Primary 3 Blog (2017-18)


Let’s Go Fly A Kite!

P3 had a design challenge this week. This came from our weather study.

We had to design a kite, build a kite and try to fly a kite! A fun way to think about the wind.

Ask your child to describe how they made the frame for the kite.

We succeeded! Look at the fabulous designs the children put on their kites! The trickiest bit was getting the string attached, but once that was done we had great fun flying them up and down the field in the afternoon breeze.

Autumn Poems

P3 have been busy writing autumn poems, examining leaves for lines of symmetry(you would think they were there but….).

We made quick designs out of autumn leaves, twigs and stones.

Connor wrote about what it felt like to be a conker  in autumn.

The conker smells the leaves.

The conker sees darkness

The conker feels cosy

The conker hears the wind

The conker will soon fall off the tree.

Welly Walks!

Autumn weather means going for a ‘welly walk’. We found lots of interesting things in the poly-tunnel.

Extreme Weather Conditions

As part of their Weather topic P3 have been having fun designing houses to withstand extreme weather conditions.