P3A – Ms Mathieson


Friday 3rd April:

Good Morning P3A!

Woo Hoo, we made it to the end of term! I hope you’ve enjoyed your wee school / office corners and are ready for some down time relaxing at home. Well done for your great motivation and attitude to your home learning tasks.

I’ve received some amazing art!
Well done, Lakshana, what a wonderful Easter bunny!
Happy Holidays from Ms Mathieson and the Easter Bunny. Catch you next term for more fun learning. Below is one more Easter themed ArtHub video. Do send your artwork to me when you have time.

At the end of the day, why don’t you play our Tidy Up time music and show your family how skilled you are at tidying up, watering plants, closing windows, etc, etc.

Thursday 2nd April:

Morning everyone. We have all just about completed another week of home learning. I hope you have been doing a little learning from your packs, the blog and our favourite websites. I can see lots of my students signing into Sumdog and EPIC, which is awesome! Has anyone managed to complete the Easter egg art?

Whenever I hear myself thinking ‘I’m bored!’ I think of Little Baa Baa and Quirky Turkey. Below is a video of some children narrating the story and a readers theatre for you to try at home. You could make your own puppets/smarty tablets (eewwwwww) and create your own movie of this story. Or complete an acrostic poem for one of the characters. I would love to see them – please send these to me if you possibly can.

Baa Baa Smart Sheep

NARRATOR: Little Baa Baa was bored.

LBB:   I’m bored. 

NARRATOR: When along came Quirky Turkey

QT:        Hello. 

LBB:      Hello. 

QT:        Nice Day. 

LBB:      Nice day. 

QT:        What’s that? 

LBB:      What’s what? 

QT:        That there. 

LBB:      This here? 

QT:        Yes, that there. 

LBB:      Oh, It’s a pile of… 

QT:        A pile of what? 

LBB:      It’s just a pile of… smarty tablets

QT:        Smarty tablets? 

LBB:      Yes, smarty tablets. 

QT:        Ohhh.  What are smarty tablets? 

LBB:      Like these ones? 

QT:        Yes, like those ones. 

LBB:      They’re tablets that make you smarter. 

QT:        Smarter? 

LBB:      More intelligent. 

QT:        Intelligent? 

LBB:      Brainier. 

QT:        Ohhh. 

QT:        What do you do with them? 

LBB:      Smarty tablets? 

QT:        Yes, smarty tablets. 

LBB:      You eat them. 

QT:        You eat them? 

LBB:     Yes, You eat them. 

QT:        Ohhh.  How much are they? 

LBB:      Smarty tablets? 

QT:        Yes, smarty tablets. 

LBB:      To buy? 

QT         To buy. 

LBB:      They’re free. 

QT:        They’re free? 

LBB:      Yes, they’re free… but only to turkeys. 

QT:        I’m a turkey!  They look a bit like poo. 

LBB:      Yes, they do look a bit like a poo. 

QT:        They smell a bit like poo, too.

LBB:      Yes, they do smell a bit like poo, too. 

QT:        Are you sure they’re not just poo? 

LBB:      Smarty tablets? 

QT:        Yes, smarty tablets. 

LBB:      Like these ones? 

QT:        Like those ones? 

LBB:      That you eat? 

QT:        That you eat .

LBB:      That are free? 

QT:        That are free. 

LBB:      …but only to Turkeys. 

QT:        I’m a turkey! 

LBB:      Then why don’t you help yourself. 

QT:        Don’t mind if I do!  Gobble! Gobble! Gobble! Oh no!… It IS POO

LBB:      See, you’re getting smarter already! 

NARRATOR: Little Baa Baa was bored.

LBB:      I’m bored. 

NARRATOR: When along came Silly Billy…

Wednesday 1st April:

The first of each month normally stands for new beginnings, a new season or that you’re one step closer to something you’re super excited for. Are there any birthdays in April, I wonder? Have you been doing ‘Pinch and Punch, First of the Month’ or pranks for April the 1st? We certainly have a new experience in this home learning. I am so impressed with all the work I’ve seen and heard about.

Mrs Smith and I had a chat and decided it was time to do some more art. Here’s my Easter Egg artwork from the Arthub for Kids website. If you would like to send me your cracked egg, bunny pictures, I will try to post them before the holidays.

I will crack my egg on Friday for you all to see my bunny! Have fun…

Tuesday 31st March:

Good Morning P3A!

