Primary 5 Blog (2017-18)


RSPB – ‘Giving Nature A Home’

On Wednesday 7 March, P1/2, P2A and P5A had a visit from the RSPB. We we learning all about the habitats that animals need to survive. We looked at the different areas in our playground and found lots of places that would provide great habitats for birds, insects and small animals. Check out our pictures below to see what we were up to!

Here’s P5A (and a video of some very active learning!):

If you’d like to find out more or check out some games and activities that can be done at home then click the link below:


STEM challenges

Science Technology Engineering Maths

In Primary 5 we have been looking at water. First we looked at the different states of water and devised an investigation to work out what factors which affected the speed snow melted.

Next we investigated the buoyancy of different materials and calculated how much air was needed to float different weights.

Then we our engineering skills were challenged. We were asked to make a cardboard boat which would hold a 250g weight. We really enjoyed this challenge, and all of us were successful. Some people manage to make boats which would hold up to 900g and still float!

Our most recent investigations were all to do with sound and were very noisy!

We have all also had the chance to bake with the help of Gemma, our very supportive parent helper. Thanks Gemma!

What will challenge ourselves with next?

The Desperate Journey

In both Primary 5 classes we have been reading ‘The Desperate Journey’ as our class novel. A lot of literacy work has been linked to the novel and it has also taught us about the Highland Clearances. In Primary 5A, a Highland croft was constructed, an eviction notice was served on it. Both classes then went out to the allotment to re-enact the part of the novel where the Murray family are evicted and croft is burnt down.

P5 Assembly

P5 headed to the rainforest last week as they performed two OUTSTANDING assemblies!

This term they have been learning about different aspects of the rainforest. Our P5 assembly considered the destruction of the Amazon rainforest from several different points of view. These included the indigenous tribes people, the local farmers, the animals, the logging companies and from a scientific point of view. This was done through acting, poetry, singing and dancing.

A huge thank you to all of our parents for coming along to support us!

In The Allotment

Primary 5 have been learning to maintain crops and harvest on the allotment. So far we have harvested apples, plums, tomatoes, runner beans, crab apples and potatoes. We have also been using benches made by volunteers over the summer holidays to promote enjoyment of reading whilst outdoors.