P6A – Mrs Bennett


Friday 3rd April:


If you are feeling ‘end of termish’ then you might want to boogie with Boogie from Boogie in the Morning as he’ll be having a Radio Forth School Disco! It’s taking place today at 3pm and you can stream it live via YouTube – just make sure you get your parents’ permission!


If you’re feeling ‘creative’ you might want to make a spring/Easter card for a relative or a neighbour who is on their own and might like to see some cheery spring pictures or read your poem. Here’s a wee idea to help you along.

I was looking at my daffodils and they inspired me to put them onto a card.

To make the card, here’s what you’ll need:

And here’s the ‘how to’ part:

This covers the outside of your card – you may wish to add the name of the person you are giving it to.

Inside you might want to continue to decorate or write a message or even a poem. Here are some ideas for poetry styles that you could copy.

It could be acrostic…

Spring comes now with its sunshine and showers
Petals and buds  bursting into bloom all around
Real warmth begins to flow from the sun
Its spring that makes us all feel better
No more shivers and winter chills
Gone are the dark days and nights

or rhyming…

Harry put on his boots today
Heading out on a springtime journey

Those wellies are bright and green
A real foursome to be seen

Hogs all around now awaken and thrive
Harry says “ it’s good to be alive”

or a limerick…

There wis  yince a fancy wee abode
Wherein bided a bousy Scottish toad
He wis rinnin awa
Fae an angert craw
And got squished oot on the road

Well P6A, that’s all from me this term. I hope you all have as enjoyable a holiday as you can and I’ll be back on the blog on Tuesday 21st April.  There might also be some more work coming…you have been warned!

Mrs Bennett

Thursday 2nd April:

Wow! This has been another amazing week of talent from P6A

Hope’s Stitch

Thanks to Jessica for this techno wonder!

Mr Morley can perhaps explain what’s going on here?


Harry has chosen some of the sentences he likes best from your stories.

“Then he got up and went down the stairs, they creaked as he went down them.”

Oh no said Johnny ” What if it spreads all the way to us?”

It’s freezing down here!

P.C. Hog started to go down. Harry was hesitant…

I wonder what’s going to happen next?

Wednesday 1st April:

This April 1, the internet is pleading with brands not to pull their regular pranks, and Google has cancelled its annual April Fools’ hoax. New York Post.

BUT if you can’t resist,….here are some ideas from The Scotsman…

Elastic band prank

Wrap one of your loved one’s most valued objects, such as their phone or tv remote, in multiple layers of elastic bands. Watch as they try to undo them all and free their item.

Bubble wrap trap

If you have any spare bubble wrap lying around, place it under a rug or a bathmat to surprise a family member or flatmate when they step on it.

Hide random photos around the house

Hide different size photos of whoever you choose all over the house and see how long it takes the people you’re living with to notice.


Here are some pictures of Harry out and about getting his fresh air and discovering new things in the outdoors.
Ooh I’m high up!

Tuesday 31st March:

It’s Tuesday and already the work is so impressive. Just look at the talent we have in this class from engineers and builders to artists.

Make sure you are eating loads of healthy fruit and vegetables, drinking fresh water and getting some exercise in.

From Mrs Bennett

Monday 30th March:

Good morning P6A!

Ready to start your second week of home learning?

Now that everyone has had a chance to settle into this new way of life, make sure you put your time to really good use. There are lots of fun and fabulous exercise and educational programmes available on T.V. and online.

Here are just some examples:



Check out Oti Mabuse’s Dance Classes each day on Facebook

Elevenses with The World of David Walliams


I am looking forward to seeing more of your fabulous work. Follow your timetable ideas from last week and be sure to update your own diary/ timetable. Check out your common words booklet for spelling and/or use some of the interesting/tricky/challenging words from your reading books.

Let me know anytime you need help.

In the meantime here is the story of Harry and what he got up to when he disappeared on Thursday night. What a hero….

Harry’s ‘twilight bark’

Harry  had eaten a supper of apple and raspberries but after watching his favourite movie, “ 101 Dalmatians”  was still feeling peckish.  He ventured out into the back garden under cover of darkness and began rooting around in the vegetable patch looking for snacks.  As with most hedgehogs, Harry has a taste for snails and worms. This is unfortunate for those little creatures. 

While he was  snuffling around in the twilight under the bare branched apple tree and the kale he thought he heard an alert!  It’s the ‘twilight bark’  he thought to himself and he paused to listen. Hedgehogs like Harry don’t have great eyesight but their hearing is excellent and Harry was hearing something, something he didn’t like. He froze and waited. He waited for a long time. Then, sure enough , Harry heard the sound again. It was indeed an alarm call… not quite the ‘Twilight bark’ but a cry for help. Harry was off, trotting and stumbling on his little legs and very quickly losing three of his four wellies as he negotiated the large stones between the vegetable plot and the lawn.  He had heard the call of another hedgehog.  Someone was in trouble and Harry was the hog to save him.

Harry was so keen to come the aid of the stricken hog that he dashed out onto the lawn without thinking of himself or how exposed that huge expanse of grass would make him.  He should have been going along under the hedgerow, or at the foot of the garden wall.  The shadow was upon him before he had time to say ‘’ mac’n’cheese’’.  Harry instinctively, used all the muscles along his back to activate his prickly spines, an unbelievable 5,000 of them,  and rolled himself into an impregnable ball. 

A large and handsome Fox loomed over Harry so close that Harry could smell his musky, foxy smell.  Harry stayed very still. He stayed very still for a very long time.  He shivered a little inside his ball shape and wondered how long he would have to stay curled up when clearly some other hog was in danger.  He heard the cry for help again and knew he could do nothing until the fox moved on.  As luck would have it, the fox had already eaten his fill from the neighbour’s untidy bin that night and it was only Harry’s frantic dash across the grass that had caught his eye. The fox moved on.

