P3A – Mrs Henderson


Wednesday 10th March:

P3A are back in the building!!

It is so good to be all back together and Primary 3A have been working so hard!

Here we are looking happy to be back in school!

We have been doing lots over the last 3 weeks. Writing poems and mixed up Fairytales, working with money, dressing up for World Book Day, reading a story about dragons and learning how to draw dragons, playing Team Games, number bonds and tables challenges, learning about adjectives and how to use dictionaries, making a class Food Market and lots more!

Keep up the great work Primary 3. You are all working so hard!

Friday 19th February:

The countdown is on until we are back in school together! Which is happy and sad news. Happy as we all get to see each other again and sad as we have to say goodbye to Mrs Clark. (Although we will make sure that we have a Teams chat with her in the next few weeks.)

This week has been all about Estimating and Rounding Numbers in Maths, Character Descriptions and editing our work in Writing and talking about last week’s snow!

Again a HUGE thank you to everyone at home who has been helping you with your learning. Here are some of the things we have been doing this week.

This week’s Sumdog Champions were – Emma S Caleb and Emma D Well done!

There will be lots of mixed feelings as you come back to school and so we will ease gently back into everything. There will be lots of time for playing games (woo hoo) and getting to know our new member of the class.

Have a good weekend and remember to pack you bag for Monday!

Looking forward to seeing you soon

Mrs Henderson (and Mrs Clark)

Thursday 4th February:

What a busy week we have had! This week it has been mainly all about times tables and writing a story. We all really deserve a week off!!

Have a look at some of our ‘wonderful work.’

A huge thank you again to everyone at home who has been helping you! They deserve some time off too!

It will be great to be back in school together so we really hope after the holiday week we only have one more week of home learning!

Remember tomorrow is ‘Screen Free Friday‘ so enjoy a day away from a screen! The assembly will be available today for you to watch and the dictation is in the Literacy Attachments.

Whatever you do next week, we hope you have a GREAT week and we will ‘see’ you on Tuesday 16th February.

Bye for now

Mrs Henderson and Mrs Clark

Friday 29th January:

What another great week of ‘Learning at Home‘ we have had. We are so impressed with how you are all working at home. Thank you again for all that you have been doing and to the grown ups at home who have been helping you and juggling many things. Well done everyone!

This week we have been doing lots of things – writing settings for a story, creating our own family or community tartan, finding places in Scotland on a map, practising our number bonds and lots more!

We found out 2 exciting pieces of information this week. Mrs Clark is having a baby and we have a new boy in our class! One is a little sad as it means Mrs Clark won’t be in class with us when we get back into school but we are really excited and look forward to hearing all about the new baby. It has been great to welcome Wezley to the class and we have been getting to know him virtually at the moment – we are looking forward to meeting him in person!

In other exiting news – Our Sumdog champions this week were :

1st place – Kieran 2nd place – Oscar 3rd place – Emma S WELL DONE!

Tom’s Art Competition winner was – Kieran. Well done – here was his entry! It was very creative. We really liked that he included some material. Well done.

Here are some photos of what we have been doing this week :

We know it is much harder to do school work at home but thank you for all sticking with it and letting us see how you are getting on.

Well done to all the people who entered into the Burns competition and a huge well done to Oscar for winning in our class. Great expression! Look out for all the winners on today’s assembly. All the people who entered should have received a certificate via Learning Journals – well done.

Have a great weekend everyone and we will see you next week.

Mrs Henderson and Mrs Clark

Friday 22nd January:

Another great week of learning has happened in P3a. We have been so impressed with everything that you have sent us this week. You have been working really hard on your poems, mind maps and number work as well as lots of other things.

Thank you for the poems that you have sent in. Now we have the very difficult task of choosing a winner!

Here are some of the photos of what you have all been doing this week.

We have some fun at the Teams chat at the end of the day. Here is a photo of some of us on a call this week – don’t we look lovely?!

Thank you again to all the adults at home who are helping you to work so hard at home. (We both know what it is like to have small, and big, people at home all day to keep entertained, on task and fed!)

Have a great weekend everyone and we will see you next week. You all deserve a rest – so enjoy whatever you get up to!

Bye for now

Mrs Henderson and Mrs Clark

Friday 15th January:

Well this is the end of the first week in 2021 and what a different start to term it has been! In class we would normally share our good work and so online we are doing it on Friday through our Magical Moments!

Thank you for sending your work in. Remember this can be done through Learning Journals. Take a look at some of the great work that people have been doing this week. (Please send anything in to us by Thursday 12pm to make sure that we can add it on this page.)

It has been great to ‘check in‘ with you at the end of the day and say hello. We have even managed to play a couple of games together which has been fun! (Hopefully the internet will be kinder to Mrs H next Thursday!)

Next week remember to have a look at the Sway that we have made for you which should have lots of helpful videos and information to help you with your tasks.

In class we normally announce our Sumdog champions on Friday so here they are :

1st place – Kieran 2nd place – Rose and 3rd place – Louis Well done!

