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Friday 23rd September

After our Monday Holiday, this short school week has really flown by! However, Fred Frog still had enough time to help his P3 friends remember and use these sounds:

We used our ‘Fred Fingers’ to sound out our ‘nk’ words before using the colour piNK to spell and write our words – look out for our finished liNKing chain next week!

Lots of us loved tastiNG some of the last CKPS allotment plums and pears for this season – hopefully there will be more next Autumn…

Our P7 DYSLEXIA CHAMPIONS have been busy preparing those all important DYSLEXIA TOOLKITS which we hope to ‘launch’ in school during DYSLEXIA AWARENESS WEEK at the end of October.

We’ve also been thinking about one of our CKPS VALUES – here’s what KINDNESS LOOKS LIKE when some of our P7 pupils were KIND to their P3 literacy buddies, and when one of us made sure that Fred Frog felt included!…

… is a beautiful time of the year with the leaves on the trees changing from green to various shades of yellow, red, orange and brown. Some of us have been photographing signs of AUTUMN around the school grounds to add to our MIND MAP about AUTUMN – which is coming soon! ….

Next week we hope to make an exciting discovery at the allotment! Look out for what this might be on the next BLOG post. I do hope everyone has a great weekend, Mrs Dale 🙂

Friday 16th September

It seems to have been an extra busy week both in and out of school!

LearniNG about words endiNG with NG reminded some of us about the reason for our CKPS flag flyiNG at half mast – Fred Frog enjoyed readiNG our sentences about the late Queen and the new kiNG!…

Out at the allotment we’ve been watchiNG some delicious pears growiNG and this week we had a go at drawiNG as well as tastiNG some of them, as they became ripe enough to eat. Most of us loved the delicious sweet taste and wanted to have more!….

While doiNG some weediNG we noticed somethiNG excitiNG! Can you see the first orange top of a carrot? They have been growiNG for 6 months since we planted the seeds in March!

Many of us have been improviNG our readiNG and writiNG skills each day, often helped by one of our fantastic Pupil Support Assistants….

Fred Frog was practisiNG his handwritiNG aloNG with us this week! Look who has landed on his purple lily pad – this means these pupils were rewarded for their success by the chance to sit on Fred’s comfy orange cushion!….

We used the ‘Yee ha’ celebration after playiNG a memory skills game….

We always have fun together playiNG a variety of literacy games….

I wonder which sounds Fred Frog and his friends will be workiNG on next week, followiNG the l-o-NG weekend… That’s all for now! Mrs Dale 🙂


What a fabulous drawiNG of one of the many perfect pears which, in the photos near the beginniNG of this BLOG, you can see growiNG on one of the school allotment pear trees – the drawiNG was made by a former pupil of CKPS who is now one of our current High School helpers. GREAT 👍 JOB BETHANY! 🙂

Friday 9th September

On Thursday afternoon, 8th September, we heard the sad news that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II had died. People in the United Kingdom, and all over the world are now reflecting on her lifetime of dedicated service and unfailing commitment to duty. She was the UK’s longest reigning monarch, having been on the throne for a remarkable 70 years.

As you will remember, in June 2022 CKPS joined in the celebration of Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee:

___________________________________________ // ___________________________________________

Here at school it has been another busy week. In the photographs below, you can see some of what we have been doing. If you’d like to know more, please do ask your child to tell you about our various activities.

In P3 we had plenty of fun learning with Fred Frog:

In P4, a variety of tasks helped us learn more about how to spell ‘ng’ and ‘oy/oi’ words:

Some of us in P5 enjoyed practising our reading and spelling, indoors and outdoors:

And some of us in P6 were out at the allotment picking giant runner beans! They were taken home to eat, so hopefully they tasted good when cooked!:

Last but not least, thanks to some of our P7 pupils who did a great job working with their new P3 literacy buddies:

Over the next few weeks, do look out for our finger puppet characters; towards the end of October they will be helping us to celebrate this year’s DYSLEXIA AWARENESS WEEK.

