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Friday 24th September

WALT: We Are Learning To: spell the 7 days of the week! We had lots of FUN creating FRIDAY!

Freda Frog was given a ‘new home’ 😉 this week! She is always delighted to work with this particular friend – look for the different ways which are used to help this person improve her literacy skills:

With our helpful Pupil Support Assistants, Toe by Toe books and reading overlays, we have been working hard to improve our reading fluency:

Celebrating Success!

While working with Fred Frog’s P3 friends, Teamwork Tina (and Fred Frog!) have been super impressed with the way our P7 ASL Literacy Buddies have been following Teamwork Tina’s advice to: “work, learn and grow together”:

We loved learning and using the Yee ha! celebration….. and one of us landed on the Purple Lily Pad because Fred Frog was so proud of the super effort with handwriting:

We are becoming experts at using MTYT (My Turn Your Turn!) while being helpful partners as we talk with and listen to one another, thinking about sounds (PHONEMES). We use ‘Fred Talk’ to help us to blend and READ our green and red words.

One more week to go for Teamwork Tina; then it will be OCTOBER when Creative Cameron will become our new CKPS Superhero of the Month! This week Creative Cameron was pleased to see this person’s clever creativity as he was learning how to spell the days of the week:

Keep up the good work and great learning all you CKPS Superstars! Mrs Dale 🙂

Friday 17th September

This week we’ve been finding some creative ways to help us to learn and remember how to spell the 7 days of the week. Can you see which day of the week we used our bodies to spell?!…

And some of us enjoyed collecting natural things from around our lovely school grounds to spell the same day – we clapped to count the syllables and used our fingers to check for any sounds known as ‘special friends’:

Wednesday was also an exciting afternoon for Fred Frog and his P3 friends because we welcomed our new P7 ‘brilliant buddies’. 🙂

First we had a wee chat to introduce ourselves, before practising reading our ‘green and red‘ words:

Next we enjoyed reading stories together:

Then we played some fun literacy games while improving our reading skills:

Some of us had time to practise our handwriting too:

Fred Frog noticed lots of pleasing partner work while we were reading sounds, words and a story about a dog called Ned:

To introduce us to Ned, we first of all enjoyed listening to and talking about the dogs in the rhyming story book, ‘Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy’:

As we all know, Fred Frog loves to celebrate success:

Allotment News:

The runner beans and the courgettes continue to grow! Why not read the lovely letter to see which kind person has appreciated our efforts. THANK YOU for your KINDNESS. 🙂

Autumn often brings a mixture of misty and sunny mornings; Skye the Scarecrow and the sunflowers keep us smiling even when the sunshine is not out and about! Some of the many sunflowers around the allotment seem to be reaching for the sky!

Well done for improving your reading skills using ‘Toe by Toe’ with Mrs Ross. 🙂

I hope everyone enjoys the much deserved long weekend….. I am looking forward to hearing about visits made by some of you to Aviemore and Blackpool when we’re back at school after our Monday Holiday.

Look out for some more rewards from Teamwork Tina next time. Take care everyone and see you soon! Mrs Dale 🙂

Friday 10th September

Welcome to Fred Frog’s new friends!

Thumbs up for Fred Frog! Everyone enjoyed their first day of learning with their new friend!

Next day Fred Frog took us out to the CKPS allotment to say ‘hello’ to Skye the Scarecrow! We had a great time talking about Autumn and Harvest, and tasting some freshly picked juicy tomatoes and plums. We also listened to and discussed a story about frogs, as well as writing our focus sounds:

Fred Frog always loves a good game – his literacy games help us to have fun at the same time as we practise reading our ‘green words’ in order to become more confident, fluent readers:

Our Superhero of the Month, Teamwork Tina, was so proud and pleased about our team effort and the great start to life and work with our fantastic friend Fred Frog! WELL DONE everyone!

We love celebrating our success with Fred Frog in lots of different ways: to land on his special Purple Lily Pad, he sometimes chooses someone who has made an excellent effort, or someone who has been a ‘perfect partner’ or a ‘magic member’ of our team; that person is then rewarded by having a comfy cushion on their chair that day. 🙂

Some of us worked hard to improve our literacy skills using rainbow writing, time targets, tallying, finger spelling and playing one of our favourite literacy games…… SWAP:

This week’s Outdoor Learning at our amazing CKPS allotment:

Creative spelling:

Feasting on freshly picked fruit – including juicy plums, tasty tomatoes and brilliant blackberries:

Preparing to deliver or take home some of the vegetables we have grown:

Observing living creatures including some quite large spiders!!…

I am looking forward to lots more fun learning with the members of terrific TEAM CKPS in the coming weeks…. KEEP UP THE SUPER EFFORT AND GREAT WORK! Mrs Dale 🙂

Friday 3rd September

Can you believe it?!…. Look how we used our wild imaginations and creative skills to turn some of our CKPS allotment produce into …. a giraffe, Edinburgh zoo’s Jay the Lion, and a smiley face!

