P6A – Mr Wallace


Friday 19th February:

Although it’s been a short week after the holiday, P6 have managed to pack in lots of learning. We talked about our snow-filled February brea; shared what we already know and what we would like to know about the Victorians; some of us made pancakes; as well as getting our heads back into our weekly Literacy and Numeracy activities! Like the whole Carrick Knowe school community, we have also focused on thinking about digital safety – we wrote some rhyming couplets inspired by the story #Goldilocks and we had a closer look at ‘fake news’ and how to spot it so we’re not fooled by it.

Some magical snowy moments from the February break…

Pancake making…

V is for Victoria and the Victorians – and some of you have already spotted her in various places across Edinburgh…

Have a lovely weekend Primary 6!

See you on Monday,

Mr W

Thursday 4th February:

February has started off with a bang in Primary 6 and what a great way to begin the half term holiday by looking back at this week’s Magical Moments. Earlier in the week, we celebrated the winners of the Scots poetry and art competition (you can see the brilliant performance of our poetry winner by watching last week’s assembly and some of our art entries are below); we started to Express Ourselves by taking part in the Great Big Art Exhibition; we challenged ourselves with lots of literacy and maths activities; we continued our learning about Myths and Legends and introduced a German myth about doppelgangers to help us to learn some German adjectives; and we even had a discussion about the humpback whale in the Firth of Forth that was spotted by someone in our class this week! What a whale of a time we’ve had… 😊

Here are a selection of some of best moments this week…

Well done for all your fantastic work so far, Primary 6. Enjoy ‘No Screen Friday’ and I hope you have a relaxing and well-deserved break.

See you soon,

Mr Wallace

Friday 29th January:

Once again, Primary 6 have been hard at work this week. Here’s some of our magical moments…


It’s not been your average week in Primary 6… We moved from area and perimeter to learning about the 3 Ms: mean, mode and median….


This week, as part of our Scots week P6 have been learning about the Loch Ness monster and focusing on following instructions to make some classic Scottish food


We also focused on the technology of STEM and had a go at coding: creating our own stories, games and animations using Scratch…


Our literacy focus this week has been to develop our report writing skills

P6 are now going to have a well-deserved break over the weekend, in preparation for our last week before half term…

Enjoy! 🙂

Friday 22nd January:

Primary 6 have been working hard this week lots of different kinds of activities and I’ve been really impressed by the effort that everyone have been putting in. I know it’s not always easy, so well done!

A special shout out to all the families of pupils who have been helping out behind the scenes to help learning from home this week – A MASSIVE THANK YOU!

Have a look below to see some of our ‘magical moments’ from week 2 of home learning…

We took magic to a new level and made reports about Scottish mythical creatures…

We’ve done lots of amazing work on measuring the area and perimeter of different things…

And we’ve been following instructions to make origami art!

Well done Primary 6! Have a well deserved weekend break, and I’ll see you all on Monday morning!

Mr Wallace

Friday 15th January:

Primary 6! What a week we have had! We have been on a bit of a technological journey – sometimes a journey of laughter, with the occasional tear, but I have seen so much determination and perseverance and you have achieved lots already in such a short time.

Despite the attempts of TEAMS to get in our way, you didn’t give up, and you have gone from strength to strength: using a number of features of Office 365, sending photos,and sharing lots of your fantastic work.

In particular, I thought so many of you shone this week on our Europe ‘SHOW OFF YOUR LEARNING’ task. I was impressed by the colours, craft and creativity of all of your work – well done!

Thanks so much to all of your families for their support and patience this week. Technology isn’t always my friend, so I’m grateful to you all for sticking with it and supporting your children to do a great job.

All of you, have a fantastic weekend! Rest up, and I’ll see you all bright and fresh on Monday at 11am.

Mr Wallace

P6 go to Europe!

P6 have been working extremely hard this term learning about all things European: from languages to map reading to fact finding. Over the last couple of weeks, we picked a European country to research using iPads and laptops, found at least 10 interesting facts about the country and created our own posters. Today the class got a chance to share their learning with each other by doing poster presentations where we focused on clear communication (Presenters) and note taking (audience). Have a look at the photos to see…

Celebrating Success in P6

September has been a busy month and P6’s effort has been excellent, so it was a difficult choice to pick just one person to celebrate in a class full of hard workers. But congratulations again to our star above, who stood out for displaying the two school values we’ve been learning about recently: respect and kindness. We’ve talked about how our actions can reflect on others ( if we are kind to others then this kindness can be a mirror to show others), as well as discussing how we can show respect to others (like in a football match). Well done for all your kindness and respectful actions!

It’s also been another successful Sumdog week in Carrick Knowe and the leaders from P6 were Rithvik, Alice and Déjà. Rithvik in particular worked his socks off by answering an astounding 3890 questions between Monday and Friday – congratulations to all of you and have a lovely weekend…

Friday 18th September:


Over the past two weeks P5/6 and P6A have been looking at different STEM challenges! The first one was to create a marble run, there was an aqueduct challenge for P6A and this week we had to make balloon-powered boats!

We’ve been working on the 5 key STEM skills; resilience, critical thinking, communication, creativity and collaboration.

Monday 17th August:

It’s one week until his return but we were blessed with the presence of Mr Wallace today. He ‘popped in’ just before lunch via Microsoft Teams to say hello and see how we were all getting on…

Tuesday 11th August:

Primary 6!

Welcome to a new year, a new class and a new classroom (you are the first year that has been in this special new room!). Sadly I am not going to be in the classroom for the first few days but Mr Morley (who will be taking you whilst I’m away), Miss Inglis and I have been chatting about the year ahead and I am really looking forward to meeting you all when I am back.

In the first week or so, we will be focusing on catching up with your news and finding out how everyone has been doing. In the second week, we will begin some whole class reading, times tables and ‘speedy’ maths challenges, and thinking about our class charter, and the type of classroom environment and rules we will be expecting this year. You might want to think about our school values and how we can connect our charter to those… I’d like you to have your 2 truths and 1 lie ready for when I am back (remember, don’t tell anyone else in the class, to make it more fun), so have a think about what you’re going to say before then.

For the moment, Mr Morley should be able to answer all your questions when you start (either Wednesday or Thursday) but if you are not really not sure about something that is on your mind over the next few days, your parents can access a Parent Guide which is available on the Home Page of the Carrick Knowe website.

I thought you might like a sneak preview of the classroom you’re going to be in this year, so have a look at these photos… Once we all settle down into the classroom we will have the opportunity to change it around a bit and update the empty walls with all of your fantastic work!

A quick reminder that you’ll be entering the building through this door on Wednesday/Thursday and I know Mr Morley is really excited to be welcoming everyone back.

I look forward to seeing you all very soon!

Mr Wallace

Thursday 25th June:

Welcome to P6A!