P5A – Mrs Mitchell & Ms Anderson


Thursday 1st April:

Warm Fuzzy Reward!

Primary five have been working hard as a class to collect ‘Warm Fuzzies’ in order to fill the Warm Fuzzy class jar. . The children have collected these ‘fuzzies’ by demonstrating kind and caring behaviour, through working hard and through demonstrating the school values. Each time someone in the class has achieved a ‘Warm Fuzzy’, they have added it to the jar. It was agreed at the start of term that when the jar was full, the children would be able to choose their own reward. This week, the jar was finally full and the children chose to have an extra 30 mins of Golden Time to celebrate their achievement.

Tuesday 30th March:

Special Day Tuesday

I know we would normally have ‘Special Day’ on a Friday but with lockdown we are way behind and so we are having Special Day Tuesday as well as Special Day Friday.

Congratulations. It’s your special day.

A few certificates were given out today. Congratulations to all those who received one.

I also decided to give another class certificate. Teamwork Tina. Yesterday the class worked with their talk partners on a STEM challenge. To tie in with our Rainforest learning, the class were give the task of planning, building and evaluating a platform on stilts that could support a lego house. The results were mixed, but I was so impressed with their teamwork and problem solving skills. Most importantly we had a really fun afternoon.

Friday 26th March:

Special Day Friday!

Congratulations! It’s your Special Day.

Have a good weekend.

Mrs Mitchell

Friday 19th March:

First Week Back!

We have thoroughly enjoyed having all the Primary 5 boys and girls back in school this week and I think they were quite pleased to be back too.

We also started our Special Day Friday this week. It was lovely to celebrate this week’s pupil’s achievements but also sad as they are moving on to a new school. We will mis you.

The whole class received a Teamwork Tina certificate this week for listening and watching each other. They created the effect of a Rainforest rain storm using their own bodies to produce the sounds needed. It was very impressive.

Thursday 18th March:

Weighing and Measuring

This week in primary 5, we have been learning about weighing and measuring using grams & kilograms and millilitres & litres. We have been practising reading scales to allow us to weigh and measure accurately. Below are some of the activities we carried out to allow us to practise our skills.

Thursday 4th March:

World Book Day in P5!

The class have carried out a variety of tasks linked to books and reading over the last couple of days. Below are some examples of their work.

We had lots of fun at today’s TEAMS meeting…but it was hard to recognise anyone!

Friday 19th February:

P5 have been looking for key descriptive words within a text this week. They read the poem ‘The Marrog’ and then drew a picture of what they thought ‘The Marrog’ looked like. Below are some examples of the different drawings of the character based on individual interpretations of the text.

Create a Winter Scene with a 3D element – I was really impressed with the techniques used to create a 3D element within this Winter Scene. Leaves from outside were used and flour and salt were combined to create the snow. Well done!

MATHS – mental maths tasks like this can be challenging and often concepts crop up that we haven’t been taught recently. I am always impressed to see pupils giving these a go, showing determination and perseverance.

Tuesday was ‘Innovation Day’. The challenge was to come up with your own business idea. As a Harry Potter fan I really liked this idea. I think it would be really popular.

I hope you all have a good weekend. See you next week.

Mrs Mitchell and Ms Anderson

Thursday 4th February:

Thursday 4th February

Great effort in maths this week. You were determined to get the answers correct and you were really motivated. Well done!
You were asked to write a paragraph about a part of the book that you found interesting or important. You wrote a super paragraph following the success criteria.

This was a reading task from this week. The activity was well though through. They chose a section of the story they felt was interesting and explained their reasons why. Well done!

I am very interested in how Eave trains the animals she finds in her garden. I love how she’s trained a squirrel and a pigeon to give her food like nuts, berries and bits of fruit as well as eggs. It is not very normal that someone is able to train an animal to do whatever you want, so that is why I am interested in how she how trains her animals. She has even named her animals the squirrel is called Roofus while the pigeon is called Chimbley. I think this shows how clever Eave is to be able to train animals .I also think Eave trains animals because she is lonely. Eave had a brother but she does not see him anymore. She could send messages to him using Chimbley if she has pen and some paper.

