Mrs Dale’s Blog (2019-20)


Skye the Scary Scarecrow and ASL update! ….

Two of our pupils have been enjoying making a scarecrow using ‘recycled’ materials; Skye the Scary Scarecrow is now enjoying the fresh air out at our CKPS allotment where she is enjoying some flowering Springtime bulbs. It won’t be too long before we hope she will help to ‘scare off the crows’ once we’ve planted some beetroot seeds. Skye enjoyed all the good company during the allotment Spring Clean on Saturday 29th February. Thanks to Mr Millar for constructing the frame for us to create Skye. 

One of Fred Frog’s favourite sessions each week is when our P6 Reading buddies come to join us. We have a great fun together doing various activities to help us improve our reading and writing skills. Practice Makes Progress! 🙂 

We use a variety of strategies to help us with our learning including: finger spelling, tallying using counters, ‘dotting and dashing’, listening to, repeating and writing down dictated sentences using practised sounds, ‘cutting and sticking’ common words, using joined up handwriting as we say the sounds of the word out loud! Ask us to show you what we do and how we do these things! 🙂 

We enjoy improving our reading, spelling and writing skills in various ways – we always have a Sound Chart nearby! 

Some of us are always hoping for enough snow to build a snowman but there hasn’t been much so far this Winter… ! We enjoyed listening to and reading a rhyming story about snow, and then writing our own Snow Poems and finally, making some snowflakes!

Our wonderful Pupil Support Assistants and our Toe by Toe books keep us all on our toes!…. and help us with improving our reading skills…. 

WELL DONE EVERYONE! Our CKPS Superheroes and all of us at CKPS are so proud of all your super effort and hard work. Keep it up! 🙂 

Can you believe it?!….

….Pirate Red Hat Rob is a rascal and a rogue! He has stolen Black Hat Bob’s Cash Box! Fred Frog and his P3 friends have made some ‘WANTED’ posters. If you see Red Hat Rob, please let us know so that he can be captured and punished! We hope to rescue Black Hat Bob’s cash box! Find out what Red Hat Rob looks like by reading our FANTASTIC descriptions on our ‘WANTED’ posters…..

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Time for some ‘FingER Spelling’!…. We have been learning about three diffERent pURple sounds. Fred Frog was really pleased to see us using our fingERs to help spell out words; he was also happy to hear us say each of the sounds out loud as we wrote the words down, and then ‘dotted and dashed’ them. He was impressed with our GOOD PARTNER work too! RWInc Finger Spelling Feb 2020 007

Who’s our Superhero of the Month at CKPS?…

Mrs Clark and our Growth Mindset Mob members have chosen Perseverance Penny as our CKPS Superhero of the month! You can read her story in the second photo below! Mrs Grierson and Mrs Dale are really pleased to have given out this certificate – WELL DONE ABBIE! 🙂 

The photos below show somebody else who has been trying so hard to DO HER BEST! We have so many different ways to recognise and reward super effort and hard work at CKPS…. the person in these photos below will hopefully have a nice wee surprise reward soon! 🙂 

Fred Frog’s challenges of the day!

First we had to talk to our partner about our ‘Sound of the Day’, i-e, and remember the story…. ‘nice smile’; then we had to search for as many rhyming words as we could find – Fred Frog had been busy hiding them around our classroom! 

RWInc i-e jigsaw 003

We read the rhyming words out loud, listening carefully to check if we could hear the rhymes; finally we wrote, and then ‘dotted and dashed’ our i-e words onto our white jigsaw puzzle pieces ….. 

……before we had fun working as a team and co-operating to make the jigsaw puzzle, first on the picture side and then on the word side! We had a busy time!

‘i_e’ … tImE for a nIcE smIlE!

We finished off our cakes by mixing up some icing and turning them into Minion cakes with nice smiles to help us learn our next Sound Story: nice smile

We all took turns to read the instructions – Fred Frog put one of our names onto his purple lily pad because he was so impressed with his FANTASTIC reading

i_e nice smile 2 004

It was ‘mAkE a cAkE’ day !

FF make a cake gp Jan 2020 003

One of Fred Frog’s favourite sounds is the grey ‘magic e’ sound a-e ….. because….. the sound story is ‘make a cake! So it was time to have some fun while we were learning to mAkE cAkEs

FF make a cake Jan 2020 001

Fred Frog and Teamwork Tina love READING!

