Primary 6 Blog (2019-20)




Well done to the P6 EuroQuiz team who competed in the Edinburgh tournament today at the City Chambers and won!

All the revision and hard work has definitely paid off – cramming in revision after school, at lunch times, during the Christmas holidays, on an evening and even meeting up at weekends!

Miss McMillan and Mrs Bennett are extremely proud of the whole team and the commitment you have all shown – now onto the finals in June!

Well done everyone!

Roots, Fruits and Cooks
(By Sunny and Kirsty)

P6 walked to get all the food we needed to make Mexican dishes and dips from Tesco. We split up into five groups to get the ingredients for: ultimate tomato salsa, chunky guacamole, green rice, chicken and a lemon and lime drink.

When we got back, preparing the food was a bit of a challenge because we had to find jobs for everyone so that we all got an equal part to play. All the dishes we were making smelled sensational. It was fun and interesting because we got to see different foods.

Finally, we got to try it and it was delicious. We stacked all the foods in a bowl starting with the green rice.

Now P6 love Mexican foods!

P6 Go Elemental!

Congratulations to our winner (centre) and our two runners up above in the Poster competition for elements of the Periodic Table. What amazing posters they had of oxygen, iridium and lithium!

The competition was run and judged by the Chemists at Heriot Watt University whose Dr. Mairi Haddow came into school to introduce the periodic table to the pupils, play Element Top Trumps and who explained that this is the 150th anniversary of the Periodic Table.  We learned that everything is made up of various of the chemical elements and many of the class did their own research at home about their element.

Well done to everyone from across P6 who designed a poster for the competition.  We will display them in school and once again many congratulations to our winner! Here are some pictures from the prize-giving ceremony…

Book Week Scotland in P6

To launch book week in Primary 6 the children invited their parents and carers in to the classroom to help with their literacy work.

The task was challenging as it require reading skills, comprehension skills, planning and drawing skills.  The children did a great job.  They made their own choice of scene to illustrate  from The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  The scene had to reflect the detail contained in the text along with a convincing illustration of the main character as portrayed in the text.  The choices were good.  Some children chose Mr Tumnus, The Faun, some went for the Ice Queen in her carriage, and some (bold ones here) decided upon the entry scene for Aslan, the Lion.  Here are some photos to show you how it looked on that Monday afternoon.

P6 Marble Runs!

We have been learning about gravity and its effects on objects and human beings. We thought that a fun way to demonstrate our learning was to make marble runs!

On Tuesday 8th October, parents came into Primary 6 to help build marble runs. The children had designed these in advance and had a number of challenges to answer.

Each marble run had to have at least 3 changes of direction; 1 drop; a clear starting point and some way to catch the marble at the end of the run. The marble run had to have a space theme and some element of a game or challenge. The background was to be decorated.

The children had lots of challenges as they were building including choosing the right cardboard tubes; setting the board to the right angle and then angling the tubes and building barriers at the turns so that the marble didn’t run off…!

Everyone worked really well and the parents were wonderfully patient and helpful, with some excellent ideas to help. We think you’ll agree the finished marble runs were brilliant.

Maths Week Scotland in P6A… (By Zac and Maisie)

We made graphs of people with the same name as us in the same year we were born.

We also made a poster with a partner about quadrilaterals.

We also did a scavenger hunt where we had to find questions around the ground and answer them. Some of it was hard but we used new strategies to help us.

Maths Week Scotland in P6B… (By Lucas and Ryan)

In P6B, we have been making games and sums with chalk outside. The P7s also made us a scavenger hunt and it was great although some of the questions were a little tricky.

We also were playing Sumdog and P6B are currently second!

Outdoor Learning @ Holyrood Park

On Thursday afternoon Primary 6 filled the Number 26 bus as we went to Holyrood Park for the Edinburgh Primary 6 Outdoor Learning Event. Around 2,000 pupils attended and, as last year, it was a great afternoon (and much warmer).

The children engaged in a variety of activities. These included orienteering, fire-building, flower pressing and team building challenges. Two years in a row Mrs Bennett has failed to be with the team making hot chocolate.

Match Report:
Soccer 7s at Carrick Knowe 

Goals were scored!

Today saw the launch of the soccer season with the P7s playing a tough opening game against a very experienced team from Fox Covert. The Carrick Knowe team played with heart and with talent. Speedy pace and excellent footwork made Arran, Jack, Thomas and Peter players to be reckoned with. Jayden, Quentin and  Finlay showed great positioning on the pitch and stamina throughout the game. Lana and Isla put in great effort making their debut to school football. Special mention must go to Hayden whose presence and ability in the goal was magnificent. Coach, Mr Mitchell and Mrs Bennett are so proud of the players and look forward to a great season.

“I think we tried really hard for our first game” [Isla]

Final Score: Fox Covert 9 – 4 Carrick Knowe

Primary 6

The P6 team took on Nether Currie and again fought a tough match, coming out with a score line similar to the P7s.  Coach Mathieson said “you worked your socks off” to player of the match, Alexander.  “It was really fun because at the end we had a big penalty shoot-out” Keiran. The first half saw end to end football with Nether Currie taking most of the possession in the second half.

Thanks to all parents who came along. Your support and help with the goals, nets etc. is valued.

Edinburgh Book Festival

On Monday P5 and P6 went to the Edinburgh book festival. We went to see the author Scarlett Thomas. We asked her some questions and she even gave us glow in the dark books it was so much fun. Danny he helped on the stage got some people on the stage and Scarlett gave them little gems to take home. [Reece]

Yesterday P5 and P6 went to the Edinburgh Book Festival. We went to go and see Scarlett Thomas and it was really good fun. The conversation was rolling smoothly because a guy called Danny was helping out. About half way Scarlett played a game and some people went up on the stage and got gemstones as prizes. [Stewart]

On Monday 19th August in the afternoon P6 went to Edinburgh’s international book festival to see the amazing Scarlett Thomas (author of 10 adult books and the amazing worldquake series). It was our first trip as P6B. [Lexie]

She showed us her fabulous characters and was really thrilling! She got people up on stage and was really interactive. Scarlett answered all our questions really well and at the end she even gave away a signed copy of her book(not for us unfortunately)! [Tom]