This week P5 have been planning out their imaginative stories using story mountains. This helps the children to ensure their stories will have a very exciting problem/dilemma in the middle. I can’t wait to read the finished stories.

Friday 29th January:

Primary 5 have been learning about online safety this week. To demonstrate what they learned, they created posters to show how to be safe online.

This week P5 were asked to create a Scottish Family. What a lot of effort that went into drawing these families and writing about each family member using some Scots vocabularly. Well done!

Remarkable Reading

I was particularly pleased with these 2 reading tasks this week. Well done for listening to instructions, following the success criteria and putting in lots of effort.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Mrs Mitchell and Ms Anderson

Friday 22nd January:

It’s the end of another great week in Primary 5. Well done everyone!

Here are some of our highlights from this week.

We have been learning some Scots vocabulary and creating our own ‘TOUN’.

Here is a selection of the maps that were created. We were so impressed to see their learning of compass points from last week in action.

P5 have also being planning out a Burns Evening and have created a timetable of events for their evening. Their evenings sound like great fun!

Have a great weekend P5. As well as celebrating Burns Night hopefully you might be able to get out and enjoy the snow if it is still here.

Have fun!

Mrs Mitchell and Ms Anderson

Friday 15th January:

What a great first week of home learning. We are so impressed with you ICT skills. Each day so many of you have been logging on to our daily TEAMS meetings. It is lovely to be able to check in with you all on a daily basis.

We have really enjoyed receiving pictures of all the work you have been doing at home.

Research Scottish Traditional Dress

Planning and organising our own Highland Games

Preparing a menu for a Burns Supper

P5 also shared some of the emotions they experienced over the Christmas holidays and explained which zone this put them in.

Congratulations on a super week of learning.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Mitchell and Ms Anderson

Friday 18th December:

Party Time!!!

Today Primary 5 had their Christmas party. We all had lots of fun playing games and dancing. We are definitely all now feeling the Christmas spirit.

Well done to all our last certificate winners of 2020.

Have a good weekend.

Mrs Mitchell

Thursday 17th December:

P5 Sales Pitches

The children in Primary 5 concluded their enterprise project this week by pitching their Christmas truffles to the rest of the class (who were in the role of the managers at Tesco).

They used persuasive language to encourage Tesco to stock their truffles; they shared the adverts they had created for their products; they also shared their advertising billboard and the packaging they had designed for their product.

The group also had to discuss the cost to make the truffles; the selling cost and then share how much profit could be made on one box of truffles. The children did an excellent job and all spoke clearly and confidently.

Well done primary 5!

Friday 11th December:

Friday Christmas Fun

Today instead of us visiting Pantoland, Pantoland came to us. We all enjoyed watching the online performance of Robin Hood and his Socially Distanced Men in our Christmas gear. Lots of laughs and crazy dance moves.

Today we had a chat about how many people might feel quite lonely at Christmas, particularly this year. We decided to make Christmas cards to send to a local care home so they can be handed out to the residents and hopefully spread some Christmas cheer.

We had SO many certificate winners this week, including a whole class certificate for excellent team work. Well done everyone.

Have a good weekend.

Mrs Mitchell

Friday 4th December:

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Primary 5 were getting into the Christmas spirit today. We decorated our door and made some lovely Christmas cards to take home.

We have decided to stop Special Day for now but it will return in January. We still had some certificate winners. Well Done everyone!

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Mitchell

Friday 27th November:

Special Day Friday

Congratulations. It’s your Special Day!

We had a lot more certificates to hand out this week. Mrs Iley awarded two girls Perseverance Penny certificates for PE and I handed out lots of Motivated Mark certificates to many of the children for really pushing themselves in maths, particularly in mental maths work. There were several WOW certificates too.

Well done everyone.

Have a good weekend

Mrs Mitchell

Thursday 26th November:


This term, P5 have been practising their football skills. We have practised dribbling, passing, tackling, defending and shooting. Today we played mini games of 2 against 2. We had lots of fun and some great skills were shown.