P2A – Ms Pincock


Friday 29th May:

Hello everyone!

How are you all today? Did you find out any great facts about the sun or moon? Isn’t this sunshine lovely? Let’s get started with our Wake and shake, and as the sunshine makes us all happy, let’s have that one.

Today in literacy Mr Penguin and Mr Teddy did their handwriting, and then they watched a video about our last book, ‘Five mice and the Moon‘ by Joyce Dunbar. I’m reading it today.

As we’re learning about reading for enjoyment, we need to think about all the books we’ve had this week. If you were picking a book to read, first you would look at the front cover. Which front cover do you like best? Which one would you pick just from the front cover? Why?

Next, you would turn the book over, look at the back cover and read the blurb. Let’s read them now.

Day monkey, night monkey by Julia Donaldson – Night Monkey and Day Monkey’s worlds are as different as … night and day! What one fears, the other loves. But in learning about each other’s opposite worlds, they also learn to be the best of friends.

I took the moon for a walk by Carolyn Curtis – In a magical adventure, a little boy walks across a rural landscape, the moon beside him, with the neighbourhood dogs supplying a choir.

The Whales Song by Dyan Sheldon – Lily’s grandmother tells her all about the mysterious whales out in the bay, and Lily longs to hear their magical song.

Five mice and the moon by Joyce Dunbar – Five hungry mice look up at the moon. Is it really made of cheese? One by one, they climb towards the moon to find out – but there’s danger in the deep dark wood.

Now, having read the blurb for each book, which one do you think you would pick now? Why?

Which one did you really like best? What made you like that one? Would you recommend it to a friend? Which one was your least favourite?

Mr Teddy liked Five Mice and the Moon best because you had to guess the dangerous animal each time. Mr Penguin liked The Whales Song, because it reminded him of the ocean.

In maths today we are using all our knowledge of the times tables that we’ve learned and using it to solve some problems. Can you answer these?

David says, “All multiples of 10 will also be multiples of 5”. Is David correct? Explain your answer.

When you multiply 10 by an odd number it will give you an answer that is odd. Will this happen always, sometimes, never? Explain your reasoning.

To finish, we are doing some Cosmic Yoga today. Mr Penguin and Mr Teddy are trying it out now. They seem to have the hang of it, don’t they?

Miss Davidson is going to sing some songs about the sun and moon on her blog today. We are looking forward to doing that after lunch.

There were tears last night! Mr Penguin and Mr Teddy wanted to build a Lego rocket ship, but they find Lego really hard, because they only have paws and flippers. Could anyone build a Lego space ship for them and send a photo to me? It would make them really happy, and I would put it on our class blog.

Health Week next week and we are all looking forward to the activities. I hope you are too. Have a lovely weekend.

Ms Pincock

Thursday 28th May:

Good Morning!

How are you today? You’ll be please to know that Mr Teddy and Mr Penguin made it back safely from their trip to Mars and are here to do all their activities. Here’s a Wake and shake I love, though I’m definitely not having a bad, bad day. It’s lovely to hear about you all from the parents evening phone calls.

Today for literacy, Mr Teddy and Mr Penguin chose to do ball toss for their spelling. Luckily, I found a small ball. Each time they throw it, they say a letter. Mr Penguin is trying out the spicy words this week.

Next they watched the story, ‘The Whale’s Song’.

What did you think of the book? The lady reading it said was one of her favourites because she liked the pictures. Did you? Is there anything you didn’t like about it? Mr Penguin particularly liked this one, as it reminded him of the ocean, though whales can be dangerous to penguins.

For maths, they sang along to the 10 x table song. It made them laugh so much because they said the character had a ‘funny voice’. Then they played Topmarks games. Lots of you are getting very good at your tables.

Today in science we are trying to understand how the sun and moon relate to the year and why we have seasons. Watch the video below, and see if you can explain it to someone else afterwards.

Our I.C.T. task today is to do some internet research , to find out some facts about the sun and the moon. There are loads of websites out there, but I’ve had a good look, and found some that seem easy to use. Here they are:-

CBeebies – Space

BBC bitesize – Earth and space

Science kids

NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration

ESA – European Space Agency

If you click on the blue words, it will take to the correct pages on the internet. Mr Teddy and Mr. Penguin have loved all these sites. Mr Penguin is so interested, he’s making a book about space facts, and can’t decide where to take the space rocket next. Mr Teddy has found some puzzles on the CBeebies website. I’m going to need my laptop back soon!

I hope you all have a good, good day and I’ll chat tomorrow.

Ms Pincock

Wednesday 27th May:

Hello everyone!

How are you all doing? Did you try the torch/moon experiment? Wasn’t Miss Davidson’s biscuit thing fun? Mr Teddy loved it! I think he ate all the biscuits. Here is another new Wake and shake, but it’s about space.

