P5/6 – Mr Morley & Miss Inglis


Wednesday 12th May:


In maths we have been looking at symmetry. As part of this learning, we went outside to take a look at ‘symmetry in the real world’.

Using an iPad, we took pictures of all the symmetry we could see in the school grounds and then used ‘markup’ to draw our reflection lines.

Friday 30th April:

World of Work Week

This week we have been learning about different jobs within different job sectors.

We made posters and/or little booklets which had facts about all of the jobs.

We used the iPads to research and also had to make sure our posters had colour on them so that they were attractive.

Friday 26th March:

This term we have been working on our new topic – The Victorians! To check out what we’ve been up to, click here to view our Sway.


Tuesday 16th March:

An iPad + Creative P5/6ers = AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHY!