ever scored a netball or basketball goal, you will remember how good that felt to achieve success for yourself and your team.

I hope you enjoyed making and playing the Healthy Lifestyle game of matching pairs yesterday. WELL DONE to our friend above for using her own ideas to make up some extra pairs for the game. As I’ve already mentioned, today we’re going to think a little about the third of our well-being indicators which represent the eight areas where we need to progress to do well now and in the future – they are: Safe, Healthy, ACHIEVING, Nurtured, Active, Respected, Responsible and Included (remembered by the acronym SHANARRI). 

Have a look at the photographs above – they are all about ACHIEVEMENT. Yesterday Fred Frog and all his animal friends went out into the garden with me to water our bean plants. For a while they were looking rather poorly, but we were pleased to see that they seem to be growing bigger and stronger now. We felt a bit happier and realised that we are on the way to achieving our dream of having some tasty and healthy beans to eat after a few more weeks! We’re not the only ones who have been working hard and achieving great things in the garden – look at the newly painted fence and brilliant birdhouse; the birds are so excited! Some of our P6 pupils have been so creative in different ways: Emma has made a European Landmark Sculpture from recycled materials (can you recognise this place / have you been there?), and one of you has been baking and decorating delicious cakes. Miss Owenson made an AMAZING rainbow cake with her sons. Violet has been working so hard to spell ‘ou’ words as well as using her thinking skills to find missing rhyming words and answer some tricky ‘WHEN?’ questions. One of you has been making the most of the sunshine to tie dye some clothes – they look fabulous drying on the washing line. These activities have been giving us all a great sense of ACHIEVEMENT. The final two photos show 2 swans and a cygnet, as well as a heron. I hope you can manage to see them all. Fred Frog and I have been watching the mother swan on her nest for the past few weeks when we go for our early morning walks; there is often a hungry heron around too. 😦 You can see it in the last photo if you look carefully – on the fence, near the mother swan on her nest. In the last week it was exciting to see that the mother and father swan now have a baby swan, called a cygnet –  a long awaited achievement!

For your next task today, try making an achievement tree. You will need to cut out some leaf shapes (or if you prefer, you could draw around each family member’s hands and then cut them out, writing on hand shapes instead of leaves – see picture above). If you wish, you can use the download below (the third page is probably the best one as the leaves are bigger, so you will have more space to write and draw on them) or draw your own leaf shapes and cut them out. Give each person in your house 2 or 3 blank cut-out leaves (or hand shapes) and each of you should write on one side of each leaf/hand, one of your achievements. This could be something recent or something from a while ago. On the other side of the leaf/hand, you or your family member could draw a picture, or just decorate or colour the leaves on the second side.

When I was talking to some of my family members on the telephone last weekend, I asked them what they might write on a leaf for our Family Achievement Tree and here are some of the things they said:

I trained my puppy dog how to do tricks. I learned how to ride a bike. I learned how to tie my own shoelaces. I made a brilliant birdhouse from recycled materials. I climbed Scotland’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis, with my Dad. I swam 10 lengths at the swimming pool. I finished reading my first chapter book ever and loved it. I baked and decorated a birthday cake for my brother. I wrote my first postcard ever and posted it to my Gran. I became a doctor. I made up and performed a COVID-19 song and dance. I learned how to speak French. I passed my Grade 4 piano exam. I helped my neighbour to repair his garden fence. I passed my driving test at last! I scored 3 goals for my football team. I cooked a meal for my parents. I ran 5kms. I raised £1000 for a Mental Health Charity. I hung up the washing and did the ironing. I helped my Mum to cut the grass. I climbed to the top of Arthur’s Seat with my whole family when I was only 5 years old. I wrote a poem about Autumn and learned it by heart. I stitched my own face mask and embroidered it with a rainbow. I helped my sister to learn her 3x table. I helped my son to understand some tricky Home School Learning maths. 

