Primary 4 and 3/4 Blog (2019-20)


We ❤ Books!

World Book Day was this week and P3/4 and P4 did an excellent job of dressing up as a character from a book.

P3/4 had everything from animals and superheroes to children and grannies!


P4 did not disappoint with a wide selection of home made and creative characters.


Mr Harper and Mrs Mac got in on the act too!


Don’t we all look awesome!

Well done team, let’s keep reading!


What’s the time Mr Wolf?

We’re learning about time so we went outside and made clocks!  Our challenge was to create an analogue clock face out of natural materials that we could find in the school grounds. We worked together in teams and were really creative. Can you tell the time on each clock? We think learning outside is fun!

Oor art and handwritin’ is awfie braw!

We have been learning Scots poems and created works of art inspired by these. We created water and plants by exploring mixing and creating different tones with paints and made patterns by moving the brush in different ways. We cut our painted paper and used the technique of collage to create these awesome crocodiles and frogs. Lastly, we showed just how much our handwriting has improved by writing out The Crocodile and The Puddock. Very impressive stuff!

Perfect Percussion!

It’s a Baby!

The P3 pupils from P3/4 were very busy rehearsing the percussion for the P1-3 nativity. We had to learn song words and actions whilst playing our instruments too! We are very good at multi-tasking!

By the time these photos were taken after the Friday performance we had had lots of rehearsals, a dress rehearsal to the rest of the school and a performance to family on the Wednesday! We need a rest! Well done to all the pupils, including those not in the photos, who played their percussion really well, in time with the music and the singing. These Christmas holidays have been very well earned. 😀

STEM – Amazing Animal Adaptations!

Food, feathers and fat!

How do polar animals stay warm in the freezing cold? Does the shape of a bird’s beak affect what it eats? Does the wax on a penguin’s feathers help it to stay dry?

We explored these questions during our STEM open afternoon by doing a variety of science experiments about how animals have adapted to live in their habitats. We showed superb teamwork skills when working together to carry out experiments in pairs and with family members.

We created penguins and sprayed them with water and used beaks of tweezers and clothes pegs to try to pick up maggots, worms and shrimp. Don’t panic, this wasn’t some strange ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here’ type challenge, it really was just rice, noodles and Cheerios!

Our favourite experiment was when we investigated if a layer of fat really does keep you warm by covering one hand in lard and putting it in a bucket of very icy water! We learned that many polar animals have adapted to the cold by having a layer of fat to stay warm. Our fat covered hands felt strangely normal and our other hand was so cold that we couldn’t keep it in the icy water for very long at all!

Animals have so many adaptations and we have really enjoyed learning about some of them. Thank you to all those family members who were able to come along to join in with our learning.

All Around The World at Dynamic Earth

P3/4 and P4 went on a trip to Dynamic Earth. In school we have been learning all about living things. In Dynamic Earth we travelled back in time to think about how the world began. We felt earthquakes and volcanoes happen! The ground was shaking and we had to hold on tight!

Our adventures took us around the different climate zones in the world. We started off in the rainforest and had to look really carefully to hunt out the camouflaged creatures. We went to a workshop about the polar climate zone, where we investigated how the animals have adapted to survive in such a cold climate. We touched furs and saw some very huge walrus tusks!

We explored our favourite climate zone further by getting cold. Really, really cold! We loved touching the iceberg, it was much colder than we expected!

In the afternoon we went on a journey round the world, all whilst sitting in a seat. Our last adventure was to the moon!  We were looking above our heads at a domed screen while sitting in a chair that was reclined.  An amazing experience for everyone. Thank you to our parent volunteers who came along too. We are looking forward to learning more about how animals in different climate zones adapt when we get back to school.

Maths and Nature in P3/4 and P4A…

In Primary 4 and Primary 3/4 we have been exploring maths and nature.

in the pictures below we went outside and solved sudoku puzzles – but weren’t allowed to use pens and paper so we used bits of nature instead!

We also looked at how animals have symmetry! Who knew there was so much maths  in animals!

We enter the Food Chain!

We have been learning to group living creatures by the food that they eat. These creatures were then put into their place in the food chain.

To show off our learning we have used our paper cutting skills to show our understanding of the food chain in a creative way. These photos are half way through the process. We think the P3 and 4 creatures look more scary than the real ones!

Keep an eye out on our Learning Journals where we’ll soon be showing you our finished masterpieces!

Book Festival Fun

All the P4 pupils went on an adventure on the tram to the Book Festival. We listened to the comedian and author Julian Clary talk about his book, The Bolds. His illustrator friend David Roberts joined him on stage too.

Julian talked about his inspiration for the books, answered questions and drew the characters at the same time as David. David’s were much better! The audience shared their ideas and Julian showed us how easy it is to create a funny character.

One lucky P4 volunteered the name of the character and got a signed illustration to take home. We were all inspired to draw and write our own characters, so watch this space!

Note: There are pictures of the P3 trip to the Book Festival on the P3 page! 😀