For literacy today, Mr Penguin and Mr Teddy started off with spelling. They chose hopscotch today, shouting out a letter each time they jumped.

We are not giving you a story to listen to today, you’re writing your own, about A Trip to the Moon. Think about what it would be like to go in a rocket. How would you feel? Excited? Scared? What would space look like? It’s supposed to be very cold. Here is a word mat from Twinkl to help you.

Mr Teddy finds writing hard but has managed a whole sentence. Mr Penguin loves writing and is trying to use WOW words to make his story really exciting. They’ve just blasted off into space in his story.

In maths today we are practising our 10 x table again, and having a go at the 10 x table activities on Sumdog and Education City.

We’re doing a space art activity today. Follow the video to draw an astronaut and then see if you can draw in your own background. Miss Davidson is doing this on her blog today.

Mr Penguin wanted to make something with his tinfoil yesterday. I had to make lots of phone calls for Parents Evening and couldn’t help him. He was very good though, and didn’t interrupt me, so last night I helped him build a space rocket. He has been playing in it ever since. Today they are going to Mars. Mr Penguin is the rocket commander at the moment, but Mr Teddy doesn’t seem to mind. He’s just pleased he got to bring his box of snacks. Is there life on Mars? Or snacks?

Which planet will they visit after this? Or perhaps they’ll go and work on the International Space Station. Maybe you can have your own space adventure?

Have a lovely day and I’ll chat tomorrow.

Ms Pincock

Tuesday 26th May:

Good morning!

How are you all today? Are you enjoying the sunny weather? For Wake and shake today, we have another old favourite, which fits in nicely with our moon theme today.

In literacy this week we are looking at different books. Watch today’s book and then think about the questions below.

Did you like the story? What do you think the story was about? What did you like about it? What did you dislike about it (if anything)?

For maths this week we are concentrating on the 10 x table. Today I was asking Mr. Teddy and Mr. Penguin questions like ‘How many tens in 90?’ They chose to use their written 10 x table to answer, rather than count out 90 counters. It is quicker! I also taught them to count in 10s, and put up a finger for each time they counted.

  • How many tens in 40?
  • They counted 10, 20, 30, 40.
  • How many fingers did they have up?
  • 4 , so there are 4 tens in 40.

I must say they found this very hard because they don’t really have fingers.

For science, we are continuing on with our sun and moon topic. Yesterday, we found out how they related to day and night. Today, we need to understand how they relate to months. Watch this video below.

So we are going to try to see all the phases of the moon today. Remember the moon does not make light, it just reflects it from the sun. See below how Mr Teddy and Mr Penguin did this.

Mr Teddy and Mr Penguin loved this. Miss Davidson is going to demonstrate moon biscuits on her blog today. Mr Teddy is very excited about this and hopes he can put his honey on them.

Mr Penguin is likes the tinfoil. He wants to make something. He can’t decide whether to junk model a space rocket, or make an astronaut suit for himself. I’ve told him, I have Parent’s Evening phone calls to make today, so he’ll have to do it all by himself. He is off to have a go.

I’m looking forward to hearing all about you, and I’ll chat tomorrow.

Ms Pincock

Monday 25th May:

Good Morning Primary 2A!

Did everyone have a good weekend? How are you all today? We’ve been doing a lot of new Wake and shakes recently, but now I think it’s time for some old favourites. We all love this one!

This is the last week of Miss Inglis Fit in 15 challenge. It ends on Thursday, so we do need to move it. Mr Teddy, Mr Penguin and I are going to try our best.

This week in literacy, we are focusing on reading for enjoyment. You’re to pick your own Oxford Owl book to read, and as a class we are going to look at a different book every day and try to say what we like and dislike about them, and why. Today’s book is ‘Night Monkey, Day Monkey’ by Julia Donaldson.

What did you like about it? Did you dislike anything?

Mr Teddy liked the pictures and Mr Penguin liked the fact both monkeys were confused at some point. “It’s was fair”, he said.

For maths we are concentrating on the 10 x table this week. Mr Penguin and Mr Teddy quickly wrote it out this week, because they knew what to do after doing the 2 and 5 x tables. Then they wanted to play 10 x table games. I was busy using my laptop, so they asked for my phone instead. I had to say no, because the last time they used it Mr Penguin phone all his family in Antarctica and that wasn’t included in my free minutes! So I made them a game instead.

This week for science we are also focusing on the sun and moon. In primary 2 we need to know how the sun and moon relate to the days, the months and the years. Today we are finding out about night and day.

Miss Davidson is going to show us how day and night works today on her blog, so have a look and see if you can do it too.

Have a lovely day today. I’ll be speaking to all your parents this week, and I’m really looking forward to hearing how you’ve been doing.

I’ll chat tomorrow. See you then.

Ms Pincock