Primary 6 Blog (2017-18)


Our Resilience Assembly

Before the school was closed due to the snow, Primary 6 performed a fantastic assembly on building resilience!

They demonstrated that everyone can go through challenging situations in their life but by keeping connected to friends they can support us to get through these troubling times. They gave us great advice on how we should listen to our positive thoughts more than our negative ones.

P6 also showed that by belonging in groups such as football teams, Guides or dance groups, this can be a great way to build new friendships and help us improve our mental wellbeing.


@ Roseburn Park

On Monday, some of our P6 and P7 children competed with around 15 schools at a Cross-Country Festival.

The children were absolutely amazing! They supported each other, cheered each other on and they didn’t do too badly with the placings either – we even got a FIRST PLACE in the Primary 7 girls race!

A huge thank you must also go to Mrs Ross for organising this and to Mrs Beath for acting as chief camerawoman!

Fitness Fanatics!

Since it is the New Year P6 have been working on their fitness in PE. We have been skipping, running, doing sit ups, planks, burpees and stepping. We have been recording how many we can do of each in a minute and recorded our results to see if our fitness will improve throughout the year.

Primary 6 meet Primary 2!

At the end of December, P2 and P6 got together to have fun playing board games. They had the chance to play lots of different board games and card games. It was sometimes hard to work out who was teaching who!

Europe Presentations

Before the October holidays P6 were busy presenting their findings on their European countries. We learned a lot of interesting facts about France, Italy, The Netherlands, Greece, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Austria, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Germany and Spain. Did you know that Greece’s official name is the Hellenic Republic or did you know that in the Netherlands they make sculptures out of cheese?

Rule Britannia!

As part of our Europe topic we have been learning about national anthems. In our tables we decided to make our own ‘national anthem’ in the music room using the musical instruments as well as singing!


So far in P6 we have been working on our Europe topic. We have been put into groups to make a poster and do a presentation. The countries we have been working on are France, Italy, Sweden, Greece, The Netherlands and The Czech Republic.

We have been doing a lot of research in the ICT suite and using iPads.