P1A – Mrs Henderson & Mrs Kane


Friday 18th September:

This week Primary 1 A have been busy looking at woodland animals and exploring their habitats. After enjoying the story of the Grufffalo we went on to learn about some other animals and where they might live.

Making pine cone hedgehogs in leafy nests was fun and learning all about mice was interesting. After a bit of messy work with clay we produced some really cute little mice of our own. Thankfully they all went to good homes!

Eventually, we went out to the woods to try to make some real habitats for our woodland creatures using sticks and leaves and whatever else we could find! There was some great team work involved.

Who knows what animal we will find out about next?

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Kane

Monday 7th September:

We love to play in Primary 1. So much learning is going on when we play. Here are some photos of us busy playing.

We are really enjoying learning our sounds. Geraldine the giraffe helps us learn the sounds. She is very silly sometimes!

We are also getting good at using our daily calendar and timetable.

This is Scampy who is a special teddy in our class. He tells us how we are doing in class and he reminds us if we really need to work on things. So far he has helped us line up and play quietly.

Primary 1 are amazing us how well they are settling into school. They are working together, following the routines so well and learning so much already.

Keep it up P1. 👍

Mrs Henderson and Mrs Kane

Friday 4th September:

Primary 1A have had another busy, fun week in school! As well as learning the letter sound ‘a’ and practising counting and writing numbers, we have also been really enjoying our outdoor P.E lessons!

Fun warm up ‘bean’ games in our own chalk circles was a great hit and helped get us fit and healthy.

Working on our ball skills with a partner was quite tricky but again lots of fun.  There were quite a few runaway balls!  We’ll keep working on throwing and catching over the next few weeks.  Perhaps you could try this at home!

We also read the story of ‘Giraffe’s can’t Dance’ and decided if we want to get better at something we shouldn’t give up!  With the letter ‘a’ proving quite tricky to write we decided to go out into the playground and practise it again to help us get better.

Have a lovely weekend. see you next week!

Mrs Kane

Tuesday 1st September:

P1A have had a great couple of days this week.

We have done lots of outdoor number work. Counting, identifying numbers, dot patterns and showing different amounts using our fingers. Some of us even made up a really fun game on the flower petal numbers.

We have started to meet the characters from our ‘Reading family’. Today we met Kipper.

We also read a story called Angry Arthur and we drew some GREAT pictures. We are working hard at making sure we are adding lots of detail to our pictures.

We have been learning what sound the letter ‘a’ makes. We went out to the allotment and picked some apples.

Lots of great learning going on.

Have a good week and see you on Monday.

Mrs Henderson

Tuesday 18th August:

Well we have now been in school for a week. What a busy week we have had.

Yesterday and today we have been outside and it was been lots of fun. We did some counting during numeracy in the playground and we went into the woods to look for things of different sizes.

We have also loved having our bears at school and lots of us have given them names. We are enjoying looking after them in school and we have talked about some ways we can help keep them healthy. One way is to make sure that they get lots of sleep so we make sure they have lots of time resting in their trays.

I am sure everyone in P1a is getting lots of sleep as they will be very tired after all the work they are doing in school (I know the teachers are!)

Next week a Bedtime book will come home. The children will choose one to share with people at home. You can keep these at home for a week and then we will make sure they are safely stored for at least 72 hours before they are offered to anyone else.

Have a good week and see you all next week

Mrs Henderson

Tuesday 11th August:

Welcome to Primary 1A!

We are really excited to see you all. We hope that you are too. We have lots of things planned for you.

It would be really good if you could bring with you in your school bag, a total change of clothes in case there are any little, or big accidents! These will stay safe in your bag unless we need them. We hope to be outside lots in all weathers so we might get to play in the sunshine, splash in puddles and walk through the woods.

Here is a photo of Miss Owenson who will be here to welcome you with Mrs Kane on Wednesday or Thursday at our door.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

Mrs Henderson and Mrs Kane

Thursday 25th June:

Welcome to P1A!