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Friday 3rd April:

Good Morning Girls and Boys! Maybe you took part in the second NHS BIG CLAP at 8pm last night, saying THANK YOU to all the people helping us all so much just now.  Lots of people near where I live opened up their windows or stood in their doorways for the second Thursday evening 8pm clap and cheers. It was very moving and a good way to express our appreciation for all that is being done to look after so many people who are affected by COVID-19.

Our CKPS ‘Fit in 15’ today is to touch one toe, and then touch the other toe – count to 15 as you do this. If the weather is ok, why not go outside into the fresh air to do this if you can? While you’re outside see what signs of SPRING you notice – or look out of your window and see if you can spot a couple of things which help you to know it is SPRINGTIME. This morning Fred and Freda saw a pretty pink camellia bush – can you see them having fun amidst the fallen flowers on the pavement? 

Spot the giraffe is wondering how you are getting on with learning the Giraffe poem? Perhaps today you could draw your own picture of a giraffe and then copy out the first verse of the poem using joined-up handwriting. This would also help you to remember the words of the poem. In the photo above you can see a wonderful picture of a giraffe drawn by Jaimé in P5A. I hope this link might take you to a short clip showing some giraffes enjoying a healthy carrot snack! That’s probably enough for today, because you’re perhaps trying to learn the Giraffe poem. Remember to share it with somebody else at home, or on the telephone, either by reading or reciting it. You will be showing KINDNESS and making somebody SMILE when you do this. 🙂 

I had to set up my camera and then run to lie down on the grass to take this photo!

Fred Frog, his friends and I hope you enjoy the break from Home School Learning over the Easter Holiday time. As you can see in the photo above, we have been getting ready to set up an Easter Egg hunt in the garden next weekend. Maybe you will be doing this too? If you don’t have a garden you could do it inside. We will look forward to being in touch with you again on Tuesday 21st April. STAY SAFE and WELL and have a relaxing and HAPPY EASTER holiday time, from Mrs Dale 🙂  

Thank you for sending these photos in – they arrived just in time for me to add them to today’s BLOG, so that you could wish everyone a HAPPY EASTER too. 🙂 You’ve done a great job making a fabulous Easter card as well as decorating eggs – maybe you will hide the eggs somewhere next weekend as part of an Easter Egg hunt…. have fun

Thursday 2nd April:

How are you all this morning? Well, I hope, and wide awake after a good night’s sleep. 🙂 Remember, even though we’re not at school just now, it’s important to stick to a good routine, going to bed and getting up at a sensible time, especially on ‘school home learning days’. Fred Frog likes taking a book to bed with him at about 8pm; he puts his light off before 8.30pm and usually gets up between 7 and 8am. Last night Fred Frog read a story to Freda and Frank – it was all about Easter as he knows it will soon be our Easter Holiday. 

For today’s Sound Tree Activity, Fred Frog chose a couple of words from the pages of his Easter book to add to the leaves by cutting and sticking letters from some ‘junk mail’. Then he ‘dotted and dashed’ the words (life and Easter) and took turns with Freda to say a sentence using the words. Choose a book or something else to read today; then find a couple of words to add on to any spaces left on your Sound Tree leaves.

Yesterday Fred Frog was on the look out for daffodils because he had been telling Freda and Frank that daffodils are a sign of new life in SPRINGTIME. He found quite a few – some when he was out on his early morning walk, and some in his garden. He is wondering if Skye the scarecrow is seeing any of the daffodils flowering now at our CKPS allotment. Fred has chosen Touch your Toes for our Fit in 15 today, so why not do that now – touch your toes 15 times, counting up the way from 1 to 15; then take a wee pause before touching your toes 15 times counting backwards, down from 15 to 1. WELL DONE for helping yourself to keep fit and healthy. 

