P1B – Mrs Henderson & Mrs Kane


Friday 3rd April:

Good Morning 1B!

I am sending you all a well-done smile and thumbs up for doing so well these last 2 weeks.

I know a lot of you have been busy with the learning packs and finding other ways to learn. You should be proud of your hard work. Thank you to mums/dads/carers too, for helping to support you.

Now that it is Friday, it is time for us all to have a break from thinking about school and enjoy our Easter Holidays.

I know I will be boiling, then decorating eggs with my family and we will try to find a slope in our garden to roll them down – maybe you can too! You could even try making your own Easter bonnet.

You sang it so brilliantly on our final day with your P7 buddies so… to get you in the mood for Easter, why not sing along to one of our favourite Easter songs at Carrick Knowe……

Happy Easter from Mrs Kane x

Thursday 2nd April:

Bonjour and Good Morning 1B!

Well done everybody, you have done so well to keep working and learning at home! But it is nearly time for your holidays! To get ready for mine, I have been busy thinking about Easter.  I see lots of lovely Easter eggs in the shops and they all look so yummy.

You could have a bit of fun with your family by making and decorating some paper eggs of your own.  Write numbers on them and then hide them round your house or garden.  Get your family to see if they can find them all! Or just stick some brightly coloured ones on your window to make people smile.

You could even make an Easter card of your own and send it to a grandparent or to someone you can’t visit just now. Try writing a message inside it. Can you write their address?

I have been putting out some food on my bird table and watching lots of the birds we learned about coming to feed at it. I think my favourite is the robin!

You could make some bird nests, from melted chocolate and shredded wheat (or cheerios, or another cereal) and then enjoy eating them as a reward for the Easter egg hunt!

Have fun

Mrs Kane

Wednesday 1st April:

Good Morning 1B!

I hope you are keeping well and are still smiling!  I hope you are still trying some of the activities from the packs we sent you. I know some of you are because I have had some lovely e-mails showing me things you have been doing to keep your learning going.  Thank you!

The lovely e mails made me think back to when we were in school about 2 weeks ago and I remembered how much some of you were enjoying trying to make paper planes.

I also remembered that I was not very good at it and had trouble getting my plane to fly! So I found this youtube clip and got Struan to try making one and at last it worked! You could even decorate it and make it look amazing!  Why not have a go!

I know we had just started to talk about experiments in class so another idea to go with plane making is to then, try to make your very own parachute for a Lego man or toy soldier or small figure.  See if you can design and build a parachute that will fly when you either throw it up in the air or drop it from a height. Experiment with which materials are the best for flying!

Have some fun!

Mrs Kane

Tuesday 31st March (Part II):

From Miss Owenson…

Hello everyone! I’m really missing coming to school everyday and seeing all of your smiley faces. Home schooling 2 teenagers is nowhere near as much fun as our P1 classes! I hope everyone is remembering to be kind, trying to keep smiling and most of all having fun. I have my rainbow star up in my window too and have been doing Joe Wicks every morning with my boys to keep fit and active as that’s so important right now. Stay safe and well P1. 

Tuesday 31st March:

Good morning P1B!

It is lovely to see what some of you have been doing at home.  Remember you can email us or you can use the Learning Journals.  It has also been good to see your ‘competition’ entries on the website.  The dens looked great fun and the vegetable people have been really creative!

So have you been practising your handwriting?  In class we usually write our names at the start of each month on a label.  Some of you are getting so good at using cursive writing.  Maybe you could use this app to help you practise.

You could :

  • Practise writing your name and draw a picture of yourself at home with your family.
  • Write a sentence or two about what you and your family are doing at home. 

My sentences would be –

I would love to see how your writing is coming on.  Remember all your letters start from the bottom!  You should have a copy of what all the letters look like in your learning pack. 

I won’t ‘see’ you until after the Easter Holidays.  Have a lovely Easter whatever you are doing with your family and stay safe.

From Mrs Henderson. Xx

Monday 30th March:


Good morning!  I hope you had a good weekend.

This weekend we had a big birthday in our house.  One of my sons – Mark – was 16 on Friday!  We had lots of celebrations (mainly using our computer to speak to people!  We even managed to play some games online which was fun.)

Can you find a calendar in your house or on the computer? 

  • Can you find your birthday?  What day of the week is it?  What month?  What season?
  • Who is the next person in your family to have a birthday?  How many weeks or months away is it?

Here is our friend Jack to help us keep fit and go over the months of the year!

Could you make them a card?  What things do they like?  Make sure you draw those things on the front of the card.

