P1A – Mr Wallace


Friday 3rd April:

Bonjour Primary 1!

Easter time is coming! Click on the link below to find out about Easter.


Here’s some suggestions of fun things you could do next:-

  • Ask your family about what Easter means to them.
  • Draw a picture of what you think of when you think about Easter.
  • Design and create some colourful Easter eggs and ask a sibling or adult to hide them around your home or garden (see link below).
  • Alternatively, you could create an Easter egg hunt for someone to find.

While it might not be our usual type of Easter break, use the time you have off from school work to help out at home. See how many kind acts you can do. Help an adult with a job. And, most importantly, have fun! Whether you are playing your favourite game, reading, drawing or just relaxing, have a fantastic break! I look forward to hearing all about it in a couple of weeks.

Take care,

Mr Wallace

Thursday 2nd April:

Bonjour Primary 1!

I hope you manged to pull some silly faces yesterday and also (hopefully) managed to capture them on photo. Did you guess the emoji I was supposed to be in yesterday’s blog?! For those that didn’t manage, here it is…

Today’s challenge will really get your brain boxes into gear… Below there’s a list of numbers between 1 and 30. I wonder if you can spot all the missing numbers and then write all the numbers in the correct order. See how you get on, and use the numberline below, if you get stuck.

Why not practise counting in 2s. How high can you count forwards in 2s? 2, 4, 6… Can you do it backwards? 20, 18, 16…

You could also practise your grouping and sorting. Find some items to sort, Lego blocks, pasta, counters, beads etc. Ask an adult to give you 4 items to sort. For example: 4 items shared equally between 2 groups. 6 items shared equally between 2 groups and so on…

Click on the link below to count, match and order the spots on the ladybird. You could design your own ladybird to challenge people at home.


You can challenge yourself to find numbers and do some sums by playing this helicopter game:


Bon chance! (Good luck!)

Monsieur Wallace

Wednesday 1st April:

Bonjour Primary 1!

I hope the cursive writing is going well, but don’t worry if you’re feeling like this emoji below – hopefully today’s challenges will help you out…

Have you ever felt that you’re no good at something and that you’ll never be able to do what you had in your mind? That you’ll never be able to get to the goal you made? Well, that’s how the little girl feels in the middle of The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires. But by the end of the story, the girl has managed to persevere (keep trying) and she gets to her goal… Click the link to hear the story and how she does this.

The Easter holidays are coming up – so set a goal for yourself for the holidays. In class recently, we worked with our P7 buddies to use an iPad and one of our goals this term was going to be to take photos using ICT. If you have a device at home, try to take a different photo of yourself every day of the holidays to show a different emoji (happy, sad, angry, etc) and challenge someone at home to guess which emoji you are. If you don’t have access to a device, you could just pull the emoji face and see if someone can guess. Since today is April Fool’s Day, you could start off with a silly face…

Can you guess which emoji I am…?!

Here’s a link which gives you tips on how to take a photo.

À demain (see you tomorrow),

Mr Wallace

Tuesday 31st March (Part II):

From Miss Owenson…

Hello everyone! I’m really missing coming to school everyday and seeing all of your smiley faces. Home schooling 2 teenagers is nowhere near as much fun as our P1 classes! I hope everyone is remembering to be kind, trying to keep smiling and most of all having fun. I have my rainbow star up in my window too and have been doing Joe Wicks every morning with my boys to keep fit and active as that’s so important right now. Stay safe and well P1. 

Tuesday 31st March:

Bonjour Primary 1!

I hope you have been enjoying hearing some new stories since yesterday. I’m looking forward to the next one already!

For today, practise your cursive handwriting by using the cursive writing sheets in your Learning Packs.

You could also try a couple of other things that will help your cursive handwriting to improve. These activities should help to build your skills:

  • Draw a picture of someone in the house
  • Sew a thread through pasta or use a peg to pick up pieces of pasta and lift between two bowls
  • Cut out sounds from a newspaper and make a new word or sentence
  • Finger gym – click on the link below to watch a video which should help you to strengthen the muscles in your hands, which will help to improve your writing: https://youtu.be/DrBsNhwxzgc
  • Make up your own sentences using tricky words from your packs. Remember to focus on cursive writing, fingers spaces and sound out any words you’re not sure of.

