Primary 2/3 and 3 Blog (2018-19)


All Aboard the Pizza Express!

Today, Wednesday 27th February, P2/3 went to Pizza Express on North Bridge. We went there on the tram and came back to school on the bus. We each made our own pizza, which we got to bring home. It was an amazing trip and the staff at Pizza Express were fantastic. Grazie mille Pizza Express!

World of Work Week by P3A

In P3 we have been learning all about different jobs linked to food grown and harvested here in Scotland. Take a look at our pictures to see what we found out.

World of Work Week by P2/3

This week in P2/3 we have been making things out of salt dough! For example, James made an apple! We also made a shop to put them in. We also did a worksheet when our mums and dads and carers came in. It was fun.

STEM: Building Bridges (By Allana and James, P2/3)

P2/3 were challenged to make a bridge to carry a toy train with treasure across a crocodile infested river!

The bridge needed to be long enough wrde enough and strong enough We thought it was great fun!

STEM: Building Bridges (By Abbi, P3A)

P3A were focussing on building a bridge out of reusable materials. We worked in pairs and managed to create and design some wonderful structures which could carry cars across them!

Outdoor Learning 

In Primary 3 and Primary 2/3 we have been doing lots of outdoor learning. We have had fun working in pairs drawing maps of the whole school and of the allotment. We have taken part in harvesting and weeding activities, and really enjoyed digging up the potatoes. We even got to take some home. A few weeks ago a bad storm brought a tree down in the staff car park. Mr Miller saved the bark chips for us and we have used these to repair the ground surface in the polytunnel. We have also looked at mini beasts in the log pile and just relaxed reading on the allotment.

P3 Turn Shopkeepers!

This week P3 will be celebrating Scottish Maths Week by focusing on where our money comes from and how we use it to buy new things at the shops. The children have been working hard to count their money and see what they might be able to buy at the shop, If the money was real of course!

We Are Back!

We hope everyone had a great summer and is excited to be back at school! This year the Primary 2/3 teacher will be Ms Pincock and the Primary 3A teacher will be Mr O’Connell.

Keep checking back here as the year progresses for more updates and photos!