P5/6 – Mr Morley & Mrs McMorris


Friday 3rd April:

Fun fact for you all… I once played 3 different roles in the same Nativity back in primary school; an inn keeper, a wise man and a sheep! I might be a bit bonkers but I’m also a talented guy which is why this week I took on a dancing challenge… Yes you heard right, if you click here and head over to Miss Inglis blog you will see a video of me dancing to ‘You Can’t Stop The Beat’.

So here we are at the end of Week 2 and you’ve done amazingly well so far. Unfortunately it’s looking like this type of learning is going to continue for a while after Easter too however Mrs McMorris and I were on the phone yesterday to try and come up with some great ideas for you all. In the meantime here’s our final Countdown of the term – we had Makensie’s mum getting involved on Tuesday too…!

But now is the time to stop thinking about work. Stop thinking about school. And just chill out. It will be a very different type of holidays for you and your families but I encourage you all to look out for each other by keeping in touch. And at the end of the holidays perhaps you’ll open that envelope!

Don’t forget there’ll be a group chat on Microsoft Teams at 10am this morning. It will probably be carnage and everyone will want to talk over each other however it’ll be good to see some familiar faces. You are also free to use this in the holidays too.

I’ve been looking around some of the other blogs and stolen a few things which I thought you might enjoy…

A couple of Easter jokes:
– What did the Easter Bunny say to the carrot? Nice gnawing you.
– How does the Easter Bunny stay in shape? He eggs-ercises.
– Why shouldn’t you tickle an Easter egg? Because it might crack up!

Art Ideas:
If you want to make and Easter card then head over to both of the P6 blogs and there’s some nice ideas on there… Or why not make a paper aeroplane?

Forth One End of Term Disco:
Boogie from ‘Boogie in the Morning’ is hosting an end of term disco on YouTube/Facebook Live from 3pm. If you would like to join in with the party, ask your parent/guardian if they can get this up for you! He is taking song requests and perhaps can give shout outs to your friends and/or teachers!

Stay safe over the holidays and I’ll be back two weeks on Tuesday!

Mr Morley.
*Mic Drop*

Thursday 2nd April:


Hope you all had a good Wednesday. I sent you an email this afternoon asking you to reply so that I know who has accessed their email account. Thanks for your replies Grace, Rithvik and Deja! If you haven’t seen it, can you please log on and send me a reply. If you haven’t logged on to your Office 365 account yet now is the time to do so.

It’s been a fast two weeks and we are now only one sleep away from the Easter holidays. Try your hardest to focus on some learning tasks today and tomorrow so you can then enjoy the Easter holidays. I can’t wait to make chocolate Easter nests. Yum!

Although Easter is still over a week away now is the time to think about your family and friends that you might not be able to visit right now. Take some time to make some Easter or Spring themed cards and be sure to right a happy message inside. Receiving a handmade card through the post is bound to make your family and friends smile. Remember, post is taking longer than usual to reach people so post them in plenty of time.

I hope you all have a fabulous Easter holidays and the Easter Bunny is good to you all!

Looking forward to hearing what you have been up to when we return to school,

Mrs McMorris

Wednesday 1st April:

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all well and have had a good week so far? Have you tackled any of your writing tasks yet? Send me an email and let me know how you are getting on both emotionally and academically. I would love to hear from you. It is lovely to spend so much time with my family, but it would be great to have some emails to break my day up.

My girls and I have been learning about the Signs of Spring this week. Yesterday they loved going on a Spring scavenger hunt. It was a great way to make our daily walk more exciting. Why not have a go at creating your own Scavenger hunt list or ask a family member to make one for you. Bethany and Erin loved taking photographs of everything they found. It was my husband’s birthday today, so the girls and I made him a cake and we went for a long walk in the woods near our house and had a picnic.

Today is the first of April and I thought it would be a good day to have a bit of fun. Just like in the United Kingdom, children in France follow April Fools’ Day traditions in Spring. On 1st April, people use paper fish to play an April Fools trick. This involves sticking a paper fish onto the back of as many family members as possible and then running away yelling “Poisson d’Avril !” (April Fish!). How many times throughout the day can you stick a fish on someone’s back? Let me know and maybe even include a photo.

Have a fun day!

Mrs McMorris

Tuesday 31st March:

Lots of you got in touch yesterday which was a relief. Those emails are the highlight of my boring days! It was great to hear from Rose and Cody who sent in pictures of the ‘Forts’ they built at home. Deja was also in touch as she was keen to tell me she had got the 9 letter word… and her mum hadn’t!

Well lets give Deja’s mum another chance and see if she can complete some of today’s challenges. As always, I’m looking for 10 words from the letters and at least one of the number challenges. GO!