Good luck!

Mr Wallace

Monday 30th March:

Bonjour Primary 1!

I hope you had a fantastic and fit weekend?

I know that there are some Frozen fans in the class… Well, this weekend I spotted that Josh Gad, the actor who plays Olaf in Disney’s Frozen, has started an online story club! He’s been reading some of his favourite stories each night since March 13. I really enjoyed his telling of ‘The Day The Crayons Quit’ by Drew Daywalt.  Click on the link below to hear him read some of them.


Once you’ve heard a story (you can choose any story you hear or one from home), maybe you could tell someone in the house about your favourite part; tell them something new you learned because of the story; you could invent a different ending to the story; retell the story in your own words or by making your own picture book.

Happy story time!

Mr Wallace

Friday 27th March:

Bonjour Primary 1!

What did you notice out your windows and in your gardens? Keep your eyes peeled as the signs of spring will keep coming, the more we move into spring…

As well as signs of spring, you might also start to notice that because you’ve been inside for longer than usual that you have lots of left-over energy. Well, today your challenge is to use that energy in a way that will keep you healthy and strong. As we know, keeping ourselves active is a great way to help keep our brains active, so these activities should help you learn too!

  • Have a look at Miss Inglis’s blog to join in her dance competition
  • Try some daily exercise with Joe Wicks by tuning in to his Youtube channel
  • Try a cosmic yoga story (the one below is a story about a butterfly)

There are lots of other ways you could stay active indoors – see if you can make up your own to challenge someone in your house! The boy in this video lives in the USA, but maybe you could get some ideas from him…


Have a fantastic weekend and look back over the week’s blog to choose your favourite activity to do again over the weekend. (feel free to do more than activity!) If anyone wants to send me any pictures of what they have been doing, my email address is: iain.wallace@carrickknowe.edin.sch.uk

Mr Wallace

Thursday 26th March:

Bonjour Primary 1!

I hope you managed to log on to Sum Dog successfully and make up some of your own sums? From sums to soil today…

Image result for green fingers

As our context for learning has been ‘Green Fingers’, last week we started to talk about spring and how things around us can change in spring. Click on the video link below to have a look at some of the signs of spring that you might start to notice around you.


Your challenge today is to look out the window or (if the weather is nice) go into the garden to spot any signs of spring you can see. Perhaps you could write a sentence or two about what you notice? You could also draw a picture of the things that are special about spring. And maybe you could learn all the words in this song about spring…?! 🙂

Good luck!

Mr Wallace

Wednesday 25th March:

Bonjour Primary 1!

Ça va bien?

How did you get on with your rainbow artwork? I hope that you managed to brighten up your windows or walls with a bit of colourful art.

When we talked about your learning packs last week, I told you that your Sum Dog passwords would be inside. Why don’t you have a look inside and have a go at Sum Dog today? You could also make up your own sums to challenge someone at home. And finally you can click on the link to see how maths can keep you fit…

À bientôt

Monsieur Wallace

Tuesday 24th March:

Good morning P1A!

How did you get on yesterday with your kindness challenge? I hope you managed to make somebody’s day a little bit brighter with your kind acts.

As well as your kindness at home, there have been lots of stories of kindness in the news recently too. I saw this story on CBBC Newsround and thought it might be good fun for you to try at home (with permission, of course!). You could try to paint or draw your own colourful rainbow to cheer up somebody’s day. Take a look at the pictures below and/or click the link to the Newsround website to get some ideas:


Good luck with your rainbows! 😊

Mr Wallace

Monday 23rd March:

Good morning P1A!

Hope you are doing well and had a nice weekend.

Choose some activities from your learning pack today. See if you can start the week with an act of kindness for someone at home. Maybe you could help an adult do a job in the house, or you could try saying something extra-specially kind to someone.

Have fun and look out for your next post tomorrow.

Mr Wallace

Image result for kindness meme