P5A – Mrs Mitchell & Ms Anderson


Friday 16th October:

Special Day Friday

Congratulations. It’s your special day!

What a great end to the term with lots more certificates to hand out. This week Ms Anderson awarded many pupils with a Creative Cameron certificate. This is super as Creative Cameron is Carrick Knowe’s Growth Mindset superhero of the month.

We are so proud of all the boys and girls in primary 5. They have worked so incredibly hard this term and they all deserve a well earned holiday. I hope you all have a lovely week off.

Mrs Mitchell and Ms Anderson

Friday 16th October:

Charlotte’s Web

Throughout term 1 Primary 5 have been using the novel Charlotte’s Web as a stimulus for our learning within Health and Well Being, Literacy and many other areas of the curriculum.

Here are some the activities we have been up to:

Wilbur tries to spin and web like Charlotte but soon realises he does not have the skills. The children collected sticks outside and were set the challenge of trying to create a web. They found it quite tricky and so had to work as a team and persevere to experience success.

STEM Challenge – At the end of the book the baby spiders create little parachutes and float away from the barn to find a new home. P5 were set the design challenge of creating their own parachutes. They needed to be creative and resilient and had to use their communication and problem solving skills. It was great fun.

They enjoyed testing them out from the top of our staircase and working out why some floated to the ground better than others.

Special Day Friday (Updated!)

Congratulations. It’s your special day!

Lots more certificates were given out in Primary 5 again this week.

Here are pictures of our proud certificate winners.

This week a member of our class was awarded a certificate by Mrs Ross for his excellent manners in the playground. It is lovely when members of staff, who don’t work with our class, notice and acknowledge these things.

We also handed our first whole Celebrating Success Certificate. What a week!

Friday 2nd October (Part II):

Maths Week in Primary 5

This week was Maths Week and Primary 5 have been enjoying learning outdoors within maths and numeracy outside.

The class have been set a ‘Times Table Challenge’. The aim is to improve their times table knowledge by the October holidays. To achieve this they will not only have to practice in class but also at home.

On Monday and Tuesday we went outside and worked on our times table knowledge. We had lots of fun playing games together.

We have also been thinking about interesting ways we can practice our times tables at home. We have had some interesting ideas and suggestions from the class.

Perhaps you could give some of the suggestions below a go.

  • Saying tables while dancing to music around the house
  • Link to Minecraft or Mario Kart (say a sum every time you complete a move/game)
  • Get an adult to help by randomly giving you a times table question to answer
  • Use your pets (say times tables while throwing a ball to your dog or while you are stroking your cat.)
  • Incorporate times tables into art work
  • Make a pairs matching game
  • Count up in multiples of a certain times table while going up and down the stairs
  • Football skills – keepie uppies
  • Basketball – every time you score a basket say a times table
  • Exercising – press ups, star jumps, skipping


Also this week, primary 5 went outdoors to enjoy the school maths hunt. The children had to hunt around the school grounds to find 10 maths questions then answer the question set for their stage. It was great fun and one child even commented that: ‘this is most fun maths task ever!’

The children have also gone outdoors this week to explore length and perimeter using trundle wheels and metre sticks. Last week we were measuring the perimeter of shapes in cm, using rulers, in the classroom. Therefore, it was great to take our learning to the next level by exploring the length and perimeter of much larger shapes using metres.

What a great week of learning.

Well done P5.

Friday 2nd October (Part I):

Congratulations! It’s your Special Day.

We had so many certificate winners today, which is AWESOME!!

Mr Morley also gave someone a SumDog certificate for answering over 500 questions correctly last week. Absolutely amazing!

We had lots of Growth Mindset certificates to hand out and lots for big and little acts of kindness. This made Ms Anderson and I particularly proud this week as the Ms MacLean’s virtual assembly was all about kindness.

Well done Primary 5 on a very successful week.