As you can see from the picture below, I was also chatting with Aakash and Kaden yesterday on Microsoft Teams about the Disney quiz! Why not make it your challenge of the day to try and access it as we’ll be hopefully using it for more educational purposes after the holidays. [Note: If using a phone or tablet, you may need to download the app and use your @ea.edin.sch.uk username to login]

On a personal note, I did it. The bike came out yesterday and I managed to get some well needed exercise as I cycled from Leith to Roseburn and back again. Sticking with the exercise theme, I’m also determined to get a video of me taking part in Miss Inglis’ dance challenge by the end of the week so keep an eye out.

Mrs Crawford has also been in touch again and wanted me to tell you that she’s missing you all loads and loads. She has spent a bit of time in her garden making things including an amazing rainbow and if you look closely, her tortoise is saying “P5/6 Keep Smiling x x x”. I could not agree more.

Have a great day everyone and if you’ve got a spare 2 and a half minutes then feel free to check out this CLASSIC GAME between Leeds and Birmingham just before Christmas.

Mr Morley

Monday 30th March:

Okay! I tried to go a whole week without it but I can’t do it so here you are… COUNTDOWN IS BACK!

It’s been great to hear from more of you over the weekend via email and you may have noticed you’ve been asked to join a Microsoft Teams group. That’s one of the apps when you sign into Office 365 and is basically a place where you can all talk together – an educational version of Whatsapp if you like!

You’ll remember at the start of this month we began some gymnastic lessons… They didn’t go exactly as planned but it did get me thinking about how we are keeping ourselves fit and active while we are at home. I’ll be honest, I’ve not left the flat too much in this last week so I must find time to go out on my bike (even if it is for only half an hour). I want you all to do the same, this could be something simple like going in the garden or just taking a short stroll down the street. If you want something to do inside your homes then check out some of the links below:

Oti Mabuse (From Strictly) teaches you a Shrek Dance
Max Whitlock (Olympic Gold Medalist) HIIT Workout
Dance to ‘High Hopes’ – A Mrs Iley favourite!

I know that this week many of you will be completing worksheets and perhaps your new teachers will not want to mark them! Especially the 3,000 maths questions I set you! I’m more than happy to send you or your parents/carers the answers to these. Or just take a photo of your work, I’ll mark it and then send it back.

Finally for today, I saw this yesterday and thought this is the kind of thing we would do when we are procrastinating as a class! Each set of emojis represents a different ‘Disney Film’ – can you get them all? I got 4…

Remember, your new SumDog challenge has been set and starts at 11am and will last all week. 9 of you didn’t take part last week so lets up our game this week before the Easter holidays.

See you tomorrow.

Mr Morley

Friday 27th March:

Good morning,

I do miss you all. There you are. I said it. Talking to myself is just not as good as winding you guys up or telling you to get your feet off the chair, or giving you ‘that look’ as one of your heavy water bottles falls onto the floor!

I’m delighted that many of you have used your Office 365 account to get in touch. Feel free to send me an email, let me know how you’re getting on or send me pictures of what you’ve been doing and I’ll put these onto the blog for you. Here’s a few below…

I’m hoping we can set up a group chat in the next week or so using Office 365 but I need to know that you can all access your accounts before I do this. Get your parents to email me at Shaun.Morley@carrickknowe.edin.sch.uk if you’re having difficulty.

In Pippa related news, my mum tells me she is doing fine although is not too impressed that she is only getting 2 walks a day now – she prefers to have 4!

A highlight of my week was seeing everyone opening their doors and windows and clapping at 8pm last night for all those carers and people working hard in our NHS – hopefully you were able to do this too. This is probably now the perfect time to be making your card or letter to let these people know how wonderful they are! Again, feel free to send them to me and I’ll get them sent if you aren’t able to do so.

Well done to those of you that have been on SumDog too. I’ll set a new challenge next week. 3 million house points will be awarded to anyone who takes part! Well done to Deja and Cody Carnochan who both answered over 600 questions last week. More impressive was that Deja had a 94% accuracy rate! Leah, Shreya and Melodie were also right up there with a high accuracy rate – well done!

And finally, it is now the weekend. So make sure you TUNE OFF. DON’T DO WORK and relax! I intend on playing a bit of FIFA and might start a new game of Football Manager.

And finally, finally, we don’t get to see Miss Chuwen that often but please click here and head over to Miss Inglis’ blog to see her dancing to the Greatest Showman – it’s legendary!

Stay safe and I’ll see/speak to you all next week!

Mr Morley

Thursday 26th March:

Good morning everyone!

