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Term 2 Blog 2021-22

Welcome to our Term 2 Blog. This Term we are really looking forward to sharing all the wonderful activities our children are enjoying in Nursery. This session we have planned to look at topics including Harvest, Autumn and Christmas but we will also be sharing pictures of the activities and ideas which come straight from the children’s own interests …… we never know which journey they will take us on next!!

Week Beginning : Monday 6th December 2021

Welcome to our final blog of 2021. We would like to thank all our parents/carers for their continued support. We hope you all have a lovely holiday and we will see you again in January.

Christmas Time

This week the children have been getting in to the Christmas spirit and there have been lots of activities including card and calendar making, building toys and playing our favourite Christmas songs.


It was our final week in Woodland for nearly all groups – one had to wait for one more week due to the weather warning. They had amazing fun drinking hot chocolate and eating sausages and marshmallows. There was also great excitement when some of the pupils spotted a family of slugs under a log!

Week Beginning : Monday 27th November 2021

We got off to a really exciting start this week with snow outside in the Nursery garden. The children had great fun ; running in the snow, chasing each other and playing snowball fights. It was really cold but luckily we all had our hats and warm jackets. Over the Winter it would be great is we could all learn to put our gloves on ourselves, as it can be really hard finding the right fingers!


It has been another great week at Woodland and although it was cold outside, everyone enjoyed some hot chocolate to warm them up. The children have also been collecting sticks for next week’s campfire, making ‘mud cake’ and having fun in the hammock! 


Christmas Countdown:

We are now on the Countdown to Christmas. Please keep an eye on your Learning Journals and emails for updates on Parties, Christmas Lunch and other special events.

Week Beginning: Monday 15th November 2021

We have had a great week in Nursery! The children have been busy doing lots of activities including ones related to Book Week Scotland , Children In Need and as usual, their own interests.

Looking After Our Pets

Last week the children showed lots of interest in pets and how they can help them. We responded to their play by creating a Vets in Nursery. Here are some of the comments :

I’m playing doctors and vets, vets help animals, dog and cats and doctors help people

I’m fixing the doggy’s leg, it’s been hurting

I’m fixing the cat, it’s sick

I’m a doctor for animals

Book Week Scotland

During Book Week , we chose to do some activities related to The Colour Monster story. Lots of the children have been investigating different ways to use colour and even created their own Colour Monsters!


This week at Woodland, we read the story of the Gruffalo and went on a hunt. Do you think we found him?

Children In Need

Thank you for all your kind donations – we made £38.64 in Nursery and this was added to the whole school total. It was lovely to see so many of you dressed in your pyjamas, especially the Nursery Staff!!


Covid Symptons:

We are aware that there are lots of colds and viruses around at this time of year. Despite this, we ask that should you child develop a new or continous cough or fever, that you take them for a PCR test or self-isolate for 10 days . This is in line with current Government Guidance on Covid-19.

Week Beginning: Monday 8th November 2021

This week there has been lots going on in the Nursery. We hope you enjoy looking at our photos!


The children have been creating mud pictures, making bracelets using things they found in the woods and having stories at there base camp . They had great fun in different parts of the woods.

Scone Making

The children have been playing cafes in Nursery and talked about making cakes. As part of our responsive planning, we made scones with the children. We hope everyone enjoyed eating them!

Lots More………

We have also been making patterns and sorting shape tiles and making our own camp fires to sit around


Children In Need

We are taking part in Children In Need on Friday 19th Nov. Children can wear their pyjamas and parents/carers can send a donation in to Nursery if they wish.


If your child is going to be absent, please phone the Nursery directly on 0131-334-7213 and leave a message

Week Beginning: Monday 1st November 2021


We have been doing Diwali activities in the nursery this week. One of our pupils enjoyed celebrating on Thursday with her family and had “yummy sweets” to eat. Another pupil also had a lovely time with her family and had “big fireworks”.

Look at beautiful pictures the children have coloured in ! Others dressed up in fancy clothes to enjoy the celebrations. We mixed our play dough with sparkles and one of the children made “a sausage” out of his so they could eat it at the party. 


Woodland Adventure: This week was the first session of Woodland Adventure for our pre-school children. They had a great time Going Through The Deep, Dark Wood, Building Dens and Having Outside Snack


You should have received our Nursery Questionnaire link last week. Please help us improve our Nursery by sharing your thoughts and opinions ** If you have not received the link, please asks a member of staff to re-send it**

Week Beginning: Tuesday 26th October 2021

Autumn : This week the children have been enjoying looking at the signs of Autumn. We have been making some soup in our leaf kitchen, doing lots of Arts and Crafts using Autumn coloured resources, practising our motor skills by hammering nails in to the pumpkins – we made sure we wore our safety glasses as the nails are sharp and the hammers are heavy! One of pupils commented that the pumpkin was ‘so strong!’


