P2A – Ms Pincock


Friday 3rd April:

Happy holidays Primary 2A!

Well today is the last day of term, and this is the last time I’ll be chatting to you for a couple of weeks. I would have liked to have send you all an Easter card, but I don’t have your addresses, so I am putting one for everyone here.

So, let’s start our last day of term together with a Wake and shake.

Do you remember, as a class we wrote a list of all the things we could do if we were shut inside? Do you remember Kingson had the idea, that even though lots of you had your holidays cancelled, that you could make a plane in your house and go anywhere you liked? Well Mr. Penguin and Mr. Teddy loved that idea! This is what they are doing today.

Could you make your own plane and go away for trip? I have told them about a special alphabet pilots use. It is called the Aviation Alphabet. It make letters easier to hear when you are on the radio. This is a picture of it.

Teddy’s name is Tango – Echo – Delta – Delta – Yankee, and Penguin’s is Papa – Echo – November – Golf – Uniform – India – November. Can you spell words using this alphabet? It is great fun!

I also found a website for an airport in Philadelphia in the U.S.A. It has a Kids Corner with fun activities to do with planes.


I hope you have a nice break from school, but before I go, here are a few more pictures of what your classmates have been up to – baking, puppet shows and Kieran’s writing and minion egg. Great work everyone!

Chat to you all again at the start of term, Tuesday 21st April. Stay safe and well in the meantime.

Happy Easter!

Ms Pincock

Thursday 2nd April:

Good morning P2A!

How are you all feeling today? Did you send any letters or stories to an old person yesterday? Do you have lots of energy this morning? Why don’t we do this Wake and shake together? Get ready to wiggle

Tonight, we will have another clap for the NHS. Everyone will stand at their windows and doors at 8pm, and clap or make other noises to say thank you to all the people who are working hard to look after us at the moment. Mr. Teddy and Mr. Penguin asked me if they could make shakers today, to shake this evening. They have lots of good ideas!

This is how they did it.

  1. They looked in their junk box and picked out some boxes.
  2. They decorated some pieces of paper to cover the boxes. Mr.Penguin did patterns and Mr. Teddy did pictures.
  3. They put the paper on the boxes with sticky tape. Mr. Penguin kept getting it stuck on his beak!

4. They needed something to put in the shakers. Normally, I use pasta, but I have hardly any, so Mr. Teddy used bottle tops and Mr. Penguin found some pebbles and washed them.

5. Finally, their shakers were finished. They were quite noisy!

Mr. Teddy and Mr. Penguin reminded me that there are lots of other people who are keeping our country going too, like supermarket workers, pharmacists, social care workers, refuse collectors, firemen, the police, and loads more. They are doing extra claps for all these fabulous people too.


Do you remember how one of you suggested we could make our own band if we got bored? So now, Mr. Penguin and Mr. Teddy have set up a whole band. They are picking different songs on the iPad and playing their instruments along with the songs. It is quite noisy, and they will have to stop for a while, when I am on a video meeting with the other teachers later.

Lots of you are emailing me and I love it. Keep sending me all your super pictures. It makes me feel good knowing you are all getting on well. Here is my email address.


Enjoy your instruments and I’ll chat to you all tomorrow,

Ms Pincock 

Wednesday 1st April:

Good morning Primary 2A, and Happy April!

Good morning everyone. Today is April the first, and it’s called April Fool’s Day. You can play tricks on people till midday, as long as the tricks are not too mean. Mr. Penguin pretended he’d laid an egg, and Mr. Teddy was very excited and confused, till Mr. Penguin shouted ‘April Fool!’. Mr. Teddy is trying to think of a joke to play back on him now. We write the short date for today as 1.4.20, because April is the fourth month in the year.

Mr. Teddy and Mr. Penguin are feeling a bit sad today because they feel all the adults are working from home and don’t have any time for them.

They have chosen this Wake and shake today, and they are feeling better already.

Yesterday Miss Davidson told me about the Sharing Smiles scheme.


Children can write letters and stories to old people in care homes who can’t see their friends and families, to help them feel better. I said to Mr. Teddy and Mr. Penguin that Make a difference was one of our Resilience strategies and maybe they would feel better if they helped others this way. They loved the idea! They decided to write The Easter Surprise from their Home Learning packs. Mr. Teddy wrote about a bunny who hid eggs and Mr. Penguin has a story about a chick hatching unexpectedly.

Now they are photographing their stories so they can email them to the Sharing Smiles website.

This afternoon they tell me they are going to draw lots of smiley faces and put them on our windows to cheer others up too. They are really making a difference. Well done Mr. Teddy and Mr. Penguin. I am sure you can find a way to make a difference too.

I love getting your emails, and I said yesterday I would post your activities on the website so the whole class could see. So here they are. Rory has made a super shark poster, Caitlin is doing a seed growing experiment and Sophie has created a fabulous beach scene. You can also see your classmates cooking, making creatures and rainbows.

