P1B – Mrs Christie


Friday 16th October:

Well what an amazing 1st term we’ve had in Primary 1. You should all be so so proud of yourselves and everything you’ve achieved so far.

We finished the term by going on an Autumn Scavenger Hunt in the woods then making some fabulous creations with what we found in the playground. What fantastic imaginations we all have, we had, campfires, trees’s, beehives, bug hotels, families, lava puddles, a tent, a boat with a butterfly flag, a train.

I hope you all have a well deserved holiday with your families, and I can’t wait to see you all back on Tuesday 27th to start Term 2.

Mrs Christie

Friday 2nd October:

What a busy week of learning we’ve had this week!! This week was Maths week Scotland, we had lots of fun this week doing different Maths activities. We talked about where we might use Maths and where we might spot numbers- On our houses, on buses, in shops, in books, in our classroom. We then went outside to do a Number Hunt that Mr Morley had made for us.

In the classroom we were practising numbers that come before and had fun identifying and popping these numbers.

We used our pots of playdough to help us learn this week, we started off by doing some Disco Dough which helps us build strength in our muscles in our fingers and hands.

We then used our playdough to make some superworms that we used to make our new sound s.

We have enjoyed listening to lots of Julia Donaldson stories this week, some of us then had a go at making our own books, being both the Illustrator and Author of our stories. Some of us made our own puppets to act out our stories too.

We finished the week off by going on a s scavenger hunt in the Allotment we had 10 things to find that began with the sound s. We did a super job!

Have a great weekend. I can’t wait for another fun filled week in Primary 1 next week.

See you all on Monday.

Mrs Christie

Friday 25th September:

This week in Primary 1 we were learning our new sound n, we read a book called Not a Box, then got creative with some empty boxes. We turned them into cars, rockets, planes, boats, even a bath for a baby.

We also looked at another animal this week that could live in our woods, birds we made nests, and bird feeders, which helped us develop our fine motor skills and counting skills as we had to put 20 Cheerios on. We are going to go back into the woods next week to see if any have been eaten and count how many are left.

We have been focussing on using our Growth Mindset superhero Teamwork Tina to help us work as a team, we are doing an excellent job working as a Team and helping each other Well-done Primary 1!

Have a great week-end, see you all on Monday.

Mrs Christie

Friday 18th September:

Play is the way in Primary 1- to some you may think we are just playing- but we are developing so many skills when we play, Literacy and Language, Problem-solving, Curiosity, Co-operation, Resilience, Mathematical thinking, Co-ordination, Building Friendships to name a few.

We love loose parts play in Primary 1, this week we’ve had cities and towns and then looking at our bones and skeletons. There’s always something tasty being cooked up in the house corner.

Have a wonderful long weekend.

See you all on Tuesday
Mrs Christie

Friday 11th September:

This week we’ve had a terrific time in P1. We’ve been learning our new sound t, I’m sure you’ve been entertained at home with the t song.

We’ve been very creative this week, creating trains out of the big bricks, we’ve had steam trains, freight trains and even a bullet train, we extended our learning by reading a train book all about different types of trains. Some of the children then decided to make tracks for the trains.

This week we introduced a vote for our milk and story book, each day the children vote to choose which book we’ll read that day. This week they all had a t theme.

We used trucks in Numeracy time to help us estimate and count amounts. We chose different objects to fill our trucks with, then had to count how many we’d delivered. To help us we put them in a line and touch count each object.

After discovering we’ve no bears in our school from going on a bear hunt, we started to think about what does lives in our grounds, we went on a bug hunt to the allotment and found lots of bugs. We’ve also started to think about which animals might live in our woods, we will continue this over the next few weeks.

Have a great week-end, see you all next week.

Mrs Christie

Friday 4th September:

We’ve had another busy week in Primary 1, we were able to get outside lots this week. We’ve been learning all about the a sound. We went to the allotment, on the way spotted some arrows, an ant then we found lots of apples.

We’ve also been meeting more of our Number Zoo animals and practised these outside with chalk.

This week we had fun at P.E improving our ball skills with a partner, having to roll, throw and bounce the ball.

I can’t wait for another fun filled week in Primary 1, have a wonderful weekend.

See you on Monday.

Mrs Christie

Friday 28th August:

We’ve had another busy week in Primary one, having lots of fun while learning and playing.

We went on a Bear Hunt with our Bears to the woods, we had lots of swishy, swashy grass to get through, then we had to watch we didn’t stumble trip through the woods. We enjoyed exploring the woods with our bears.

When we got back to the class Barney had a surprise for us he had left us Kindness honey pots and special bee stickers. One of the school values is Kindness so we are focussing on it this term.

We also created our Class Charter this week, we talked about what we want our classroom to be like and chose to make it bear themed.

We were so happy to get to go outside for our P.E on Thursday we had fun playing different movement games. We hope it’s dry next Tuesday and Thursday so we can go out again.

See you all next week, have a great weekend.

Mrs Christie

Friday 21st August:

I can’t quite believe we’re at the end of our 1st week of Primary 1, what a busy week we’ve had. I am so proud of you all and how well you are settling into Primary 1.

This week we’ve been continuing with a bear theme, we talked about what we already knew about bears and have learned some new facts about bears. We have listened to lots of Bear stories and talked about the characters, played Bear listening games, created bear houses, used bears in counting games and have had lots of fun with our bears.

We’ve also had fun doing some of our learning outside, going on a colour hunt in the playground, and using chalk to draw lots of kinds of animal footprints, we were also able to fit inside a giant footprint.

On Monday a Bedtime book will come home. The children will choose one to share at home. These can stay at home until Friday and then these books will be safely stored for 1 week before these are used again. The children will then choose another book from another selection of books for the following week.

I can’t wait for another week of fun in Primary 1 next week.

Mrs Christie

Tuesday 11th August:

I hope you all had a great Summer, I’m so excited for you starting P1 I hope you are too.

It would be really good if you could bring with you in your school bag a change of clothes, in case there are any little accidents! These will stay safe in your bag unless needed. We hope to be outside in all weathers, so we might get to splash in puddles, explore the woods and play in the sunshine.

Here is a photo of Miss Owenson and Mrs Rodger, who will be here to welcome you in the playground on Wednesday and Thursday.

Here are a few photos of your new classroom waiting for you to come and have lots of fun in P1.

See you all soon.

Mrs Christie

Thursday 25th June:

Welcome to P1B!