If you can, go out (safely) to look for a good branch with a few twigs coming off it to use as your tree on which to hang your leaves or hands. Or, if you prefer, draw a tree shape and attach the leaves (or hands). You could add more over the coming weeks and months as you each achieve new things. This is a good way to recognise success, remember achievements and encourage one another. Finally, if you can print the second download below, you could write an Achieving Alfie certificate for your wonderful adult teacher(s) at home, and they could write one for you. Remember to shake hands as you present one another with the certificate! 😉 

If you have any spare time each day, why not persevere to improve your typing skills using or or

Perseverance Penny recommends you try to spend 10 minutes a day improving your keyboard typing skills – a fantastic lifelong learning skill to develop while you have the time, useful now and in the future. A little perseverance to practise every day will help you to make steady progress.

If you’d like to have someone read a story to you then take a look here: There’s a fantastic selection of classic and modern audiobooks and right now they’re all free!  We also have our very own Mrs Clark’s CKPS STORYTIME  books available here: and…. DID YOU KNOW?!….the story Mrs Clark read yesterday is one of my all time favourites, not just because I love giraffes, but because it is all about having a Growth Mindset, and teaches us the power of trying something new, having a go and trying to find a different solution to a problem….and it is also about ACHIEVING! If you have time, why not listen to Mrs Clark reading:

Do keep letting me know about all your Home School Learning and Teaching ACHIEVEMENTS: and remember to celebrate your success. 🙂 

Elephants never forget!…… but I am sorry we forgot to wish our P6 twin friends a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Tuesday 26th May! We heard you enjoyed a wonderful CREAM TEA to celebrate. As you will see in the photos below, somebody else also enjoyed some very happy birthday celebrations this week. 🙂  ‘See you’ on the BLOG again tomorrow everyone! from Fred Frog, Mrs Dale and our other animal helpers! 

Wednesday 27th May:

Welcome to Wellness Wednesday! It has been good to speak with some of your parents / carers already this week, and to hear how you’ve been getting on during these COVID-19 ‘lockdown’ days. Three cheers for all the hard work and effort you’re all putting into your home school learning! I am looking forward to my next parent consultation times later on today –you can check the time in the link at the top of this page.

Today’s clever perspective picture above brings a healthy reminder for us all…. to keep ourselves well, it helps to drink plenty of WATER! In school many of us keep our WATER bottles filled and nearby. Are you remembering to drink plenty of water during your ‘Home School Learning and Teaching’ days? Perhaps you should fill up your water bottle now? Our CKPS Fit in 15 activity today is to TOUCH YOUR TOES. Start with your arms outstretched above your head before gently reaching down to touch your toes. Do this 15 times.

Below you can see one of your CKPS friends keeping herself really fit and healthy by riding her bike – she ‘cycled 10km…. that must have earned her a few more STARS for her CKPS Let’s Get Moving Challenge 2020 🏃👣🚴. 😉 This is the final week of the challenge. Miss Inglis will be crowning the first ever CKPS Fit In 15 Ultimate Champion this Friday!🏆⭐😃 

Yesterday we started to think about our well-being indicators which represent the eight areas where we need to progress to do well now and in the future – they are: Safe, Healthy, Achieving, Nurtured, Active, Respected, Responsible and Included (remembered by the acronym SHANARRI). How did you get on with your SAFETY POSTER yesterday? We hope you’ve found a place to display your finished work. 🙂

Today we will focus on the second area: keeping ourselves HEALTHY. Have a look at the two pictures above. FIRST take turns with somebody else at home if you can to say something about each of the pictures – what does the picture make you think of? What can happen if we don’t look after that part of our health and wellbeing?

NEXT, see if you can make up a memory pairs game with a Health Theme. You will find something you can use to help you in the file to download below. If you’re able to print this, you could then stick the paper onto the coloured side of an opened up used cereal box and cut up the pieces, turn them over, mix them up and have a game of matching pairs – you will have to pick up a picture that matches the corresponding words – or if you print a double set you will have a bigger set to make a more challenging game. This is a great game to help you to think about some of the ways you can keep yourself healthy, including developing your memory skills. There are 3 blank pairs in the download for you to add your own ideas. If you cannot print out the download, use the ideas to make up your own memory game cards by drawing and writing on cut up square shapes. 

