Primary 4 and 3/4 Blog (2019-20)


Maths and Nature in P3/4 and P4A…

In Primary 4 and Primary 3/4 we have been exploring maths and nature.

in the pictures below we went outside and solved sudoku puzzles – but weren’t allowed to use pens and paper so we used bits of nature instead!

We also looked at how animals have symmetry! Who knew there was so much maths  in animals!

We enter the Food Chain!

We have been learning to group living creatures by the food that they eat. These creatures were then put into their place in the food chain.

To show off our learning we have used our paper cutting skills to show our understanding of the food chain in a creative way. These photos are half way through the process. We think the P3 and 4 creatures look more scary than the real ones!

Keep an eye out on our Learning Journals where we’ll soon be showing you our finished masterpieces!

Book Festival Fun

All the P4 pupils went on an adventure on the tram to the Book Festival. We listened to the comedian and author Julian Clary talk about his book, The Bolds. His illustrator friend David Roberts joined him on stage too.

Julian talked about his inspiration for the books, answered questions and drew the characters at the same time as David. David’s were much better! The audience shared their ideas and Julian showed us how easy it is to create a funny character.

One lucky P4 volunteered the name of the character and got a signed illustration to take home. We were all inspired to draw and write our own characters, so watch this space!

Note: There are pictures of the P3 trip to the Book Festival on the P3 page! 😀