Primary 5 and 5/6 Blog (2019-20)


Angles in P5A

Over the last couple of weeks P5 have been learning about the size of different angles. Yesterday the class went into the playground on an ‘angles hunt’ and today they had some fun making angles with paper straws.

Green Screens in P5/6

This term, P5/6 have been looking at advertising and what ways companies use logos, catchy slogans, jingles and TV adverts to buy their products. Over the next few weeks we’ll be inventing our own products and will have to create our own TV adverts.

In preparation, we set up a number of  ‘green screens’ in our new STEM Room – which is almost finished! We managed to impose ourselves into a range of places including dancefloors, aeroplanes, the Mindcraft world, falling from a building and in front of Peppa Pig!

Fairtrade Fortnight!

Primary 5 have been finding out about what Fairtrade means and the impact buying Fairtrade products has on people living in different countries.

To show what we had learned we made posters to put up around the school.

Our aim is to try and persuade others to buy a few Fairtrade products during Fairtrade Fortnight. (24th Feb – 8th Mar).

Fingers crossed!

P5A Scots Art

In Primary 5 we have been busy learning our Scots poems and completing some artwork based one of our poems, ‘A Dug, A Dug’ by Bill Keys.

We used the skill of collage to create our scotty dog pictures and then were set the challenge of making a frame using sticks from the woods and twine.

We all had great fun and were really pleased with the results.  Although we did learn that many of us need to practice knot tying skills!


Scots in P5

The children in primary 5 have been learning about the meaning behind the names given to different Scottish towns/cities. They then worked in pairs/trios to create their own Scottish ‘toun’. Using Scots language, they named the streets, buildings etc. and then created a piece of Scots writing to describe their toun. The children used the iPads to help them translate some words from English to Scots.

The Greatest Gift

Over the last couple of days Primary 5 have been watching and discussing Sainsbury’s 2016 TV advert.

What is ‘The greatest gift’ you can give at Christmas?

We also had great fun rewriting some of the song lyrics and then performing the song as a class – take a look below!


Food Glorious Food!

In Primary 5/6 we have been learning about foods and how to safely prepare them!

On Wednesday 26th we turned fresh fruits (such as grapes, bananas, apples, oranges and tropical juice) into a great fruit salad.

Then, on Thursday our parents came in and helped us to make a salad which included lettuce, tomato, cucumber and carrot (we had to cut all of these ourselves). We also got to taste it with sides such as cheese, sweetcorn, beetroot and a garlic and herb dip.

We learned about different cutting techniques including the claw grip and the bridge hold! 

Book Week in P5A

During Scottish Book Week, Primary 5 have been learning about how shadows are formed. Nothing to do with books I hear you cry! Well…

After creating our book week character, Super Kid 5, we created our own shadow puppets, wrote play scripts in pairs and then performed our shadow puppet plays. Super Kid 5 had to feature in each of the performances.


P5A’s 3D Shapes!

The children have been learning about 3D shapes. Today we were identifying the faces, vertices and edges on different 3D shapes. The children used cocktail sticks and midget gems to build different shapes, then used their whiteboards to not down it’s properties. As the children gained more confidence, some children tried to build some more adventurous shapes, for example, a tetrahedron, a hexagonal prism and even a dodecahedron!

Outdoor Learning
3D Shapes and Fractions!

P5 have been investigating 3D shapes. As part of our learning we investigated 3D shapes that can be found in real life. We then went outside to look for 3D shapes in the playground. We came to the conclusion that cylinders and cuboids were the most commonly found shape in our playground.

Primary 5 also put their coats and hats to brave the cold temperatures to collect a selection of leaves.

This was an exciting way to help us learn about fractions!

Tribal Dancing and Music!

A question that was added to our Big Book earlier in the term was, ‘What do people living in the Rainforest do for fun?’

We discovered that there are Tribes living within the Rainforest and they will often dance and play instruments for entertainment and to celebrate special occasions.

We watched some tribal dances and looked at the steps and actions they used and the instruments they played and how they played them.

In groups we made up our own dances and music to go with it. As each group performed  another group would play and someone else recorded it.

We had great fun.

Story Massage!

Primary 5 had a very exciting afternoon. Mrs Flockhart visited our class to share her skills in ‘Story Massage’. She taught us some common massage strokes.

Mrs Flockhart then read a story to us about the rainforest with the massage strokes linked into the story. We practised using these on our partner’s back.

The class found the experience very relaxing!

P5 STEM Afternoon!

We had a great time with some of our parents and carers today (8th October) who came and joined us for a STEM challenge afternoon.

We have been comparing our lifestyle in Edinburgh to the people of the Rainforest and so our aim today was to design and create a platform on stilts that could support a Rainforest house. (A lego house)

The designs needed to be strong and sturdy enough to support the lego house while standing in water and be able to withstand a torrential downpour.

Each pair used their communication, collaboration, thinking, creativity and resilience skills to produce a variety of models.  It may have been chaos in the classroom but everyone was on task and had a great time.

Maths and Games in P5/6… (By Jennifer)

We have been making our own games about subtraction, addition and times tables.

We also had a a scientist who came in on Wednesday and builder who came in on Tuesday to tell us all about the maths they do in their jobs.

We also looked at some normal games and saw how maths was part with them on Monday with Mr Morley. For example, Monopoly, Uno, cards, Jenga, dominoes and chess.

Maths and Weather in P5A… (By Ben)

We made human graphs outside.

On Tuesday we had a builder who talked to us about maths in his job. On Wednesday we had a scientist in too and then on Thursday we had an accountant in.

P5 Author of the Month

It may be maths week but in primary 5 we are still focussed on our reading.

To promote reading for enjoyment we have a new Author of the Month, Roald Dahl. Always a favourite, even with Mickey!

Hopefully a few Roald Dahl books will appear on some reading challenges over the coming weeks.

Compass Points in P5A

P5 having been learning about the 8 point compass. Today they hid ‘treasure’ in the playground, then used their knowledge to give directions to a partner to guide them to the hidden treasure. They had lots of fun.

SPACE in P5/6!

As part of our Space topic, we have been doing lots of exciting things including…

Scavengers hunts, researching and making posters about planets in ICT, creating a human solar system, making timelines and, our favourite, making rockets!

Here is our Human Solar System…

And here is two of our rocket launches – your child’s rocket launch is now available on your child’s Learning Journal.

You can find out more about our topic as well as lots more work and pictures by clicking here and viewing our online ‘Big Book’.

Andy Warhol…

The P5/6 artist study is coming along nicely!

Put On Your Dancing Shoes…!

The children in P5A are enjoying some early morning dance to help get their brains ready for their day ahead. The class are full of enthusiasm and love showing off their best dance moves.

Co-Ordinates in P5A

The children in P5A have being learning about co-ordinates. We have read and plotted co-ordinates in up to 4 quadrants. Today the children applied their knowledge of co-ordinates to challenge one another to a game of battleships!

Pop Art in P5/6

We were learning about Andy Warhol’s style of art.

We coloured in a picture of Campbell’s Soup using lots of different colours.

Then we glued it on to paper and wrote two facts about him.