If you have time now, or later on today, you might enjoy listening to this Dr Seuss story called Wacky Wednesday. This fun version lasts for about 19 minutes. It’s a good one to test your observation and thinking skills. It will help to keep your mind and brain healthy. 🙂 

Finally,  if you have any spare time each day, why not persevere to improve your typing skills using or or

Perseverance Penny recommends you try to spend 10 minutes a day improving your keyboard typing skills – a fantastic lifelong learning skill to develop while you have the time, useful now and in the future. A little perseverance to practise every day will help you to make steady progress.

THANKS FOR ALL THE MESSAGES AND PHOTOS YOU KEEP SHARING WITH ALL THE WONDERFUL ACHIEVEMENTS, thanks to HARD WORKING PUPILS and KIND PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS! Well done everyone… remember to celebrate your success and all the good progress you’re making. I wonder how many of you have decorated and added a stone to the CKPS COVID-19 snake? 🙂 

‘See you’ on the BLOG again tomorrow! Fred Frog, Mrs Dale and our other animal helpers! 

Tuesday 26th May:

Good Morning everyone! It’s Tuesday the 26th May so it’s time to wish Zack and Jaimé a terrific Tuesday, and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🙂 We hope you are having a great day

Our CKPS Fit in 15 activity today is to BALANCE ON ONE LEG. See if you can count up to 15 while balancing carefully on one leg; then swap over and do the same while balancing on the other leg. Can you balance for longer on your right or left leg? 

Freda and Fred Frog were delighted to read Abbi’s FABULOUSWhen this is all over’ poem. We hope you will take a moment to enjoy reading her poem out loud – can you spot the super rhyming words she has used? GREAT WORK Abbi….. keep it up! 🙂 Our CKPS Superhero Perseverance Penny is thrilled to know that you’re persevering with your Home School Learning. For everyone who has written a  poem like this, if you haven’t already done so, why not share your success by telephoning a family member or friend, and reading your poem to them – I’m sure it would make them smile to hear from a poet. 😉 A good place to keep your ‘When this is all over’ poem, might be with your ‘COVID-19 time capsule’ treasures – if you’ve been doing that. 

Today’s Listening and Talking Task is called: What are you/your partner? If you can chat with a member of your family, that’s great. And if not, just imagine a friend or family member and think about how you would describe them. Can you give an example of, or reasons why, you choose each of the words? 

I wonder whether you described yourself as someone who is careful or a risk-taker? Can you work out how our two perspective pictures today have been taken? They made me think of risks, and being careful. I think I am more of a careful person rather than a risk-taker. I prefer to play safe!

Over the next wee while we will focus on our well-being indicators which represent eight areas where we need to progress to do well now and in the future. These are: Safe, Healthy, Active, Nurtured, Achieving, Respected, Responsible and Included (remembered by the acronym SHANARRI). Today we will look at some things connected with the first area: SAFEty. Look at the SAFETY POSTER GALLERY below: 

Choose one aspect of SAFETY: will you choose: home, road, sun, fire, electricity, internet, or something else Talk about all the things we have to do to keep ourselves safe in the area of your choice – you could make a mind map of all your thoughts and ideas, to help you first to plan, and then to create your own SAFETY POSTER. You will find some tips for making a poster here: 

When you have finished your poster, find a place to display it in your house – maybe in a window so that it can help people who pass by to keep themselves safe too. Why not take a photo of your poster and send it to: to share it with your friends on this BLOG? We would love to see your wonderful work. 🙂 

We noticed these photos and this super message from one of you at the end of last week: “I’ve been busy working in the garden with my mum, taking all the ivy off the fence to paint the fence grey.” Perseverance Penny thinks that must have taken quite a bit of grit and determination. What a good job you’ve done. Maybe by now the fence has been painted!

I enjoyed talking to many parents and carers yesterday, and I am looking forward to some more conversations later today – you can check what time I will telephone on the link at the top of this BLOG. 

