P5A – Mrs Mitchell & Ms Anderson


Friday 3rd April:

Good morning all,

We have all made it through two weeks of home learning and are almost at the Easter holidays. Congratulations! This will be the last blog until Tuesday 21st April.

Hopefully some of you managed to make an Easter card yesterday. If you didn’t have time that could be something you do today.

I had another look on SumDog last night and it was great to see so many of you have been completing this weeks challenge. There is still time to complete as many questions as you can before lunchtime today!

Today I have a couple of challenges for you that you can try today or you might want to try over the holidays if you find yourself at a loose end.

1. The Egg Drop STEM Challenge

Design a device that will protect a hard boiled egg when it is dropped from a height. You will need an adult to help you to boil the egg but you can do this with an non boiled egg. The aim is to use materials you have around the house (that your parents are happy for you use) to create a structure that will protect the egg so that when you drop it from a height it doesn’t break. The clip below will give you some more help.

To keep safe when dropping the egg I would like you to have an adult with you.

2. Easter Advertising Challenge

Advertising was something we investigated before the schools closed and so I thought this would be an appropriate challenge. Create an advert to promote a new Easter egg. This could be a poster /leaflet, or an advert for radio / television / cinema. Try to remember the success criteria we created in school.

It has been an unusual couple of weeks and I have really missed you all. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter break. Keep safe and stay kind. Will speak to you all again on the 21st.

Happy Easter!

Thursday 2nd April:

Thinking Thursday

Good morning everyone, how are you all today?  The name of today’s blog is ‘Thinking Thursday’ because I want you all to know that Mrs Mitchell and I are thinking of you all every day and we are both missing you all very much.  It would be great if today you could all take some time to send us an e-mail to let us know that you are still thinking about us and let us know how you are getting on.  There are still some of you who we have not heard from  😥.  Why not let us know some of the things you have been up to? How have you been spending your time at home? Yesterday, I spent some time doing the jigsaw below with my daughter – It was great fun!

Also today,  I would like you to make an Easter card and send it to someone to show you are thinking of them.  This could be a relative/ a neighbour who you know lives on their own; or a friend who you are missing.  A card from you could really brighten up someone’s day! I have copied a you tube clip below to give you an idea for your card but feel free to use your imagination and do your own thing.

If there are lots of people you are thinking of you could make more than one card or an alternative to making a card would be to send someone an email or maybe could you organise a facetime / zoom chat perhaps?

Have a great day boys and girls and remember to get in touch.

Ms Anderson

Wednesday 1st April:

Workout Wednesday!

Good morning boys and girls, I hope you are all having a lovely week and have all been working hard.

I don’t know about you but I have very much been missing our morning Go Noodle sessions. Our little morning workouts were a great way to get our brains ready for learning each morning. I have copied one of my favourite Go Noodle videos below for you to try out with your family.  Most of the videos we have done in class (and more) can be found on You Tube so you should never be short of a dance or 2 to do at anytime.  Maybe you could do one each morning before settling down to your school work.

It is so important to stay fit and active while we are being asked to stay at home so perhaps today you could come up with a list of different ways which you and your family can workout and stay active.  You could try out a new idea each day.

Also boys and girls… remember today is April Fools’ Day today! So how about adding a little fun into the day by thinking up  fun tricks you can play on your family. 

Have a great day Primary 5!

April Fool Day 2018 : Why We Call 1st April as Fool's Day?

Tuesday 31st March:

Tremendous Tuesday… Hopefully!

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a good day yesterday.

I had a look on SumDog and was pleased to see a few of you had be on. Well done to Jaime, Leanne and Elliott for answering over 100 questions correctly today. Great job! There’s still lots of time to hit that 600 question target.

Keep going with spelling and reading today. Try and read for at least 20 – 30 mins per day. That could be your reading book or a book/magazine of your own choosing.

I am really hoping that today is a tremendous day as it is Skye’s 9th birthday. Aimee, Robyn and I made her a cake yesterday. We didn’t have a huge amount in the house to decorate it so we had to make do with what we had. Here is Robyn with the cake. What do you think?

Perhaps you could do better! What would your dream birthday cake be like? What flavour of cake would it be? (Chocolate cake, carrot cake) Would it have a jam, buttercream or cream filling? What decorations would you have? Would it be on different levels? Would it be a particular theme? Draw and label your cake. Colour it in and send me a picture if you can. Here are some ideas for inspiration.

I’m already looking forward to seeing your ideas.

If you are looking for an extra challenge today, I’ve stolen this idea from Mr Morley. Any Disney fans out there will love it. How many films can you get from the emoji clues below?

Have a good day.

Mrs Mitchell

Monday 30th March:

Make Monday Magical!

Good morning everyone,

I hope you all had a super weekend. The sun was out yesterday and so hopefully you managed to get out for some exercise.

It is Monday however, and so it is back to work. You should have a new spelling pattern to practice. Remember to do look, say, cover, write, check, your grapheme marking and then a spelling activity. If you have run out of ideas, you could do bubble writing or pyramid words.