Today Fred Frog and Teamwork Tina loved seeing some of our P3 and P6 pupils reading together. Each pupil was rewarded with 5 House Points for EXCELLENT EFFORT, ROARING READING! and TERRIFIC TEAMWORK. Today we celebrated our learning with the Marshmallow Clap! If you don’t know how to do the Marshmallow Clap…. why not ask one of us to show it to you?! 🙂 

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Can you see what we were doing with our reading buddies? First we practised reading our GREEN WORDS…. next we added some RED WORDS to our tricky words posters…. then we enjoyed LISTENING TO and READING a STORY book together. DO YOU KNOW?…. GREEN WORDS are the ones which we can usually SOUND OUT; RED WORDS are the tricky words which can be difficult to SOUND OUT. 

Happy New Year…. it’s 2020!

Fred Frog enjoyed his Christmas holiday. He is looking forward to seeing all his CKPS friends again soon for another busy term at school. He has some fun activities planned so watch out for what he will be doing with his CKPS pupils soon…. 🙂 

Fred Frog Christmas

May the angels whirl and twirl!

Fred Frog’s P3 friends enjoyed making some angels to whirl and twirl and join the Christmas decorations at home. Our story for the purple ir sound is whirl and twirl

RWInc angels whirl and twirl 001

Can you spot the alien angel?! Maybe she is responsible for scaring away the friendly red alien who until recently was on the door of the P3A classroom?! 

OTHER NEWS! …. At this time of the year, many of us enjoy making a calendar ready to use in the NEW YEAR which is coming soon! DID YOU KNOW?!…. It will soon be the year 2020! Recently one of our pupils has been fantastically CREATIVE while making his 2020 calendar. Our Superhero of the Month, CREATIVE  CAMERON noticed Gabriel’s super effort and creative ideas, so he was rewarded a certificate and went to visit Mrs Clark, our Growth Mindset Superhero Teacher! WELL DONE Gabriel! 

Gabriel creative cameron 001

‘Good News’ Update!

When it was still the Autumn Season, we planted some daffodil and iris bulbs in our allotment bed. Before we planted the bulbs we had a good look at them and read the instructions on the boxes to learn how best to plant them. Over the Winter the bulbs should start to grow roots and shoots before Spring time comes when we hope they will produce lovely flowers like the ones in the pictures on the boxes…

Before planting some new bulbs in the allotment bed we harvested all of the last growing season’s onions (as in the pictures earlier in this Blog) and turned them into some delicious onion soup. We tasted some of the soup in school and took some home too, along with the recipe so that we could try making some healthy onion soup at home with some help from an adult….

Some of us in Primary 4 enjoyed using our spelling and reading skills while we played this great game. At first we worked by ourselves, before Teamwork Tina was pleased to see the fantastic teamwork and co-operation as we worked together to join up all the pieces of our word puzzle. Well done everyone!….

Wow! This person worked so hard to win as well as to read and write lots of the words in today’s game:

Those of us in Mrs Dale’s P5 group love playing a game of SWAP now and again; the card game helps us to increase our reading fluency as each SWAP game has a focus on a particular sound. We keep our Sound Chart handy at all times to remind us of those tricky sounds in words….

Some of us in P6 have worked collaboratively to create a super poem about Scotland’s Wildlife. We enjoyed watching and listening to some short films before creating a sketch to use as inspiration for some writing. We then used various ways to help one another to check and edit our writing, including Sound Charts, our fingers and computers… Finally, during Dyslexia Awareness Week Scotland, we talked about some of the things which can help us with our reading and spelling. One thing which came up was the use of coloured overlay ‘reading rulers’ so we tried some out as we read out our completed poem; we’re each appreciating using one of these now. Can you work out who has written each verse of our group poem below? Our initials are at the end of the poem. Well done everyone!…. 

P6 poem 001P6 poem 002

We recently welcomed Alex to help us in our joint P3/P6 Wednesday afternoon group where we appreciate his great support as we enjoy various literacy activities, with a focus on improving our reading fluency. Practice makes progress…. well done everyone…. 

Many of us practise our reading skills to improve our reading fluency by using the Toe by Toe’ reading book as well as increasing our ability to read the first 1000 most common words at sight. Teamwork Tina and all of us want to say a BIG THANK YOU to our many wonderful Pupil Support Assistants who help us with this workwithout their fantastic support and encouragement we would not be able to make such good, steady progress. Well done Isla, Abbie, Cameron, Becca, Kaitlyn, Rachael, Dylan and Jacob who all work hard at some point most days to practice their reading using any or all of: the Toe by Toe book, booklets or lists of the most Common Words, a reading book…. keep up the super effort! YOU CAN DO IT! Special Congratulations from our Superhero Achieving Alfie went to Dylan and Rachael who recently completed reading the first 1000 most common words with confidence. One of them also had the chance to enjoy a Carrick Knowe Cuppa with Mrs MacLean….  😉 

Thank you to our visitors!