See you all again tomorrow, from Fred Frog, Mrs Dale and friends! 🙂 

Monday 25th May:

We hope you’ve all had a good weekend and are ready for another week of Home School Learning and Teaching! Last week when I was reading Mr Harper’s P4A BLOG, I noticed this clever Home School Lockdown Learning Logo above, created by Aarush. Lots of great ideas in that super logo – well done Aarush! 🙂 

For our CKPS Fit in 15 activity today, find a good space and use this short video to help you: 

How did you get on with the poetry writing on Friday? Fridays are always a bit short of time, so we will keep to the same theme today in case you didn’t have a chance to try this last week. And if you did write a poem, why not have another go at this today. This poem below was written by a 10-year-old boy. Read the poem out loud a couple of times: 

When this is all over    by Aaron Alexander

When this is all over, I’ll tell you what I’ll do, I’ll catch up with my friends, To see what’s new!

When this is all over, I’ll be at rest, Because the NHS workers, Are the best!

When this is all over, I’ll go out to the shops, And if we go far, We won’t have to talk to the cops!

When this is all over, The first thing I’ll add, Is “Oh my god, That was turning me mad!”

When this is all over, We’ll have a lot of fun, Now that finally, Lockdown is done!

Next, I would like you to have a go at writing your own poem with the same title; take a look at the attached document in the link below, (or choose the one on Friday’s BLOG last week if you prefer) which you can print if you wish, or just use the ideas to write your own poem on a piece of paper, or in a jotter, or type it. If you would like to write your own style of poem, using your own ideas, of course that’s fine too! You could spend 3 minutes watching this short video clip, to get some more ideas about writing poetry:

Be sure to have your Sound Chart, and Key Word cards beside you, and check tricky spellings on your fingers! I look forward to reading your finished poem, that’s if you’d like to send it to me!

Perseverance Penny is excited to be chosen as this BLOG’s new CKPS Superhero of the Week! Her catch phrase is: “Find a new route and and give frustration the boot!” Penny had to show true grit and determination to get to where she is now. She knows that she has to keep going and not give up when things get difficult. Recently I have been needing quite a lot of Perseverance Penny’s help! 😉 

One day last week I felt like I had so many things to do for my job and for a short time I felt like giving up!! 😦  but….. I knew I had to persevere, so that I could finish my BLOG post in time for it to reach you all the next day! 😉 I knew I just had to KEEP ON GOING, and NEVER GIVE UP….. and I made it just in time! 🙂 I imagined our Growth Mindset Superhero Teacher Mrs Clark saying YOU CAN DO IT! YES YOU CAN! Can you think of a time when things became difficult for you and you felt like giving up? How did you help yourself? What made things better? 

Last week you might have listened to and watched the story of Lucy in Lockdown. Here is another story about Lucy which helped me to think about my emotions and how they can change from day to day. Perseverance Penny helped me that day last week when I felt a bit low. While you are listening to the story about Lucy’s Blue Day, listen out for the rhyming words. If you have time, you could listen to the story again, pausing it as you go, to write down the rhyming words. 

This is the last week to take part in Miss Inglis’s CKPS Let’s Get Moving 2020 – Fit In 15 Challenge. 🏃👣🚴 On Friday, Fred Frog and I were very surprised to receive our lovely certificate from Miss Inglis for being this week’s Staff Champions!! Thank you Miss Inglis. 🙂 You are certainly helping lots of us to STAY ACTIVE and KEEP FIT. 

I am looking forward to speaking with parents and carers one afternoon or early evening this week – click on the bar at the top of this BLOG page if you need to check on what time I will telephone you. Thank you. 

Please send us a message, when you have time, to share some of your news, or just to say hello at: ‘See you’ on the BLOG again tomorrow! Fred Frog, Mrs Dale and our other animal helpers! PS The perspective pictures above remind Fred Frog and me that to stay fit and healthy we must also remember to go to bed at a sensible time to get enough sleep. Have a good sleep tonight! 😉