P5/6 – Mr Morley & Miss Inglis


Friday 28th August:

A New Start in P5/6!

So this week was our first normal(ish) week in P5/6 as Mr Morley was back to do the maths and Miss Inglis was in control of the literacy! Despite the unpredictable weather, we have still been managing to get outside and what we thought we’d do is share some of things that have been going on this week…

  • We’ve got our Mr Men themed ‘back-up teams’ up on the wall – can you spot who everyone is!
  • In maths, we’ve learnt a few new games that can be played at home and at school. The first one was ‘Squares’ (see below) and the other was ‘Pig’.
  • When looking at children’s rights, we naturally ended up talking about Greg James’ Unpopular Opinions… Which naturally led to talking about ‘Playdays’… Which again, naturally ended up with P5/6 creating a ‘Peppa Pig’ themed Class Charter… How did this happen!

Tuesday 11th August:

Are you feeling excited?
Or maybe you are slightly nervous?
Happy to be going back to school?
Feeling cheery to see your friends again?
Or perhaps a little anxious?

Remember that all of these emotions are perfectly normal just now!

Since we sent out the Transition Passports in June we have had to jiggle about the classrooms in the school however we got lucky… because we are staying in the same room!

There will be lots of changes when you come into the school though but we don’t want you to worry as we’ll make sure we go over everything on your first day back. If you do have any questions then you could always ask your parents/carers and if they can’t answer them then we will when you return.

Below we’ve put a couple of reminders to help you out on those first days back…

  • You’ll be entering the school at the end of the school (where P6/P7 used to line up). We are the only class who will use this door and you will be able to come into school anytime between 8:35am-9:00am.
  • When you’re in the school just head straight along the corridor and then up the yellow staircase. There’ll always be a smiling face welcoming you each day… Unless Leeds have lost or Wicked! gets cancelled… again!
  • Because we are a couple of staff members short just now, for the first two weeks you’ll have Miss Inglis in class all the time! We are hoping Mr Morley will be able to pop in at some point though.

As you can see, we were sorting out the classroom layout yesterday and putting resources in all of your trays. The classroom is still looking ‘a little shabby’ at the moment but never fear it will be ready by the time you return. And if not… we’ll be getting you guys to help us out!

The school is NOTHING without you so we cannot wait to see you all and get started!

Enjoy the last day(s) of your holiday.

Mr Morley and Miss Inglis

Friday 17th July:

Prepare yourselves… I’ll still be talking about this in August…!

Thursday 25th June:

Welcome to P5/6!