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Friday 5th March

We hope you had some MAGICAL MOMENTS this week celebrating stories, loving reading and enjoying WORLD BOOK DAY on 4.3.21! (what a great date!)

Special thanks to Ms Inglis for organising another wonderful WORLD BOOK DAY for us all to enjoy.


Which of your friends and story book characters do you recognise? I spy: Isadora Moon, Hermione Granger, Matilda, Mary Poppins, Oliver, Alice in Wonderland, Princess Mirror Belle, Hermione Granger with Crookshanks! ;-), Little Miss Sunshine, and The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas! 🙂

Some of us were busy reading lots of words with the TURQUOISE ‘oi’ sound and then using our fingers to help us say and hear each of the sounds in some ‘oi’ words before writing them onto the pieces of our turquoise jigsaw puzzle.

Teamwork Tina loved seeing the good teamwork when we made our puzzles and played SWAP to practice our reading:

Last but not least, we made up some SUPER SENTENCES – can you find the ‘oi’ words in our sentences?

This week we thought more about our Identities and Values; did you take a look at this 4-minute film about a ship called Theseus, and What makes me, me?:

How did your ideas compare with the ones below? Were some of them the same, and some of them different?

One person chose environmentalism (what a long word!) as being an important value; WELL DONE to him for helping to clean up a beach to show that he values the environment. He also chose one of our school values as a super important value: RESPECT – find out what and who he respects at school, at home and in the community:

We show another CKPS value by taking RESPONSIBILITY for our ENVIRONMENT when we care for our allotment:

We have taken part in the NHS Lothian’s Celebration of KINDNESS, which is also one of our four school values:

Here are some poems about KINDNESS:

KINDNESS through the SEASONS, by Jake Muirhead

Kindness is something we all appreciate anytime, anywhere.

In WINTER, kindness is making my busy mum and dad a hot drink after a big day at work.

In SPRING, kindness is when I teach my little sister to front flip on the trampoline; she must be scared of hurting herself, so I say: “Don’t worry, it’s ok.”

In SUMMER, kindness is helping my dad to make a wonderful tea on the BBQ.

In AUTUMN, kindness is sharing my Hallowe’en snack with my good friends.

We can all do little acts of KINDNESS, every day, everywhere.

I hope you enjoyed reading Jake and Abbie’s super poems, all of which were written for the NHS Lothian’s Celebration of Kindness! WELL DONE!

Maxine the Mistake Maker is our CKPS Superhero of the Month; she says: “Learn from your mistakes – effort is all it takes!” Did you make and then learn from any mistakes this week? One annoying thing that happened in our house was this: when making some bread, we followed the recipe as we usually do, but somehow we forgot to put the yeast into the mix! This meant that our loaf of bread did not rise, so we could still eat it but it was not nearly as tasty as usual! 😦 Next time, we must try to remember to put the yeast out with the flour and all the other ingredients, before we begin making the mix! 😉

Can you remember the names of each of our Superheroes? Maxine the Mistake Maker is last but not least!

I’m looking forward to what hopefully will be our last week of Learning At Home next week; all being well we’ll all be back in school from Monday 15th March. 🙂 Stay safe, take care and look out for signs of SPRING when you’re out and about near home. Freda Frog and Mrs McCormack join me in wishing you a very HAPPY WEEKEND! Mrs Dale

PS ! If you’re looking for a good story anytime, the FANTASTIC World Book Day website has a selection of narrated stories and Edinburgh Libraries has a selection of Readalong Titles too. There are also Storytime videos regularly on the City of Edinburgh Children & Young People’s Page. I hope you will have time to visit one or all of these three links as you are sure to find something to enjoy. Why not try one now? Sit back and relax while you listen to a GOOD STORY, or have a GOOD READ.

You might also enjoy: A Tale or Three From Macastory! Myths and Legends From India, Greece and Persia: or this Make Your Own Mini Book Workshop at

Friday 26th February


We enjoyed sharing our ideas and reading some poems about KINDNESS:

We watched some short film clips about KINDNESS:

You can see the short films now if you wish:

Some of us will be trying to complete our Random Acts of Kindness sheets at home over the next wee while:

February’s CKPS Superhero of the Month, Motivated Mark says we did a great job writing different kinds of poems:

KINDNESS and my SENSES…. by Kelsey Grant

Kindness is giving someone a compliment like: “You look lovely today!”