See you next week.

Mrs Clark and Mrs Henderson

Friday 11th December:

This has been a busy week.

In Maths we have been learning about Grid References. We have been making and describing pictures and playing Battleships.

In our topic work we have been making posters about places of interest in Edinburgh and we have been making puppets and acting out the Christmas story.

It was Christmas Jumper Day today and we watched a Pantomime – ‘Oh yes we did’. Don’t we all look really smart in our jumpers and Christmas clothes.

We finished off the week having some fun in the woods. We were all VERY excited in the woods! We climbed trees, played Hide and Seek and even ‘toasted marshmallows on a camp fire.’ (We pretended to do that!)

It has been a great week.

Mrs Henderson and Mrs Clark

Friday 4th December:

It has been great to be with P3A for the last 2 weeks. We have had lots of fun and we have all worked really hard!

Here are some photos of us working in class. We have been doing some Orienteering activities, learning about directions in maths and we have shown great team work in the woods!

We have also been doing some mapping of our local area. Looking at maps, symbols and keys and we have been learning about neurons.

We are also gearing up for Christmas now that it is December. Do you like our door?!

See you all soon.

Mrs Henderson and Mrs Clark

Keep calm it's almost Christmas.. | Christmas is coming, Christmas quotes,  Christmas spirit

Wednesday 18th November:

Litter Pick!

Last week, P3A ventured outside to do a litter pick around the school! Before heading out, we shared our knowledge about the environment, recycling and the importance of not dropping litter. I was extremely impressed with what P3A already knew and their ability to share information with their peers!

On the litter pick, P3A went around the school to find and throw away different pieces of litter. We found crisp packets, wrappers and even a shoe! P3A were responsible, helpful and enthusiastic!

Thursday 5th November:

Numbers Around the World!

As part of our maths topic, P3A have been learning about numbers around the world. This week we have explored a variety of number systems that have been used throughout history – specifically looking at the Romans!

P3A were able to choose what activity they wanted to complete, including making clocks with Roman numbers, a colour by Roman number and a Roman number code breaker (which proved to be tricky but P3A showed excellent problem solving and teamwork skills!). P3A were superb at choosing tasks that challenged their learning and stimulated their understanding about numbers around the world both past and present – fantastic work P3!

Wednesday 30th September:

Maths Week!

This week is Maths Week Scotland – a celebration of the importance of maths in our everyday lives. Today, P3A ventured outside and carried out a maths hunt around the school grounds! We searched high and low for different cards and we were able to work with our talking partners to answer the questions on each. There were all sorts of questions from time to shape to addition so a MASSIVE well done to P3A who put all their maths and numeracy knowledge into activity and were able to complete the hunt successfully! Great work!

Friday 25th September:

Outdoor Clocks!

This week, P3A have been looking at analogue clocks. As a class, we have learnt about the minute hand and the hour hand, as well as using this to help us work out if it is o’clock, half past, quarter past or quarter to.

To continue with our learning, P3A ventured outside to create our own outdoor clocks with hula hoops, sticks and chalk. The class were excellent at showing different times by moving the minute hand and the hour hand to the correct position. Fantastic work P3A!

Tuesday 22nd September:

The children in Primary 3 have been very busy over the past couple of weeks developing their skills in mixing colours. They have been making secondary colours (green, orange and purple) using the Primary colours (red, blue and yellow) to create these striking Picasso inspired faces. Everyone tried really hard to mix lots of different colours using only red, yellow, blue and white and paint within the lines.

Primary 3 have started learning about Pablo Picasso. We have looked at his famous painting, “The Weeping Woman” which is one of his classic pieces of art from his “cubism” period. Over the next couple of weeks, we plan to recreate our own Picasso inspired images!

Tuesday 15th September:

Patterns and Tiling!

P3A have been extremely busy in mathematics for the past couple of weeks! Since the start of term, we have been looking at the names and properties of different 2D shapes. Last week, we were able to translate this knowledge into creating patterns and tiling. P3A were fantastic at hunting for different tiling examples around the classroom before creating their own using coloured paper! Well done P3A – awesome work!

P3A hunting for tiling examples!
Found one!
P3A were able to draw different shapes that they found in the tiling pictures!
Found another!
Our finished pieces of art!

Tuesday 11th August:

As you will be aware, there have been a few changes over the past couple of months… You have a new teacher and a new classroom!

Hello P3A! My name is Miss Bell and I will be your new Primary 3 teacher! I am extremely excited to meet you all and make this a great school year! I can’t wait to make our classroom a fun and exciting place to learn. Do you have a favourite subject? I will be meeting some of you on Wednesday and some of you on Thursday before we all come to school on Friday! I hope to hear what you have been up to during the summer holidays, as well as what you like to do in your free time and any other interesting facts about yourself!

We are going to be learning in classroom 8. It might look at little different when you come in on Wednesday or Thursday.

And this is the door you will come in at the beginning of the day and leave at the end.

See you all very soon!

Miss Bell

Thursday 25th June:

Welcome to P3A!