Primary 6 Blog (2018-19)


The Nursery Comes to P6!

On Monday lots of excited children from the Nursery came into school to share some play with the P6s. After the summer these children will be in Primary One so this visit formed part of their school familiarisation and meant that they now know some of the (soon to be) P7s.

Just look at the smiles.

P6 @ The Hub!

The children from P6 joined in games at Forrester High School on Wednesday.  P6 classes from all over Edinburgh, thousands of them, all descended on the playing fields to share this day of sports.  Carrick Knowe pupils played football and hockey and took part in a MASSIVE, dance routine involving over 500 children.  Mrs Buchanan, Mrs Ross and Mrs Bennett are SO PROUD of the Carrick Knowe P6s who joined in enthusiastically, shared, and whose behaviour was exemplary.  We all had a great day.  Scroll over the photographs to see what was going on.

Team Football

Our footballers played over 8 games and were given a special award for great attitude.

Team Dance

Well done to our Team Dance group who ‘rocked it’ all day and then were part of the HUGE final ceremony!

Team Hockey

These guys were hard working and showed real team support in the hockey tournament. Well done!

STEM Morning in P6A (by Honzik)

For our STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) challenge we were creating a marble run to help us understand how gravity works. First we had to be put into teams of three and then make a plan of the marble run. The next step involved our parents and the next day they came to help us. These are the plans and our success criteria.

And these are the results!!!

STEM Morning in P6B (by Avi)

For our STEM challenge in P6B we were making a marble run with some of our parents due to us being introduced to our new topic, Gravity. P6B worked well as a trio, they all made a fun and exciting marble run.

P6B’s success criteria was: use the force of gravity to guide the marble run from start to finish, include at least three changes of direction, include at least one gravitational drop, make sure that the marble finishes in a container at the bottom. At the end P6Bpeer assessed each other’s marble run.

We all had a great time!

P6 Baby Day!

As part of our learning in RSHP, P6 hosted a Baby Day in Primary 6 and it got off to an intriguing start with lots of  baby dolls for us to look after. We were allocated random family groups and given a baby.  We named our babies.  Some babies only got the right name after we changed nappies!

The babies cried.  The children had to work out if they were, too hungry, too hot, too cold, needed their nappy changed or just wanted a cuddle.

The babies learned.  We did some reading while we looked after the babies.

The babies came to drama and RME lessons with us. Thank you to Mrs McMorris and Mr Hay for their forbearance here!

The babies came to both performances of our digital assembly!  They were so quiet and well behaved!

Thanks also to Mr Malone who held an impromptu teaching session in the corridor at lunchtime – all about how to look after a brand new baby!

As you can see from the photos the children of P6 will, one day, make great parents!

P6 Digital Safety Assembly

The children of P6 put together a great performance to show us how communication has developed over the last century (and more) and explained the benefits and drawbacks of modern communication devices. Mrs Anderson, Mrs Buchanan and Mrs Bennett are so proud of the professionalism of the children in putting on this assembly.  Click on our photos for more details!

P4 and P6 Pupils Impress Teamwork Tina…

Our CKPS Superhero Teamwork Tina really enjoyed seeing us all work well as a team when we met up and enjoyed time reading and playing a literacy game with our ASL Literacy Buddies. WELL DONE everyone!

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Dr Seuss said: You can find magic wherever you look! Sit back and relax, all you need is a book!

The Big Pedal

Some of the children in P6 designed an obstacle course for the nursery children to use on their bikes and scooters. The nursery children and a member of P6 then buddied up and the P6 children supported their ‘buddy’ around the track. The children had a great time!

Rugby in P6

P6 enjoyed some rugby training yesterday. They will continue to build on these skills over the next 3 weeks.

World of Work Week in P6A

On Tuesday 5th February, a person from ‘Engie’ the energy company came to talk to P6 and tell us all about the company and what they did. Take a look at the pictures to see us wearing a hard helmet, a high vis vest and protective gloves! It was awesome!!!

Scotland’s Landscape

As part of our Scots topic,P6 have been investigating the landscape of Scotland. The children worked in groups to create posters demonstrating their learning about Scotland’s landscape. The children took notes and used iPads and atlases to help them create their posters.

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P6 go to University for Year of Health conference…

On Friday we went to the Oriam Centre at Heriot Watt University to take part in a huge event organised by students from a variety of faculties. Previously we had thought about inventions which might help us, and the world around us, to be healthier in the future. We wrote down our ideas and the students went away to design prototypes.

We toured the stalls where the students explained their inventions.  We took part in some experiments for the interactive ideas. Some of these involved dancing, running and eating popcorn! We asked questions and the students told us all about their ideas.  We met Pepper, a real robot. We wore a virtual reality headset and entered a different world. As we went round we ‘graded’ the students and the grades were entered into a competition.

See our pictures and comments below:

The P6/P7 Christmas Party!

P6 and P7 had their joint Christmas party on Monday 17th December. The children played party games; took party in some Scottish Country Dancing; they enjoyed some delicious party food and had the opportunity to show off their own special dance moves during the dancing competition! A great time was had by all.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Walking In A Winter Window-Land!!!

The pupils of Primary 6 entered a city wide competition to design a ‘stained glass’ window. The theme of the competition was ‘kindness’.

Congratulations to Avi Duff from P6B whose beautiful design has been chosen to be made into a light box window. Here is Avi’s entry along with pictures of all the completed window designs. They were fabulous!