  • Or what about trying to bake a cake?  Could someone at home help?  (Don’t be like Kipper and make yours from beans!  Do you remember that story?  Maybe you could tell someone at home about it.)

Here is a story about birthdays you could watch.

Mrs Kane and I would love to see what you have been up to since we have last saw you.  If you would like to email us then here are our addresses:



Friday 27th March:

Good Morning P1B!

Well I can’t believe we are on Friday 27th March. It has been a bit of a strange week, getting used to being in my house and not seeing all your cheery, smiling faces! 

This weekend the clocks change. They ‘spring’ forward one hour on Sunday.  That means we will have a bit more daylight both at night and in the mornings! Hurray! This made me feel that Spring is on its way to cheer us all up.  One of the signs of Spring is a daffodil.  I found out some interesting facts about them.

Did you know that they can also be called Narcissus or the Lent Lily.

They are the national flower of Wales.

Farmers used to think they were unlucky and stopped their hens laying eggs!

They can make dogs sick if they eat them. Watch out Blue!

As part of our green hands topic we looked at plants.  You might like to make some arty daffodils using an old egg box!  I know that so many of you really enjoy our art lessons!

I do hope you have been caring for your mustard heads and have been able to enjoy eating it on a sandwich!

Thursday 26th March:

Good Morning 1B

Hope you had a good Wednesday and had fun exercising!

As well as keeping fit we headed out into the garden to blow some bubbles, mostly for our dog Blue.  He seemed to really enjoy chasing them.  If you have some, why not head out and try catching some.  Keep counting as you go along. Impress your mums and dads and count in French!!

You could also try singing along with our French counting song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsc3qLMaCu8

You can have lots of fun with bubbles.  I am really missing our art lessons and being ‘Mrs Maker’.  How about you try some bubble art at home. It is easy and fun.

When you are in the bath tonight having a scrub, try lathering a lot of soap in your hands, make a circle shape with your thumbs and fingers and gently blow the soap.  It is tricky, but you can make quite big bubbles!

Or why not help to wash the car with soapy bubbles!  I am sure your parents would be really pleased!

Have fun and keep smiling!

Mrs Kane

Wednesday 25th March:

Good Morning and Bonjour to Primary 1B!

How are you feeling today?          

I hope you are all full of smiles and having fun trying some of the activities in the pack.

My family love to exercise and so have been trying different ways to keep our bodies and minds going each day.

A great way to get wide awake and switched on is by doing the Joe Wicks morning workout on YouTube from 9 o clock until half past 9. Look at your clocks to see if you spot when it should start and finish. Why not practise telling the time by watching Jack Hartman, our favourite singer!

In between doing some other activities Megan, Josh and Struan have also been busy playing an old fashioned game called ‘Donkey’ with a ball in the garden – I bet most of your parents remember that game!  You could try playing it using some of your tricky words… just watch out you don’t drop the ball!

By evening if you need some time to wind down and relax why not try some more Cosmic Yoga. Remember how much we enjoyed doing the Hungry Caterpillar in class. It made us all feel calm, strong and relaxed!

One final thing before I go. Rogan, Ben, Alex, Winter and Oliwia – I loved your vegetable characters I saw on the website – we are such a creative class! And I was also impressed with Ben’s learning timetable which I could see in the background of his picture!

Keep active and keep smiling everyone!

Mrs Kane 

Tuesday 24th March:

I hope day one of ‘school at home’ went well.  Were you nice to your teachers?!  Did anyone make a rainbow?  Here are some I have seen.

Another thing that lots of people are doing is putting bears in their windows!  There is a giant Bear Hunt around the country.  I thought we could join in. Here is a video to watch to remind ourselves of the story.

Maybe today you could –

  • Count how many bears or teddies you have in your house
  • Act out the story
  • Draw some bears – remember to add as much detail as you can to your picture!  
  • Make up a story about a bear with someone at home.  You could take turns saying a sentence each.
  • Have a teddy bear’s picnic in the garden (or perhaps just inside!)

I am sure you and your family could think of more things that you could do.

Have fun and ‘see’ you next week!

Mrs Henderson

Monday 23rd March:

Good morning Primary 1B!

So this is a very different Monday morning for us all.  I hope you have had a good weekend with your families.  Over the weekend there have been lots of houses around me been putting rainbows in their windows to brighten up people’s days. Maybe that is something you could do? This was my house at the weekend…

Here is a video you could move along to about rainbows!

Or maybe you could give yourself a challenge.  Pick a colour from the rainbow and find as many things as you can!  Who in your house can find the most?!

Have fun today whatever you do and I will let you see some of the rainbows I have found tomorrow.

Mrs Henderson