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Thursday 4th February:


thanks for sharing the magic you’ve been making! MOTIVATED MARK is ExCITED about YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS:
WOW! Look at this terrific Chinese New Year Dragon with his rainbowcoloured beard!

This week we’ve enjoyed reading with expression, and listening out for rhyming words in some Chinese New Year poems, before we highlighted parts of one of the poems connected to our senses:

Chinese New Year by Wendy Larmont

Dragons, lions, Red and gold. In with the New Year, Out with the old.

Banners flying, Bands playing. Lions prancing, Dragons swaying.

Fireworks crackling, Lanterns swinging, People laughing, Dancing, singing.

Dragons, lions, Red and gold. In with the New Year, Out with the old.

We watched a 4 minute film showing Abbie and her brother making preparations for the Chinese New Year celebrations at their home in Liverpool:

We thought it would be nice to make our own Chinese New Year of the Ox lantern decorations; we had to use several different skills to make them, including:

Don’t forget to find your Lucky Money Envelope on Friday the 12th February (the exact date of this year’s Chinese New Year of the Ox, or Vietnamese New Year of the Buffalo) when you can surprise a member of your family or a friend by giving it to them and saying Happy Chinese New Year! Or Chuc Mung Nam Moi! (remember to use two hands! because that’s the polite way according to Vietnamese and Chinese custom) 😊 

Hard at work on the Chinese New Year poem activity sheet, beside decorations ready to put up in time for 12.2.21! πŸ™‚

You might like to try one of these Chinese New Year recipes over the half-term break:

I am looking forward to telephoning some of my Vietnamese friends in Viet Nam when they will be enjoying their New Year celebrations on Friday 12.2.21; if you haven’t yet seen this week’s other 6-minute film about some of the traditions and customs of Vietnamese New Year you can find it here:

WOW! Earlier this week, one of you had some marvellous MAGICAL MOMENTS while you watched a humpback whale feeding in the Firth of Forth. πŸ™‚ Our CKPS superhero of the Month, Motivated Mark, was thrilled to see how this motivated you to make your own magical clay model of a humpback whale. WELL DONE! If anybody would like to find out more about this you can take a look at this:

HAVE A VERY HAPPY HALF-TERM BREAK! And… HAPPY BIRTHDAY to someone special who will be celebrating her birthday on Thursday 11th February. πŸ˜‰ I hope you have a lovely day. I look forward to more learning together on Tuesday 16th February! Mrs Dale πŸ™‚

PS! DON’T FORGET tomorrow…. Friday 5th February is a ‘NO SCREEN ACTIVITIES‘ day! HAVE FUN! Maybe you will do some of this instead:

You may know about this already, but in case not, Sustrans has designed a new resource for families called Sustrans Outside In. There are four weeks of activities, games and challenges. The activity packs are full of stay-at-home cycling, walking and scooting themed fun. The information has been on the CKPS website, but in case you missed it and you would like to get the resources, just click on the link above. You might enjoy trying some of the activities during the half-term break and/or over the next few weeks. You just need to register on their website and then they will send you the activities each week.

PPS! Last but not least…. this person was motivated to work hard and was so proud of her effort to write some super sentences in class, using her spelling words. Motivated Mark says: “If you keep trying, soon you’ll be flying!” Keep up the good work! πŸ™‚

Friday 29th January:

HELLO everyone! I’m pleased to be able to share some of this past week’s MAGICAL MOMENTS!

it’s REALLY great to see YOUR colourful dragon creations:

Some of you have been busy making Chinese (and Vietnamese!) New Year Lucky Money envelopes:

Which one of these fabulous ENVELOPES would you like to receive on 12.2.21?

A few of you had a MAGICAL MOMENT when you read and enjoyed the message hidden inside a Chinese New Year Fortune Cookie, shaped like a smile or a crescent moon, before you ate it!

Spot the dragon, with a super letter written by one of our fantastic CKPS TEAM members. She was imagining being in China during the Chinese New Year celebrations, describing what was happening for her family at home in Scotland:

This week’s ‘Interactive Film’ helped us to reflect on some of the many things we have learnt about the worldwide celebrations of this festival:

If you didn’t have a chance to watch one of this week’s short films, you can see it now. I saw a shadow puppet show similar to this when I worked in Viet Nam:

One of our four CKPS Values is RESPONSIBILITY – guess and then count how many letters are in that very long word! Some of you enjoy helping me to be responsible for part of our amazing CKPS allotment area. This week we were glad of some shelter in the poly-tunnel on what was a rather cold and wet afternoon; look who did a GREAT JOB helping me to continue our preparations for some RESPONSIBILITY bunting!

