Primary 2 Blog (2018-19)


STEM Morning in P2A (by Ethan)

Primary 2A became teachers for the day and taught the visiting parents how to make a wind turbine from K-Nex, quizzed theme on the weather and made them a present a weather forecast in our newsroom.

We also made weather fortune tellers and helped the parents to create pictograms about our new favourite springtime weather.

Can you guess what we have been learning about?

STEM Morning in P2B (by Torin)

In P2B, we have been learning about the weather. For our STEM Open Morning we had lots of different tasks going on for the grown ups to try. We were the experts for the lesson and helped the grown ups with anything they found tricky!

We especially liked presenting our weather report on film!

Most Active Year Group!

Primary 2 were delighted to be awarded with the trophy for the most active year group in Carrick Knowe Primary!

This means that we have the most number of pupils taking part in one or more of the Edinburgh Active Schools clubs – from karate to street dance! We are always learning how to keep fit and stay healthy, and it is brilliant to see so many pupils engaged and enthusiastic about different sports.

This award was a great way to start the new term, and inspired even more of us to join in. Well done, everybody!

P4 Active Schools

Trip to Craigmillar Castle!

This week, Primary 2 went on a trip to Craigmillar Castle.

We were met by a group of P7s from Castleview Primary. One group was dressed as scientists and they showed us different artefacts from the castle which we could handle using special white gloves. The other group were dressed as people who lived in the castle and the Lord and Lady gave us a special tour of important rooms in the castle such as the Great Hall and the prison!

We made our own shields and drew the different features of a castle using our line drawing knowledge. Although it was cold and wet, we had lots of fun!

A Visit from the RSPB

We had some special visitors from the RSPB, who helped us explore our outdoor space at Carrick Knowe Primary. In groups, we used our senses to engage with the environment and found lots of interesting objects. We thought about different adjectives to describe these. Despite the lovely weather, we learned a new wintry song about trees and created our own hedgehog art using the objects we found.

World of Work Week in P2A

This week in P2A we have made bridges. We danced with toys – all the toys on the bridges.

World of Work Week in P2B

In Primary 2B, we were looking at the skills needed for building and construction. Our challenge was to build a model of a tower using blocks and lollipop sticks. We also discussed which skills we would need to work well with a partner.

Our towers had to meet a design brief, and there was an award for the tallest tower, strongest tower and most creative tower. We talked about how we were going to be successful in the challenge and what was tricky about it.

The Nativity Puppet Show in P2

We have been learning all about the Nativity story. We made puppets by cutting out all the main characters and sticking them on to art straws. We then worked together to retell the story of Christmas using the puppets to help us. It was really fun to work as a team and tell the Christmas story using puppets.

By Millie, Ethan G and Mrs Clark

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STEM: Birds Nests (By Torin)

The P2 classes went to the woods to build birds nests. We talked about what would make a good nest and how to work well as a team.

To celebrate our success we enjoyed tasty hot chocolate and marshmallows after!

Maths Week 2018!

It was all go this morning as we kicked off Maths Week in style! We got our brains in gear first thing by working out which of our four ‘sock numbers’ made 12. We then went onto look at lots of different coins and worked out what colour they were and how round they were. Then we got to go to Mrs Rodgers’ shop and buy some items!

Challenging Our Mindsets in P2

As part of our Building Resilience work, we have been learning about the different types of mindsets – fixed and growth.

Primary 2 were learning about the difference between fixed and growth mindsets. This was really tricky but with the help of our friend, Mojo, we managed to split statements up into two different groups.

Super effort everyone! Focussed Felicity would have been very impressed with your hard work and concentration!

Welcome Back!

A big hello from the Primary 2 team! We hope everyone had a fantastic summer and is raring to go this year. This year the Primary 2 teachers will be Ms Davidson in P2A and Mr Brewer in P2B. Mrs Clark will also be taking P2A on a Wednesday.

Keep checking back here as the year progresses for more updates and photos!