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Monday 10th May

DID YOU KNOW?!…. Practising Polly is our new CKPS Superhero of the Month…. she was excited to be able to give out a few of her special certificates recently, including the ones pictured below:

You might enjoy watching the short slideshow below to find out what we’ve been doing with Fred Frog over the past little while…. you’ll see that we’ve been learning about these sounds: er (better letter/a purple sound), ew (chew the stew/a blue sound), and oa (goat in a boat/a yellow sound). We will soon be learning about ire (fire fire) and ear (hear with your ear).

Coloured overlays can help us when we’re learning to read:

We practise our reading skills in different ways, including using ‘time targets’:

Literacy games are another way we enjoy improving our reading skills:

Allotment update….. it has been a bit of a struggle to keep our successful seedlings alive! Sadly some of them have not survived the recent low temperatures….. but we will NEVER GIVE UP! Our CKPS growth mindset helps us to keep on trying!

Keep up the super effort, good work and great learning everyone….. thank you to all the wonderful CKPS Team! ๐Ÿ™‚ Mrs Dale

Monday 26th April

Last week was a busy start to what’s going to be a busy term! ๐Ÿ™‚

Challenging Charlie is the CKPS Superhero of the Month; he was pleased for me to give out a few awards, including these ones:

Our coloured overlay reading rulers and Toe by Toe books continue to help some of us become more fluent, confident readers:

We enjoy the various activities we complete each week which are part of our literacy work:

We learned more about lots of ‘grey’ sounds as we read stories, used our sound charts and sound trees, and played a game! …

Last week Fred Frog and his friends had a focus on the sounds ‘ur’ (nurse with a purse) and ‘are’ (care and share):

We planted out 4 of our bean seedlings, 3 courgette seedlings and 1 butternut squash plant on Wednesday 21st April. Will they survive?! They looked rather unwell on Friday last week ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ….. but we will keep our fingers crossed and hope that they will survive and grow!

Challenging Charlie says he is looking forward to hearing who is going to be May’s Superhero of the Month. Keep up the excellent effort and great work everyone! Mrs Dale ๐Ÿ™‚

Tuesday 20th April

Welcome Back to school after our Easter Holiday break! I hope everyone had a very…..

Before the Easter break, our allotment beds were looking great with all our SPRING daffodil bulbs flowering – we had planted them in the AUTUMN time last year.

Remember to keep an eye on our allotment beds to see how things are growing and changing over this SUMMER term – hopefully there will be lots more changes as things start to grow; SUMMER is the SEASON with more warmth and sunshine when lots of plants do lots of growing!

We will soon be planting out our bean, courgette and butternut squash seedlings….. it’s hard to believe each of these plants was just a tiny seed before the holiday. I’m looking forward to seeing you again, ready for another busy term at CKPS! Mrs Dale ๐Ÿ™‚

Thursday 1st April

We have been busy planting …

….runner bean, climbing bean, butternut squash and courgette seeds!

We hope our young seedlings and plants will survive the Easter Holiday. We have asked kind Mr Millar to help us to water them sometimes. Please come back to visit our BLOG after the holiday to see how they have grown and changed! Will they survive?!

While we were working at the allotment we enjoyed spying on some ladybirds, making labels for our anemone flower bulbs and seeing lots of our daffodils flowering – we planted them in November.


Have a lovely break from school! See you back at CKPS on Tuesday 20th April. Mrs Dale ps Challenging Charlie has become April’s CKPS Superhero of the Month; he says WELL DONE to this person for creating and writing an Easter Acrostic Poem:

Friday 26th March


We enjoyed seeing the daffodils now flowering at the allotment – we planted them last November.

The first one of our bean seeds sprouted 9 days after we planted it! ๐Ÿ™‚ The rhubarb is growing more and more each day…

What’s Fred Frog been enjoying this week?

Please ask us to explain what we were doing! ….

We all LOVE a game of Snakes and Ladders or SWAP!


Time to see how many words we can spell well! ….

We’re still feeling glad to be back in school with all our friends:

We’ll have more good news of great learning to share with you soon! Well done to everyone for lots of hard work and effort. ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s all for now, Mrs Dale