Classes of 2016-2017!


It’s the breaking news you’ve all been waiting for as the classes for next year have been rubber-stamped by Mr Hunter and… It’s all change!

Sadly, we’ll be losing a few members of staff next year including Mrs Dinwoodie, Mrs Thomson, Miss McDonald, Miss Conway and Mr Murdock. However the good news is that we will also be welcoming lots of new staff to the Carrick Knowe team including Mrs Iley as our new Depute Head!

Nursery Teachers

Ms Edwards

Ms Anderson

Primary 1 Teachers

P1A – Mr Hutcheson

P1B – Miss Sanderson

Primary 2 Teachers

P2A – Mrs Bruce

P2B – Mrs Clark

Primary 3 Teachers

P3A – Mr Morley

P3B – Mr Wallace

P3C – Mrs Moffat & Mrs Kane

Primary 4 Teachers

P4A – Mrs Fletcher

P4B – Mrs Clark and Mr Blaikie

Primary 5 Teachers

P5A – Mrs Bennett

P5B – Mrs Mitchell / Mrs English

Primary 6 Teachers

P6A – Mrs Carter

P6B – Mrs MacAskill

Primary 7 Teachers

P7A – Mr O’Connell

P7B – Mrs Patterson