Primary 7 Blog (2017-18)


Things Have Gone A Bit Bonkers…

Those who say that school is boring have clearly not been to Primary 7.  Although we’re not quite sure which part of the curriculum we were covering here!

[Blog Post By Harry]

P7 have been learning how to build houses that will survive an earthquake (or the shaking of a table). This has all been part of developing our engineering skills.

Here are some before and after photos.


Jumping [Blog Post By Umar]

P7A in PE have been seeing how far they can jump and finding the best techniques for it.They have been using a meter line to see how far they can jump from a standing position.The best so far is 1.7 meteres,The picture on the left is a centermeterline to see the exact distance they can jump.

ORDER – P7 Parliament In Session

In Primary 7 we have been exploring the Syria Conflict and using our knowledge to develop informed opinions. Having studied ‘democracy’ earlier in the year, the children were able to conduct our own debate and discuss some incredibly complex issues including air strikes and the role of parliament.

We found this CBBC article very helpful:

Unlike those at Holyrood and Westminster, our P7 politicians were actually able to agree on things and take each other’s ideas on board!

Do we have a future Prime Minister among us?

Easter Egg Hunt

Just before the Easter Holidays, the P7 House Captains organised a fantastic Easter Egg hunt for the whole school and what an incredible job they did!

The amount of planning and organisation was brilliant and the compliments kept coming all day from teachers and children alike.

P7 Camp @ Lagganlia

Day 1

It took a little longer than expected (thanks Ghazi!) but we set off in good time. There was also a quick toilet stop at Dunkeld for those who had already drank 2 litres of juice!

There was no time to rest when we got there as we had lunches to eat, tables to clean and beds to make. Just working out which door to go in was a challenge for some – it’s a hard life being on camp!

There was mixed results when it came to bed making…

For the nighttime activities we ventured around the centre, had a cup of tea and sang happy birthday. And just to let you know… Callum, Liam, Brenden and Ethan didn’t have the best start to their dorm inspections (see below) – a work in progress I think!

Miss Inglis has also said that she is very impressed with the commitment of those children taking their ‘Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies’ scripts to camp!

Day 2

6:20am Update – The majority of the boys are awake… 🤦‍♂️

After the early morning wake-up… Everyone at camp had such an amazing day. Each activity group have been working with their instructors to plan their weeks activities and what a wide range we have had already.

There’s been abseiling, canoeing, skiing, mountain biking and then something which involved making fires and pancakes and things – clearly I’m not quite sure what to call this!

Two groups also went gorge walking but, as always, getting photos of this was impossible.

For our nighttime activity, we went out on a ’Night Walk’ which involved blindfolding ourselves and following a rope around the pitch black woods. It was hilarious – especially for the teachers watching the carnage unfold! And to end the day we sang happy birthday again for our second birthday of the week.

It’s fair to say they have been pushed on their first full day of activities but here are some nice quotes we’ve heard so far:

“If I had my phone here, I’d be on it all the time, I’m glad we weren’t allowed to bring it.”

“I can smell proper air. It’s so peaceful and relaxing.”

“If you think I’m doing that you can jog on…”
*10 minutes later* “Well… Maybe I’ll try!”

Day 3

Once again we’ve been super busy today throwing ourselves into all sorts of activities. Although the strong winds have taken their toll on some of us – there’s a lot of red faces!

One group developed some expert orienteering skills and then used these skills to find their way back to camp from the middle of nowhere.

There were also some epic walks up the mountains, more fun on the ski slope and more bushcraft activities!

And our activity at night was a scavenger hunt, where we had to pick up some random bits and bobs and create a little presentation about our week so far – we’re always learning! Mrs Moffat also took this opportunity to attempt the climbing wall!

Day 4

We thought you might like to know about all the food we are eating. Believe me when I say the children are eating well!

We were a little too busy eating to take photos of the food but here are some of breakfast including the ‘third’ birthday girl with her cup of tea and coco pops!

Bacon rolls, black pudding, cereals, toast, soups, macaroni cheese, baked potatoes, chicken pie, roast potatoes, burgers, fish and chips, pasta bolognese, apple crumble, fudge cake and cream…! 

Mrs Iley joined us all today for our final day of activities. Yet again there were so many great things going on including archery, gorge walking, den building, mountain biking and snowboarding.

And as all good camps do, our final night included a cracking disco – we’re not uploading the videos of the teachers dancing though!

Day 5

Exhausted children.
Exhausted staff.
But totally worth it.
And that is it for another year!


What Would You Put Into Room 101?

