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Monday 26th October:

DID YOU KNOW?…. Dyslexia Awareness Week is coming soon! … It’s NEXT WEEK…. from 2nd – 7th November 2020.

Some of us in P7 enjoyed listening, talking, reading, writing, typing and being creative together as we found out more about….DYSLEXIA; you can read about some of what we discovered by taking a look at our super ACROSTIC POEM (in an acrostic poem, the first letter of each part spells out the theme, in this case, DYSLEXIA):


DID YOU KNOW?…. people who have dyslexia often have to work extra hard, but with the right help and support everyone can be successful.

DID YOU KNOW?…. there are several famous people who have become successful even though they have dyslexia…. here are a few of them:

Some P7 pupils have been learning a few creative ways to help with spelling – hopefully one day soon we will be able to share some of these with you on this BLOG. πŸ™‚

CREATIVE CAMERON has been October’s CKPS Growth Mindset SUPERHERO of the month; he was so pleased with some of us in P4:

Recently Fred Frog and his friends began reading a funny story about Big Blob going shopping with Baby Blob; we are looking forward to writing about the Blobs soon!….

Fred Frog has been so impressed with our Fred Finger Spelling; here we are using our fingers to spell out some words ending with the grey ‘ay’ sound (May I play?) before writing the words on our grey Sound Tree leaves:

Why not look out for pictures of our Sound Tree on this BLOG? – coming soon! Fred Frog is always extra excited to find somebody’s name on his purple lily pad – ask us if we’ve landed on his purple lily pad and do we remember why? We have a special orange cushion to sit on when we land on the purple lily pad!….

Some of us in P5 enjoyed a game of SWAP in the sunshine, while near Skye the Scarecrow. Our SWAP game had words ending with the same 1 sound (phoneme) to read but …. can you believe it?!…. 5 different ways to spell/write that same sound (graphemes) ! Here is an example of each of the sounds/words we were learning how to read and spell: 1. are: scare 2. air: chair 3. eir: their 4. ere: where 5. ear: wear!…

While we were playing the game we enjoyed seeing a long wiggling worm popping up to say “hello”!

Autumn is here again and this is the time of year when we enjoy planting bulbs. Some of us in P6 had fun doing this just before our October holiday. We will look forward to sharing their progress with you on this BLOG in the weeks and months to come; see if we can remember the names of the bulbs we planted:

Keep up the good work everyone! YOU CAN DO IT! YES, YOU CAN! πŸ™‚

Friday 9th October:


It was good to speak on the telephone with so many parents and carers over this past week. Thank you for all the super support at home – keep up the good work! πŸ˜‰ Here are some more photos to help you share and enjoy a little more of our progress with learning at CKPS. Ask us to explain what we were doing and learning:

Everyone deserves a wee break from all their excellent effort and hard work. We hope you will enjoy the October break, coming soon! πŸ™‚

Friday 2nd October:

Mouthwatering Muffins!

Earlier on this BLOG you might remember seeing some of us HARVESTING some beetroot from our allotment. We took the beetroot and some recipes home with us that day. Now one of us has been able to send in some photos of these DELICIOUS looking mouthwatering muffins…. this person does not usually like the taste of beetroot but after feeling a little unsure about trying the muffins, he decided that beetroot turned into muffins was not bad! πŸ™‚ WELL DONE and thanks to all in this household for the TEAM effort involved in baking the muffins; so glad everyone in the family, including this person’s great grandmother, πŸ™‚ could enjoy the results of those beetroot seeds planted in March this year!

Wednesday 30th September:

Pecking Peter!

Today Pecking Peter helped to motivate us when we were writing words ending with the tricky sounds ng and nk. Fred Frog said he loved hearing us say the sounds out loud as we were using our joined-up handwriting to write the words. We celebrated by saying GOOD JOB everyone! πŸ˜‰

Toe by Toe from start to finish!