I hope you all had a good Wednesday. We had a good day in the end but it started with my daughters fighting over toys and winding each other up. After five days in the house together they both just needed a bit of quiet time playing alone. Maybe you have been feeling the same. Remember it is okay to have some quiet time to yourself. Why not find a quiet spot to read a book or draw a picture?

As well as the home learning tasks set by Mr Morley and myself I would like you to take this opportunity to develop some fantastic life skills. Perhaps you could cook your family dinner, put on a load of washing, mop the floor or do the dishes. Helping out with these tasks will make a big difference to family life and will free up your parents to spend more time doing something fun with you.

Take some time to doodle today. How about learning how to draw Peppa Pig? I know you all LOVE Peppa Pig! Oink! There are lots of step by step drawing videos on You Tube. Email me a photo of your doodles. I would love to see them! 😊

Speak Soon

Mrs McMorris!

Wednesday 25th March:

Two posts in a day – what a treat!

I just thought I’d give you a quick update. I’ve just been speaking with Mrs Crawford who says she is doing well at home and is missing you all so much. She said she hopes you are working hard in your ‘new classrooms’!

I’ve also sent you all an email on Office 365 so please log in at some point if you can and if you are having issues then please get in touch.

See you later – Mr Morley!

Wednesday 25th March:

Hi P5/6! I’ve hope you’ve had a good first couple of days of home learning. I am looking forward to hearing all about it.

Feel free to send me an email and let me know what you and your family have been up to and what you plan on learning today. Maybe you will start a piece of writing like we normally would on a Wednesday morning. Take your time when planning your writing and developing your plan into a draft. Remember that at school we would spend at least two long sessions on a piece of writing so don’t put pressure on yourself to finish today.

It’s been a strange couple of days adjusting to a new family routine, but it has been lovely to spend so much time all together. We’ve gone for a family walk each morning and then back home for ‘Home Nursery’ with my girls, Bethany (4) and Erin (2). We are using the theme ‘Under the Sea’ as our inspiration this week and the girls are loving it.

I came across a lovely poem this week and wanted to share it with you all. I hope it will help some of you understand a little more about this strange and confusing time 😊

Have a great day – Mrs McMorris

Tuesday 24th March:

We did it – we survived Day 1!

Hopefully you have made a start on some of your learning tasks but, if not, then that is okay too. Perhaps you had a relaxing day yesterday and you’re going to really work hard today! It’s good to stick to a routine though and even I am getting out bed at 6:30am as usual, having my cup of tea as usual, speaking with all the teachers in the school as usual. The only difference is that the teachers have all been video chatting rather than face to face!

A few of you have been in touch already which is great! I’ve received a few PowerPoints already, including a Human Body one from Rithvik and a Carrick Knowe one from Leah. Great job guys! It was also great to hear from Shreya yesterday who said she was missing our maths lessons. ME TOO! There is now a SumDog competition which will run until Wednesday. Log in and get involved – I’ve set some fractions questions, some factors and lots of times tables. I’ll then set a challenge from Thursday! Jack is currently topping the leaderboard – remember it is about accuracy though so don’t just guess!

As always, I’m gonna go off on a tangent. Here is the Good Morning Britain theme tune which we spent a long time listening to the other week… Let’s pretend it has something to do with our Advertising topic!

And here are 5 goals that I showed you the other day… Take a break from learning, give it watch and let me know which one is your favourite. Personally the one against Wimbledon at 1min30secs is what I would go for!

Pick your favourite goal…

Have a great day and keep smiling!

Mr Morley

Monday 23rd March:

Well this is weird and without doubt one of the strangest starts to the week I have ever had. It feels funny not to be doing Countdown right now or getting one of you to update the football league table on the door! There’s nothing I can do about the football but I did find a website where you can still do Countdown if you wish…


I’m delighted that I can keep my promise and there’ll be no homework this week… Instead there is lots of home learning to be done! You are without doubt one of the most hard working classes I’ve ever had and now, more than ever, it is time to keep up these high standards. It might be a good idea today to write your own timetable and plan out when you are going to do certain tasks. Where possible, try to stick to our usual timetable – this should hopefully give you a bit of focus.

I’d also like you to look out for each other too. There will be times over the next few weeks when loneliness might kick in. So please give each other a call, send them a funny joke, a picture or drop them an email to ask how they’re getting on. We all have to stick together – Team P5/6!

Lots of other teachers have been posting motivational quotes however I thought I’d post a picture of some Yorkshire dogs and some Yorkshire tea instead!

Good luck in your new learning environment and be nice to your new teachers AKA your parents!

Mr Morley