Parent visitors FF 005

Fred Frog was happy to ‘shout out loud’ to welcome our family members to our lessons this week! Thank you for coming to help us with our learning. 🙂 

We practised reading our green and red words… 

We shared and celebrated our own writing success! 

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We finished off by enjoying a game which included words with this week’s focus sounds – ‘ir’ and ‘ou’!

More GOOD NEWS from Fred Frog!

We love celebrating our success in different ways…. can you spy… Who is using the HOORAY or CROCODILE CLAP? Who is using the Yee Ha! celebration? ….. Who said FAN….TAS….TIC! to the winner of the game? Look who got some house points!….

Our CKPS Superhero Teamwork Tina loves us to learn, work and grow together…. she always enjoys watching us have fun as we play literacy games with our kind and helpful P6 friends:

Some of Fred Frog’s favourite moments are when he sees and hears us all enjoying reading and sharing stories together:

We try hard to be supportive and helpful ‘PERFECT PARTNERS’ while we read together…. we know how to use MTYT (My Turn Your Turn)! Here we are in action:

Super spelling…. we use different ways to help us remember how to spell those tricky ‘red’ words – the ones which it can seem impossible to sound out!:

Spelling partners of the day.… we worked together and used our fingers to help us to do some Fred Frog Finger Spelling before we wrote these grey ‘ay’ sound words onto our whiteboard. Fred Frog enjoyed reading our super ‘ay’ word sentence!:

FF ay words CM VA 001

The stories we read together help to inspire us to do some great writing! We are proud to be successful writers and authors! ….

RWInc great writers 001

Fred Frog was extra impressed with one of his friends last week so that person enjoyed a Carrick Knowe Cuppa with Mrs Clark! The hot chocolate was DELICIOUS! 🙂 And Mrs Clark was so pleased and proud of super effort and great writing!

Focussed Felicity is pleased!… and… some allotment news!

In September, Focussed Felicity was our Growth Mindset Superhero of the Month! Her ‘catch phrase’ is Hocus Pocus Everybody Focus! She noticed some of our pupils concentrating really hard as they made a super effort to use counters and their fingers to tally and spell words, before remembering and writing a dictated sentence using the same words. Focussed Felicity also enjoyed seeing the good focus and great effort to read words with our phonic sounds of the week while playing games including Snakes and Ladders

Some of us got to work on our allotment bed once more; it needed a good tidy up after some summer time weeds got growing! We harvested the remaining super-sized onions planted last year, and found some potatoes too. We then did some weeding and prepared the bed to do some more planting soon. We enjoyed looking up at the tall sunflowers in another allotment bed nearby – some of them have now disappeared and looked lovely as part of our school’s Harvest Assembly Display. 

Fred Frog and his P3 friends have been busy…

Our CKPS Superhero of the month Focussed Felicity was really impressed with our fantastic focus, good concentration and super effort when we were practising our handwriting:13th Sep

Focussed Felicity and Mrs Clark were especially happy and pleased with one of our group member’s EXCELLENT EFFORT and HARD WORK:

We regularly practise reading Fred Frog’s ‘green words’ – the green words are the ones we can sound out; we use ‘Fred Talk’ to help us sound them out before we read the words. What wonderful partners, helping each other! 🙂 

Fred Frog loves a good game….. this Snakes and Ladders game helped us to have fun at the same time as reading lots of words…. 

In the slideshow below you will see us being perfect partners, using our magic reading wands as we read a funny story about some animals and a boy on a bus! 

Fred Frog welcomes his new P3 friends!

We had a great first day with Fred Frog! We learned about a ‘family of sounds’: c o a d g q s – they are a family because when we write them they all start like a curly ‘c’! Fred Frog was so impressed with our wonderful handwriting. He is helping us to learn to remember to say the sounds (phonemes) as we write the graphemes (the written sounds are called graphemes!). WELL DONE EVERYONE!

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Fred Frog had a great summer holiday….. but he is very glad to be back at school now! Can you guess where he went on holiday? See if you can spot him in these photos….

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He loved camping on the…….. Isle of Lewis, in Scotland’s beautiful Outer Hebrides!