Primary 4 Blog (2017-18)


Checkout These Amazing Achievers

F0CE90C1-BB3A-4C47-9BDF-9BAC9E38F621Super Heroes are go! So many students showing a great attitude to their work! Great motivation, perseverance as we learn!

Railway Safety

Today we welcomed P.C. Jackson into our school and he was telling us all about railway safety. The key messages were not to climb up the fences, not to throw stones and cans onto trains and train tracks and don’t go onto the railway tracks.

Wise words.


When Women Got The Vote!

“We went to a procession and were celebrating 100 years of women getting the vote. There were 3 main colours- Green, White, Violet -it stands for: Give Women Vote. We felt very proud and empowered.💂🏻‍♀️🦄”


Super Swimmers and Super Heroes!

Another successful week of learning in P4, from sculling, treading water, learning to float and learning from our mistakes! You guys are awesome!


Great Focus and Motivation

On behalf of ‘Focused Felicity’:

“Well done boys! You have produced some great work this week. You are awesome – so are the gloves!”

Lookout… Superheroes About!

IMG_0733.JPGCheckout this week’s certificate winners! All these students have been caught doing amazing things this week!

Designing Board Games

96ADDD38-51DD-4088-8C0D-ADE0AEA6D6DFSome students in Primary 4B have had fun designing board games after completing their novels, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

Superheroes Soup

526DEC5E-FB28-436A-89F1-42398C24EECE.jpegLast week’s Superheroes need a shout out for showing all sorts of super skills, motivation and growth mindset! As always you rock, and Mr Brewer, Mr Wallace and Ms Mathieson are so proud of you.

[Blog Post by Kirsty and Ava]

P4s have been looking at ways to try and stop plastic going into the sea.

We’ve also been counting the amount of break rubbish in one break time.

More Area Things
[Blog Post by Jaidyn and Megan]

We have been measuring area outside in maths.

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Measuring Area in Primary 4

All classes in Primary 4 have been exploring ways of measuring area. Their first task was to create a square that measured one metre by one metre! Using this metre square, groups were able to go and measure the areas of spaces both inside and outside the classroom. We found out that four P4 students can sit comfortably inside the metre square! As fun as this task was… we are thinking there must be an easier way to measure area! That’s our next step, watch this space!

Achieving Alfie

It’s only week one but look how many children have impressed their teachers already! Great work! Keep it up!

Assembly Photos

What an amazing assembly!

Primary 4 wowed everyone last week as they performed their ‘Scottish Inventors’ assembly.  Based around Britains Got Talent, there was some amazing acting on show as well as singing, dancing, jokes, catwalk models and even a moody Simon Cowell… What more could you ask for!

Motivated Mark

Well done to these students who showed great motivation this week, great concentration, listening and talking as we prepared for our assembly!


Focussed Felicity

Well done to all those students who won certificates this week. We had a focus on ‘Focussed Felicity’ and were watching out for wonderful focus and concentration.


World Book Day In P4!

IMG_2843.JPGWhat an amazing variety of characters! Bogus, Bunce and Bean were so impressed! It was wonderful to see all these much loved characters come to life! 


Keep on reading, p4!

Cereal Detectives

P4B have been exploring cereal boxes, looking for all sorts of information…

They found out how healthy each cereal is or isn’t. They looked for adjectives and adverbs describing the cereal. They even found out which cereals the Queen eats! Lots of good fun and motivated reading!

Starry Night Calendars

IMG_2574.JPGP4B enjoyed studying Van Gogh’s famous painting, Starry Night. They experimented with line work to complete their own Starry Night pastel calendars.

P4C Trip To City Chambers

Congratulations to one of our P4C pupils for winning the Lord and Lady Provost’s Christmas card competition! On Tuesday, the class were invited to the City Chambers for a special reception and short tour. The staff there kindly provided us with tasty refreshments before Ruby was presented with her winning design. Everyone in the class was also treated to free tickets for them and their family to the ‘Bairns Afore’ show on Hogmanay!

We were shown some very important items kept in the City Chambers, and we learned a lot about what the Lord Provost does and where he works. Some of us were definitely inspired to be Lord Provost one day!

Properties Of 3D Shapes

All the students in Primary 4 have been studying 2D and 3D shapes. They have been learning about edges, faces and vertices. They had lots of fun creating 3D shapes, using spaghetti and marshmallows.


Code Club !

Over the past 6 weeks, some of our P4 children have been attending our first ever Code Club. With help from some Lloyds Banking volunteers, they’ve been making animations, programming some talking robots and even creating their own games!

Ryan: “It’s fun because you can make games, things move around the screen and things can make sounds!”

Aiden: “I’ve been learning how to use coding and Scratch to make games. I’ve also been doing it in my house!”


Primary 4 have been busy investigating plants. We discovered lots of plants growing around our school and we identified what they need to grow. We have even designed our own experiments! We have been learning about variables and how to set up a ‘fair experiment’. We have planted our own seeds and we are going to see what happens when we change the amount of water or light they get. We wonder which seeds will grow ? We will update you soon 😊