P1/2 – Miss Davidson


Friday 3rd April:

Good morning P1/2!

It is the last day before the Easter holidays. I want to make sure that you all have a rest from school work and try to have fun. Bruce and I have been looking at different activities we can do through the Easter holidays. Today we wanted to paint eggs but we don’t have any paint so we used felt tip pens instead.

I am going to put a list of some activities I have seen that might be fun to do during the holidays:

  1. As we will not be able to go out on day trips, it might be quite fun to go on virtual walks around interesting places. You could see the pandas at the zoo www.edinburghzoo.org.uk/webcams or go to a castle www.doorsopendays.org.uk.
  2. The Scouts have made a list of different activities that you can do indoors. www.scouts.org.uk/activities/?size=Individuals,Pairs&setting=Indoors
  3. As it is the Easter holidays, making some Easter crafts sounds like a good idea. www.architectureartdesigns.com/15-fun-easter-crafts-to-keep-the-kids-busy-during-lockdown

We hope you have a lovely Easter break, Bruce and I will be back on Tuesday 21st April! Bye for now!

Thursday 2nd April:

Good Morning P1/2!

Hope you are well, Bruce and I have been trying to keep ourselves busy at home. We brought out all of our board and card games to play with but we have now played with them all, so we decided to make our own game.

First we decided on the theme, we decided on Easter Eggs because it is close to Easter.

Then, we stuck two pieces of card together to make a bigger game board and drew the boxes and coloured it in neatly, to make it bright and fun to play.

Lastly, we made good cards (egg surprise cards) and bad (splat cards) cards to pick up throughout the game, to make it more exciting.

We used a dice and counters from another game, but you could try to make your own counters.

Bruce won the game! It was lots of fun and we could keep adding to the game, we could make Numeracy and Literacy challenge cards.

Make sure to look at Ms Pincock’s blog today, Mr Teddy and Mr Penguin are reminding you how to make a shaker to be able to use this evening when clapping for carers and NHS workers at 8pm. Bruce and I have a few family members that work for the NHS and it made them feel very special last week when everyone clapped from their homes and gardens.

Bruce is thankful for all of our carers and keyworkers who are still out there working hard!

Take care P1/2, see you tomorrow!

Wednesday 1st April:

Good morning!

On a Wednesday we normally have PE, so Bruce and I thought it would be good to practice some skills at home. So we got changed into our PE kit and and set up the equipment.

Bruce has lots of different toys and balls but prefers a ball of socks.

It was then time to warm up…

Once we had warmed up we did our circuits, we used a ball or rolled up socks as a tennis ball and a book as a racquet, we tried to count how many times we could bounce the ball up and down.

We used a stool like a bench and did lots of steps up and down.

We used books for lots of different things, we used them as cones to run back and forth, we also used the cones to dribble the ball around. As the books are flat we also used them as ladders. This is Bruce trying it out, although he needed some treats to help.

What else could you use around the house to use as gym equipment?

Can you use anything as a skipping rope and practice your skipping?

What about for a goal to practise your shooting skills?

Happy exercising P1/2!

Tuesday 31st March:

Good morning P1/2!

Bruce and I were reading along with the book ‘Everybunny Dance’ by Ellie Sandal on the BookTrust website (there are lots of lovely stories on the BookTrust website) and decided we should create our own version.


We found a shoe box, cut out a little bit in the middle to create our own TV. We then drew the different characters, cut them out and stuck the characters to a pencil.

Director Bruce made sure the camera was ready. Then we created a cosy nook to watch our story.

Bruce thought that we should dress up nice to watch our fabulous show. We took turns at using the puppets to create our own story.  We had lots of fun and created some super stories using our puppets.

I know in P1/2 we are always thinking about how we can be kind to others and I was reading about a company called the Scotmid Cooperative that have come up with the Sharing Smiles project, where they are asking children to share pictures and write letters to people in care homes. My Gran is on her own at the moment and I asked her if she would like this and what would she like to receive, so she suggested a letter about what you have been doing at home, a drawing of yourself or a funny story about yourself. If you think this is something you would like to do then please send your letters and drawing to lynneogg@scotmid.co.uk.

