Mrs Dale’s Blog (2019-20)


Focussed Felicity is pleased!… and… some allotment news!

In September, Focussed Felicity was our Growth Mindset Superhero of the Month! Her ‘catch phrase’ is Hocus Pocus Everybody Focus! She noticed some of our pupils concentrating really hard as they made a super effort to use counters and their fingers to tally and spell words, before remembering and writing a dictated sentence using the same words. Focussed Felicity also enjoyed seeing the good focus and great effort to read words with our phonic sounds of the week while playing games including Snakes and Ladders

Some of us got to work on our allotment bed once more; it needed a good tidy up after some summer time weeds got growing! We harvested the remaining super-sized onions planted last year, and found some potatoes too. We then did some weeding and prepared the bed to do some more planting soon. We enjoyed looking up at the tall sunflowers in another allotment bed nearby – some of them have now disappeared and looked lovely as part of our school’s Harvest Assembly Display. 

Fred Frog and his P3 friends have been busy…

Our CKPS Superhero of the month Focussed Felicity was really impressed with our fantastic focus, good concentration and super effort when we were practising our handwriting:13th Sep

Focussed Felicity and Mrs Clark were especially happy and pleased with one of our group member’s EXCELLENT EFFORT and HARD WORK:

We regularly practise reading Fred Frog’s ‘green words’ – the green words are the ones we can sound out; we use ‘Fred Talk’ to help us sound them out before we read the words. What wonderful partners, helping each other! 🙂 

Fred Frog loves a good game….. this Snakes and Ladders game helped us to have fun at the same time as reading lots of words…. 

In the slideshow below you will see us being perfect partners, using our magic reading wands as we read a funny story about some animals and a boy on a bus! 

Fred Frog welcomes his new P3 friends!

We had a great first day with Fred Frog! We learned about a ‘family of sounds’: c o a d g q s – they are a family because when we write them they all start like a curly ‘c’! Fred Frog was so impressed with our wonderful handwriting. He is helping us to learn to remember to say the sounds (phonemes) as we write the graphemes (the written sounds are called graphemes!). WELL DONE EVERYONE!

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Fred Frog had a great summer holiday….. but he is very glad to be back at school now! Can you guess where he went on holiday? See if you can spot him in these photos….

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He loved camping on the…….. Isle of Lewis, in Scotland’s beautiful Outer Hebrides!