Primary 3 Blog (2019-20)


Show and Tell Friday!

These students did a fabulous job of sharing their artwork, new pencil case and holiday news. The questions the talks generate are wonderful too! Keep it up P3A!

Show and Tell Friday!

P3 students all have a chance to bring something of interest into school on a Friday for Show and Tell. This week we heard about football success, running achievements and completing a summer reading challenge at our local library. We love hearing about your sports and hobbies!

Hula-Hoops Fun in PE!

The children in P3A and P3B were waaaaaaaaay better than Mr O’Connell and Mrs Mathieson!

Celebrating Books in P3

What an exciting start we have had to the school year!

In just our first full week, we went on a trip to the Edinburgh International Book Festival to see Naomi Howarth – she was amazing! She discussed her book The Night Dragon and we all had a go at drawing a dragon.

Back at school, we met Gary Northfield and heard all about his career in art and his books featuring Julius Zebra. Again we got advice on how to draw his character!

Some of us bought books and also got them signed!

Zero Waste Super Heroes

Angela from Changeworks came to visit and taught us how to reduce and recycle our rubbish. We all recycled old CDs to make ‘Zero Waste Medallions’.

We even had a bag made from old packets!