The light boxes will be on display in West Parliament Square, outside St. Giles, and in four other locations around the city.  They will be on display through the Christmas and New Year holiday period. Avi’s window will form part of the Winter Windows display at: Royston Wardie Community Centre, 11 Pilton Drive,  EH1 1NF.

Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset

The children in P6B were exploring the feelings associated with a fixed and growth mindset today. They were presented with a tricky ‘paper challenge’ and they had to track their feelings while carrying it out. Many children shared at the end of the lesson that despite knowing they should try to avoid having a fixed mindset; the thoughts and feelings associated with a fixed mindset still quickly took over when they did not succeed at the challenge straight away! We discussed and shared strategies for coping with these feelings.

The class were then given the opportunity to make their own ‘paper puzzle’ for a friend to try and complete which was lots of fun!

STEM: Building Bridges (By Avi, P6B)

P6B have been learning about bridges and this week we had a STEM task to build a bridge that could hold a four carriage train (toy ones of course!).

We all had a good effort and enjoyed ourselves. Some groups spent less money on their bridges than others.

We used all kinds of materials such as straw, paper and card.

Overall the whole class loved it and hope to do another STEM challenge soon.

STEM: Like A Bridge Over… (By Honzik, P6A)

This week for our STEM challenge, we created lots of bridges.

We had to measure a gap of 40cm to build our bridges over.

We also paired up to balance like a bridge!!!


This bridge was our record holder – all those rubbers were heavy !!!

Halloween Stories!

As part of our work during the Halloween week we wrote stories based in Haunted Houses. No ghouls or reapers here though… we were writing stories to share with our new friends in Primary 2.  We chose animals, real or imaginary who lived in our ‘haunted house’ and who had to overcome some danger/scary happenings on Halloween.

The P6s rose to the challenge ensuring that they censored the amount of danger appropriately for their young audience. The P2s seemed very happy with this and one youngster even went off and designed his own haunted house, story and all.

Each story was written onto tiny cards which were hidden behind doors the P2s could open (Advent Calendar style) and this was another source of enjoyment. Look closely to see the windows.


Last week Primary 6 did some serious learning about the origins, history and customs of Hallowe’en. We learned that the ancient Celtic people celebrated this time of year as their New Year.  It was known as Samhain. Many Pagan people had customs similar to some of our modern customs at Hallowe’en.  It seems that some of these may even originate from the days of the Roman Empire.When we had done enough serious learning, we had some serious fun.

We were blindfolded to pin features on the pumpkin.  We were challenged to eat donuts with our hands behind our backs. We ‘dooked’ for apples. Here are some pictures!


The children in Primary 6B have been investigating different types of bridges and discussing the reasons each design may have been selected in particular locations.

The children then had to apply their knowledge to design a new rail bridge to allow trains to safely cross the River Forth. The children were required to justify the reasons for their chosen design.

Spider Woman

Primary 6B went to an assembly and when they came back, spider woman had been in our classroom and put webs all over our tables!

We did some peer learning and worked together to identify and measure the different angles. Everyone had GREAT fun!

Please note: writing on school tables is not normally permitted but spiderwoman gave us no other choice…

Saving Astronaut Egg!

Today, P6 have been using the skills encouraged by the school’s new superhero – Team Work Tina. In groups, the children had to work together to design a rocket that Astronaut Egg (a real egg!) can land safely without being hurt. The children had great fun working together on their designs and tomorrow we will see if their rockets were successful.

Outdoor Learning @ Holyrood Park

Last Thursday, Primary 6 joined several hundred other Edinburgh school children at a MASSIVE outdoor learning event at Holyrood Park.  With Arthur’s Seat in the background and right next to Holyrood Palace, we were inspired to have a great day. In spite of the cold wind, we had a full day out in the fresh air and took part in a variety of outdoor challenges!

Maths Week Money Challenge

Well done to P6Bs winner of the money challenge set during Maths Week. He was able to look after the money in his bank account very well – he managed to more than double it in just 2 days!

Maths Week Scotland

Scottish Maths Week

P6B have had an exciting start to Scottish Maths Week. This morning each child was given their very own bank account with a balance of £2. They had the opportunity during the day to earn extra money by working hard; being kind to one another; keeping the classroom tidy; etc. However, the children could also lose money if they encountered a fine for not following our class charter. And at the end of the day the children were all required to pay 10% of their savings to the tax man! During the day there was a £1 shop where children could decide if they wanted to spend their money on a small gift for themselves or whether they would rather keep their money all saved safely in the bank. At the end of the day tomorrow, we will find out who has managed to save the most money over the two days and a small prize will be awarded to the winner…watch this space!

A Big Well Done!

Congratulations to the ‘rot’ table (the ‘red’ table) who were the first table to win our class table points challenge. The children at this table were following our class charter carefully to pick up as many points as possible throughout the week. They were given the treasure chest to share and were able to use the ‘special rewards’ in class the following week. I wonder who our next table champions will be?


Welcome Back!

We hope everyone had a fantastic summer and is raring to go as we have lots of exciting things planned for this year. Mrs Bennett will be teaching Primary 6A this year and in Primary 6B the teachers will be Ms Anderson on a Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Buchanan from Wednesday to Friday.

Keep checking back here as the year progresses for more updates and photos!