P1 Registration opens at 10:30am on Monday, 1 November 2021. We will send out details over the next week but please see the link below if you have any questions:

Pre-school Eye Tests

Pre-school eye tests will take place on Wednesday 4th Nov for pre-school pupils only. Parents of pre-school pupils should have received information about this, but if you have any questions, please speak to a staff member

Woodland Adventure

We are absolutely delighted to be starting our Woodland Adventure again this year . We will be taking 3 groups per week out into our Woods for a morning. This will last for 6 weeks and will be for children who starting school next session.

Term 1 Blog 2021-22

Welcome to our Blog for Session 2021-22. We hope you enjoy reading the information and looking at all our learning. This week we have been busy creating, investigating and playing together

Week Beginning: Monday 4th October 2021

Rocketing Into Space

This week, the pupils have been showing an interest in Space. They have enjoyed making planets, playing with moon sand and pretending to be rockets. Look how high we can jump !!!


Parent Consultation : We have almost completed all our Parent Consultation calls for each group. It has been lovely to speak with everyone and we hope you have enjoyed hearing how your child is getting on. As always, please speak with us if you have any questions or concerns

October Holiday: Nursery will close on Friday 15th October at 12:30pm and open again on Tuesday 26th October at 8:30am for the October Holiday

Sickness: As we enter in to the Winter months , we are aware of rising numbers of colds, coughs and sickness bugs. Please keep you child at home should you feel they are unwell and let the Nursery know they will be off.

** Please Note, pupils with Sickness and/or Diarrhoea should remain off Nursery for 48hrs from their last bout of illness**

Dropping Off/ Picking Up : Pupils can be dropped off between 8:30am and 9:00am each morning and picked up between 2:30pm and 3:00pm. We ask that Parents/Carers use the times stated, unless agreed with staff otherwise, to avoid interrupting Nursery Sessions in the morning and staff planning time at the end of the day.

Week Beginning: Monday 27th September 2021

Maths Week Scotland

This week we have been celebrating Maths Week Scotland in Nursery. We have had great fun investigating Numbers and Shapes. Here are some of our pictures and comments

I’m painting numbers’ ‘1,2,3,4,5 where is 6,7,8,9,10’ ‘Look at my numbers’

Searching For Minibeasts

Last week we were really interested in looking at the ladybirds in the garden. This week, we enjoyed trying to find different types using checklists.


Parent/Carers Consultation

Parent Consultations will take place next week and the following week. Hopefully you have all received information on your appointment times. If you need any other details please speak to the Nursery Staff at drop-off or pick-up

City Of Edinburgh Council Parent/Carer Survey 2021:

The City of Edinburgh Council is seeking the views of parents and carers with children under 5 years of age to ensure we provide a high quality service that is responsive to the changing needs of our local communities.

Please complete the following survey giving your views:

Week Beginning: Tuesday 21st September 2021

Out In The Garden

This week we have been Making Trains, Cooking in the Mud Kitchen and Having a Picnic.

Symmetry In Action

Playing In The School Playground

The children had been interested in watching the bigger ones in the school playground. They even used bricks to look at them . This week so we took them out today to play in the ‘BIG’ playground
Here are some of our comments :

‘ It was good fun’ ‘We played on the pirate ship’ ‘ It was so cool!’

‘We played on the boat’ ‘We played Snakes and Ladders

Finding Minibeasts

We have loved looking for Minibeasts in our Bug Hotel and Garden. We found lots of different insects including a ladybird….. Can you spot it?


Lunch Update:

Please see the information from Chris Ross, Catering Manager

“Due to current national supply chain issues, we may need to change our menus at short notice as we adapt to the changing situation.  As you may be aware from the national media there is currently a shortage of HGV drivers, this in some cases may result in product substitutions. We are working closely with our catering suppliers to mitigate disruption and our catering teams are working to adapt menus at a local level based on product availability. Pupils with special diets will continue to be catered for, however menus may differ from those provided. In addition, COVID is having an impact within our catering team resources, in some isolated cases we are having to deliver a  packed lunch service offering, our teams are working incredibly hard to provide the best service possible during unprecedented times, we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause”.