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To Put It Simply…

It was an incredibly busy week in Primary 3 at the end of March with so many fundraising events and two incredible assemblies all in aid of Comic Relief.

We managed to raise a whopping £800 over the week and here is how our week went.

Tuesday was our enormous bake sale…

Wednesday was all about the smoothies…

On Thursday we created our own music video – Put A Nose On It!

And Friday was our assembly and dress down day!

Moving Images!

In Primary 3, we’ve been getting all ‘techie’ by using coding to create our own Star Wars games. As well as this, we’ve also been creating moving images using an app called ChatterPix – check out a couple of our examples below.

Warning: Some All of them are weird!

Making Noise!

We’re always shouting and being loud in P3 – and that’s just the teachers! But this week we were making lots of other different sounds by creating our own instruments!

Check out the pictures of us creating our instruments below and also the loudest video ever!!! We’ve also added the video we’ve been looking at in class.

Scots Airt and Tongue

In yon primary three, wi hae bin learnin aboot thon Scots beasties an airt o’ Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Wi hae also bin eatin Scots fuid. Tak a gander!!!

NOTE: Mr Morley, Mrs Moffat and Mrs Kane take no responsibility for the words used above. Any translation issues must lie firmly at the door of Mr Wallace!

Tea Dunkers!

We’ve been putting on our scientific hats in P3A in order to solve that age old problem… Which biscuit is the best dunker?

We started by looking at solids, liquids and gases (High School Stuff!) and learning how the particles move around a lot faster in hot liquids compared to cold liquids.

The dunking experiment got messy!

Building Houses!

We’ve been continuing to work in cooperative teams as we were set a tricky challenge – to build a house capable of surviving extreme weathers. To simulate these weathers we used ice cubes (hailstones), hairdryers (wind) and a watering can (rain)!

The Brain

As part of our school focus on ‘Growth Mindset’ we’ve been exploring the brain and creating posters to show off all of our fantastic knowledge. We’ve been learning how to work the brain and keep it healthy.

Plaque Busters!

This term we have been finding out all about our teeth including the different names (incisors, canines and molars) and their jobs.

We even brought our toothbrushes to school and found out where all the plaque was hiding on our teeth. The disclosing tablets made our teeth turn red and blue depending on how well we brushed our teeth!

Let’s Go Fly A Kite!

As part of learning about weather P3 have been making kites to test wind direction.

Look at us flying our colourful kites.

Ahhhhhhhhh! Germs!

In Science, Primary 3 have been using our knowledge and also our imagination to create our own germs. Have a look at some of the plasticine germs that P3A have made…

Our Class Charters

In Primary 3, we have been looking at Children’s Rights and how we can respect these. To show our learning we created some cool ‘Harry Potter’ themed displays. Here are the ones from P3A and P3C.

2D Shapes in P3B

This week we were learning the names and properties of all the different 2D shapes. With the help of Mrs English, we created posters to show our learning.

Our Olympic Timeline

The Olympics may be over but work is well underway in Primary 3. We’ve been finding out all about the history of the games and creating our own timelines. Did you know that the games were cancelled in 1916 because of the war?


This year we will be putting our fitness levels to the ultimate test – by running a mile a day. So far we have managed just fine… In most cases anyway!