___________________________________________ // ___________________________________________

This BLOG post began with the news of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s death. I will end it with something Her Majesty said on 6th February 2022, to mark the 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne in February 1952.

“And so as I look forward to continuing to serve you with all my heart, I hope this Platinum Jubilee will bring together families and friends, neighbours and communities – after some difficult times for so many of us – in order to enjoy the celebrations and to reflect on the positive developments in our day-to-day lives that have so happily coincided with my reign.”

Following the death of Her Majesty The Queen, at the age of 96, the UK now has a new monarch, King Charles III.

Friday 2nd September

This week we said GOODBYE to the month of AUGUST and the season of SUMMER, and HELLO to the new month of September and the season of AUTUMN!

On Thursday morning, out at the allotment, Skye the Scarecrow was surrounded by tasty plums and lots of amazing spiders’ webs, as well as some quite thick FOG! Can you spot the spider webs in the photos above and below?

The sunny sunflowers are still blooming!

There are lots of tomatoes in the polytunnel and I’ve heard rumour that next week our P5 classes are going to have fun making delicious tomato salsa with Ms Pincock and Mrs Henderson. I look forward to hearing more about that.

Look out for some more photos of us all at the end of next week! Have a lovely weekend, Mrs Dale 🙂

Friday 26th August

It’s great to be back at school – the first two weeks have really flown by! Fred Frog and his friends enjoyed seeing our empty playground fill up once again with our TREMENDOUS TEAM CKPS!

Since the start of term, some of us have loved being out at the allotment, harvesting vegetables such as beans, as well as a few of Ms Pincock’s terrific tomatoes which are growing in the polytunnel; we also admired her courgettes and squash in some of the raised beds:

There are SO MANY SPECTACULAR SUNFLOWERS….. the little blue flowers in the pot near Skye the Scarecrow are called cornflowers:

FABULOUS FRUIT….. lots of the fruit is now ripe and ready to eat…. plums, pears and apples…. (we also found and tasted some juicy blackberries):

This is the last weekend to see the ‘giraffes about town’ if you want to do that! Giraffes became my favourite animal when I lived and worked as a volunteer teacher in Kenya, 30 years ago! – most weeks I used to watch them grazing very near my rural home!

In July I spotted this rather spectacular ‘?Scottish/?Maasai warrior’ giraffe in Edinburgh’s Waverley Station:

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I’m planning to walk up Calton Hill to see the ‘giraffe about town’ up there. Mrs Dale 🙂

Friday 12th August

Hello everyone! Fred Frog is looking forward to being back at school after his holiday; when he was in Aberdeenshire for a week in July, he loved visiting some castles with Freda and Frank; they asked me to share these photographs with you 😉:

They also enjoyed a day out collecting shells and pebbles on Aberdeenshire’s New Aberdour beach. It wasn’t quite warm enough for a swim that day, or for an ice-cream (like the lovely mint ice-cream Eva gave Fred Frog last term)!…

Allotment update – as you’ll know, we’ve had so many hot and sunny days in Edinburgh this summer! Skye the Scarecrow was always so glad when I arrived to weed and water the allotment beds:

The best news is that some of Aaron and Jaimé‘s carrots🥕🥕 are still alive and growing!👍 And more good news is that Jenny’s bean plant should soon have some beans to harvest, cook and eat. 👏

Bright yellow sunflowers, cheerful orange nasturtiums and a few cool blue cornflowers are adding some welcome colour to the allotment. Do take a look if you’re passing by. 🙂

Last but not least there is a lot of healthy fruit ripening in the SUMMER sunshine. When the cooler AUTUMN days arrive, we’ll be kept busy harvesting plenty of crunchy red apples, juicy purple plums and some pretty perfect pears! My mouth is watering already! 😉 …

If you’re reading this BLOG before term starts on Wednesday 17th August, do enjoy the rest of your holiday. But if you’re reading it once term has begun, WELCOME BACK to CKPS and I look forward to seeing you very soon. 🙂 Mrs Dale

ps I wonder how many of the ‘giraffes about town’ you’ve seen this summer? I think you should be able to find them in Edinburgh until the end of August….