P1A – Mrs Kane


Friday 11th June:

Friday 19th February:

Well that seemed like a very short week! After a fun filled snow week, P1A were ready to get back to work!

With work on a new sound qu, stories of kindness and friendship, quacking ducks, identifying 3D solid shapes and internet safety, there was a lot to get busy with! Oh and don’t forget some yummy pancakes thrown in on Shrove Tuesday! YUM!

Well done to you all for your amazing hard work. effort, enthusiasm and smiles over the last few weeks. It has been a big challenge but you have done so well!

Cant wait to see you all next week!

Mrs Kane

Thursday 4th February:

In the week before our holidays you have continued to amaze us with all the fantastic work that you have been doing. You have put in so much effort to so many activities, it is clear to see you are superstars!

This week we have been looking at a new sound x, listening out for rhyming words, thinking what makes us special, making silly sentences, finding out about China and Chinese New Year, watching Pandas, playing adding games with cards and helping to clean up our rooms!

Here is just a sample of whats been going on!

A big Well done to everyone! We hope you have a lovely holiday and get a chance to have a very well deserved rest! Enjoy getting outside and having fun with your family and pets!

Mrs Kane and Mrs Henderson

Friday 29th January:

Welcome to another Friday morning.

This week you have been very busy learning at home. What a lot of hard work you (and your parents/grandparents) have done! You should be proud of all your efforts.

Our 3rd week of activities has involved working on our fine motor skills, learning a new sound w and tricky words was and put, listening to stories about A fish who could wish and Superworm, talking about superheroes and worries, learning our left from our right, ordering objects, creating our own Nessie art, dancing to Scots music and getting outside to have some very well earned FUN! Phew, no wonder you are all ready for the weekend!

What a W……Wonderful Week!!

Also in amongst all that we had 2 winners from our Scots poetry competition, well done to Jack and Zoe! A huge thank you to all those who took part, you were all fantastic!

We hope you have a lovely weekend and will be back in touch next week for some more fun activities and learning.

Mrs Kane and Mrs Henderson

Friday 22nd January:

Welcome to Friday 22nd January and another chance to look at just a few of the things we have been busy with in Primary 1 A.

We are so impressed with the amount of learning that is taking place in your houses! You all deserve a star for your hard work. From learning our new sound ‘v’, having fun with alien words, practising ordinal numbers and having a dance along, learning the names of animals in Scots, making porridge bars to enjoy with our family, to creating Scottish flags and thistles- this has been a fun, full week of activities.

Some of you even found time to go out and have fun in the snow whilst in lasted. These are often the bits we remember the most!

Thank you for all your photos! They really do make us smile.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Kane and Mrs Henderson

Friday 15th January:

Good morning Primary 1A!

Welcome to Friday morning. What a busy week you have had. Thank you for all your lovely photos showing us what you have been up to. We have both been impressed by how busy you have been and how well you have done the activities. It has also been lovely to see your happy, smiling faces.

Here are just a few of the things you have been doing!

This week we have been getting used to learning from home, lots of us were working at a desk! We were practising our cursive handwriting, building words, learning our months of the year, counting and practising some tricky doubles! We also made a happiness jar and made time to go outside and have some fun!

Well done to everyone!(mums, dads, grandparents too!)

We hope you have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Kane and Mrs Henderson

Tuesday 15th December:

We have been doing lots of things, working really hard and having lots of fun.

Practising our common words in reading and writing our letters, looking at different ways of making numbers, reading and talking about the Christmas Story, learning actions to ‘Away in a Manger’ and measuring sticks in the woods.

See you next week.

Mrs Henderson

Friday 11th December:

Hello P1A,

With Christmas fast approaching, Primary 1A have been busy with lots of different activities.

Still time travelling back to the age of dinosaurs we got busy making some dinosaur nests for some very fragile dinosaur eggs.  I do hope none of them have hatched at home!

We then moved on to taking some time to relax our minds and bodies with some Winter Cosmic Yoga.

Finally, we all enjoyed getting dressed up in our Christmas jumpers and making some Christmas trees.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Kane

Friday 20th November:

Hello P1A!

This week we have been very busy! 

After looking at some very cute photographs of us in our own past we then decided to do some time travelling, back to the time of the dinosaurs!  We used our own special time travelling devices to travel back in time and have just begun our adventures!  It is going to be great fun! 

On Thursday, we put on some yellow tabards and became very helpful litter pickers.  We couldn’t believe how much rubbish had been blown into the woods.  We even managed to fill 2 bags!

Finally, on Friday, we all had a great time dressing up as some of our favourite book characters and came to school dressed up as them! Well done also to our two winners below for winning the book poster competition and also the most creatively dressed book character award.

A lovely end to another great week.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Kane

Tuesday 10th November:

We have been really busy the last two weeks.

We have been trying really hard to write our letters. Some of us even managed to write short sentences!

We have been playing lots of games in class. Games are so good for our learning and lots of fun. We played a great game called ‘Garbage‘ this week which helped us with the order of numbers. Maybe you could play it at home. We also played on the number petals – practising our backwards numbers (playing number Duck Duck Goose) and counting amounts and them jumping forward that many from our number.

It was a bit slippy to play in the woods today so we went on a walk around the school grounds. We looked at all the Autumn colours on the trees and we LOVED playing with all the leaves that have fallen from the trees. Then we played on the ground trail where we jumped, stepped and ran along the lines and shapes. We were quite tired at the end of the day!

Have a good week and see you all next week.

Mrs Henderson

Tuesday 27th October:

Welcome Back P1A!

It has been so nice to see everyone in P1A, back from a lovely refreshing holiday. I think everyone has grown!

We have been hard at work this week, revising our sounds and tricky words and working on our number formation and counting.

