P4B – Mrs Bennett


Friday 22nd January:

Week 2 and in P4B we have done an amazing variety of tasks and a whole lot of learning this week.

But…. before we even get to that…we worked on our own Scots Poems at the end of week one and here are some of those.  They are fabulous!

Our big focus this week was on cartoons and comic strips and here are just some examples of the planning, practice and finished cartoons.

On Wednesday Mrs MacLennan read us a story called ‘the Invisible String’ by Patrice Karst.  Here are two of the ‘imagined’ invisible strings linking you to your family and friends.

Other amazing talents on show…..

P4B the variety and colour in your work is wonderful.  Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Bennett

Friday 15th January:

Sharing some magical moments from this week.

Look how cool we are in P4B

Good morning to everyone and a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to you and your parents for getting on so well with the tech, the work and the whole “home learning 2” situation this week.  You have been amazing!  Here a just some of the magical moments you have worked on this week.  They show your skills, enthusiasm, imagination and sense of fun and I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I have this week. 

One challenge this week was to make a model of a local landmark. Follow the slideshow to see some amazing handiwork.

Here are some more examples of our magical work this week…

I look forward to chatting with you at 3pm Monday to Thursday next week and hope you enjoy takin a dauner through the deep, mirk widd as you listen to the Gruffalo in Scots today!

Whit happens when the sleekit moose faces a hoolet, a snake and a gruffalo…

Have a fun weekend off and keep safe,

Mrs Bennett

Monday 23rd November:

Friday 30th October:

Playground Games!

In Primary 4 we are resurrecting some old fashioned playground games. This week we learned how to play hopscotch – who knew it could be so competitive? We investigated a variety of hopscotch grids online. Then we designed our own grids in groups of three.

The challenge was to make our grid fun and workable. Could we get our foot into the box, circle, heart shape that we drew? What was the purpose of the bean bag? How did we get a winner? These were all questions we discussed. Have a scroll through the slideshow below to see just some of the fund we had.

Tuesday 29th September:

The Arrival of the Iron Man!

Over the last few weeks we have been listening to the story of the Iron Man by Ted Hughes.

It is said the the Iron Man is as tall as three trees, and his eyes glow blue when he is happy. At first we weren’t very sure if The Iron Man was a goodie or a baddie. After all he kept eating the farmers’ metal equipment and they got really scared and angry. They decided to dig a huge pit in one of their fields in which to capture the Iron Man.

We tried digging pits in the allotment. We hid our Iron Men in them. Can you spot any?

However, a small boy called Hogarth, felt guilty about trapping the Iron Man and he had faith in the Iron Man and we decided we would too. We built our own version of him. He is now guarding our classroom. BEWARE!

In Chapter 4 of the story a newcomer arrives… you will need to wait for our next exciting instalment.

Monday 7th September:

We’re off to a flying start in Primary 4B. Lots of things are different from normal and lots of things are the same. Lovely things which are the same are, the children! Coming in with a smile, adapting so well to new ways of doing things and enjoying being back into routine and playing with their friends.

We have been watching our virtual assemblies (Miss Inglis is now very happy)

We have been thinking about how we are feeling and deciding if we are in the green zone…ready to learn.


We have learned that we all have an ‘invisible’ bucket which can be filled or emptied depending on our mood and the actions of the world around us. Perhaps you are thinking about your own bucket right now?

This week we decorated our very own bucket (peer through to the wall behind the children) and started the process of ‘bucket filling’ by writing a message of kindness to someone in the class. We also worked on small poster size buckets (we’re showing these off right now).


We went adventuring in the woods to see what had changed since the start of term and to build some little homes for wood dwellers…mice, hedgehogs, toads, stoats, weasels maybe some visiting unicorns, leprechauns, mountain fairies, goblins or perhaps elves.

The structures showed great imagination. Some used tyres or tree bases. Some were upright and some ‘lean to’ styles. We found ladybirds, woodlice, slugs and lots of creepy crawlies in rotting wood and under logs.

The very last picture in our group here shows the ‘home’ which was most liked by the class – you can see all the feet surrounding it as we all looked.

We are really enjoying being back at school. That’s it till our next blog post!

P4B and Mrs Bennett

Tuesday 11th August:

Welcome to Primary 4!

You will now know that our classroom has moved. This is brilliant for us because we get the biggest and best rooms in the school. Also we get to use the short ‘Blue Route’ when going home! Mrs MacLennan and I were in school today, with all the other teachers putting the finishing touches to our rooms and getting ready to see you all this week. We are so looking forward to seeing you in class on Wednesday (children with surnames A-L), Thursday (children with surnames M-Z) and all of you, together on Friday.

To get into Primary 4B we are going to come in the classroom door inside the red, yellow and blue fence (next to the boat).

You will see from the photos that our rooms look quite different to when you were in Primary 1.

See you soon!

Thursday 25th June:

Welcome to P4B!