P5A – Mrs Mitchell & Ms Anderson


Friday 29th May:

What glorious weather we have been having and it looks like it is set to continue over the weekend.

I hope you have all had a good week. Ms Anderson and I had the pleasure of speaking to many of your parents this week. It was great to hear how well you are all doing. We are both very proud of all of you.


Perhaps this is a task you could do while relaxing in the sunshine. While listening to the music in the link below, close you eyes and let your mind wander.

  • What images pop into your head?
  • What are your thoughts?
  • How do you feel?

When the piece finishes – draw!

Draw whatever image(s) appeared in your mind, no matter how weird and wonderful they may have been.

However, if you don’t fancy that, get outside and enjoy the lovely weather!

Have a super weekend everyone.

Mrs Mitchell

Thursday 28th May:

Good morning P5, it looks like it is going to be another beautiful day. 😎🌞

STEM Challenge – Today’s STEM challenge is definitely one that can be completed outdoors.

Using lego, I would like you to design and make a safe zip slide for a Lego character.

LEGO Zip Line Activity: A Fun STEM Challenge for Kids | Mombrite

To create your zip slide you will need to tie a piece of string/wool to a high surface – a door handle/a fence post etc. You will then position your Lego design at the top of the string and hold the other end of the rope to the ground. Your Lego carriage should side freely down the rope and land safely on the ground with your Lego character still positioned safely inside. You may need to make a few changes to you design if your carriage crashes to the ground and breaks or your character falls out!!

I did this activity with my own daughters last week and they really enjoyed it. I hope you will too! Their designs are below:

Please do not worry if you do not have Lego, use whatever materials you have in your house- I’m sure a great design could be made from just using paper!

Please send in pictures/videos of your finished designs – I would love to share these at next week’s Teams meeting.

Have a great day.

Ms Anderson 😃

Wednesday 27th May:

Good morning P5, how are you all? I hope you are having a great week and you have been outdoors and enjoying the sunshine.

As part of my effort to keep fit whilst being at home, I’ve been going for an early morning walk when I wake up. It is a lovely way to start the day – maybe this is something you can try before settling down to your home learning each day.

Health – Treasure Chest of Helpful Ideas.

Treasure Chest PNG Transparent Images | PNG All

Last week we were taking the time to ‘check in’ on those we care about and ask R U OK? This week we are going to take the time to look after our own mental health. First I would like you to draw an empty treasure chest, like the one above or use your own idea. You are then going to fill and surround your chest with ideas that you can use to help yourself to feel better when you are feeling ‘low’. Write or draw your ideas inside gold coins/other pieces of treasure. I have included some examples of ideas below:

Listen to upbeat music

Watch a funny movie

Write my worries/problems down

Talk to someone

Your filled treasure chests will be a very useful tool for you to use when you find yourself going through a difficult time so make sure you keep your finished copies safe. I would also love to see your finished examples so please remember to send these in.

Treasure overflowing from the treasure chest - Stock Illustration ...

Have a lovely day primary 5 and remember the Teams meeting at 2pm.

Ms Anderson 😃

Tuesday 26th May:

What a great start to the week. The sun was out yesterday and the lovely weather is due to continue for the rest of the week. I hope you are remembering to fill out your weather chart (in French). Lots of Il fait beau, Il fait du soliel and Il fait chaud this week!

If you can, take your learning outside, we don’t know how long this lovely weather will last.


Today we are going to investigate dissolving.

Click on the link and watch the clip. There is also a little quiz to try before having a go at the experiments below.

What is dissolving? – BBC Bitesize

Have a look at the dissolving experiments below. You are trying to find out the following:

  1. Does the temperature of water affect the speed of dissolving?
  2. What materials are soluble and what materials are insoluble?

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the materials the sheet suggests, use what you have around the house and what you are allowed to use.


If you fancy it, why not relax and enjoy some yoga. To tie in with our Disney theme here is one to try below.

Of course, if the sun is still shining you might just want to get outside and play.

Have a great day.

Mrs Mitchell

Monday 25th May:

Good morning everyone. It was a bit wet and wild over the weekend but hopefully you still had lots of fun and got out and about.

Robyn and Skye were introduced to the original (and in my opinion the best) Star Wars film, Episode IV – A New Hope. They have seen all the most recent films and so had lots of questions. We are all huge Disney and Marvel fans which is why I am so excited about your literacy activities this week. I hope you have fun with with the tasks.


Following on from last weeks task of designing and making Skipper’s boat we are going to investigate floating and sinking in more detail.

Please watch the You Tube clip below listening carefully to why different objects float or sink.

Now try and complete this activity. Don’t worry if you don’t have fruit and veg. Have a go with anything that suitable that can get wet.


Below is another musical instrument challenge similar to the one two weeks ago.

You have two pieces of music to choose from. You decide!

Moana – How Far I’ll Go – Orchestra Cover – YouTube

The Avengers Theme Symphony Orchestra LIVE – YouTube

When you are listening try to think about the following:

  • What instruments can you hear?
  • How does the music make you feel?
  • Is the music loud/quiet, fast/slow or a mixture

Have a good day everyone.

Mrs Mitchell