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Friday 29th October

We’re celebrating

DID YOU KNOW?!…. 1 in 10 people have DYSLEXIA, including some famous people:
Miles thinks dyslexia is rubbish – and awesome! He gives you the lowdown on his dyslexia in this short film (3mins 57secs).
Want to know more? Watch this short film (3mins 11secs) called ‘See Dyslexia Differently’. 

Some of us have been thinking about how we might answer the question: WHAT IS DYSLEXIA?

Visit this website for children and young people with dyslexia aged 8 – 18

Our CKPS Superhero of the Month of October, Creative Cameron, was pleased to present an extra special certificate this week:

One of us landed on Fred Frog’s purple lily pad so that person was rewarded with a comfy cushion! 🙂 Another person received one of Fred Frog’s fun wristbands for super effort and lovely detail in a drawing of a VieW from a WindoW!

Achieving Alfie was impressed by Charlie because he has learned two different ways to help himself remember how many days are in each month of the year. WELL DONE!

Goodbye October and Creative Cameron! Hello November and Focussed Felicity! She says: HOCUS, POCUS, EVERYBODY FOCUS! 🙂 Focussed Felicity has already spotted some of Fred Frog’s friends who know how to F O C U S well ! 🙂 Here they are, busy saying the sounds of the week out loud as they practise joined-up handwriting: v, w and ay: may I play?

We’ve been reading about Stitch the Witch filling up her cauldron with unlucky creatures to cast a spell on her naughty cat! We put things into our own cauldron – including a zombie’s eyeball ! – said our own special spells, and prepared to write them down.

Have a great weekend everyone, including birthday celebrations for some of you! 🙂 Mrs Dale

Friday 15th October

Fred Frog has discovered a new CHATTERBOX in his classroom!

Our CKPS Equalities Group has been making sure that every class has a CHATTERBOX! This means that anyone and everyone in TEAM CKPS can have their say by sharing anything they wish – it could be a thought, a question, a suggestion, an idea, or even a worry.

As one of our P6 pupils recorded on the Listening Box beside our ASL Base CHATTERBOX: “Have a worry or a good idea? You can just put it here and everything will be just fine!” 🙂

Our Superhero of the Month, Creative Cameron, loved everyone’s CREATIVE thinking and designing while completing this CHATTERBOX challenge.

How have we been helping one another to improve our READING SKILLS?….

How have we been improving our SPELLING SKILLS?…

How have we been helping ourselves to improve our WRITING skills?….

especially if you were lucky enough to be one of the pupils who enjoyed a CK Cuppa this week!

The whole of TEAM CKPS deserves a very HAPPY OCTOBER HOLIDAY.

See you again when it will be nearly NOVEMBER! Mrs Dale 🙂

Friday 8th October

Learning to read….. reading to learn….

Learning to ‘play’…. playing to learn!…

5 graphemes but only 1 phoneme!

We used our Sound Charts and a SWAP game to find out that there are at least 5 different ways to spell words with a blue sound! Our SWAP game included words such as bedroom, threw, blue, fruit and soup!

Celebrating Success!….



When I spoke with pleased parents and carers this week it was lovely to share with them the GOOD NEWS about GREAT LEARNING, thanks to lots of SUPER EFFORT and HARD WORK.

Have a brilliant weekend and I look forward to working with you next week, the last one before our OCTOBER HOLIDAY! 🙂 Mrs Dale

Friday 1st October

News Update! Growth Mindset CKPS Superheroes:

In September, Teamwork Tina has been encouraging us all to ‘work, learn and grow together’! October has arrived so Creative Cameron is our new CKPS Growth Mindset ‘Superhero of the Month’!

Watch the slideshow to see some of what Fred Frog and his P3 and P7 friends have been learning this week:

Early in November it will be our annual DYSLEXIA AWARENESS week. Some of us have been using our helpful coloured overlay reading rulers to read more about people who have dyslexia and/or find reading, spelling and writing activities a bit tricky at times.

A coloured overlay reading ruler is just one resource which several of us find helpful when we’re reading both at school and at home. Finger spelling is another great way to check and work out how to spell words.

Our tallying counters and Sound Charts are really useful too:

MATHS WEEK seemed like a good time to get outdoors with some extra large double-sided dominoes. We also used our Happy (?Frustration?!) Puzzles for some problem solving, while chatting about how we feel when we have success 🙂 or how we feel when time runs out and we’ve not quite solved the puzzle yet! 😦

An extra WELL DONE from me for Millie, Emma and Kieran for those special mentions and rewards received at Mr Morley’s MATHS WEEK Celebrating Success Assembly. 🙂

Out at the allotment our bean plants are still producing beans (a member of the CKPS Team produced this delicious looking meal recently) and the sunflowers are still blooming:

Now that SUMMER 2021 has gone by, and AUTUMN has definitely arrived, we’re all looking forward to planting some more daffodil bulbs to help us look forward to SPRING 2022! See you soon! Mrs Dale