Keep going with your reading book, you should be trying to do a bit of reading everyday and you should still have lots of reading tasks to complete. If you can email me your completed tasks I would love to see your work.

I have set you a sumdog challenge this week. It will start at 9am this morning and will end at 12.25pm on Friday. Your target is 600 questions. If you do 20mins of sumdog a day that should be an achieveable target for most of you. Remember, I can keep track of how your getting on! Good Luck!

So, you might be wondering why I entitled today’s blog ‘Make Monday Magical’. Well, after working so hard on your spelling, reading and numeracy I thought that the afternoon could be fun filled, learning some magic tricks. The you tube link below talks you through how to create and perform 5 simple but effective magic tricks. This could be something you do on your own or with a brother or sister. Once you have perfected your tricks why not put on a show for your family. I’m sure they will be amazed by your new talent. If you choose to try this challenge then please let me know how you get.

Have a great day.

Mrs Mitchell

Friday 27th March:


Bonjour la classe,

We have made it to the end of the week. Well done everyone!

Ms Anderson and I have both really enjoyed looking at all the pictures you have been emailing us of all the wonderful work you have been completing.

Jaime sent us this great picture of himself making a rainbow to put in his window. Great job Jaime.

If you have any pictures of what you have been up to then please try and email them to us if you can. It brightens up our day to hear from you all.

As it is French Friday I thought I would set a little challenge for you to try today, using your rainbow pictures. I wonder who can learn this little French song L’arc en ciel, it means Rainbow in English. You should already know some of the colours. Click on the link above to listen carefully to the YouTube video for the pronunciation.

As-tu passe in bon week-end. (Have a good weekend.)

Mrs Mitchell

Thursday 26th March:

Thankful Thursday

Good morning boys and girls.  I hope you are all happy and smiling this morning. 

This week has been a rather strange week with us all working from home and I am sure some of you with have experienced some mixed emotions this week and have been in many different ‘zones’ – I know I have! 

For this reason, I thought it would be nice to discuss/make a list of different things we are thankful for.  For example yesterday when I was busy playing in the garden with my daughters, a beautiful, little bumblebee visited my garden and it made me smile.  At that time, I realised how thankful I was that we had entered into the season of spring and there were lots of beautiful ‘signs of spring around’ to help keep us smiling.  Maybe you could look out for some the next time you are looking out your window/playing in your garden or going for a family walk.

Have a lovely day boys and girls. 💖

Ms Anderson

Wednesday 25th March:

Wonderful Wednesday

Good morning P5, I hope you are all having a wonderful week.

First of all thank you for the e-mails that you have been sending in so far this week. I have really enjoyed getting them and looking at some of the great work you have being doing at home. It is so lovely to hear from you, especially since I can’t see you all. If you have not been in touch yet, maybe that can be a task for today.

I love Mrs Mitchell’s idea yesterday of designing a rainbow for your window. My two daughters did this at the weekend and lots of children have enjoyed stopping to spot them when on their walks. Also, you could make it possible for your neighbours to go on a ‘bear hunt’ by putting a teddy bear by the window.

For today’s activity, I would love it if you could find an emoji which best describes how your week is going/how you are feeling today, and draw a picture of it. Write a sentence or two to describe why you chose that particular emoji….

Image result for hug emoji
I have chosen the ‘hug’ emoji as I want to give you all a big ‘virtual hug’ to say hello!

Have a fantastic day!

Ms Anderson

Tuesday 24th March:

Make Tuesday Terrific!

Good morning Primary 5!

How did day 1 of home schooling go? Feel free to email me and let me know your successes and any of your challenges. I have already had some emails from a few of you with pieces of work you have been doing. It was great to see.

If you managed to get the first two chapters of your book read yesterday you could perhaps complete the prediction task on your reading task mat today.

In class, I often have Terrific Tuesday up on the Smartboard as you come in. Today it’s up to you to make Tuesday a terrific day. In you haven’t already done so, you could draw and colour a rainbow to put in a window at the front of your house, a good way to keep others entertained during this unusual time. Perhaps you could make someone else feel terrific by doing something kind, some chores around the house or calling a relative for a chat, or maybe you could encourage all your family to sit down and play a board or card game. In our house we are big fans of Cluedo and UNO.

Whatever you choose to do I know you will all be terrific. Have fun and keep smiling.

Mrs Mitchell

Skye and Robyn’s rainbows on our window. (If you look closely you can see Robyn and I taking the picture!)

Monday 23rd March:

Monday Funday!

I hope you all managed to enjoy the sunshine this weekend.  The Mitchell Family have been gardening and we finally cleaned the car, inside and out.  It is spotless!

Today is day 1 of home schooling.  Why not read a chapter of your novel and start this weeks spelling.  Remember to do look, say, cover, write, check, complete your grapheme marking and then do a spelling task.  Most importantly, be kind and patient and stay safe.

Here is a picture of the Edinburgh Sound Chart to help you.

spell chart