Mrs Clark is pleased that Mrs Henderson has announced our first CKPS Superhero of the Month for this school year…. it is Teamwork Tina. Teamwork Tina and I were delighted, along with Challenging Charlie, to be able to reward one of our pupils, as well as one of our Pupil Support Assistants:

Autumn is here! It’s Harvest time! There have been plenty of purple and red juicy plums, as well as rosy red crunchy apples to pick from the fruit trees growing around our CKPS allotment.

In the final photo above you will see that in a few more days, Skye the Scarecrow’s tomatoes will soon be red and ripe enough to eat – thanks again 🙂 to one of our parents for donating the plants when they were just little!

Those of us who help Skye the Scarecrow to take care of the allotment beds around her have been taking orders for beans and courgettes. We are hoping for a bit more sunshine, and not too many hungry snails ! so that a few more orders can be fulfilled.

Below you will see a couple of messages from some appreciative recipients of our CKPS allotment produce:

Sent: 01 September 2021 12:19
Subject: Photos/ Thanks to JF

Hi Jaimé!

Thanks for the extremely tasty runner beans! As you’ll see from the photographs, I steamed them last night and ate them with my dinner. I don’t usually eat meat these days, but I thought the runner beans would go well with chicken, so that’s what I had!

Thank you for thinking of me; I hope Primary 7 is going well so far? Hope to see you in the corridor or outside soon 😊

Mr Wallace

Sent: 03 September 2021 08:09
Subject: Re: Runner beans

Good morning Mrs Dale & Jaimé,

Thankyou both so much for the delicious runner beans you so kindly gifted me the other day. My husband and myself thoroughly enjoyed them with our evening meal last night. We both could not believe how big they were. 😋🍲♥️. Keep up the great work .😁

Thanks again. Mrs Crawford 🌸

Finally for today, there are some pretty Californian Hyacinths blooming at the moment, thanks to a donation by another of our parents. 🙂 And it looks like we’re going to have quite a spectacular bed of sunflowers soon! Watch out for their progress coming soon on this BLOG !

That’s all for now except to say thank you to our pupils, staff and parent/carer members of the CKPS TEAM for all the contributions in so many ways. Teamwork Tina and I say KEEP UP THE SUPER EFFORT! Mrs Dale 🙂

Friday 27th August

From: Gail Canning Sent: 26 August 2021 12:44
Subject: Re: runner beans

Hello Mrs Dale & Jaimé,

Thank you for your email! I do actually like runner beans very much so would love to take some of them off your hands if you have some spare! I’m not a very good gardener myself, so I’m very impressed that you, Jaimé, have managed to grow vegetables well enough to eat – well done!👍✨

Kind regards, Mrs Canning

From: Joyce Matear Sent: 26 August 2021 12:23
Subject: RE: courgettes

Thank you for the offer which I will gladly accept 😊. It sounds like Jaimé has green fingers! I particularly like courgettes if any are going spare. I have a nice recipe for carrot and courgette cake (which is a savoury dish also incorporating flour, an egg, some olive oil and oregano). This recipe takes either 1 large courgette or 2 small. 

I’m looking forward to cooking already…. Best wishes, Mrs Matear

The bees are loving our sunflowers….. and hopefully we will soon have some more sunflowers to enjoy and admire…

I hope everyone has a fun weekend, enjoying some of the last days of this summer’s sunshine before Autumn arrives…. Mrs Dale 🙂

Tuesday 17th August

Skye the Scarecrow is happy to see a lot more of the CKPS Team passing by again! She thought you’d like to catch up on what’s been happening at the CKPS allotment over the summer break:

The poppies:

The beans:

The courgettes:

The sunflowers:

The allium and tomatoes:

Which plants do you recognise in our allotment beds before and after weeding?! Everything has grown so much since these pictures were taken at the beginning of July:

Now I’m looking forward to another year of learning and growing together at CKPS, and I hope you are too! See you soon! Mrs Dale 🙂