Nursery To P1 Transition


Starting Primary 1 – (August 2020)

Transition To Primary 1 (March – June 2020)

At Carrick Knowe Primary School, we recognise the importance of providing a positive Transition Programme from Nursery to P1. Although things will be very different this year, we are working closely with our colleagues at City Of Edinburgh Council and Cluster Schools, to ensure that our Nursery children are still actively involved in a wide variety of transition activities. Our main aim is to support both parent/carers and pupils in this important next step.

Over the next few weeks, we will be adding Information, Resources and Activities to this page. If you have any questions, please email them to the following addresses: or

WEEK 4 – We’re All Going On

A School Hunt!

What a Great Week! It has been so lovely to see so many of you on a School Hunt, Hope you enjoyed seeing our Carrick Knowe Caterpillar too!

WEEK 3 – Splish Splash! We’re Making a Bash!

What a lovely week for making a splash!

‘Discovering my slip n slide makes the perfect splash, splosh sound for going through the river. I also made a lovely squelchy muddy puddle.’

WEEK 2 – The Bear Hunt Begins

Did you manage to go on your own Bear Hunt? We got some BRILLIANT maps and photos of you out on the hunt !

Did you spot some Bears on your way? Someone from Nursery Spotted 20 Bears !

WEEK 1 – Are You Ready For a Bear Hunt?

We have loved getting our teddies ready for the Bear Hunt !

We hope everyone is looking forward to next week when we ‘Go On Our Bear Hunt‘ . We even have a brilliant map to follow .…….



Week 1 – We’re Going On A Bear Hunt – Activities for Transition Project