This term, one person has made a great start using the Toe by Toe reading programme, while another person is just about to finish the whole book – she began work on it last session. WOW! πŸ™‚ Our CKPS Growth Mindset Superheroes, Practising Polly and Perseverance Penny have been very impressed with all the steady progress – they say a BIG WELL DONE for all the excellent effort. Practice makes progress! πŸ™‚

Maths Week / Outdoor Learning

We were lucky with the good weather this week so lots of us have enjoyed taking our Edinburgh Sound Chart outside to help us think of and spell rhyming words with certain spelling patterns; landing on an odd or even Snakes and Ladders game number determined which spelling pattern word we had to think of and spell! We were using and improving both our mental maths and spelling skills as we played the game in the fresh air and sunshine outdoors. Some of us wished for more time to finish the game – hopefully we will be able to do something like this again sometime. πŸ™‚

Monday 28th September

Maths Week Scotland is here again!..

….so… we had some fun combining literacy, numeracy and outdoor learning skills. To start the day and week, some of us in P4 loved hearing the story of Flo and Flip, The Inchcolm Seals, a story book beautifully illustrated by the daughter of one of our PSAs. πŸ™‚ As Mrs Dale read the story, we had to listen out for any words with the green ea/ee sounds and we took turns to write them, using our super joined-up writing, onto the whiteboard. By the end of the story we had quite a collection…. next came a bit of maths as well as spelling practice! We played dominoes with a difference! First we had to add the number of dots on our domino and decide if the total was an odd or an even number; next, if it was odd, we had to read and remember an ea word to write onto a green post-it note, as quickly as possible, before we had our next turn; if it was an even number we had to choose an ee word to spell and write onto our green post-it-note!

Later in the day some of us enjoyed taking our literacy and numeracy learning outdoors. Snakes and ladders as well as dominoes were two of the games which helped us to enjoy some number work, as well as spelling, outside at our wonderful allotment. Perhaps you will ask us if we can explain what we were doing:

Skye the Scarecrow was watching us and has been helping us with our literacy learning this month; so, today, if we landed on an even number, we had to think of and write down a word to rhyme with scare (dare, fare…. how many more can you think of?) and if we landed on an odd number, we had to think of and write down a word rhyming with crow (slow, throw….. can you think of some more?).

In the summer time there were lots of pretty purple poppy flowers growing in our allotment beds. Now it’s the season of autumn so all that is left of the purple poppies are the seed heads….

We were AMAZED to shake and hear, and then empty the seed heads into our hands – they were SO FULL of SO MANY tiny black seeds – it seemed IMPOSSIBLE to count them! How many 100s of seeds do you think are in these hands?

We also enjoyed playing with these giant dominoes outside while practising our mental maths skills.

MATHS WEEK SCOTLAND got off to a great start today….. Challenging Charlie is wondering what other Maths Challenges we will face this week….. keep up the super effort everyone!

Our CKPS Growth Mindset Superhero, Challenging Charlie, loves a Maths Challenge…. he hopes you do too! πŸ™‚

Friday 25th September:

We have been finding out…

…. more about DYSLEXIA. Some of us in Primary 7 have been using our listening, talking, reading and writing skills to answer some of our own questions, and we are hoping to be able to help others to find out more about DYSLEXIA too. We are planning to use and improve our digital technology skills as we do this over the coming weeks and months. Some of the activities will also help us to find ways to practise and improve our spelling skills.

We are enjoying working with our wonderful Pupil Support Assistants and Mrs Dale each week – ask us to explain what we are doing if you’re not sure!:

And we have loved taking some of our learning outdoors, to our amazing allotment area, looking after our Health and Well-being, as well as working on improving our literacy skills:

What a great team we have at CKPS. Well done everyone! Our CKPS superhero of the month, Teamwork Tina, is SO PROUD of all that you do to support and help one another as we enjoy learning together!

Teamwork Tina

Friday 25th September:

Look what we’ve been upto!

As you will see in the photos below, it has been a busy time for lots of us in Primary 3 and Primary 4:

Thumbs up for Fred Frog!