Mrs Mitchell

Wednesday 30th September:

P5 Spider Spelling

After reading Charlotte’s Web, we discovered that Charlotte the spider saved Wilbur’s life through writing words about him in her web. Today, we decided to have a go at writing our spelling words using wool to give us an idea just how hard Charlotte worked to save her friend’s life. We found some words in particular quite challenging but it was a lot of fun!

Friday 25th September:

Special Day Friday

Congratulations! It’s your Special Day.

We had lots of certificates to give out this week, including one from Mrs Dale and Mrs Crawford. Well done to all our certificate winners who have been following our 4 school values. Honestly, Kindness, Respect and Responsibility.

A Motivated Mark certificate was awarded this week to a pupil who has been so motivated to get better at their times tables they thought up a new and exciting way of practicing at home. Dancing round the house while saying them. Sounds like fun!

Have a good weekend

Mrs Mitchell

Monday 21st September:

Special Day Friday!

CONGRATULATIONS! It is your Special Day!

Once again so many children receiving certificates this week. Many were for hard work, enthusiasm and team work within the classroom but a couple were awarded for showing respect for our local community. Two P5 pupils safely and responsibly completed a litter pick in their local area.

Congratulations to you all!

Apologies for taking until Monday to get this post online!

Mrs Mitchell

Wednesday 16th September:

Reflective Reading!

The class have been receiving weekly letters from Wilbur, since we started reading Charlotte’s Web. The boys and girls worked in pairs today to identify good examples of writing within the letter. Together, they identified wow words; different kinds of punctuation; connectives and interesting openers. We are looking forward to writing back to Wilbur and including some of the new things we learned in our own letters.

Friday 11th September:

Special Day Friday!

CONGRATULATIONS! It is your Special Day!

Friday 4th September:

Special Day

CONGRATULATIONS! It is your Special Day!

It was a pleasure to give out so many certificates today for team work, showing initiative and creativity. Well done!

Wednesday 3rd September:

Charlotte’s Web

In P5, we are currently reading Charlotte’s Web!

This week the main character in the story,Wilbur the Pig, was very worried when he found out the farmer had plans to kill him at Christmas! As a class we discussed how unpleasant it feels when we are worried about something.

We decided to make webs for our worries. We used lots of skills – paper folding, drawing straight lines with a ruler, bubble writing, chalk rubbing and black pen drawing.

Next week we are going to add our worries to our webs and work together to help make these worries better.

Monday 31st August:

A Busy Start to P5!

Congratulations to everyone who was awarded a certificate on Friday during our classroom assembly. I can’t wait to see who will receive awards this week.
In Primary 5 our author of the month is DAVID WALLIAMS. We have read extracts from many of his books to the class over the last two weeks and as you can see many pupils have chosen one of his books to read.

Friday 21st August:

First Week of P5!

We have had a busy first full week in Primary 5. It has taken a bit of time to get used to all the new routines but we have a great fun being back in the classroom and seeing all our friends again.
We have really enjoyed getting to know you all, I think we have finally mastered everyone’s names!

Here are a selection of photos from the week. I’m sure your children will enjoy talking you through what we have been up to and what we have been learning.

We hope you all have a great weekend.

Mrs Mitchell and Ms Anderson

Tuesday 11th August:

Welcome to P5!

I hope you have all had a lovely holiday. We are looking forward to hearing all your stories about what you have been up to. We are both really excited to be back in the classroom and welcoming you into P5 this week.

A few things may have changed since the transition passports were handed out. Therefore we will go over all the things you need to know when you arrive at school.

Primary 5 are in room 11 which is at the top of the green stairs. When arriving at school on your first day back, you will use the one way system to walk right around the school and come in the door at the back playground (the same door as last year). This door will be open from 8.35am until 9am. Just walk in and up to your new classroom where your teacher (Ms Anderson) will be waiting to welcome you.

There are a few other changes which will be fully explained when you are in school so please do not worry about a thing. We are here to help and support your move into P5.

We have included a few photos to make things easier for you to understand.

We can’t wait to get to know you all and start our fun filled P5 journey together.

Ms Anderson and Mrs Mitchell

Thursday 25th June:

Welcome to P5A!