Primary 4 Blog (2017-18)


Code Club !

Over the past 6 weeks, some of our P4 children have been attending our first ever Code Club. With help from some Lloyds Banking volunteers, they’ve been making animations, programming some talking robots and even creating their own games!

Ryan: “It’s fun because you can make games, things move around the screen and things can make sounds!”

Aiden: “I’ve been learning how to use coding and Scratch to make games. I’ve also been doing it in my house!”



Primary 4 have been busy investigating plants. We discovered lots of plants growing around our school and we identified what they need to grow. We have even designed our own experiments! We have been learning about variables and how to set up a ‘fair experiment’. We have planted our own seeds and we are going to see what happens when we change the amount of water or light they get. We wonder which seeds will grow ? We will update you soon 😊