We have been busy learning about ‘Fred Talk’ which means using our ‘sounding out strategies’ to first sound out, and then blend and read our ‘green words’. Fred Frog was so proud of the lovely partner work when we used MTYT (My Turn Your Turn), taking turns to read and listen to one another practising and improving our reading skills.

As well as reading our ‘green words’, we were showing Fred Frog our joined-up handwriting skills and using MTYT again to read and talk about a story together. After finishing our handwriting we celebrated one another’s success with the fantastic‘ celebration – ask us to show you what we do!

Fred Frog loves listening to stories too and this week he was given a wonderful surprise when one of our Pupil Support Assistants very kindly gave him an amazing present to share with all his CKPS pupils….. ask us what made these story books extra special…… maybe you can spot what you think might be the reason for this?! πŸ˜‰ We so enjoyed listening to and talking about the story of Flo and Flip – why not take a visit to South Queensferry one day to look out for the lovely statue of the seals? After enjoying the story we did some reading and writing of words using the sh, ch and th sounds, including playing a fun 4-in-a-row game.

Can you see someone above, praising her winning partner using the WELL DONE CLAP celebration?

Another group of us in P4 were learning about the ire sound. We used wire pipe cleaner letters to spell ire words, and then shared our ideas to create some interesting sentences using these words, taking turns with our partners. We learned a new word: spire – do you know what a spire is? Take a look at the picture below to find out! πŸ˜‰

Autumn is here! We were really excited to find some blackberries, ripe and ready to eat growing in our wonderful CKPS woodland area; we had gone outside to look for twigs ready to make our own ‘sound trees‘ soon. We found plenty of terrific twigs as well as these delicious berries which we washed and enjoyed as a tasty, healthy snack!

Look what else some of us in P4 have been doing to practise and improve our reading, spelling and writing skills:

Some of us find a coloured overlay reading ruler helps us when we are reading. Lots of us know how to tally words with counters, and then to ‘finger spell’ them before we have a go at spelling words.

WELL DONE EVERYONE! THANK YOU for all the SUPER EFFORT and HARD WORK. Our CKPS GROWTH MINDSET SUPERHEROES are so pleased about, and proud of, your amazing acheivements!

Penny, Alfie, Cameron, Tina, Felicity, Charlie, Mark, Polly, Maxine –
we are glad to be your CKPS Growth Mindset Superheroes! πŸ™‚

Thursday 17th September:

Awesome Autumn sunshine!

P5A enjoyed making the most of the beautiful Autumn sunshine today; we went out to the allotment to say hello to Skye the Scarecrow – she loved having our company! We began work on some observational drawings of Skye, to which we will be adding some more detail next week, weather permitting. We will be using our drawings, as well as our wonderful allotment, to inspire our literacy learning over the coming weeks. πŸ™‚ Keep an eye out for our next P5A entry on this BLOG in a wee while….

Still Monday 14th September! πŸ™‚

Beetroot Harvest Part 2!

We had a great time this afternoon harvesting beetroot, big and small. They had been growing in our allotment bed since the seeds were planted on Monday 9th March, just in time before school closed for the corona virus ‘lockdown’ on Friday 20th March.

We were really pleased to find about 20 healthy looking beetroots hiding under the soil. We also enjoyed spotting a few worms, snails and slugs – but they were probably not too happy to see us!

We can’t do any cooking in school just now so we’ve taken the beetroot home, along with some recipes; hopefully we might be able to make something tasty at home to enjoy with our families over the next few days.

After harvesting all the beetroot we then spent some time weeding the bed, being careful not to disturb too many of the daffodil, iris and crocus bulbs which are fast asleep under the soil just now. Finally we had a seat and Skye the Scarecrow enjoyed listening as we took turns to use our reading skills to read the beetroot recipes.

Monday 14th September:

Beetroot Harvest!

It’s HARVEST TIME! so some of us will soon be harvesting the beetroot which has been growing at our CKPS allotment. We thought we’d share with you the recipes we might be using at home to turn our beetroot into something DELICIOUS! The recipes are for Beetroot Smoothie, Beetroot Muffins, Beetroot Soup and, Beetroot and Ginger Brownies.