In a world where you can be anything, be kind’

Monday 30th March:

Bonjour P1/2!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

As I said in my blog on Friday, I have been practicing my French. So I thought that I would teach Bruce what we have been doing in class. Of course Bruce needed to make sure he was dressed for French before we started.

We practiced a short conversation in French.

How did we get on?

Miss D: Bonjour!

Bruce: Bonjour!

Miss D: Comment t’appelle tu?

Bruce: Je m’appelle Bruce. Comment t’appelle tu?

Miss D: Je m’appelle Miss Davidson.


Quel âge as-tu? J’ai ______ ans.

Où habites-tu? J’habite à Édimbourg.

You could try your French 5 a day as a wake and shake today:

Remember to send me any pictures of what you have been doing at home.

Au Revoir P1/2!

Friday 27th March:

If you would like to send me a picture of something you have been doing this week or tell me about the goal you are working towards, email Mhari.Davidson@carrickknowe.edin.sch.uk.

Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday 26th March:

Good morning P1/2!

Bruce and I decided we wanted to bake today, so we put some good music on and looked out the ingredients for our favourite, banana cake. But we soon discovered we had no butter, so I looked for recipes online to bake without butter.

Baker Bruce ready to bake!
  1. First we washed our hands (paws) and then we took out all the ingredients, making sure to measure item accurately.
  2. Then, we mashed the bananas and added the sugar.
  3. We threw all the other ingredients into the bowl and mixed everything together.
  4. Once it was in the baking tray we put it into the oven for 40 minutes.

Our favourite part was eating it at the end and singing and dancing around the kitchen whilst making the cake.

This is the recipe that I used: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/user/226871/recipe/best-banana-cake-ever

I know that it is quite difficult to find ingredients in the shop or to even go out to the shop at the moment, so this website is good for ideas on how to make things with different ingredients.


Positive tip for the day: Put on your favourite song and dance!!

Wednesday 25th March:

Good Morning P1/2!

I hope you are all well!

Last week we wrote about Aladdin and his adventures on his magic carpet for our ‘have a go writing’ lesson. So, Bruce and I decided to read Aladdin and draw a picture to match.

Like we have done in class before, Bruce and I looked for videos online to help us draw the characters from the book. We found a cartoon version that you might want to try at home.

This was our attempt:

If you want to try drawing different characters then have a look at this Youtube channel, it has many options to choose from. Remember to pause after each step, this will help you when following along.


As you know Bruce likes to dress up to match the activity he is doing. I am not sure he looks much like Aladdin but he tried his best.

Keep safe and be kind P1/2!

Tuesday 24th March:

Good Morning P1/2!

Today I showed my dog, Bruce, some of the home learning activities that you all have at home. He decided he really wanted to make the treasure map.

First, Bruce wanted to make sure he looked the part:

Then, to make the paper look old we used tea bags, make sure to wait until they are cool to dab them on the paper. We put the paper in a baking tray to catch the water from the tea bags. Once you have let the paper dry draw your treasure map.

Once you have created your treasure map, use it around the house. Bruce managed to find his treasure by following the map.

If you get the chance to make your treasure map at home, make sure you take pictures, so I can see how you got on when we next see each other.

Have a nice day from Captain Davidson and Scallywag Bruce. AAARRRRRGHHHHHH!

Monday 23rd March:

Good morning P1/2!

Let’s start the morning of like we would do in class, by thinking about what day of the week it is, what is the date, what month are we in and what year is it? Yes, it is Monday 23rd March 2020 (twenty twenty or two thousand and twenty) – I can hear you all saying it now!

I hope you have all managed to have a look through your learning packs, if not, today would be a good day to have a look at what is inside. This weekend I have been organising my teacher desk at home and today I will be looking at my own learning plan.

On Friday I asked you what you would like me to put on the blog and most of you suggested our wake and shake tool, Go Noodle. So, I have put a link to Go Noodle so that you can make your own avatar at home and keep active.


Look forward to my next blog with you tomorrow.