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Friday 4th December:

Find out why these CKPS Superhero certificates have been awarded over the last two weeks – well done everyone!:

Well done to Dawid and JaimΓ© who also received one of our CKPS Superhero Certificates….. but I’m sorry that I forgot 😦 to take a photograph so I can’t display them here!

December’s CKPS Superhero of the Month is Achieving Alfie. He has been noticing this person’s regular hard work and effort, ALWAYS DOING HIS BEST, so we were so glad to be able to CELEBRATE HIS SUCCESS:

We have been enjoying ourselves:

… using our fingers to help us sound out, write, check spelling, and tally words:

…. learning to spell the most common words, and practising joined-up handwriting:

… improving our reading skills by completing ‘time targets’ and taking part in Miss Inglis’s Reading Rocket Challenge – I know there must be a few more books added onto this list by now Leanne πŸ˜‰ :

…. listening to the ‘sounds of the sea’, reading a book about the seashore, imagining and then writing about the ‘roaring waves crashing onto the slippy rocks’, or the ‘gentle sea, creeping over the sandy beach’:

…. taking care of the indoor bulbs which we planted in October:

… remembering and saying a sentence, and looking out for words when we’re reading using some of the week’s focus sounds:

… adding to our display about DYSLEXIA:

It’s DECEMBER already! So…. we’re all looking forward to enjoying some Christmas stories and activities over the next couple of weeks! Hope you can stay safe and warm on these WINTER time days everyone – Skye the Scarecrow was looking a bit chilly all covered in icy snow yesterday! Bye for now! Mrs Dale πŸ™‚

Friday 20th November:

BOOK WEEK SCOTLAND was here again!

And once more, thanks to Miss Inglis, our Class Teachers and Pupil Support Assistants, we took part in lots of fun activities. On Monday morning we had DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) a few times.

Some of us were busy playing a game of SWAP, reading lots of words ending with ‘tion‘ when the DEAR bell rang, and the second time it rang we were reading our red and green words, including some ending with ‘cious‘ – even Fred Frog was having a go at reading these really challenging words – looking at each syllable was helping him (thanks to Caitlyn). πŸ˜‰ When the DEAR bell rang, we immediately stopped what we were doing and enjoyed reading our poem books:

Find out who has been spotted by our CKPS Superheroes this week:


Growing Indoor Bulbs

P6 pupils will be interested to see their indoor bulbs soon – they have come out from the cool dark place where they have been hidden for a few weeks. The leaves and shoots look quite white, but they will soon be looking green, now that the sunlight can reach them:

We read a short rhyming story book which helped to inspire us to do some writing about having our own home one day! Our lesson finished with a quick spelling game:

Fred Frog rewards us!

Fred Frog gave us a 5-minute reward for all our super effort this week – we enjoyed adding a frog or two to our collection of fantastic frog drawings:

One of our new sounds this week was ‘or’ for ‘shut the door‘; we had to work with our partners to think of, finger spell and read lots of words with this orange sound, and then put them into groups of rhyming words:

KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK EVERYONE!….. we look forward to sharing some more news and photos soon! From Fred Frog and Mrs Dale! πŸ™‚

Friday 13th November:

What’s kept us busy this week?

Fred Frog and his friends were busy reading, and then ‘finger spelling’ words, before adding ‘oo’ words to our blue leaves, and ‘ar’ words to our stARs! Next we hung these on to our sparkling silver ‘SOUND TREE‘!

A seaside story this week inspired us to write a poem about the seaside:

Some of us have been creating our own mini ‘Sound Trees’:

And reading and writing tricky words ending with ‘ure’ and ‘tion’:

Look who our CKPS Superheroes have noticed over this past week:

We had some fun reading words with prefixes while playing a game of SWAP, before doing some shared reading to find out more about DYSLEXIA:

Did you notice?…. Skye the Scarecrow has been to the Beauty Salon!…. She has a ‘new look’, including a new hairstyle!!

It will soon be time for another ‘Carrick Knowe Cuppa’ ….. so listen out for, and enjoy that GOOD NEWS at home, if it comes your way…. Keep taking care everyone! Mrs Dale πŸ™‚

Friday 6th November

Early November highlights:


After preparing to plant our daffodil bulbs one day, we enjoyed sitting out in the Autumn sunshine using the newly repaired table – thank you Ms Pincock. πŸ™‚ We did some finger spelling and added some words ending with are/air/ear/eir/ere to our Sound Trees. We found five different ways to spell/write the same one sound! (e.g. share, pair, pear, their, there):

November’s CKPS Superhero is Focussed Felicity:

Focussed Felicity said WELL DONE to Jenny and Zack too! πŸ™‚


  • looking for words with our ‘sounds of the week’ igh (fly high) and ow (blow the snow) in the story of Elvis the Goat, another book illustrated by the daughter of one of our PSAs, and inspired by Craigie’s Farm, near Edinburgh
  • Practising our Speedy Sounds:
  • Playing a game of Snakes and Ladders as we read some of the most common words:
  • Being creative:


… so many of us took a few moments to watch two short films (still available on this BLOG – see Mon 2nd November); you can find out what the word DYSLEXIA means by watching the first film! πŸ˜‰

After watching the films some of us worked on creating and designing our own mnemonics, this time using the laptops. On the Mon 2.11 BLOG post you saw our hand drawn mnemonics; click on the link below to open up our most recent creations which are also on display in school:

That’s all for now! Thanks to everyone for all the hard work and effort. STAY SAFE AND WELL and I’ll be back with more good news to share soon! Mrs Dale πŸ™‚

Monday 2nd November:


Awareness Week is here!

Perhaps you have already seen and read this DYSLEXIA ACROSTIC POEM which was written by some P7 pupils? It might help you to discover something new about DYSLEXIA:

Some of our P7 pupils also enjoyed being creative while designing their own mnemonic spelling aids; a mnemonic is a system such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations which helps us remember something. Mnemonics are particularly useful when the order of things is important, for example when spelling words.

Take a moment to sit back and watch these two short films:

Allotment in Autumn: Update!

We decided to display our finished SCARECROW ACROSTIC POEMS beside Skye the Scarecrow. You can read them here:

Now that our allotment beds had been weeded, we were able to measure out and prepare to plant some daffodil bulbs. As we did this, we talked about the 4 SEASONS: AUTUMN will come and go, before WINTER arrives; our bulbs will stay cosy, deep in the soil during the cold WINTER days; we will know SPRING is coming when we start to see the green shoots of our bulbs peeping through the soil, getting ready to blossom and bloom! By the time the season of SUMMER arrives, our bulbs will take a rest again, while other things will be busy growing in our allotment…. so, over the coming weeks and months, watch out for what these might be!

During October, Creative Cameron was our Superhero of the Month….

In November, Focussed Felicity is our CKPS SUPERHERO OF THE MONTH! She will be busy looking out for pupils showing lots of good focus and concentration, as she helps us with our learning. Keep your eye on this BLOG to see who she might notice soon! Keep up the super effort everyone! Mrs Dale πŸ™‚