P2B – Ms Pincock & Mrs Buchanan


Wednesday 23rd June:

Our First Sports Day!

This is the first time the children in Primary 2 have had a sports day and it did not disappoint! Massive well done to the P7s for organising such fun activities for us to do!

Primary 2B had THE BEST time and they all looked fantastic in their house colours. The photographs speak for themselves. The concentration on the children’s faces when they were taking on the hurdles was amazing, even the children with smaller legs managed to make their way over! The funniest activity was the 3 legged race. It was absolutely lovely to see the children laughing hysterically when they fell over, it made my day!

We also loved the wheelbarrow race which Mrs Buchanan and Mrs Durie demonstrated fantastically well…

A GREAT afternoon. Hopefully we will be able to have parents cheering on from the sidelines next year!

Friday 19th February:

Hello, everyone. I know we are all looking forward to going back to school on Monday and so this is our last Friday with Magical Moments. On Tuesday we designed some races. Look at all our imaginative ideas below.

We have been recognising and using coins this week. Look at our fantastic money work.

We read the story, Dogger. In Dogger there is a toy stall. We set up our own toy stalls and made tags for our items. We then did some role play with an adult and bought items using our understanding of coins. Some boys and girls even gave change. When we are allowed, I think some of these children would be excellent helpers at our school fayres!

We did lots of great literacy work this week too – blankety blank was a favourite for some of the children.

Ms Pincock and Mrs Buchanan can’t wait to return to the classroom next week and see all the children who have been doing such FANTASTIC learning.

Thursday 4th February:

This week a lot of our activities in Primary 2 have been inspired by the book ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak. In the book the main character, Max, meets lots of monsters. We started on Monday by drawing monsters, and then on Tuesday we down wrote describing words about them. Next, we challenged ourselves to write sentences and include the describing words. Aren’t our monsters scary!

In maths, we have been carrying on learning about measuring and this week we have learnt about weight.

Then we used the knowledge we had gained about weighing and we had a go at baking. What did we make? Monster cookies of course! Yum!

We have also been investigating weight. They managed to find some items in their kitchen cupboards and on the back, they each had a weight. They looked at the weight and ordered them from heaviest to lightest.

One little girl was very confused because the tub of chocolate icing said it was 400g and should have been the heaviest but, it wasn’t the heaviest… Mummy had been eating the chocolate icing!

We made some monster models one afternoon this week. We have beds for monsters and everything! One little girl made her monster a bed and a slide and whilst making this masterpiece cut her hand – she carried on though – what resilience!

There was some excellent sound work on Wednesday. We were looking at ee and ea. It’s a bit of a tricky sound because it doesn’t have a rule! The children did an excellent job sorting their words into the right columns and writing sentences. One little girl wants to go to see the whales that are swimming in the sea near Edinburgh.

Great work.

Have a lovely screen free Friday Primary 2 😊.

Friday 29th January:

Lots of super work is being posted via Learning Journals or being emailed to us. It really is lovely for us to get it. It makes us feel connected to you all. We can’t put it all up here, just some of it, but we are very proud of you all, working so hard.

You have continued to enjoy all the science experiments we are doing in Primary 2, and this week we were trying to create the Water Cycle in a bag. Look at how many experiments we have set up.

On Tuesday, you were asked to create an animal from your imagination. You could either draw, paint or model it. The animals you sent in are amazing. Have a look at them on the slide show below.

On Wednesday, we made number bond balloons. We looked at the odd numbers 1,3,5,7 and 9. Some children decided to go up to 15 – wow. Mrs Buchanan was very impressed, she decided to pop the balloons that were correct. Some children had no balloons left at the end!

This week we were learning the ‘ai’ and ‘ay’ sound. We completed some worksheets and used our neatest handwriting, then we played read and roll.

Because it was Burns night on Monday, we have been doing some Scottish based activities this week too. We did some paper weaving to make tartan and we learnt how to sing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in Scots Dialect using a labelling worksheet to help us. Well done to Duncan for his excellent attempt at singing – he put a BIG smile on Mrs Buchanan’s face on a wet and rainy Thursday afternoon when she received it!

Heid, shudders, knaps and taes

Friday 22nd January:

This week lots of our activities are connected with animals in temperate regions. We thought about how they needed to eat well before they hibernate and made lots of Healthy Snacks. Then we had a Teddy Bears picnic. It was great fun!

We also designed a cave for a bear to hibernate in. Mr Teddy wants us to build them all for him now.

In maths we have carried on learning about measure and focused on capacity this week. Mr Harper gave us lots of maths challenges and we even learnt about displacement. Here we are investigating.

Look at our little artists – isn’t their work wonderful?

Primary 2b looked at artwork by Scottish Artist, Ritchie Collins. They discussed it with an adult and then they made their own Ritchie Collins inspired piece of art using crayons.

This week, we have been continuing to look at numbers up to 100. On Wednesday, we made our own 100 squares.

Look at these star writers ! We have been focussing on writing what happens in the beginning, middle and end of stories. This week it was Jumblebum: The Monster who loves MESS.

Friday 15th January:

Well, we are back to Home Learning and this is us at the end of our first week. Thank you for all the emails, messages on Learning Journals and work that you have sent in. It really helps us to feel connected to you all.

We have done lots of literacy and numeracy, but we also started the week thinking about our work on climate zones of the world, and this week lots of our work was connected with the polar regions.

On Monday people drew polar bears. Look at all our super pictures below.

On Tuesday, we heard the story ‘Lost and found’ by Oliver Jeffers and made a poster for a penguin that had been found. Our posters are super. Have a look at them.

We have also been doing some freezing and thawing experiments.

Friday 11th December:

Primary 2B have been thinking about others this Christmas. Particularly, people who are older and haven’t been able to see their loved ones because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

We made some Christmas tree handprint cards and decorated them with shiny jewels. We then wrote messages to care home residents to make them smile at Christmas.

These cards are bound to put a smile on a care home residents face.

Mrs Buchanan is very proud indeed! 🙂

Thursday 5th November:

P2 Planters!

P2B have been busy planting today.

First, we planted broad beans inside the poly-tunnel on the allotment. These can only grow under cover during the winter.

Then, we planted garlic in one of the raised beds. This should grow quite happily outside in winter.

Finally, we planted pansies in the raised beds outside our classroom. These have brightened up the playground.

Friday 2nd October:

Primary 2 have been hard at work during Maths Week Scotland. I’ve been so impressed by how many questions you’ve all answered as part of the Sumdog competion, well done! 👍

This week we’ve been learning about shape and practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, using numberlines to help us. As part of our learning we went outside and created our own chalk numberlines going up in 2s, 5s and 10s.

We have also been talking about our worries and we’ve made Worry Monsters from cut out shapes. Super work Primary 2B!

Tuesday 11th August:

Hello Primary 2B. I am really looking forward to meeting you all. The staff are busy in the school getting things ready for you coming back. I’ve been given work from your Primary 1 teachers, which I will give you to take home when I see you this week.

To find our new classroom, walk around the side of the building till you reach the blue bench, and our door is opposite.

This is our new classroom, though I’ve not finished setting it up yet.

See you soon,

Ms Pincock

Thursday 25th June:

Welcome to P2B!