Primary 2 and 1/2 Blog (2019-20)


Sowing seeds for the future

On Thursday, P1/2 and P2A went round the school and collected any seeds that had not been planted. Then we all went out to the allotment and planted them, so pupils have something to come back to when school opens again.

It was done fairly quickly, so our crops might be a bit mixed up. However, we all enjoyed being outside in the sun. We made sure to plant lots of sunflower seeds because we have always loved seeing these in the past. Lets keep our fingers crossed they grow!

Making Music with P1/2 and P2A

In the last 2 weeks, we have been exploring pitch and sound by making 5 simple musical instruments. We made chimes by using water in glass bottles, harps using baking trays and elastic bands, drums by stretching plastic bags over bowls, shakers with containers and rice and pan pipes using straws of different lengths.

Elmers Exploits

In Primary 1/2 and Primary 2 we have been reading a selection of Elmer’s books.

We have recycled milk cartons and everybody has made their own Elmer – other elephants and Wilbur have also been made.

We worked together as a class to create two backdrops for our film set. Everyone then worked with their talk partners to film and retell a story of Elmer using the iPads.

Numbers in the World in P1/2… (By Ella)

In maths this week we had counters and a sheet and it was a game called bingo. We were also finding questions outside for a treasure hunt and we had a clipboard and pencil and we answered questions and wrote them down.

Maths and Numbers in the World (By Oscar)

In Primary 1/2 and Primary 2, we have been looking at numbers in the world.

We Made posters with our talk partners. We have also been learning about shape.  We enjoyed the maths scavenger hunt. We also enjoyed the SumDog challenge .


Our Learning in the New Term!

In Primary 1/2 and Primary 2a we have started the term with a variety of activities. We have begun our human body topic and visited the allotment. Look at all our super learning below.