P4-P7 Lunches


PrintUPDATE: All booking forms should now be handed into the office first thing on a Wednesday morning and no later than 4PM on Wednesdays. Any orders made after this deadline will no longer be catered for. This will enable us to make the necessary food orders for the following week. Payment must also accompany the form unless your child is entitled to free school meals.

To download a booking form or for more information about this terms menu and special dietary requirements, please see the headings below.

How can I download a booking form?

You can download and print the form below and send it into school with your child. Alternatively, booking forms are available from the office.

What’s on the menu this term?

We have attached the lunch menu below for the Autumn/Winter terms. Remember to check back soon for our Spring term menu. Please use this when making your choices for meals. Alternatively, the menu is available on the Edinburgh Council Website (link below):

What should I do about special dietary requirements?

Please complete the ‘Diet Referral’ form below and return to the school as soon as possible. This will then allow us to contact the catering supervisor who will work on putting a special diet policy in place.

More information about free school meals can be found on the council website by clicking here: