Primary 1 Blog (2017-18)


Tesco Trip

Last week all of P1 and P2 had a visit to Tesco to find out how our food gets to the shop. On Thursday afternoon it was the tun of P1/2. It was quite a long walk and we had lots of roads to cross. Luckily we had just watched a Magic Road Safety show so we were able to make sure we could cross the roads safely by remembering to Think,Stop, Look and Listen.

When we got the store we went to the back of the shop and saw where all the food was stored in the big storerooms and fridges. We also saw the loading bay where the lorries delivered the food for the whole store. At the end of the tour we got to sample some of the produce.

Feeding The Birds

P1/2 will be going out each week to feed the birds in the allotment. Mr Millar has built a fantastic new bird table next to the Hyde. Over the next few weeks we hope see the birds enjoying the seeds.

P1/2 Learning About Skeletons!

This week we have been finding out about the bones in our bodies. We listened to the Funnybones stories and we used straws to make our own skeletons. We also went into the woods to collect sticks and with a partner we made big skeletons with these sticks.

Library Visit!

This week Primary 1 had a visit to Corstorphine Library.

We listened to a story then got to explore the children’s book section and we got a special Library card for our class.

We got to take some books back to school with us, that we’ll have fun reading in class.

Barney (The P1B class bear) had fun visiting the Library too.

t… t… t…t… tie!

P1A were missing their teacher for a few days this week but that didn’t stop them from learning some important sounds!

Meeting Our Buddies!

It was an exciting time for P1 as they got to meet their P7 buddies for the first time!

Here are just some of the things we were doing:
Reading stories… Drawing pictures… Playing with sand… Watching Alphablocks… Going outside… Playing in the house corner and… Collecting lunches!