P1B – Mrs Christie


Friday 22nd January:

Primary 1 this week you’ve been busy learning our new sound v and tricky word put. Making, reading and writing alien words with your new sound v and using your imaginations to think about what these alien words could be. In Numeracy learning about ordinal numbers and numbers to 30. Learning about Scotland- creating flags, thistles, learning the names of some Scottish animals, listening to Scottish stories and creating yummy things from porridge. Wow what a busy week- again I am so impressed and proud of you all and your effort and hard work.

We’ve had lots of fantastic work with our sounds.

Stretching our brains with ordinal numbers and numbers to 30.

Lots of fun with Scots- flags, thistles, animals, stories and yummy porridge oats treats.

Thank-you again so much to the adults at home who supported you with all your tasks this week- you are amazing!!!

I hope you have a great weekend, have a rest but most importantly have lots of fun.

Mrs Christie

Friday 15th January:

Well we’ve made it to the end of our first week of Home Learning- you really should all be very proud of yourselves. Thank-you for all the photos you have sent me from all your hard work this week. I shared some of these with Mrs Rodger who is also very proud of you.

Usually we’d be looking at your Magical Moments in school on a Friday, with all the wonderful things you had done that week. Even though you are at home we still want to celebrate these are share them with everyone.

Here are a few photos of what you’ve been up.

This week you have amazed me with all you learning from home. We’ve been practising sounds, making words, writing words. Counting numbers, counting amounts, learning our months of the year, making double patterns. Thinking about what makes us happy and making our own happiness jars.

A huge thank-you to everyone who helped you this week with your learning.

I hope you all have a lovely week-end and a good rest.

Mrs Christie

Friday 11th December:

Well-done Primary 1B! This week we completed our 6th Wild Challenge and have achieved our Bronze award from RSPB, we’re hoping our certificates will arrive next week. For our last Challenge we made Journey sticks, we found natural items in the woods to attach to our sticks, we tried to find 5 different things then we shared our sticks, talking about what was on it and why we’d chosen each item.

Following on from making journey sticks, some children wanted to make their own Stickmen from sticks, we listened to the story Stickman then some children chose to create their own Stickman and acted out the story.

Not a stick is also a great book for imagination- thinking about what else your stick could be.

When we’ve been in the woods the last few weeks we’ve spotted two robins coming to see us, we decided to make robins to decorate our Christmas Classroom door.

Play in Primary 1B

This week we’ve seen lots of Creative Play– we’ve had a castle built for our mini me’s, creating trains, planes, boats, and tracks for cars. Giving children a range of open ended resources allows the children to use them in different ways, the blocks were a castle one day and a car track the next.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Christie

Friday 27th November:

We’ve had another wonderful week in Primary 1. This week we earned our 4th Wild Challenge by working as a team to make Hedgehog Houses in our woods. After helping birds last week, this week we’re helping Hedgehogs who will be hibernating soon. We talked about how Hedgehogs need our help as we don’t want them to become extinct like the woolly mammoth and the dinosaurs that we’ve also been learning about.

We had a great suggestion to add signs to our Hedgehog Houses, so some of us made signs and we went and added them to the houses! I’m sure the Hedgehogs will love our houses.

You could also help make a Hedgehog House in your garden at home.

This week in Numeracy we’ve had fun playing a game called Helicopter Rescue, having to identify direct numbers and numbers inbetween, which allowed us to practice our numbers before and after.


Growth Mindset

We have been talking about having a Growth Mindset in Primary 1 and not being able to do something yet!! When we find something hard or a challenge that we won’t give up and will keep trying. We listened to this song, and made some mindset puppets, on one side it’s a fixed mindset puppet who wants to give up and on the other side a growth mindset puppet who will keep trying.

Learning through Play

In Primary 1 we plan for the 3 ways of learning these being- Adult led– individual, pair and group work, Adult initiated-Activities that arise from adult planning which are open ended and Child led– which are experiences the children control in terms of resources, time and outcome.

Did you know there are 16 types of Play.

This section of the Blog will be used to raise the importance of play, looking at 1 or 2 Play types each week, highlighting the learning that can take place, and linking it to the learning that has taken place at school.

“Play is the highest form of research”

Albert Einstein

Have a wonderful weekend

Mrs Christie