Last but not least, it has been so exciting to hear from some of you. 🙂 Yesterday I received a wonderful postcard from Abbi and some more news from Jaimé. What super handwriting Abbi and it was great to hear your news – thank you so much. 🙂 I was also delighted to see these seeds being planted at home…

WELL DONE – I can’t wait to see how your seeds change and grow, slowly but surely, over the next few weeks and months. Please do look after yourselves everyone, and keep in touch when you can by sending a message to:  If you have time, don’t forget to have another read of your Giraffe poem and see if you can learn verse 2 by heart today. You will find it in yesterday’s BLOG. Challenging Charlie is hoping some of you will rise to the challenge to read or recite the poem to a family member or friend at home or over the telephone. Remembering our CKPS VALUE of KINDNESS, this would be a kind thing to do and would really cheer somebody up. We’ll meet again tomorrow, the last Home School Learning Day until we’ll back again after our 2-week Easter holiday. Remember to DO YOUR BEST TO BE KIND AND HELPFUL! Mrs Dale, Fred Frog and friends

Wednesday 1st April:

Good Morning everyone on the first day of the month of April, so I expect some of you might have been having some April Fool’s Day fun! 🙂 When I was having my breakfast, I had forgotten that it is April Fool’s Day, and Fred Frog said this to me: “Watch out Mrs Dale! One of my breakfast time flies has landed in your mug of tea!” But when I had a look in my mug of steaming tea, of course there was no fly to be seen!…. So Fred said: “April Fool!” and we had a laugh together as I remembered that today is what we call April Fool’s Day. I’m still thinking about what I can do to ‘April Fool’ him before 12 noon today!

Before I start work each day, my husband and I usually go out for an early morning walk near our home for the once daily exercise time we are allowed to have at the moment. Sometimes Fred and Freda come with us and they have been enjoying looking out for signs of the changing seasons. They saw these beautiful wintry-looking trees against a fantastic blue sky a couple of days ago; they are going to watch out for the buds coming soon before the fresh green leaves appear. Can you see the jet plane flying high in the sky too? This morning Fred and Freda were pleased to see the Water of Leith and in the distance a cherry blossom tree, a sure sign of SPRINGTIME. Can you see Edinburgh’s famous castle too? Now, find a sensible space and have a go at today’s CKPS ‘Fit in 15’ – see how far you can count in 1s, 2s, 5s or 10s while balancing on one leg until you lose your balance. Do this 3 times. Swap legs each time.

To continue yesterday’s Giraffe theme, Fred Frog has found a poem called Giraffe by J K Annand. Have a read of it by yourself, or with an adult. If you’re not sure of the meaning of any of the words in the Scots language, why not try looking them up on the internet? You could try learning one verse by heart each day, for the rest of this week. On Friday you could read out or recite the poem aloud to your family at home, or to a family member or friend on the telephone? I’m sure that would make your family or friends happy, and impressed too. 🙂 

That’s all for today everyone. Thank you for the lovely photos and news some of you have been sending – our CKPS Growth Mindset Superhero Achieving Alfie and I are super impressed with your achievements, including the vegetable creations and forts, as seen on the front page of our wonderful CKPS website – thanks to the amazing Mr Morley! 😉 WOW! I hope I will have time to have a go at Mr Morley’s next challenge – have you tried it yet? I will need help from our CKPS Superheroes Creative Cameron and Challenging Charlie!…. Good Luck with your efforts – I will be looking out for your self-portraits (drawn with a blindfold on or with your eyes closed!).

I am really missing you all and am very pleased to hear from any of you, anytime: Keep yourselves safe, and stay happy and well. We’ll be back again tomorrow, Mrs Dale 🙂 ps Fred Frog is hoping you’re remembering your healthy fruit or vegetable snack sometimes

Tuesday 31st March:

Good Morning on this 31st last day of the month of March! Yesterday Fred Frog mentioned that he would like to have a ‘giraffe theme‘ today. His friend Spot the Giraffe is pleased about that! 🙂 Most of you probably already know that giraffes are my favourite animal. I fell in love with them when I used to see them passing in front of the house where I once lived in rural Kenya, in Africa. The view was quite similar to the one at the beginning of the book Giraffes Can’t Dance, by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees: 

