P3/4 – Mrs MacLennan


Friday 3rd April:

Holiday Fun Friday!

It’s time to sing and dance!

Today is the last day of term before the Easter holidays. You know how much I love to sing silly songs and to dance about and so I thought this was a perfect way to start the holidays.

Song Challenge!

Can you make up a song about an object or person in your house (be kind!). The easiest way to do it is to take a simple song that you already know the tune to and then change the words. I chose a nursery rhyme for my song.

To the tune of ‘Twinkle twinkle little star’…

P3/4 you are my stars.

How I wonder how you are.

In your homes not in our room.

Doing work and playing too.

I am home with kids, cats too.

Doing this blog but missing you!

It’s almost the holidays so…it’s time to DANCE!

On Friday afternoon on Facebook live, Boogie from Forth One’s breakfast show is doing a school disco. Ask an adult to log in to Facebook and click on the LIVE button on their page. You can make songs requests and shout outs too!

If you cannot get online at 3pm then find a song you really like, turn the music up REALLY loud and dance along…the cats are optional!

Jinks enjoyed the dancing cuddle but Waffle was not impressed at all! 💃🏼

Finally, I do hope you all have a lovely Easter break from school. I will post my next blog on Tuesday, 21st April. Take photos of whatever you do over the holiday, particularly if you make any Easter or Spring crafts. Plus the pets, I’d love to be emailed photos of your pets! Happy holiday P3/4.

Thursday 2nd April:

Think About It Thursday!

Bonjour ma classe! I wonder what you are going to get up to today? It seems like a long time ago that we sat in a circle on the carpet and thought up lots of ideas of things to do…

What SKILLS could you develop today?

You might use your playdoh to make a robot, put your books in alphabetical order or make up a obstacle course in the garden. My new skill is going to be hairdressing as I’m going to try to cut Rory’s hair!

What KIND thing could you do for someone today?

You might write your granny a letter, draw a picture for your neighbour or make a rainbow for your window. I am going to write a letter and post it to my brother. I might even add in some of my brilliant jokes!

Talking of jokes, here’s todays…

Where do sheep go to get their hair cut?

The baa-baa shop!

Wednesday 1st April:

Wellbeing Wednesday!

Recently we’ve created some fantastic Viking art work, so why not try a little bit of drawing today. When we’re feeling a bit unsettled, unsure how you feel or just don’t know what to do then drawing can be just the thing! Here’s a fun video which shows you how to draw a tiger cub. Try following the video step by step, you can always pause it while you draw each part of the tiger. Give it a try and see how you get on, once you’ve drawn the tiger cub you could put them into a comic book, write a story about them or draw a tropical rainforest all around the tiger.

We had a go at drawing the tiger in the MacLennan house. As you can see from the photo, we coloured ours in too. I think my one is the best! 🙂 Maybe you could challenge someone in your house and see whose drawing is the best.

You could also pop along to Edinburgh zoo and watch the tigers on their TIGER CAM! https://www.edinburghzoo.org.uk/webcams/tiger-cam/ You can watch tigers, pandas, koalas, penguins and rockhopper penguins. I have just spent 5 minutes watching the rockhopper penguins getting their breakfast fish!

Mrs McCormack decided that my jokes were not very funny so she has taken over the joke of the day…

Why did the pupil eat his homework?

Because the teacher said it was a piece of cake!

Tuesday 31st March:

Good morning! It’s Tuesday! We should have been holding our own Viking museum this week so instead we’ll need to look at other Viking artefacts. The Jorvik Viking Centre in York is a really interesting place to visit and at the moment we can only do that virtually. On their website, they have a section called ‘Shaking hands with the past’ when they look at Viking artefacts and see what they can learn about what life was actually like for a Viking.

The first video is all about a Viking sock…I hope it doesn’t smell!


Once you have watched some clips, why don’t see what else you can find on the website. On the ‘Discover from home’ section there are lots of ideas of things you can download or make. You might make a poster about an object or make up a story about the Viking that the sock above belonged to! I’m going to learn about combs and things made from animal bones.

How do Vikings sailors say hello to each other?

They wave! 🙂

Monday 30th March:

Week 2 – Marvellous Monday, what jobs are you doing?

Good morning everyone! Monday morning is normally the time to change the jobs chart. What jobs are you going to do this week? Water the plants, empty the recycling or tidy the library (also known as your bedroom)?

