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Friday 13th May

Achieving Alfie says: “Well Done Archie!”

This week Achieving Alfie, our CKPS Superhero of the Month, was really pleased to give out a few of his certificates – and Maxine the Mistake Maker was in action too!….

Out at the allotment Skye the Scarecrow is loving her new view! Most of the daffodils have said goodbye, but we now have some pretty purple allium bulbs gradually flowering beautifully:

Fred Frog and his P3 friends really appreciated having an extra special helper with us; 8 years ago 😮 she enjoyed working with Fred Frog when she was a pupil in P3 at CKPS….. now she’s at High School in S4! THANK YOU for all her fantastic help. 😉

Wow! Fred Frog is SO IMPRESSED with our much improved reading and spelling skills, as well as our terrific teamwork! He enjoyed using the CROCODILE CLAP to celebrate our learning!

That’s all for now, so I hope you have a relaxing weekend. I’m already looking forward to another fun-filled week of learning at CKPS! Mrs Dale 🙂

Friday 6th May

Hello again everyone! Yesterday Fred Frog was excited to watch his P3 friends making something deliCIOUS – look what fun we had making scrumpTIOUS chocolate brownies! Doing this helped us to learn that there are 3 different ways to write the sound/graphemes, sh ti and ci, and all of them have the same sound/phoneme!….

Our DYSLEXIA TOOLKITS are still ‘work in progress’… but as you can see, we ARE making progress with this project:

Some of us have been improving our digital literacy skills by using our iPads to create a Powerpoint Presentation about the school allotment. We’re lucky to have four different kinds of trees growing there – can you name the trees?….

In the pictures above, we can see: pretty pink and white apple blossom; a pear tree with white blossom, a beautiful pink cherry blossom tree and a plum tree which had already finished flowering when we took the photo.

Celebrating Success!…..

Coming soon!….. ACHIEVING ALFIE is looking forward to giving out some of his certificates during the month of MAY. 🙂 Have a great weekend with family and friends! Mrs Dale

Friday 29th April

‘Pay attenTION, it’s a celebraTION!’…..

This past week with Fred Frog we’ve been outdoors while learning to read and write a rather tricky sound!….. ‘tion’. We practised clapping the syllables of this long word: cel / e / bra / tion, before using all our fingers on both hands to ‘finger spell’ the word!

We learned that ‘ti’ can make the same sound as ‘sh’!

Can you believe it?!… we helped each other to read and spell these very difficult ‘tion’ words!

Fred Frog joined us for a little exploraTION in the woods in search of twigs, ready to create our own SOUND TREES, which we’ll do one day soon.

This past week has been so sunny, so lots of us took advantage of the good weather to do some of our learning outdoors. Over the recent holiday our bean seeds grew into seedlings, so we took them from the pots and planted them near Skye the Scarecrow – will they survive?!…. we hope so!

We’ve also been using our iPads outdoors to take photos to contribute to our Powerpoint presentations; some of us photographed fruit trees and some of us made and photographed letters we’d created:

Can you work out which sounds have been the focus of our learning this week?….

April is almost over, so it will soon be time to say GOODBYE to Maxine the Mistake Maker as our CKPS Superhero of the Month. In May we welcome Achieving Alfie to help us to CELEBRATE our SUCCESS….

Enjoy the extra long weekend! 🙂 I am hoping to visit Edinburgh’s Starbank Park
I’m told there are lots of fabulous-looking cherry blossom trees there. See you on Wednesday! Mrs Dale