Giraffes can't dance spot 001

Mrs Clark and our CKPS Growth Mindset Superheroes like this story too. Maybe Mrs Clark will read it at STORYTIME one day – I hope so! 🙂 

giraffes can t dance -

It is a story about a giraffe called Gerald, who wants nothing more than to dance. With crooked knees and thin legs, it’s harder for a giraffe than you would think. The story reminds us that we can all do things we, or others, don’t expect ourselves, or us, to do – all we need is a little encouragement! Listen out for the rhyming words while you sit back and relax to enjoy this animated version of the story: 

Isn’t it a great story? I hope you enjoyed that fun animated version. Time now for today’s CKPS ‘Fit in 15’ squats before we think a little more about any rhyming words you may have heard in the story. Aim to do 2 lots of 15 squats, or 3 if you wish! Find a good space, inside or outside. 

Fit in 15 6 squats

Fred Frog, Spot and I noticed these rhyming words as we read and listened to the story – choose some of them to add onto the right leaves on your Sound Tree if you still have any space on or near the leaves. trees/knees feel/reel floor/roar sky/high you/to ground/round wide/cried how/bow 

Giraffes can't dance 002

I hope you’re enjoying your Home Learning. Remember to Celebrate Your Success! 🙂 Don’t worry if you’re finding some things a bit tricky or not getting some things finished. If you want to, you can send me a little message just to say hello, or to tell me about something you have been doing, or to ask a question, and I will reply just as soon as I can. Send your message to: Enjoy the rest of your day and we’ll be back again tomorrow, when it will be the start of a new month, the 1st day of the month of April…. Bye for now from Mrs Dale and our animal friends! 🙂 

Monday 30th March:

Good Morning Everyone and Welcome Back to our second week of CKPS Home Learning! We hope you’ve had a good weekend. Now that the clocks have sprung forward an hour, maybe we have said GOODBYE WINTER, HELLO SPRING! If you haven’t yet seen or met Skye the Scarecrow, she is hopefully still busy watching over our CKPS allotment beds, as in the photos below; she is glad that the season of Spring is here and is looking forward to seeing everyone’s seeds and plants growing while we’re not there:

On the day school closed (Friday 20th March), Jaimé and Ben’s allotment bed looked like the last photo. There were some pretty crocus flowers at the front of the bed, and some gorgeous purple Iris bulb flowers nearer the back of the bed. In the middle of the bed, Jaimé and Ben planted some beetroot seeds – if you look carefully you might be able to see the seeds in the second last photo before we covered them up with earth. If you happen to be passing by school on your short daily walk, you could perhaps go and see if the daffodils are flowering yet, or if the beetroot or any other seeds have started to grow.

Find your Sound Chart and one of the Snakes and Ladders games in your Home Learning pack today. Fred Frog and his friends decided to check and see which words had sounds belonging to a section of the Sound Chart; they then coloured in the words on their game board, as well as the snakes and the ladders before having a game together. They had to think about the colours for the 5 ‘magic e’ sounds a-e e-e i-e o-e u-e; it was difficult to see the white colour for the i-e words so they decided just to put a circle around those ones. They felt it was more fun to play on a colourful board – make sure you colour lightly so that you can still read the words! Your game might have different words (not ‘magic e’ words) so you will have to decide about the sounds and colours yourself. 🙂 

When you finish your game, if the sun is shining why don’t you pop out into your garden, if you have one, and do your CKPS Fit in 15: 15 side steps today, 2 or 3 times! 

Hope your week starts well. See you tomorrow when Fred Frog says he may have a ‘giraffe theme‘; thank you for the messages some of you have been sending – it’s fantastic to hear about and see some of what you’ve been doing. I’ll always try to reply as soon as possible if you send a message to:  Bye for now, Mrs Dale 🙂 

Friday 27th March

Phew…. it’s Friday! Good Morning Everyone! Our CKPS Superheroes Perseverance Penny and Teamwork Tina are proud of your efforts with this first week of Home School Learning. Perseverance Penny knows that you and your family members might have had to try hard to persevere and not give up if things get a bit difficult sometimes. Teamwork Tina says keep up the super effort working, learning and growing together. WELL DONE EVERYONE!