We have enjoyed looking at clocks and have started to learn how to tell the time- looking at ‘o ‘ clock.  In class we made a human clock and used our bodies to set the time, then we went outside and worked with a partner to make our own chalk clocks with stick hands. Our partners then tested us by getting us to set the time using ‘o’ clock!

Congratulations to Layla, who won the design a face mask competition for Primary 1A, earning her team an extra 1000 points!

Well done!

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Kane

Tuesday 27th October:

It’s good to be back!

So today we had fun in the woods – in the morning before it rained in the afternoon! We decided to play Hide and Seek and then Sardines. It was great fun. I think we will play them again.

At the end of last term we took home our teddies. We have promised to look after them at home. We decided to make a card for the lovely people from Carrick Knowe Parish Church who knitted them for us. We hope that they like the card we made.

See you next week!

Mrs Henderson

Tuesday 13th October:

The last week of the first term!

Well done to everyone to getting to the last week of term. We have done so much learning!

This week we have been recognising dot patterns and counting bricks and building towers (this has been good for strengthening our finger muscles as well as our number skills.) We were getting creative with lots of Autumn things. We also got a active outside – it rained a little bit but that didn’t stop us!

I hope you all have a good week off school after Friday and I will see you on Tuesday 27th October.

Happy holidays and bye for now.

Mrs Henderson

Friday 2nd October:

Maths Week and Woodland Fun

We had lots of fun this morning doing our maths hunt. We managed to find most of the numbers during our numeracy time this morning but we couldn’t find one. Mr Morley had hidden it really well!

We then went out in the afternoon to have fun in the woods and guess what we found?? The last number!

In the woods we went for an insect hunt. We found a ladybird, some woodlice and spiders. We also had lots of fun balancing, climbing and swinging.

Have a good week and I will see you next week.

Mrs Henderson

Friday 18th September:

This week Primary 1 A have been busy looking at woodland animals and exploring their habitats. After enjoying the story of the Grufffalo we went on to learn about some other animals and where they might live.

Making pine cone hedgehogs in leafy nests was fun and learning all about mice was interesting. After a bit of messy work with clay we produced some really cute little mice of our own. Thankfully they all went to good homes!

Eventually, we went out to the woods to try to make some real habitats for our woodland creatures using sticks and leaves and whatever else we could find! There was some great team work involved.

Who knows what animal we will find out about next?

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Kane

Monday 7th September:

We love to play in Primary 1. So much learning is going on when we play. Here are some photos of us busy playing.

We are really enjoying learning our sounds. Geraldine the giraffe helps us learn the sounds. She is very silly sometimes!

We are also getting good at using our daily calendar and timetable.

This is Scampy who is a special teddy in our class. He tells us how we are doing in class and he reminds us if we really need to work on things. So far he has helped us line up and play quietly.

Primary 1 are amazing us how well they are settling into school. They are working together, following the routines so well and learning so much already.

Keep it up P1. 👍

Mrs Henderson and Mrs Kane

Friday 4th September:

Primary 1A have had another busy, fun week in school! As well as learning the letter sound ‘a’ and practising counting and writing numbers, we have also been really enjoying our outdoor P.E lessons!

Fun warm up ‘bean’ games in our own chalk circles was a great hit and helped get us fit and healthy.

Working on our ball skills with a partner was quite tricky but again lots of fun.  There were quite a few runaway balls!  We’ll keep working on throwing and catching over the next few weeks.  Perhaps you could try this at home!

We also read the story of ‘Giraffe’s can’t Dance’ and decided if we want to get better at something we shouldn’t give up!  With the letter ‘a’ proving quite tricky to write we decided to go out into the playground and practise it again to help us get better.

Have a lovely weekend. see you next week!

Mrs Kane

Tuesday 1st September:

P1A have had a great couple of days this week.

We have done lots of outdoor number work. Counting, identifying numbers, dot patterns and showing different amounts using our fingers. Some of us even made up a really fun game on the flower petal numbers.

We have started to meet the characters from our ‘Reading family’. Today we met Kipper.

We also read a story called Angry Arthur and we drew some GREAT pictures. We are working hard at making sure we are adding lots of detail to our pictures.

We have been learning what sound the letter ‘a’ makes. We went out to the allotment and picked some apples.

Lots of great learning going on.

Have a good week and see you on Monday.

Mrs Henderson

Tuesday 18th August:

Well we have now been in school for a week. What a busy week we have had.

Yesterday and today we have been outside and it was been lots of fun. We did some counting during numeracy in the playground and we went into the woods to look for things of different sizes.

We have also loved having our bears at school and lots of us have given them names. We are enjoying looking after them in school and we have talked about some ways we can help keep them healthy. One way is to make sure that they get lots of sleep so we make sure they have lots of time resting in their trays.

I am sure everyone in P1a is getting lots of sleep as they will be very tired after all the work they are doing in school (I know the teachers are!)

Next week a Bedtime book will come home. The children will choose one to share with people at home. You can keep these at home for a week and then we will make sure they are safely stored for at least 72 hours before they are offered to anyone else.

Have a good week and see you all next week

Mrs Henderson

Tuesday 11th August:

Welcome to Primary 1A!

We are really excited to see you all. We hope that you are too. We have lots of things planned for you.

It would be really good if you could bring with you in your school bag, a total change of clothes in case there are any little, or big accidents! These will stay safe in your bag unless we need them. We hope to be outside lots in all weathers so we might get to play in the sunshine, splash in puddles and walk through the woods.

Here is a photo of Miss Owenson who will be here to welcome you with Mrs Kane on Wednesday or Thursday at our door.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

Mrs Henderson and Mrs Kane

Thursday 25th June:

Welcome to P1A!