Another of our pupils took on a HUGE RESPONSIBILITY by organising a brilliant BURNS SUPPER for the whole family to enjoy at home:

Especially on cold WINTER days, the birds love somebody like this person; she made it her responsibility to organise a bird feeding ‘station’ in her garden during the first Covid-19 lockdown. Now she continues to be responsible for feeding the birds. Look!… they are so appreciative, especially on snowy days when it is harder for them to find food. A robin even landed on the window ledge, perhaps to say ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’!

January’s Superhero of the Month was Perseverance Penny and she is so proud of the way you are all persevering with Learning At Home.

Sunday will be the 31st, and last day of January. On Monday next week we welcome the month of February, and as 2021 is not a leap year, there are only 28 days in February. Motivated Mark will be our new Superhero of the Month so he’s going to help keep us all MOTIVATED in February.

Perseverance Penny says well done for the January days when you “found a new route, and gave frustration the boot”! Motivated Mark reminds us that “if we keep trying, soon we’ll be flying”!

Look out for our final week of Chinese New Year themed activities next week, leading up to the actual celebration on Friday 12.2.21 which is during our school holiday week. I love that date because you can read it forwards or backwards! Have a great weekend, and look after yourselves. Keep Smiling! πŸ™‚ Mrs Dale

PS happy birthday to the person who will be celebrating a 7th birthday on Wednesday 3rd February. πŸ™‚

Friday 22nd January:

More Magical Moments for our CKPS Superhero of the Month Perseverance Penny!

It’s time now to celebrate some of this week’s Magical Moments as we’ve enjoyed learning more about how Chinese New Year is celebrated not just in China, but in countries all over the world – take a look at today’s slideshow showing some of this week’s GREAT WORK; DID YOU KNOW?!… you can pause the slideshow any time by using the pause/play buttons in the top right hand corner:

If you didn’t have time to watch this week’s 5-minute film, you can watch it here now:

The Chinese New Year is also known as the Lunar New Year. It’s called the Lunar New Year because it marks the first new moon of the lunisolar calendars, traditional to many east Asian countries including China and Viet Nam, which are regulated by the cycles of the moon and sun.

CONGRATULATIONS to the person who enjoyed a birthday CELEBRATION on 20th January 2021! πŸ™‚

THANK YOU again to everyone for all your super effort and hard work. WELL DONE to you all for persevering with your Learning At Home. Keep it up, and remember not to worry if you have tricky times. πŸ™‚ If and when you can, do send me your news and photos. I always love to hear from you and I’m here to help. It will soon be time to relax and enjoy another weekend. Take care to stay safe and well. πŸ™‚ Mrs Dale

PS it’s still WINTER (and as you can see, Skye the Scarecrow was wearing a ‘snow cap’ one day this week!). To get ready for SPRING this person was helping to prepare some pots of compost, ready to sow some vegetable seeds before we plant the seedlings in our allotment beds:

Friday 15th January:

Which one of our Superheroes has been most helpful to you this week? They’re always so happy to celebrate your success!

Below are some of this week’sMagical Moments‘!… some at home and some at school.

We have been improving our literacy skills as we have been learning more about celebrating the Chinese (and Vietnamese) New Year. One of our first tasks was to THINK about what we Know about this topic, before then deciding what we Want to know:

Our Superheroes were TICKLED PINK and said we deserve TWO STARS because:

*we followed the instructions carefully and did some great thinking

*we used some joined up writing to present our ideas well, writing down some of the things we already Know and some of the things we Want to know on our KWL chart

Chinese New Year is full of: fireworks, the colour red, and delicious food – but how did this celebration begin? Who is Nian and how does Chinese New Year stop him from frightening people? What are some of the traditions observed during the celebration? And why is the colour red important? We enjoyed watching a short film which answered some of our questions and confirmed some of what we already knew:

If you haven’t been able to watch this 5 minute film yet, you could watch it now. πŸ™‚

WELL DONE to these pupils for using the Chinese Zodiac Calendar to work out which animal belongs to the year in which you and your family members were born; Creative Cameron was particularly impressed with the Terrific Tiger illustration and Chinese Character writing πŸ™‚ :

Motivated Mark was ever so pleased to learn that one person was motivated to make the effort to telephone several family members to have a chat, and to find out in which year they were born. Challenging Charlie liked the way that person then challenged herself to use the Chinese Zodiac Calendar table to find out which animal belonged to all the different people. WELL DONE!

