Primary 6 Blog (2018-19)


Outdoor Learning @ Holyrood Park

Last Thursday, Primary 6 joined several hundred other Edinburgh school children at a MASSIVE outdoor learning event at Holyrood Park.  With Arthur’s Seat in the background and right next to Holyrood Palace, we were inspired to have a great day. In spite of the cold wind, we had a full day out in the fresh air and took part in a variety of outdoor challenges!

Maths Week Money Challenge

Well done to P6Bs winner of the money challenge set during Maths Week. He was able to look after the money in his bank account very well – he managed to more than double it in just 2 days!IMG_0786

Scottish Maths Week

P6B have had an exciting start to Scottish Maths Week. This morning each child was given their very own bank account with a balance of £2. They had the opportunity during the day to earn extra money by working hard; being kind to one another; keeping the classroom tidy; etc. However, the children could also lose money if they encountered a fine for not following our class charter. And at the end of the day the children were all required to pay 10% of their savings to the tax man! During the day there was a £1 shop where children could decide if they wanted to spend their money on a small gift for themselves or whether they would rather keep their money all saved safely in the bank. At the end of the day tomorrow, we will find out who has managed to save the most money over the two days and a small prize will be awarded to the winner…watch this space!

A Big Well Done!

Congratulations to the ‘rot’ table (the ‘red’ table) who were the first table to win our class table points challenge. The children at this table were following our class charter carefully to pick up as many points as possible throughout the week. They were given the treasure chest to share and were able to use the ‘special rewards’ in class the following week. I wonder who our next table champions will be?


Welcome Back!

We hope everyone had a fantastic summer and is raring to go as we have lots of exciting things planned for this year. Mrs Bennett will be teaching Primary 6A this year and in Primary 6B the teachers will be Ms Anderson on a Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Buchanan from Wednesday to Friday.

Keep checking back here as the year progresses for more updates and photos!