Kindness smells like my Mum’s sweet-smelling perfume.

Kindness sounds like my friend’s feet crunching in the snow when she’s playing with me.

Kindness feels like the gentle waves splashing onto my feet when I am on the beach at Cramond.

Kindness looks like a big sister reading to her little brother.

Kindness tastes like my Mum’s home-made steak pie…. Mmmm…. It’s so delicious!

When I am KIND it makes me feel so happy and glad!

One of you planted these daffodils in school way back in November 2020; you have taken great care of them and now they are flowering beautifully, letting us know that soon we say GOODBYE WINTER…. HELLO SPRING! 🙂 Thanks for sending in these fabulous photos of your daffodils. 🙂

GREAT NEWS! Skye the Scarecrow and I felt SO THANKFUL for the KINDNESS of one of our CKPS parents this week… Skye the Scarecrow disappeared from our CKPS allotment but I’m delighted to say that she has now been found and returned to CKPS. She is now back doing her job at the CKPS allotment, watching out for us all coming and going! Once again, BIG THANKS to the parent who VERY KINDLY helped with the rescue and return! 🙂 Skye is very happy to see these crocus and iris bulbs in full bloom at the allotment now:

This lovely piece of work arrived a little too late to be included with last week’s Identity and Values Magical Moments. WELL DONE! 🙂

Have a happy last weekend in FEBRUARY; I’m already looking forward to MARCH when Maxine the Mistake Maker will be our new CKPS Superhero of the Month. She likes to remind us that MAKING MISTAKES HELPS US TO LEARN MORE! Good bye Motivated Mark.….. hello SPRINGTIME friend of Fred Frog and Maxine the Mistake Maker!

What a fantastic photograph of one of Fred Frog’s friends, spotted by Emma in her garden this week. THANK YOU! Each week that comes and goes brings us happily closer to being back in school altogether again! This week was especially exciting for Fred Frog because he was happy to WELCOME BACK some of his P3 friends whom he hasn’t seen since before Christmas! Keep taking care everyone, I hope to see you soon! Until then, keep up the excellent effort and wonderful work with all the Learning At Home and in school! THANK YOU for all the photos and messages you send each week. Mrs Dale 🙂


Friday 19th February

Back to home learning or school for some more MAGICAL MOMENTS this week! Some of us had a mixture of emotions at the allotment on Tuesday!….. Skye the Scarecrow has disappeared! Perhaps she became fed up with these COVID-19 lockdown days! Maybe she has gone for a local stroll. Or maybe she is having an interesting adventure somewhere! WE MISS YOU Skye but we hope you’re okay wherever you are, and THANK YOU for all the happy memories of the fun you’ve given us over the past two years! 🙂

We searched high and low for Skye the Scarecrow…. when we were in the woods, we saw lots of pretty snowdrops flowering…. this tells us that WINTER will soon be gone for another year, and SPRING will soon be here. We also spotted some of our crocus bulbs just beginning to flower in one of our allotment beds, and there are lots of other bulbs popping up too. Last week they were all hidden and buried underneath heaps of snow; this week they are so glad to see the sunshine again so they have started to flower. 🙂

We’ve already found creative ways to display three of our school values in our allotment beds: KINDNESS, RESPECT and HONESTY. This week we continued work on some bunting for the allotment, which will show our final and fourth school value: RESPONSIBILITY

KINDNESS was mentioned in the mini-clip we were watching this week about our IDENTITY and VALUES:

We worked on our reading and thinking skills as we found out more about the identities of different characters:

We agreed that the world would be a ‘boring’ place if we all looked exactly the same and spoke the same language!

If you haven’t been able to see the 5-minute mini-clip yet, you can watch it now: lin

MOTIVATED MARK loved to see this person’s super effort including all the interesting details in his writing and drawing. WELL DONE!

Keep up the super effort and MOTIVATION! Have a great weekend everyone and I look forward to more messages and photos whenever you can send some to: Thank you, Mrs Dale

Next week will be Motivated Mark’s last week as Superhero of the Month…. who do you think will be the Superhero of the Month in March?

Last but not least this week…. our P6 pupils are learning about the Victorians. One of them searched the streets of Edinburgh and found a good collection of buildings, statues and an arch above an entrance, all connected with Queen Victoria and the Victorian period of history. Thanks for sharing these great photos taken in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, the capital city of our country, SCOTLAND.