Primary 3 Blog (2019-20)


Potato Planting!

A couple of weeks ago, P3 ventured to the allotment to plant a bed of potatoes, as well as peas and butternut squash! We used trowels to dig holes or trenches before planting the potatoes and seeds. Fingers crossed we see some results!

Scottish Smoothies

We all had fun making berry smoothies last week. We whizzed up frozen berries, fresh strawberries, honey, milk and yoghurt. Here are some of our thoughts…

It was really fun, Millie.

It was very yummy, Max.

It tasted kind of weird, Ethan.

I liked the colour of it and that made it look like a good smoothie, Malika.

It was very thick, Breslin.

It was the colour of watermelon, Pirbab.

Haiku Poems in P3A!

P3A have been learning how to write Haiku poems. Haiku poems have 3 lines and 17 syllables altogether and are usually about nature. 

Cheetahs by Daniel and Lakshana

Cheetahs are speedy
Cheetahs are good hunters
Cheetahs are black

Pandas by Malika

Pandas eat bamboo
Pandas are cute like puppies
They are really soft

Puppy by Curtis

Pups are very cute
They guard us like bears
They are so so fun.

Blobfish by Ethan P

Blobfish are ugly
And relaxed in the sea
They look very sad

Blobfish by Ethan G and Violet

Disgusting body
Slithering wrinkly sea ball
Wobbly like jelly

Blobfish by Penny

Blobfish are slimy
And yukky they are ugly
 It’s always pinkie

Simon Says Dance Workshop!

P3 had a blast learning a new dance today with Simon from Simon Says Dance School. They were super sassy!

Perseverance Penny Visits P3!

Everyone in P3 had a presentation from their Mindset Mob rep (Penny P3A / Eilidh P3B) and found out about how Perseverance Penny helps us keep going when we face challenges. She reminds us to never give up!

“If you keep trying, soon you’ll be flying!”


“Find a new route, and give frustration the boot.”

Christmas Party Fun and Games!

Wishing all the children in P3 and their families a wonderful holiday!

Looking forward to seeing you all in 2020.

Alien Report !!!

P3 are working on character description. They are learning to describe characters using adjectives and similes. Meet Flamey!

Adding Challenge!

Primary 3 have been learning different ways to add mentally. Can you use your different strategies to solve these addition problems? What Makes 10? / Place Value / Tidy Numbers.

Teamwork Tina is Impressed!

P3A are so lucky to have this amazing student in their class. She makes Teamwork Tina and her teacher so proud.DB53D05C-EF83-436F-9656-8C4A996C4001

Show and Tell Friday

P3A found out all about the latest electronic skipping ropes! Well done Shannon a new personal best! We couldn’t keep up with your skipping, lucky the ropes could count fast enough.

Maths and Art in P3…

In Primary 3 this week we have been looking at Maths and its links with Art.

Show and Tell Friday!

More out of school active news…

Highland dancing and football trophies, wonderful skipping fitness and personal bests. What a fit and healthy class, keep it up P3. We love hearing about what you get up to at your clubs and how you keep fit!

More Edinburgh Castle Photos…

P3A had a wonderful day out also. Many thanks to our amazing parent helpers who were so enthusiastic! We couldn’t do it without you! Some great topic and art work to follow…

P3 Trip to Edinburgh Castle

On Monday, the children from Primary 3 went on a trip to visit Edinburgh Castle. Although the castle was very busy, they got to visit all of the key parts including, The Crown Jewels, the Main Hall, St  Margaret’s Chapel, Mons Meg and we even had time to watch the one’o’clock gun being fired.

The children really enjoyed the trip as we also got to visit St Giles Cathedral and Princess street Gardens. Having seen all of these famous landmarks will help the children even further with their current learning context, ‘All about Edinburgh’.


P3A Published Writing

Gary Northfield came to school and brought all of his books and he talked and he talked and talked all about the book Julius Zebra. Lucy Forrest P3A

Gary Northfield came to school because he wanted to show his book. It was called Julius Zebra it was funny. Gary Northfield talked about his book and comics. Jenny got to be a soldier and she got to tiptoe around the room.
[Ethan P3A]

On Monday we went to Charlotte Square to the book festival we went to see the author Naomi Howarth she told us about how she made the book. I like the book and we made dragons. I done my dragon scaly.
[Penny  P3A]

Maud was on a high cliff she was one of the five dragons. Maud was very sad because the other dragons were very mean to Maud and Maud only had one friend which was mouse. Mouse said you should believe in yourself. Maud didn’t believe him. Then Maud tried to fly then she flew and she filled the sky with clouds of colour.
[Curtis P3A]

Maud was on a high cliff, she was one of the five dragons, she was not like the other dragons. Maud was really sad because the other dragons were really mean to her and she only had one friend, her name was Mouse. Mouse kept telling Maud to believe in herself. Maud didn’t believe Mouse. One day it was Brimlads five hundredth and fifty fifth birthday, and finally Maud decided she would fly with Mouse.
[Lakshana P3A]

Show and Tell Friday!

Show and Tell Friday was so fascinating today. We heard about a first wedding, how to make a homemade spinner and how to press flowers.

Show and Tell Friday!

These students did a fabulous job of sharing their artwork, new pencil case and holiday news. The questions the talks generate are wonderful too! Keep it up P3A!

Show and Tell Friday!

P3 students all have a chance to bring something of interest into school on a Friday for Show and Tell. This week we heard about football success, running achievements and completing a summer reading challenge at our local library. We love hearing about your sports and hobbies!

Hula-Hoops Fun in PE!

The children in P3A and P3B were waaaaaaaaay better than Mr O’Connell and Mrs Mathieson!

Celebrating Books in P3

What an exciting start we have had to the school year!

In just our first full week, we went on a trip to the Edinburgh International Book Festival to see Naomi Howarth – she was amazing! She discussed her book The Night Dragon and we all had a go at drawing a dragon.

Back at school, we met Gary Northfield and heard all about his career in art and his books featuring Julius Zebra. Again we got advice on how to draw his character!

Some of us bought books and also got them signed!

Zero Waste Super Heroes

Angela from Changeworks came to visit and taught us how to reduce and recycle our rubbish. We all recycled old CDs to make ‘Zero Waste Medallions’.

We even had a bag made from old packets!