I do hope you enjoyed Michael Rosen’s poems Don’t and Chocolate Cake. If you managed to find out about your parent’s naughtiest childhood memory you could write it down as a story or a news report or a poem. I would love to read them. Here’s my email address again:


Also if you would like to access the EPIC reading app for free until the end of June as part of their school closure special offer, please email me so I can activate it for you through my classroom account.


Today’s challenge is to learn your 3x table facts. Try out different ways to over-learn these facts. Writing them out neatly is a great way to learn them.

The first 100 square highlights all the multiples of 3. Do you notice a pattern? The next one is blank for you to skip counting on.

100 square 3x
100 square blank


Have a nice day everyone!

Ms Mathieson

Monday 30th March:

Good Morning boys and girls!

Hoping you and your families are all well and had a lovely, restful weekend. Remember keeping safe and being kind is our top priority at the moment. I will post a few more tasks to keep you learning this week…

Sumdog challenges are up and running again this week. I’ll post more short bursts, blankety blanks and some times table practice ideas. Hopefully we will use last week’s multiplication / switcher video to play Round the World together at some point soon.

I’m wondering if you are hearing lots more ‘Don’ts‘ at home at the moment? Michael Rosen has written lots of poems about his childhood. Chocolate Cake is hilarious – this story is a big don’t. Do not get any ideas. Here’s a good idea: share these poem videos with an adult and ask them what was the naughtiest thing they did as a child? There’s a link at the bottom with more of his poems!

Friday 27th March:

Morning P3!

Well done for completing your first week of home learning. I’ve loved seeing all your Sumdog practice and vegetable character photos. If you have any amazing work to share or questions to ask, please email me at: susan.mathieson@carrickknowe.edin.sch.uk

I hope you have had the chance to practice your 2x, 5x and 10x multiplication facts. Remember all that work we did on arrays, repeated addition, number lines and switchers?

Below is a video and a website link for you to practice your times table knowledge. Keep up the good work!


I hope you all have a great weekend.

Ms Mathieson

Thursday 26th March:

Good morning P3!

Hoping you are all well, keeping busy and staying cheerful!

Just for fun, Mrs Smith and I have decided to do some art together. What do you think of our go at drawing Olaf?

He’s so cute, right!

Visit Art Hub and have a go!

Add a speech bubble – what advice do you think Olaf would give you right now?

Wednesday 25th March:

Good morning P3A. I hope your mini classrooms are looking good and you are settling into your home learning routines. Have you visited the list of websites listed in OUR CURRICULUM / USEFUL RESOURCES on the blog’s menu bar.

Well done to everyone who took on the Sumdog fractions challenge, I can see most of you have had a go. Today’s challenge is all about addition, subtraction and money. This is a great chance to show off your fantastic maths skills, best of luck everyone! Don’t worry if you find it tricky, remember our mistakes help us learn.

I hope you are enjoying having your poetry books at home. Feel free to add more detail and speech bubbles to your illustrations.

Here’s a blankety blank for you to try. Can you score 10/10? I have posted the answers below.

When you have time, copy this one onto a blank page at the back. Remember to do your best cursive handwriting.

A Bird Came in My _________

A bird came in

my ­­­__________

and hopped

along my _________.

And then it laid

a __________ egg,


on my ________.

By Jill Eggleton

Answers backwards (wodniw x2, deb, yttops, daeh)

Tuesday 24th March:

“Good morning, bad morning, sad morning, excited morning, sore morning, sticking plaster morning, unicorn morning…”

I am missing all of you and your different morning greetings. We all have different feelings and they change all the time.

Remember if you are feeling at all out of sorts you can practice your alligator or butterfly or cake breathing! It’s kind of funny but helps you feel really calm. Have a go! Why don’t you teach someone at home how to do it?

Monday 23rd March:

Good morning everyone, 

I hope you are all well and ready to do some work from your packs at some point this week. I bet your homework corners/ school corners are looking so good. I know your parents will be so impressed with your great work habits.

Remember that, as well as all the great activities in your pack, there will also be a new Sumdog challenge every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Today’s challenge is all about fractions, give it your best try! Each challenge lasts until the next one begins. I’m looking forward to seeing how you all get on. 🙂

I went for a walk this morning, as I’m trying to get back to my 10,000 steps a day goal and I was thinking of you all and I was wondering if you can remember your goals that you wrote in your mini books. Maybe this is a good time to reflect on them too. 

And remember our last chat when we decided that keeping safe and being kind is even more important than any homework!