P4A – Mrs MacLennan


Friday 2nd October:

Maths Week in P4A

We took part in the Maths Week Maths hunt around the grounds. Thankfully the rain had stopped by then! You can see our two winning teams celebrating here. 😀

This week we’ve been doing loads of maths and lots of counting using number lines, hoops and spots.

We were given a STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) challenge linked to our class novel The Iron Man. Our challenge was to recreate the pit that the farmers trapped the Iron Man in. It had to be at least three times the height of him. We made small Iron Men from Lego and went to the allotment to dig! Luckily this was at the start of the week when the sun was shining. Who knew that maths could be so much fun!

Well done to all those who took part in the SumDog whole school challenge. We came fourth, well done team!

Friday 2nd October:


The Iron Man has been put together! We drew what we thought he’d look like with all his body parts together.

Here he is, keeping guard on our classroom. Visitors beware!

Another strange creature has appeared in the novel. I wonder what the Iron Man will make of the Space Bat Angel Dragon? Here are our drawn dragon predictions.

Friday 11th September:

The Iron Man is coming…

We are really enjoying the novel The Iron Man and this week we were given a STEM challenge to try to build him! Each group were in charge of designing and creating a section of the Iron Man’s body. We discussed, drew plans, tried different resources, changed plans and then started building. We did all of this and were very careful to only use our own resources!
Here we are in action…

Our teamwork skills were superb and we really helped each other out. We are very proud of all that we designed and made in the time slot. Here are our final body bits…

We build the head.

We build the torso.

We built the arms and hands. The fingers were tricky!

We built the legs and feet.

In chapter one, the Iron Man tumbles off the cliff and his body breaks into pieces. Just like in the story, he needs to be put together again. Keep an eye out at the windows next to our classroom door and you might be able to see if we can build him!

Monday 7th September:

We are back and have been busy!

P4A have been back in school for a few weeks and we are doing an excellent job at remembering all of our new rules and procedures. We have been very busy getting to know each other and have written, drawn, and chatted all about ourselves. It has been lovely to talk, share and giggle together!

The pupils voted and chose a rainbow as out theme for our class charter. A very happy afternoon was spent drawing round our hands and then cutting them out…again and again! I think that you will agree that all our effort was certainly worth it.

We have been very busy both inside and outside the classroom. P4A are reading the book ‘The Battle of Bubble and Squeak’. Our Fun Friday Golden Time Challenge was to create a home for Bubble and Squeak, who are gerbils. We worked together in small groups, designing and creating little homes, using only the things we could find lying around.

Our main reading focus has been the novel ‘The Iron Man’. We are loving this book! In the book, the Iron Man eats anything metal he can get his giant hands on, including a barbed wire fence which he eats like it was spaghetti! Inspired by this, we wrote a poems about what the Iron Man might eat. We wrote our poems in the style of the story of the ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. Mrs McMorris did some art with us and here are our impressive pieces of art and poems.

This week we’re going to build a giant Iron Man so watch this space!

Tuesday 11th August:

Welcome to Primary 4!

You will now know that our classroom has moved. This is brilliant for us because we get the biggest and best rooms in the school. Also we get to use the short ‘Blue Route’ when going home! Mrs Bennett and I were in school today, with all the other teachers putting the finishing touches to our rooms and getting ready to see you all this week. We are so looking forward to seeing you in class on Wednesday (children with surnames A-L), Thursday (children with surnames M-Z) and all of you, together on Friday.

To get into Primary 4A we are going to come in the classroom door inside the red, yellow and blue fence (next to the boat).

You will see from the photos that our rooms look quite different to when you were in Primary 1!

See you soon!

Thursday 25th June:

Welcome to P4A!