Primary 6 Blog (2019-20)


Match Report:
Soccer 7s at Carrick Knowe 

Goals were scored!

Today saw the launch of the soccer season with the P7s playing a tough opening game against a very experienced team from Fox Covert. The Carrick Knowe team played with heart and with talent. Speedy pace and excellent footwork made Arran, Jack, Thomas and Peter players to be reckoned with. Jayden, Quentin and  Finlay showed great positioning on the pitch and stamina throughout the game. Lana and Isla put in great effort making their debut to school football. Special mention must go to Hayden whose presence and ability in the goal was magnificent. Coach, Mr Mitchell and Mrs Bennett are so proud of the players and look forward to a great season.

“I think we tried really hard for our first game” [Isla]

Final Score: Fox Covert 9 – 4 Carrick Knowe

Primary 6

The P6 team took on Nether Currie and again fought a tough match, coming out with a score line similar to the P7s.  Coach Mathieson said “you worked your socks off” to player of the match, Alexander.  “It was really fun because at the end we had a big penalty shoot-out” Keiran. The first half saw end to end football with Nether Currie taking most of the possession in the second half.

Thanks to all parents who came along. Your support and help with the goals, nets etc. is valued.

Edinburgh Book Festival

On Monday P5 and P6 went to the Edinburgh book festival. We went to see the author Scarlett Thomas. We asked her some questions and she even gave us glow in the dark books it was so much fun. Danny he helped on the stage got some people on the stage and Scarlett gave them little gems to take home. [Reece]

Yesterday P5 and P6 went to the Edinburgh Book Festival. We went to go and see Scarlett Thomas and it was really good fun. The conversation was rolling smoothly because a guy called Danny was helping out. About half way Scarlett played a game and some people went up on the stage and got gemstones as prizes. [Stewart]

On Monday 19th August in the afternoon P6 went to Edinburgh’s international book festival to see the amazing Scarlett Thomas (author of 10 adult books and the amazing worldquake series). It was our first trip as P6B. [Lexie]

She showed us her fabulous characters and was really thrilling! She got people up on stage and was really interactive. Scarlett answered all our questions really well and at the end she even gave away a signed copy of her book(not for us unfortunately)! [Tom]