I hope that you had a lovely weekend, as strange as it might have been. This weekend I started a new book. I would normally choose a book from the library but the library is closed at the moment. For the first time, I am listening to an audio book. I borrowed Mr Mac’s headphones, plugged them into my phone, chose a story and then pottered about the house listening. It was fabulous! Audible is a website that has decided to let you listen to ALL of its children’s books for FREE! If you’d like to listen to a story, then click on this link and choose a book. https://linktr.ee/audibleuk

Remember you can email me and send me photos of your tinfoil people, your drawings and writing or of your pets! My email is aileen.maclennan@carrickknowe.edin.sch.uk

I was sent a lovely email from one member of P3/4 last week, which had photos of her tinfoil lady bouncing on the trampoline and of her birthday cake! It looked very very tasty – well done mum! If we were in class we would normally sing ‘Happy Birthday’ but even though we’re apart I reckon we can still do it. Remember to look and smile at her when you’re singing. Altogether now… “Happy Birthday to you…” 🙂

Why wouldn’t the shrimp share his treasure?

Because he was a little shellfish!

Friday 27th March:

Tin Foil People

Good morning everyone. We’ve made it to Friday! Well done on finishing your first week at home. It’s been a long week but I know you will have been brilliant!

My blog is a bit different today and as a wee treat for Fun Friday, I have made a video giving you instructions on how to make your tinfoil sheet into a person. I look forward to seeing photos of your creations, your drawings and stories or of anything else you’d like to send me. I really would love to see your pets and your jokes! You can email me at aileen.maclennan@carrickknowe.edin.sch.uk

Happy people making!

Thursday 26th March:

Think About It Thursday!

If you have not done any maths yet then today is the day!

Remember that, as well as all the great activities in your pack, there will also be a new Sumdog challenge every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Some might be more tricky than others, give them a try! Each challenge lasts until the next one begins. I’m looking forward to seeing how you all get on. If you feel like a more active maths lesson why not make a up a wee shop and give change for the things people buy. Some Star Wars characters came to MacLennan’s first thing this morning…

Darth Vadar opened Empire Stores this morning. He sold one thing to Spider-Man and gave him change from £1. Obi-Wan bought two things and Darth gave him change from £5. What did they buy?

Remember to take photographs and we’ll look at them when we get back together! 🙂

Why 6 afraid of 7?

Because 7 8 9!

Wednesday 25th March:

Today is Wednesday, 25th March. 25.03.20

Good morning! We always start our Wednesday morning with circle time and a chat to talk about how we are feeling. How are you feeling this morning? Remember, there is no wrong way to feel. Keep talking to someone at home about how you feel. Today we have no ‘Star Pupil of the Week’, we are ALL the star! In your pack you’ll find a sheet like this-

What are you proud of? Instead of going round the circle saying “one thing I like about” someone else, this time you have to add your own name! Add two things that you are proud of. It might be progress you’ve made at school, learning to swim a length or how you show kindness. I am very proud of you and know that there are lots of things you could say!

As we LOVE a good joke in P3/4, I thought we could have a joke of the day. As you’re not with me, I going to pretend that you are all laughing…a LOT!!

What do elves learn at school?

The elf-abet!

Tuesday 24th March:

Week 1 Day 2

Today is Tuesday, 23rd March

oo-ooooo or EW!

Good morning P3/4! Last week our sound of the week was oo and this week we make the same sound but with different letters. Words which sound the same but are spelled differently are called homophones. This sound is like the one you make when you stand in something yucky!

Today, you might try a spelling task, do your grapheme marking of the sounds or see if you can find or draw anything in your house that matches either sound. I’m sure your drawings will be better than mine! The rhyme for oo is “poo at the zoo” and the one for ew is “chew the stew”.

Have a look at my picture and objects. Can you work out which homophone we’d use for each object? Is it an oo or an ew word? Happy spelling!

Monday 23rd March:

Start your week and read! Cat optional!

Good morning P3/4!

It’s Monday morning and we are not in school.

This week will be an odd one for all of us but it it very important that we stay at home to keep ourselves and others safe. 

If you do one thing today, find something to read. You might read to a grown up, your wee sister or your teddies. Waffle, the cat, is very confused why I am at home right now but he is liking it… so far!


Have a happy Monday. Keep smiling, keep reading and keep being brilliant.