Keep up the good work everyone and we’ll chat again tomorrow.

Ms Pincock

Tuesday 31st March:

Hello again Primary 2A!

I wonder how you’re all getting along? I hope none of you are being wee monkeys for your parents, but here’s a chance for us all to be monkeys with today’s Wake and shake.

I went to the supermarket yesterday and got food, but also the felt tip pens for Mr. Teddy and Mr. Penguin. They were so pleased. They immediately started to make their stained glass rainbow yesterday afternoon, using the old plastic wrapper off a birthday card. Great job!

Today, Mr. Penguin and Mr. Teddy looked at the Home Learning pack and decided they wanted to make the puppets. They were keen to do a Biff and Chip book, but don’t have the reading books at home like you have, so we needed to look at the characters online.

  1. They got some card out of their junk box.
  2. They looked online at the characters.
  3. Then they drew them, coloured them in and cut them out.
  4. Next, they stuck them onto my wooden spoons. (I hope I don’t need them today).
  5. To make the theatre, they have put a pole between the washing basket and a stool, and hung a sheet over it. They have been acting out the story to each other. Mr. Teddy has asked if they get really good, can they borrow my phone again, so they can film their plays.

Why don’t you have a go doing this? They have had so much fun, they are thinking about doing some more stories, they just can’t decide which one!

If you don’t want to do your reading books, chose another book or look for a story online.

I have loved getting your emails with all your stories and photos. I am going to try and download them and put some of them on our blog tomorrow, so the whole class can see your super learning.

Have a good day, and we’ll chat tomorrow.

Ms Pincock

Monday 30th March:

Good morning P2A!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. It’s great that the clocks have change and the evenings are lighter. It makes me Happy, so that is what I’ve chosen for today’s Wake and shake.

I see lots of you have been on Sumdog and Education City. Miss Davison and I have decided not to put your names on the website, but we know if you have done well, so keep playing! I have set a Clocks and weather challenge this week on Sumdog and Education City.

Mr. Penguin and Mr. Teddy looked at the home learning grid this morning and wanted to do the weather challenge. They were really keen to do a weather forecast so they looked in the junk box and found an old paper bag and a biscuit box. What a good job we started the junk box. We are like the Wombles, taking rubbish and turning it into something new!

First, they cut the bag up to make a big sheet of paper.

Next, they looked online for a map of the U.K. and drew it on the bag.

Then, they cut up a box and made weather symbols. They had to look online for these too.

Finally, they recorded themselves telling us the weather using my mobile phone.

They had lots of fun. Is this something you would like to do too?

Now, they want to make a rain gauge, so they can measure how much rain falls every day. They cut up some milk containers, marked them in centimetres with pens and put them out by the bins. They will look at them every day.

Lots of you have sent me pictures of your activities. They are super and make me smile so much. Many of them are rainbows. Mr. Teddy and Mr. Penguin want to make rainbows too. They have saved the wrapping of greeting cards, so they can make stained glass ones, but they don’t have any felt tip pens. I have told them I will try and get them some, next time I go to the supermarket, but it may be a few days because I am only going once a week. Luckily, they are trying really hard to understand. I’m sure you are all doing your best to be understanding too and I’m really proud of you all.

Make sure to have fun today and I’ll chat to you all tomorrow,

Ms Pincock 

Friday 27th March:

Hello again Primary 2A!

It’s Friday, and what a strange week it’s been. I went out for another walk yesterday and played the Two Metre Force Field Game in my head. Did you go out yesterday? Right now I’m doing today’s Wake and shake.

Today Mr. Teddy and Mr. Penguin wanted to cook. I have plenty of vegetables, but not a lot else, so we decided to make vegetable soup. We worked together well as a team, but the onions made Mr. Penguins’s eyes water. We used up all the lentils, and we can’t seem to buy any more. Guess who got stuck with the washing up?


Mr. Teddy and Mr. Penguin loved their soup and now they are playing with a cafe they have made. They’re using money and have written a menu. Could you make a cafe? I’m sure people in your house would like to come.

I know lots of you are having birthdays in the next few weeks. It was my son’s birthday yesterday and I did not get to see him. We sang ‘Happy Birthday! online instead. Remember, if you are having a birthday, we are all thinking about it and hoping you are having a good day.

From all of us in P2A!

I would love to know how you are all getting on. If you have any photos, or comments you want to send me, this is my email address:-


In the meantime ….

Ms Pincock

Thursday 26th March:

Good Morning Primary 2A!

Well, it is our second day of everyone staying at home. Did you go out for your exercise yesterday? I went for a walk after tea. There weren’t many people around and whenever I passed anyone, we had to stay two metres apart. It felt very strange, but also a bit like line tig, so in my head I decided it was the Two Metre Force Field Game. Of course, Mr. Teddy, Mr. Penguin and I are doing lots of exercise at home. Here’s today’s Wake and shake.