Fred and Freda were excited to meet a new friend, Tommy Toad, in the garden yesterday! 🙂 

If you missed seeing the lovely poem yesterday because there was a ‘blip’ and it disappeared in the morning, take a look at it below, today. (Thanks to Mr Morley for fixing that). 🙂 For your Sound Tree activity today, why don’t you look out of the window and see if you can spot anything to add to 4 or 5 of the leaves. Looking out of my window I can see: a leaf for my green sound ee/ea leaf, rain for my grey sound ay/ai/a-e leaf, a roof for my blue sound oo/ew/u-e leaf and a tower for my brown sound ou/ow leaf. I have added these words onto my Sound Tree leaves and ‘dotted and dashed’ them too! 🙂 Can you see these words?

Now Tip-toe 15 steps around the room and then read 5 words on your Sound Tree; do this 3 times and you will have kept fit and read 15 of your words!

I hope some of you have been enjoying Mrs Clark’s STORYTIME each day. If you feel like sharing some news or a photo, or asking a question, do send a message to  Make sure you take a break from your Home Learning pack activities on Saturday and Sunday and we’ll meet again on Monday. Keep Smiling! Bye for now, Mrs Dale 🙂 

Thursday 26th March:

LEAP INTO home LEARNING!……. says Fred Frog! Hello again everyone. How was your day yesterday, and did you get a good sleep last night? Fred Frog, his friends and I were outside in the garden yesterday doing our CKPS Fit in 15 altogether. The fresh air and exercise helped us to sleep well last night. It’s Pencil Jumps for our CKPS Fit in 15 today… so… find a good safe space, somewhere outside or inside, and then keeping your feet together, your body straight with your arms by your side, bend your knees down low and push yourself up as high as you can, 15 times! YOU CAN DO IT! 🙂

Mrs McMorris put a lovely poem on her P5/6 BLOG yesterday. I thought you could enjoy reading this today (see below), if you have not already seen it. After reading it you could choose one word from each verse to add onto your Sound Tree leaves, (like you can see Fred Frog and Freda have done with the bold italic words in the poem below and in the photo; I wonder if you can explain the colours of the words to the adult teacher helping you at home?). Or if you prefer you could draw a picture to illustrate part of this lovely poem on the back of your Sound Tree sheet and then you could label some of the things you draw, and ‘dot and dash‘ the words.

The Time We Spring-Cleaned the World

The world it got so busy,
There were people all around.
They left their germs behind them;
In the air and on the ground.

These germs grew bigger and stronger.
They wanted to come and stay.
They didn’t want to hurt anyone –
They just really wanted to play.

Sometimes they tried to hold your hand,
Or tickled your throat or your nose.
They could make you cough and sneeze
And make your face as red as a rose.

And so these germs took over.
They started to make people ill,
And with every cough we coughed
More and more germs would spill.

All the queens and kings had a meeting.
“It’s time to clean the world up!” they said.
And so they had to close lots of fun stuff,
Just so these germs couldn’t spread.

We couldn’t go to cinemas
Or restaurants for our tea.
There was no football or parties,
The world got as quiet as can be.

The kids stopped going to school,
The mums and dads went to work less.
Then a great, big, giant scrubbing brush
Cleaned the sky and the sea and the mess!

Dads started teaching the sums,
Big brothers played with us more,
Mums were in charge of homework
And we read and played jigsaws galore!

The whole world was washing their hands
And building super toilet roll forts!
Outside was quiet and peaceful,
Now home was the place for all sports.

So we played in the world that was home
And our days filled up with fun and love,
And the germs they grew smaller and smaller
And the sun watched from up above.

Then one morning the sun woke up early,
She smiled and stretched her beams wide.
The world had been fully spring cleaned,
It was time to go back outside!

We opened our doors oh so slowly
And breathed in the clean and fresh air.
We promised that forever and always
Of this beautiful world we’d take care!

