P1B – Mrs Henderson & Mrs Kane


Friday 29th May:

Good Morning P1B!

Here we are at the end of another week already! It is Friday again!

I hope you have enjoyed looking at dinosaurs and had fun with some of the tasks.

Dinosaurs are cold blooded, have scales on their bodies and amazingly lay eggs.  Just like you can see in the Andy’s dino adventure below.


Dinosaur babies hatch from eggs a bit like birds do.

Why not try making your own dinosaur eggs?  All you need is a balloon, a small plastic toy or object and some water!


  1. Blow up a balloon and hold it for 30 seconds or so to stretch it out.
  2. Stretch open top of the balloon and stuff a dinosaur into the balloon. …
  3. Fill the balloon with water and tie it up.
  4. Stick the balloons in the freezer and wait.

Once you have made some, make a leafy nest and watch them hatch as the water melts!

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Until next week…

Mrs Kane and Mrs Henderson

Thursday 28th May:

Good morning 1B!

Today it is Thursday and we are getting close to the end of another busy week. 

As you know I do love to draw and do art activities but sometimes I get a bit frustrated and cross with myself when I can’t do it or it doesn’t look the way I want.

Sometimes I just want to give up or quit when I get fed up doing things a bit like the crayons in this story.

For last year’s World Book Day, many of the teachers dressed up as the crayons from this story!

It is hard not to give up when you are finding something hard but you should keep trying. a bit like the cheesemaker in this story, who kept losing but, in the end, didn’t give up.

I know that some people find it hard to draw or to get their drawing the way they want them to. They feel like quitting and giving up. Trying to draw dinosaurs is very tricky and a bit of a challenge.  On your first go at drawing one you might want to give up or rip the picture up because you don’t think it is good enough or looks the way you want to.

Try not to – be tough and keep trying. Below is a lesson on how to draw a dinosaur using simple lines. Do you think you can give it a go. Will you give up and quit if it doesn’t work out or will you try again.

Have a good day

Mrs Kane and Mrs Henderson

Wednesday 27th May:

Good Morning 1B!

Welcome to another Wednesday in May, although we are getting close to starting a new summer month! Do you know which one it is?

This week, I hope you have all been enjoying the dinosaur themed activities.  I love learning about how the world used to be.  Luckily we have dinosaur experts called ‘palaeontologists’ who can work out what types of dinosaurs used to walk the earth. Here are some more facts about these amazing creatures.

Finding fossils has helped us to understand more about dinosaurs. Have you watched the link yet about fossils on our grid?

Today’s task is an art task or baking task using the idea of fossils to be creative.  Why not try to make some fossil prints of your own? You could use fruit or vegetables to help leave prints behind.

Or you could try some wax crayon rubbings to leave prints on a page.

You could even use cotton buds to make a dino type skeleton.

Or why not try to make some dino fossil style biscuits, like the ones below. That way you get to enjoy a nice tasty treat after you have finshed all your hard work. Yum!

Hope you have a good day!

Mrs Kane and Mrs Henderson

Tuesday 26th May:

Morning P1B!

We hope that you had a marvellous Monday and are ready for some fun today!

Today there is a challenge to make a dinosaur from 2D shapes. Maybe you could find 2D shapes in your house and use those or maybe you could draw them and cut them out. Here are some ideas for you.

Here is a dinosaur clip about 3D shapes to watch.

Something else you could try today is to draw a dinosaur or make one. Again here are some ideas for you.

Or what about making a dinosaur from a paper plate? Try this –

We hope you have lots of fun making dinosaurs today. Maybe you could show us what you have made. Remember we love to get your photos of what you have been doing.

Have a terrific Tuesday whatever you decide to do.

Mrs Henderson and Mrs Kane

Monday 25th May:

Good morning P1B!

We hope that you have had a good weekend and have been able to get outside lots and get some fresh air. Did you enjoy mini beast searching last week?

Look who Miss Owenson saw taking a walk a few weeks ago! 

No it is not Mrs Kane and me! That must have been funny seeing them walk about the streets of Edinburgh!

Guess what we are looking at this week?  DINOSAURS!

How many of you have books about dinosaurs?  I was given a funny book about a dinosaur so I thought I would read it to you.   I have put it on the Learning Journals for you to have a listen to and a look at.

The dinosaur eats some food in the story.  Here is a clip for you to watch about dinosaurs and food. Can you name all the foods that you see in the clip?

Do you think you know what carnivores and herbivores are now? Maybe have a chat with someone at home about what those words mean.

We all like eating different things. In the story that I have read to you Danny wasn’t loving the foods that Granny made. Are there any foods in the story that you don’t like? I really don’t like bananas. What are your favourite foods?  I love chocolate! Maybe you could make up a poster of your favourite foods. Can you cut out some pictures of foods from magazines?

One of my boys, loves baking and he has been doing lots over the last few weeks.  Last Saturday we had an afternoon tea and he made lots of cakes and goodies for us to enjoy.  It was great fun baking and eating them all!!

Miss Owenson and her boys have been really busy!  Look what they have been making …..

Challenge – Could you try and make or bake something today or this week?  Maybe you could get a recipe from someone.  Could you phone Granny or someone you know who has a really nice recipe and try to make it? Or maybe you help make a whole meal.

Here are some ideas to watch –

Or what about making a Dinosaur Menu. You could make up some made up recipes that you think dinosaurs might like. What about ‘worm stew‘ or ‘cabbage chocolate cake‘? Could you make a recipe for them?

Have fun whatever you do.

Bye for now

Mrs Henderson and Mrs Kane