Primary 4 Blog (2018-19)


Ollie Walkers!

Ollie loves going for a walk! These boys have been wonderfully cooperative, kind and generous students in P4B – what amazing Carrick Knowe Primary School role models. You rock!

P4 Superhero Superstars

03CE853D-0BD1-4BE7-9BA7-1E9DF1E87002Well done to all those P4 students who earned a Superhero certificate this week! You are on track, focussed, motivated and so, so awesome!

Parent Job Interviews

P4A have loved interviewing parents about the maths in their jobs! Take a look at some things we found out below…

Leah’s dad came to visit P4A for Scottish maths week to talk about how he uses maths in his job as a Sky TV salesman. Did you know Sky sells more packages in November because it is getting close to Christmas . They have 11,000,000 customers per year. The math skills he uses are dividing and multiplying. His favourite part of his job is helping people . He uses lots of money for example kids box sets are five pound per month and Sky cinema is thirty pound per month. He has worked with math all his life.
By Leah and Lauren

Alice’s mum is a statistician and works for the NHS. 1,643,564 people visited the A and E department in Scotland last year. The group of people that visit the most are over the age of 70. She finds it difficult to explain numbers to people. She has worked with math for 20 years. She likes her job.
By Alice and Megan

I Feel Good!

07D342E8-41DE-4253-B114-1E3D0BB322E8.jpegP4 have a new buddy called Ollie! He’s an all-singing and all-dancing pup!

Whenever someone gets to take him on a walk, it’s to celebrate the amazing work, growth mindset or behaviour going on in class!

Some wonderful girls from P4B took Ollie on a walk next door to visit P4A to tell us all about their fabulous writing! Great work girls! Keep it up!

Van Gogh Inspired Sunflowers

We are looking forward to turning our classrooms and corridors into an art gallery! Here’s a sneaky peak at P4As sunflower paintings!

So much concentration!
Such colour!
So many tones!
Different styles!

Primary 4 Have Started Well!

Well done girls! You are the first two students in Primary 4 to earn a ‘Focused Felicity’ certificate for super focus and hard work! What a great start to the year!

Primary 4 and 5 have also been outside and they’ve been digging up lots of vegetables including carrots, onions, peas and beetroot. Mrs Iley was also very impressed with that HUGE courgette above. And even more impressed when it was turned into soup at home!


We hope everyone had a fantastic summer and are looking forward to an exciting year. This year the Primary 4 teachers will be Ms Mathieson in P4A and Mr Harper in P4B. Mrs Clark will also be working with P4B on a Wednesday.

Keep checking back here as the year progresses for more updates and photos!