P6A – Mrs Bennett


Friday 29th May:

I hope you are busy with your piece of persuasive writing today – it is linked to your European Country that you chose for research last week.

So is today’s Art activity.  Find a famous artist from your country and do a bit of research. Find out about the artist’s life and their artwork.

You might be able to recreate some of his/her work. This week we had a gallery of great architecture, perhaps next week we can have art!

If you studied the Netherlands then you might choose Vincent Van Gogh.  You will already know some of his work but have you read his own tragic life story?  It’s really interesting!

The choice is yours.

Later today you might want to chill out with the BBC Springwatch programme…


Live webcams and lots of wonderful Spring wildlife for you to watch and listen to.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and are ready for next week…

Bounce into summer from Monday June 1st

Get your trainers out for a week full of health and well-being activities next week.

Primary 6 will also have a special focus on Wednesday when we take part in the Forrester “Games at the Hub”  online activities.  More details to follow…

Thursday 28th May:

Well P6A it’s Thursday and what a week you have had! Just look at the creations of European landmarks. You are observers, designers, engineers, builders, constructors and artists.

Thank you to everyone who sent in their pictures. Can you identify the landmarks?

Drama – Here is Miss Chuwen with today’s activities

Hi everyone!

It’s Thursday again and I’m back with your drama activity. Today will be the last task for drama and we will then move on to the next block of activities. I hope you have lots of fun with it.

Your warm up challenge today is for practising your expression. Think of a random sentence and say it in your normal voice. Once you’ve done that use the ‘say it another way’ cards to change your expression but still say the same sentence. You did a similar activity in week 2 with different emotions, but this is going to help your brain think about how we speak and act in different scenarios.

Today we are going to be combining the skills we practised over the last few weeks and doing one final performance as a character in role. This can be done on your own, but you will find it easier to have some other characters to interact with so encourage the people you live with to get involved if they can!

You can create any type of character you wish! Give them a quick back story to help you get into the role but DON’T decide on the story. Have the people that are joining in do the same. If you want an extra challenge do not tell each other what type of characters you have created!

Once you’ve created your character you are going to COMPLETELY IMPROVISE a scenario. Try and aim for a coherent story that lasts somewhere around 1 or 2 minutes. It doesn’t seem like that long but it will feel like ages when you are improvising! Think about how your character would move around, the emotions they may be feeling and what they might say. They will need to interact with the other characters and this could be done in a variety of ways (best friends chatting, someone being interviewed, a fight etc).

If you can, have a go at filming your drama in one take! Don’t worry if you make a mistake or get nervous – improvisation is meant to be fun!

If you have any questions about today’s activity, want to tell me how you got on, or you just want to say hello you can email me at  nicolle.chuwen@carrickknowe.edin.sch.uk . If you want to upload your video to the Learning Journals for me to have a look at then that would be fantastic too!

See you next week for our new activity!

Miss Chuwen 😊

Wednesday 27th May:

Good Morning it’s Wednesday – that means two things at least –

Class chat on Teams at 11.00am

Wellness Wednesday.

Take time to do something you love today! Whether it be drawing, dancing, writing or going for a walk. It is important that in this tricky time you are still doing the things you really enjoy!

Today’s wellness activity is to identify different emotions and how to recognise these in ourselves and others. Reflect on the feelings below and think about how you might recognise when you or someone is feeling this way.


Find a blank piece of paper and draw a circle in the middle of this – make sure there is still plenty of room on the outside of the circle.

Using the table of feelings above, write all of the feelings you find positive on the inside of your circle and the not so good feelings on the outside. You can use different coloured pens/pencils to do this.

When you have done this, pick 3 of your different emotions and answer the below questions.

  1. When have you felt this feeling before?
  2. How can you notice when you are feeling this way?
  3. How do you notice when someone else is feeling this way?
  4. If it’s an uncomfortable feeling, how can we help ourselves cope with this?

Throughout your day, note down any emotions that you have felt, even if it was less than a minute! At the end of the day, look back at the range of emotions you have felt and think about how you coped with these.

Have a wonderful day.

Mrs Bennett

Tuesday 26th May:

Good morning to Tuesday 26th May.

We start with some tasty treats from one of our families’ kitchens. A lot of learning was involved here. Planning had to be done, recipes read and ingredients looked out. Then there was weighing of ingredients accurately for the baking especially. After this came some health and safety around the oven and then organising settings and timing the baking. In between times, all that mixing looks like it was a really good workout! I am sure it tasted as good as it looked!

STEM CHALLENGE…..How are your landmark models coming along?

You will notice these are all British landmarks – yours are going to reflect a whole variety of landmarks across Europe. Today you can colour, decorate, adorn and/or create a background scene for your landmark.

Send me in your photos when your landmarks are complete!

Mrs Bennett

Monday 25th May:

Good morning.

We’re in week 6 of the Summer Term.  Last week we were all getting creative….

Skipper got a new boat the department of weights and measures was involved here.  Great calculating Abbie.

Skipper’s inside

Meanwhile in the kitchen…..flapjacks and “15s” and cupcakes, no-one is going to go hungry here – these all look delicious!


Today’s challenge is to create a 3d model of a European landmark. You may be able to use the landmark you investigated last week, or you may choose a different one.

Here is a video of  3D Eiffel Tower to give you some ideas for your STEM activity to day.

The video shows ‘hot’ glue – cold glue  will work too and will be much safer.

Let’s see if we can get a ‘gallery’ of landmarks for the Blog this week!

Happy building!