This term Primary 7 have been looking at persuasive language. We’ve written letters to ask parents to stop parking dangerously outside the school and also created posters to inform our audience about smoking, drugs and alcohol.

The highlight was when we created mini speeches and used Room 101 as a stimulus. We had to use persuasive arguments and passionate pleas in order to banish our chosen items into Room 101! Here are just some of the things we tried to banish:

Older siblings – Treating dogs as humans – Animal cruelty – Homework – Spongebob – Justin Bieber – Duty Free at Airports – People who always ask ‘What’s going on’ during films – Lattice Pies – Sand – The Haribo Adverts – Overpaid Football Players – People who put milk in their tea first!

@ Roseburn Park

On Monday, some of our P6 and P7 children competed with around 15 schools at a Cross-Country Festival.

The children were absolutely amazing! They supported each other, cheered each other on and they didn’t do too badly with the placings either – we even got a FIRST PLACE in the Primary 7 girls race!

A huge thank you must also go to Mrs Ross for organising this and to Mrs Beath for acting as chief camerawoman!

The Risk Factory!

Just the one picture I’m afraid and it doesn’t really show what we did inside. But Callum demanded this picture be put on the website so here it is…


P7 Ceilidh!

Last Thursday, our P7 children and their families were invited to the school for our annual P7 Ceilidh. As well as dancing, we had poetry readings, tasted Scottish treats and there was even a flash mob!

A huge thank you to everyone who turned up and made the night a huge success!

“The great feedback just keeps on coming!! Everyone is talking about how brilliant it was.”

Make Do and Mend!

Team P7 have been learning about life during World War 2. We found out about rationing of food and clothing. Clothing was rationed so people were forced into making do with what they already had, altering it and fixing rips and turning fabric into all sorts of different clothes.

P7 decided they would try to develop their ‘make do and mend’ skills by learning to sew on a button and to fix a tear. Some pupils even fixed rips in their own belongings or sewed on Scout or Guide badges.

Pretty impressive stuff! Next time a button falls off, you know whom to ask!

Coming Soon…

Carrick Knowe Removal Company!

Mr Miller asked P7 for some help in the school grounds. He was looking for pupils to give the grounds a pre-winter tidy up and to collect up large branches that were a potential danger or blocking areas of the garden off to pupils.

P7’s problem solving and teamwork skills were put to the test as they had to plan, lift, untangle, support, remove and co-ordinate whilst keeping themselves safe in the process.

The ‘Carrick Knowe Removers’ did an excellent job… now onto those dumped Christmas trees!

It’s Electrifying!!!

As part of our science work on energy, we got the chance to take a look at an electric car – courtesy of Neil (AKA Mr Mac) who brought his car into the playground.

We got the chance to explore all the features of the car and Neil was able to tell us all about the differences between a petrol/diesel car and an electric one.

We then went back to the classroom where we found out lots more including the amounts of energy electric cars need and how they can be charged.

Finally, he went on to explain how Mrs Mac WILL NOT let him buy a Tesla. So harsh!

Thank You From Team P7!

We would just like to thank everyone who gave a little money on Friday 29th September in order to support our fundraising efforts for Macmillan Cancer Support. We spent the whole of Monday counting the coins and we raised a massive £395.60.

It took a fair bit of planning, a whole lot of budgeting and some incredibly messy baking but we did it and you can check out some of the pictures below to see how we got on!

Step 1) Find a recipe…
‘Borrow’ some money off Mrs Matear and Mr Hunter…
Create posters…

Step 2) Buy the ingredients…
And play rugby…

 (because we can’t have 47 people in the shop at the same time!)

Step 3) Get Baking…
And wash up our dishes!

Step 4) And finally – get selling and count the coins!

And The Winners Are…

The House and Sports Captains voting has been carried out…
Votes counted and verified…
And the winners are (you’ll need to do your own drumroll)…

Meeting Our Buddies!

It was an exciting time for P7 as they got to meet their P1 buddies for the first time!

Here are just some of the things we were doing:
Reading stories… Drawing pictures… Playing with sand… Watching Alphablocks… Going outside… Playing in the house corner and… Collecting lunches!

We’ll be doing lots more things with our buddies over the next year and cannot wait!

P7 Elections!

Our awesome Primary 7s have been hard at work over the past week putting together campaigns in order to have them elected as House and Sports Captains.

This week they put their speeches to their fellow housemates and everybody from Primary 3 to Primary 7 got to vote for the people who best represented them.

Here we are working on our policies and campaigns…

Here’s the posters that you may have seen EVERYWHERE in the school!

And here is democracy in action!

Edinburgh Council Logo