We are also trying hard with Miss Inglis dance competition, but we are rather hopeless.

Today Mr. Penguin and Mr. Teddy wanted to play shops. At first they wanted a food shop, but I explained that food was a bit short at the moment, so in they end they decided on a shoe shop. Could you make up your own shop?

I gave them lots of coins, but we washed them first in hot soapy water because that pesky Coronavirus could get anywhere. They have made up prices, and are selling shoes and giving change. They know shoes are normally bigger prices, but they picked lower prices so they had enough money. Mr. Penguin couldn’t find anything to fit him. I looked in our junk box and found things to make him a pair of snowshoes. He is very proud of them. They have also been practising tying shoe laces. Mr. Teddy is doing well, but Mr. Penguin finds it hard with his flippers. He became quite upset, but we’ve had a little chat about how everyone finds some things hard and he’s better now.

In case you haven’t noticed this yet from Mrs Iley … Amazon yesterday cancelled  the subscription of books and audio stories for children and students of all ages as long as schools are closed, kids everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories

All stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet using the following link https://stories.audible.com/start-listen.

Have a super day everyone and I’ll be back tomorrow.

Ms Pincock

Wednesday 25th March:

Good Morning Primary 2A!

How are you all getting along? We have had a whole day now when we have only been allowed out of our homes once. The world feels very strange indeed, but it so nice to feel connected using our Carrick Knowe website. Let’s do a Wake and shake to get us started today.

Of course, Mr. Teddy and Mr. Penguin are very busy today. When they heard you all had a Home Learning kit, they wanted one too. I’ve tried my hardest to make them one, and today they wanted to write ‘The Magic Key’ story. Do you remember all the super ideas you had for this story? It opened a secret door … a treasure chest… a dungeon.

As you can see, Mr. Teddy’s story is about a magic door and Mr. Penguin’s about a treasure chest washed up on his ice flow.

After their stories, they found some old keys and made pictures with them. Mr. Penguin has made patterns and Mr. Teddy has created a keyosaurus!

Now they are upstairs playing the magic door, which they say leads them to a magic kingdom. I hope they will tell me all about it at lunchtime. I’m sure you are all making up great games to play too. Have a good day and I’ll chat again tomorrow.

Ms Pincock

Tuesday 24th March:

Hello again Primary 2A!

How are you all? I hope you are all getting on well. Have you had a look at your home learning pack yet or played any of the online games?

Let’s do today’s Wake and shake to get us going.

It feels very strange being at home all the time. Luckily, I have Mr. Teddy and Mr. Penguin to keep me company. I was telling them that we learned about grid references last week and they asked if they could make a treasure map.

  1. First they got some paper and drew a grid.
  2. Then they labelled the boxes along the bottom with capital letters and the ones at the side with numbers.
  3. Next they used a cold wet teabag to make the map look old.
  4. Finally, when it was dry,  they drew pictures on their map.

Mr. Penguin and Mr. Teddy are very pleased with their map and have been asking each other questions like “Which square is the shark in?” and “What is in square C3?” They are even thinking of hiding treasure in my bedroom and making a map to find it. I also found them a story to listen to about treasure maps.

Have fun today, try to be kind and I’ll chat to you tomorrow.

Ms Pincock

Monday 23rd March:

Good morning P2A!

I hope you all had a nice weekend. It was great having some sunshine.

The Coronavirus means we are not getting to see our friends so much and I don’t have any pets. Even my brother and sister live in different houses from me. So, I decided to get some old friends out of the attic. Do you remember when we read ‘Lost and Found’, with the boy and the penguin? Do you remember how I told you about Mr. Teddy and Mr. Penguin? Well, they have decided to come down from the attic to keep me company.

Every day we are going to do an activity together in the house, and we’ll tell you about it in case you want to do it too. I know you all like making things in Primary 2A. Mr. Teddy and Mr. Penguin say they have been so long in the attic that they don’t have a nice box of art and crafts things, so they have made a box and are collecting anything that might be useful. So far, they have got some old envelopes, scrap paper, bits of card, one bottle top and the net off the satsumas. I will put more junk in their box as we get it. They also wanted a pack of playing cards, a few old pens and a roll of sticky tape. I don’t know why, but maybe you have some too?

I have set up our weekly Sumdog competition. It will start at 9am on Monday and finish at 5pm on Thursday, so Miss Davidson and I can tell you who won on Friday each week. This week we are practising adding and subtracting. Miss Davidson is going to set up a spelling challenge every week for you on Sumdog too.

I have also been on Education City. Isn’t it fabulous! This week, I’ve set up four maths games for you on Positional language and a common word spelling game.

So, let’s carry on doing a Wake and shake every day, like we do in class.

Here’s one for today – “I Like To Move It”

Have fun today and I’ll chat to you all tomorrow,