Primary 1 Blog (2018-19)


STEM Toy Challenge

At the end of last week, P1s teamed up with their buddies to design and make their own toys using junk and other materials. This was a bit of a tricky challenge but they worked well with their buddies to design cars, houses and puppets. We were trying to avoid waste and focus on using the right materials to make a design that would last. See what you think of our work…

Board Games

This week we brought in different kinds of games. We talked about how to play them and then we got a chance to actually to play with our classmates. We got a lot of different games – snakes and ladders, Monopoly Junior, jigsaws, puzzles and matching games.

It was great to share!

Batteries Not Included!

To continue our learning about different toys, we got together to look at toys which move without batteries. There were various types of toys on show: action figures, cars, Rubix cubes, dolls and many more. We talked about how the toys work and how they move . Then we got to share our moving toys with the rest of P1.

‘B’ Is For Battery…

We have been learning about electricity, batteries and how to be safe. We brought in toys from home which need batteries to work, whether it is to move, talk, light up or breathe fire! We talked about what each toy could do and then had lots of fun exploring how they work through play. The class brought in lots of different types of toys : dolls, cars, robots and even dragons!

Dr Bike To The Rescue!

P1 had a visit today from Dr Bike and we learned how to be safe with our bikes . He gave us some tips and answered lots of our questions. Last of all, the Doc tested all the tyres, breaks and chains of everyone who brought a bike in. Have a look at our work…

STEM: P1 Build A Den

As part of our STEM challenge we went into the woods and made a den for a toy animal. First we drew a design and then we went into the woods. We had to collect sticks and then construct a den that would not fall down. Most children were able to build the den with a little help.

P1 Keep Safe When Crossing The Road

We have been learning about road safety. We have been practising STOP, THINK, LOOK and LISTEN. We know it is important to keep looking and listening when crossing a road.

And here’s a blast from the TV advert past…

Scoots, Wheels and Pedals!

P1 have been learning about different toys that use ‘push’ and ‘pull’ to work. In class, we talked about different parts of the bike and how they make the bike work. We also talked about being safe and how it is important to look carefully when on scooters and bikes. Then we went into the playground to explore what we had discussed.

P7 Buddies

We have loved having our P7 Buddies this year and they have helped us with lots of different things including playground games, changing our library books and helping on the trim trail. Here are some pictures…

The Little Red Hen

We heard the story of The Little Red Hen and how she had to work hard all by herself to make bread from wheat.  We learned that wheat is ground into flour and then the flour is used to make bread. We made our own bread using  Mr Wallace’s  bread machine. We learned that you need flour,yeast and water to make it. We also got to taste some brown or white bread.

Number Bingo!

In Primary 1B we have been playing ‘Number Bingo’!

This morning, some of our P7 buddies hid some numbers around our playground area then after break we got our bingo cards and… the search began!

P1 Go Outdoors – Again!!!

We listened to the story of The Hungry Caterpillar and learned about the life cycle of a butterfly. We collected some natural materials- sticks, leaves  and berries and made a picture of a butterfly. We worked with our talking partner to do this.

P1 Make Stick Men

Today (Thursday 30th August) P1 listened to the story ‘Stick Man’ by Julia Donaldson. In the afternoon, we went into the woods to collect sticks to make our own stick people!

We had to find the right size of sticks to make the parts of the body. Have a peak at our efforts…

P1 Adventures!

What can we say about these pictures…?
In Primary 1 we learn as we play.
Happy faces means happy learners!

An Apple A Day…
…P1 Gets Fruity!

This week P1 have been on a scavenger hunt in the allotment. We searched for living things using magnifying glasses.We found creepy crawlies, flowers and falling fruit.

We are going to visit again soon to see what else might grow…

Welcome Back!

We hope everyone had a fantastic summer and are looking forward to an exciting year. This year the Primary 1 teachers will be Mrs Henderson and Mrs Bruce in P1A and Mr Wallace in P1B. Mr Morley will be taking P1B on a Tuesday morning to allow Mr Wallace to teach French to our P6/P7 classes.

Keep checking back here as the year progresses for more updates and photos!