Primary 5 Blog (2018-19)


Budgeting in P5B – THE RESULTS!

Wow – what a week it has been! P5 have been working super hard in their budgeting challenge. We’ve paid, rent, council tax and even some fines for not paying a bill on time!

Each ‘family’ came together to manage their money really well, they even received some hard earned cash for their brilliant efforts in different tasks this week. Throughout the week each member of the family was able to calculate different amounts of money which was due as well as the change they required. We had our trusty banker on hand to collect in the money and ensure the correct change was given.

Leader Board…

1st: The Adams family – finished with £50 left

2nd: The Clark family – finished with £30 left

3rd: The Skelton family – finished with £25 left

4th: The Stuart family – finished with £5 left

5th: The Smith family – finished with -£5

A very well done to P5b for their efforts this week, we have made it to Friday with  brilliant idea of how important it is to ‘make money last’.

Our Budgeting Challenge!

This week, all over Scotland it is maths week! P5 have just been set an exciting budgeting challenge.

Each table has been given a family name, different professions, different weekly wages and different bills – just like real life!

In their families, It’s P5’s challenge to budget their money for the week the best they can. There will be chances for them to earn a little bit extra money but also some surprise expenses to come their way. We’re off to a flying start as rent was paid very quickly!

Check back later in the week to see which ‘families’ manages to budget the best!


Welcome Back!

We hope everyone had a fantastic summer and is ready for all the exciting challenges and opportunities that Primary 5 will bring. This year Mrs Moffat and Mrs Kane will be teaching P5A, Mr Morrison will be teaching P5B and Mr Malone will be teaching P5C.

Keep checking back here as the year progresses for more updates and photos!