Primary 1 Blog (2019-20)


J is for Jigsaw!

P1 have been working on the ‘j’ sound recently and we have also been learning about toys – old and new – so today we teamed up with our buddies to design our own jigsaws! We have finished the design and will be bringing home the finished jigsaws in time for Christmas…!


P1 Make Electricity!

In P1 this week, we learned about battery-operated toys and electricity. Today, our buddies came down to find us making static electricity with balloons! We tested this by making butterflies with craft materials. Have a look at us in action…

Toys, toys, toys…

This week, Primary 1 have been learning about toys. We brought in our favourite toys from home, collected information and made a pictograph, played with toys and experimented with how push and pull forces make our toys move. Have a look at the fun we had!

Harvest and Health!

P1 have been working hard all term with Gobble the monster, learning about healthy ways to look after ourselves. This week, we decided to teach Gobble how to rest and relax with some yoga… namaste! We also celebrated Harvest by learning about bread and how to make it…yummy!

Maths Week in P1

It was a very busy week in Primary 1 with a number of different things taking place.

We worked with our P7 buddies to find out more about shapes. They came down and taught us lessons involving maths, music and shapes!

There were lots of different activities including making a robot with shapes where each instrument sound represented a different shape!

We then enjoyed a big scavenger hunt with our buddies where we had to find 8 hidden questions around our playground and answer them.

P1 Buddy Up!

P1 have been settling in to primary life with the help of their new P7 buddies. We have had lots of fun inside and outside. Have a look at our litter picking, playing games, reading stories together and learning about keeping ourselves healthy!

Buddying Up!

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P1 and P7 have been having lots of fun getting to know each other.

Each Thursday P1 will be playing games, learning and getting used to life at Carrick Knowe with help from their P7 buddies!