Finally for today, lots of you know that I spent a few years working in Viet Nam and I still have many wonderful Vietnamese friends there. Yesterday I received the link below to this helpful song made in Vietnam, to remind us how important it is to keep on washing our hands really well and often. I hope you will enjoy watching and listening to it as much as I did. 🙂 Maybe you could make up your own version of a song like this? Some of you might be able to link this to Miss Inglis’s Creative Writing Task?

Thanks again to Mrs McMorris for sharing the lovely poem. Have a lovely day everyone and look forward to being back with you all again tomorrow! Bye for now! Fred and Freda Frogs, Mrs Dale and friends! 

Wednesday 25th March:

Good Morning Everybody! Hope you’re ready for a busy Wed/nes/day! Some of you will be missing lovely Ms Mathieson’s wonderful Wellbeing Wednesday at lunchtime but perhaps you will try out some of the things you’ve done with Ms Mathieson with your family members at home today. Keep washing your hands – remember all they do for you!

Yesterday Fred Frog and I enjoyed a game of Snakes and Ladders all about words with or without magic ‘e’. After finishing the game we looked for a-e (make a cake) rhyming words on the Snakes and Ladders ‘board’, and we found ate and gate.

You can see these words, as well as some other rhyming words we thought of on the photo of our a-e leaf on our Sound Tree. Finally I wrote a sentence using some of the words, under the leaf,and Fred Frog thought of a good WOW word to add in to the sentence. Maybe you will do something like this today? Or have a go at one of the other suggested ASL Sound Tree ideas.

Keep your Sound Tree in a safe place if you can, and we will look forward to seeing your work of art once we get back to school. 🙂

Finish off your ASL time today with a CKPS Fit in 15 quick march around your house or garden. Remember to lift your knees up high and swing your arms! See you tomorrow…. and keep smiling, like Fred Frog and Freda! 🙂

Tuesday 24th March:

Good Morning from Fred Frog and his friends, and from me! I hope you had a good sleep last night. Fred Frog is already missing everyone at CKPS; he is having to get used to sleeping in a new place! He has found a comfy cushion under a pretty plant where his brother and sister, Freda and Frank, as well as Spot and Geck like to meet up! 🙂 

FF and friends Home Lng 002

Plans for our learning TODAY!…. You should have found at least one game of Snakes and Ladders as well as a dice and the counters you need, in your Home Learning pack – between 2 and 4 people can play. (Remember to keep the dice and counters in the wee bag in a safe place when you’re finished playing so that you will know where to find them next time). Keep the Sound Chart (and your useful fingers) handy to help you to read any tricky words. Remember to read each word you land on out loud, and follow the arrow showing you which way to go when you reach the end of a row. Have fun! 

Snakes Ladders cvc magic e 001

When you finish playing the game today, do 15 CKPS ‘FIT IN 15’ STAR JUMPS:

Fit in 15 Star Jumps 001

Next you might want to do some of your Class Teacher’s activities. Later on (or now if you wish) take out your Sound Tree poster and try one of the activities suggested on the ASL Sound Tree ideas sheet. You might be able to use some of the words from the Snakes and Ladders game which you have just played. 

If you have any spare time over the next few weeks, you could choose to do one of the non-screen activities mentioned on the back of the ASL Sound Tree ideas sheet, or you might want to click on the link below to listen to a great poem:

That’s all for today….. keep up the good work and we will have some more ready for you by tomorrow, Wednesday 25th March I’ve spent a bit too much time sitting at my computer screen, so I am going to take a break now to go out into my garden and do 100 fast skips with my skipping rope! 

Monday 23rd March:

Mrs Dale, Fred Frog and friends say….


Fred Frog and friends 003

Last week we enjoyed playing some literacy games with Fred and Freda frogs, Spot the Giraffe and Geck the Gecko – who was watching from above – when some of us got together for our last ASL sessions at CKPS school, for a while. Now we’re looking forward to some HOME LEARNING …. “we’re all in this together!” 🙂 

In recent weeks, P3 and P6 pupils have been working together to practise their spelling by making a common words poster. Perhaps you could try cutting out letters from old magazines or junk mail or newspapers to make and learn some of this week’s spelling words? You could add a new word or two each day or week.