REMEMBER…. stay safe in the kitchen! Always ask an adult to help you. πŸ™‚

How to Cook With Kids | Cook Smarts

Friday 11th September:

Celebrating Success!


Fred Frog was especially glad to see that the people who had put their fabulous poster on the door to one of his classrooms are now the TRAQUAIR SPORTS CAPTAINScongratulations Cameron and Ross.

Special congratulations also go to Jake, now one of the BROOM SPORTS CAPTAINS, and to Grace, one of the CARRICK HOUSE CAPTAINS.

We know you’ll all enjoy your new responsibilities and do a GREAT JOB for TEAM CKPS! πŸ™‚

Friday 28th August:

Fred Frog was interested to find a poster on his classroom door which says: Stay Green and Stick with your team! πŸ™‚ Fred Frog’s favourite colour is green so he always likes to support Traquair House whenever possible – he will be voting for the P7 creators of this smart poster to become our SUPER P7 SPORTS CAPTAINS of Traquair House.

Who will you be voting for? There are lots of great posters around school now, and soon we might be able to watch some video presentations to help us to choose our P7 HOUSE and SPORTS CAPTAINS for this year. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

Friday 14th August:

Back to school for all of us! πŸ™‚

It was GREAT to see most of our smiling pupils enjoying being back at CKPS this week. I loved hearing snippets of the ‘lockdown’ and summer holiday news when I was in the playground at the beginning of the day, and near the allotment as our pupils went home each day. I am looking forward to hearing more soon! πŸ™‚

Mrs Dale

Tuesday 11th August:

Hello again everyone! Fred Frog, his friends and I were very glad to be back in school today after our long summer break (did you see some of our holiday pictures below?). Before we went back to school we felt quite excited as well as a little nervous – we wondered what might be different. It was so good to see our friends and we were all helping each other to get ready to WELCOME you all back to school later this week. πŸ˜‰

It may be a little while before I see some of you in my ASL (Additional Support for Learning) classrooms. At the beginning of each new school year there is always some time for you to get to know your new class teachers, and for them to get to know you, before you come to work with me. πŸ™‚

We are really looking forward to seeing you soon – you might have quite a lot to tell us about, so we’re all ready to listen. Bye for now! Mrs Dale, Fred, Freda and Frank Frogs and their other animal friends!

Wednesday 5th August:

Fred Frog on Holiday! πŸ™‚

It’s August already, so Fred Frog is excited about being back at CKPS for a new school year. He can’t wait to see all his friends again. He has enjoyed his summer holiday break from school and he has some photos to share with you. πŸ™‚

Here he is with his friends amongst the runner bean plants which he helped Mrs Dale plant way back in April, during the Easter Holiday…. recently he has been enjoying eating lots of fresh home-grown beans for his tea most days! Can you spy some of the beans hanging from the plants as well as some in a box which Fred Frog has helped to find and pick?

In the next slideshow below you can see Fred Frog enjoying a day trip to Melrose in the Scottish Borders. He also went on a long walk with Mrs Dale and enjoyed hopping along the banks of the River Tweed:

Not too far from Melrose, Fred Frog asked his chauffeur to stop for a wee while so that he could enjoy the fantastic views at a place called Scott’s View:

Skye the Scarecrow is also looking forward to seeing everyone when we’re back at school. She has been busy watching the beetroot and lots of other things growing in the allotment over the summer. Look how big the beetroot plants are now! Skye wonders how big the beetroots will be when we harvest them? What do you think? Will the beetroots be the size of a golf ball, or will they be as big as a tennis ball?

We are really looking forward to seeing you all soon and to hearing some of your summer time news. πŸ™‚

Mrs Dale, Fred Frog and our animal friends.

Thursday 25th June:



Remember to stay strong, stick together, be kind, and take care!

Although some of our posts have been archived from Terms 1 and 2, remember you can still find all of our blog posts from the lockdown by clicking here.