As soon as it was safe Harry dived for the cover of the hedge.  Just at the edge of the lawn, he met George the mole, who had heard everything, but, of course, seen nothing.  George said that the stricken hog was over the road. Over the road. Harry had never been over the road before!  He thanked George and followed the hedge to the end of the garden and then crossed the neighbours’ gardens all the while, hearing the cries for help.  Harry’s little heart pounded with adrenalin.  He carried his own fear from his meeting with the fox and the fear he could hear from the hog calling out.  Harry ran faster than he had ever gone before and all the while, the hog’s cries were getting louder and closer.

Now Harry faced the road.  The lights of the cars were huge round blurry globes of light.  He had no idea how to cross.  Each time there was a gap in the traffic and Harry thought he might get across another huge, terrifying vehicle would roar into view, blinding him and forcing him back onto the kerb. Harry was stuck.  He stopped and thought.  Then he remembered about the crossing point.  This was no ordinary crossing point but a special drain tunnel, inserted by the humans to allow the rainwater to drain safely and going under the full width of the road.  Harry raced.  He scuttled through the pipe and met the source of the cries for help.  It was a little hog that had trapped one of his feet in a juice can at the other side of the tunnel.  The can was jammed amongst some other rubbish and the poor little guy had no way out.  “ Boy am I glad to see you” he smiled, at little shyly. “ I feel a right  silly hog stuck here like this”.

“ That’s not your fault” re-assured Harry.  “ C’mon, we’ll have you out of there in a jiffy”

“ It’s not as easy as you might think’ said the trapped hog, bravely ”you see my foot is quite badly hurt.” At that point Harry saw the tears puddling at the little hog’s beady eyes.  Harry and the little hog worked hard to free the trapped foot and after a bit or wriggling and turning the can around, the foot came free.

“Oh I can’t thank you enough.” cried the little hog, “ My name is Berry.”

“ Glad you’re okay, Berry” said Harry “Come on, time to get you home” and with that, Harry popped his remaining welly onto the red, sore foot and with Berry holding on tight to Harry, the two of them headed off to Berry’s home.  Once the foot had been bathed and bandaged, Berry and Harry were treated to some ginger and lemon tea and sat down in front of the fire to tell the whole story to Berry’s family.

Friday 27th March:

Wow! We’ve all made it to Friday!

All that is except Harry – he is nowhere to be seen! He went to sleep yesterday evening curled up, in the corner of the armchair and when I checked for him this morning. Gone! I wonder….

The rest of you have been busy and I have heard Joe Wicks has a BIG fan base at 9.00 in the morning. Here are two familiar friends to brighten your Friday.

Keeping granny amused!
And here’s an amazing rainbow!

Keep thinking positively and working away this morning. Keep sharing all your work.

Then you will have earned your Friday afternoon and weekend break and I will be available again from Monday morning. Have a lovely weekend and stay safe.

Thursday 26th March:

Well these pictures say it all. Harry is exhausted with all the changes to his normal routine and last night he had taken himself off to bed early. He was saying goodnight in the first picture and then buried his head under his new favourite cushion, to sleep in the corner of the chair.

Night night.
Sleep tight.

If you’re feeling a bit worn out, have an early bedtime and read a good book so that you can fall asleep relaxed.

If you are still buzzing with excitement over the whole ‘doing your schoolwork at home’ thing then remember to ‘save’ and ‘share’ your work with me over 365. If anyone is having any difficulty with this then send an email direct. I have had lots of great work so far this week and a variety of literacy, numeracy, dance and art activities. Keep them coming…

Wednesday 25th March:

Good morning everyone.

As it’s Wednesday a good focus today would be on ‘Wellness’.

Harry has been thinking about this and has these suggestions for you…

  1. Check your home learning grid to see where you are.
  2. Tick off the activities you have done to give you a sense of satisfaction and achievement.
  3. Today focus on finding 5 ways to improve your health.
  4. Keep in touch with your classmates so that no-one feels left out.
  5. Listen to some new stories –

Mrs Iley let us all know of this one…. Amazon today cancelled  the subscription of books and audio stories for children and students of all ages as long as schools are closed, kids everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories…

All stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet using the following link https://stories.audible.com/start-listen.

Harry was quick to take advantage of the free offer.

And finally, just to help you all feel happy Megan designed this ‘Stay happy ‘ Rainbow.

Tuesday 24th March:

Good morning P6A.
It’s Tuesday and Day 2
of our Home Learning!

What a great start to the week. Well you were very busy yesterday working on planets, Lego challenges, doing Joe Wick’s workout, spelling and numeracy.  See below for the most beautiful piece of mindfulness work by Jessica. Well done everyone for their hard work.

Harry has been busy too.  Here he is trying to sort out the problems my laptop was having connecting to the internet.

Monday 23rd March:

Good morning P6A!

I hope you have had a chance to chill out over the weekend and get used to this whole new situation. I hope also that today you are up and ready to start on your home learning pack.

Remember to take it one day at a time and send me your completed work and /or photographs if you can.  Any help you want with tasks or problems just email me.  Have a look at the other class blogs as there are lots of lovely ideas there including…

You’ll be glad to know that Harry the Hedgehog has come home with me so that he can be part of the home learning too.  He has taken this whole situation quite seriously as you can see.  He fashioned his own mask.  He has worked out the 2 metres for social distancing and he is starting his day with an apple. ( Mac’n’cheese later)

See if you can measure out 2 metres using T-shirts, cereal boxes or whatever you can find.

Have a great day P6A.