We used our reading skills to find out more about the animals chosen for the Chinese Zodiac Calendar:

“Hocus Pocus! Everybody Focus!” says Focused Felicity! The work on missing sounds (pictured below) shows there has been some great focus and use of our helpful Sound Chart πŸ˜‰ …

Practising Polly loved the way this person was practising her editing skills while typing an acrostic poem:

In these unusual Covid-19 days we’re all bound to feel a little frustrated now and again, as we seem to have to be persevering in so many ways…. Perseverance Penny is January’s CKPS Superhero of the Month….. she says: “Find a new route and give frustration the boot!” Give yourself a pat on the back if you know that Perseverance Penny would have been pleased with the way you and your family have persevered with some of our Learning At Home over this past week, or if you know you and the adults helping you in school have persevered with your new kind of day when you’re in school. Perseverance Penny and Fred Frog πŸ™‚ loved listening to this person persevering with some tricky reading about the Chinese New Year:

You may remember that Mrs Canning wrote in one of her January 2021 letters: “We want the next few weeks to be productive and worthwhile for your child. The health and wellbeing of all our families is of utmost importance. Please balance a positive and calm family life with Learning At Home.” So please don’t worry if some days don’t seem to have many ‘magical moments’!

I look forward to hearing about next week’s MAGICAL MOMENTS via Learning Journals or by email: Look out for them on this BLOG next Friday. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Be sure to enjoy some relaxing and fun magical moments over the weekend, and thanks for all the super effort and hard work you’ve done this week. Mrs Dale πŸ™‚

PS last but not least…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the person who will be celebrating on 17th January. I hope you have a lovely day. πŸ˜‰

HOT OFF THE PRESS!… Thank you for these super photos which arrived just in time for this BLOG post! Can you recognise these MAGICAL MOMENTS?…. WINTER fun…. SPRING promise…. all comfy with a GOOD BOOK. πŸ™‚

Monday 4th January 2021:

Fred Frog and I hope you and your families had a MERRY CHRISTMAS and we wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

We were excited to see the snow which arrived in Edinburgh, just after Christmas, in time for the New Year. Did you have some fun building a snowman or having a snowball fight? Here are some of the snowmen some of my family and I spotted near our Edinburgh homes last week:


…. will bring happier, healthier and more hopeful times across the whole world, as soon as possible. πŸ™‚

I am looking forward to some more CKPS Team learning together in 2021. Keep yourselves safe and happy. πŸ™‚ Mrs Dale

Monday 21st December:

HAPPY CHRISTMAS from Skye the Scarecrow!

JaimΓ© and Skye the Scarecrow hope that you’re on Santa’s ‘Good List’ too! Be sure to leave Santa a nice warm drink by your Christmas Tree, and a carrot or two for his reindeer….. πŸ˜‰ PS did you know?…. today is the shortest day of the year; you might have noticed that it was dark until quite late this morning and it will be dark quite early this afternoon.

Friday 18th December:

Did you know?!….. CHRISTMAS will soon be here! So our whirling, twirling angels have joined us to wish you a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS and some safe and enjoyable times with loved ones:

Recently we enjoyed reminding ourselves of our purple ‘ir/whirl and twirl’ sound and story as we made our whirling, twirling angels; perhaps they are now decorating our Christmas Trees or are hanging somewhere else at home:

Fred Frog was very excited to receive his first Christmas Card this year!:

This inspired us to make Christmas cards for family members or for special friends – we used our creative, artistic, handwriting and spelling skills to make these:

This year we have really missed seeing our P2 pupils in the Nativity performance. 😦 To remind ourselves of the Christmas Story we listened to and/or read some books about it:

Here we are one day recently having fun while playing games as we read and thought about sounds in words – we liked seeing the people kissing under the Christmas mistletoe in the domino game!:

u-e and o-e were two of the most recent sounds we were learning how to read and spell. Part of our activity was to work together to create and make a jigsaw puzzle; on the pieces of each puzzle we had written our u-e/blue sound words, or o-e/yellow sound words:

Can you recognise the places shown on the picture sides of our jigsaws?

Just like our CKPS Growth Mindset Superhero of the Month, Achieving Alfie, we love celebrating our SUCCESS:

Skye the Scarecrow was pleased to have some Christmas-time company too! We have been busy doing some weeding at the allotment and adding the words KINDNESS and RESPECT, two of our CKPS school values, to the big bed. We used natural materials – can you spot what they are? The big bed is surrounded by bulbs which are hiding under the soil through WINTER; in the SPRING we plan to plant some vegetables, like we did last year.

We used a laptop, improving our ICT skills, to create some labels for our allotment bed, and we spotted some of the iris bulbs we planted last year popping up again:

December’s CKPS Superhero of the month is ACHIEVING ALFIE…. he has been noticing and celebrating lots of achievements, as have some of his other CKPS Growth Mindset Superhero friends:

The next time something new will appear on this BLOG will probably be in the NEW YEAR of 2021! Let’s hope that by December 2021 the awful COVID-19 pandemic which has affected all of us across the whole world in 2020, will be well on its way into the HISTORY books! Until then, take care, stay safe and I hope you enjoy some precious times with your loved ones over the holiday, even though this might be rather different to usual. That’s all for now, so WELL DONE for all the hard work and achievements you’ve all made in 2020, and a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS from Fred Frog and me! Mrs Dale πŸ™‚