Primary 7 Blog (2018-19)


Commemorating the Centenary of the Great War Armistice at Corstorphine Village War Memorial


STEM: The Crystal Marble Maze (By Charlie, P7A)

We had a STEM afternoon in P7A and our challenge was to create a marble maze.

All we had to make them was 5 straws, 1 paper plate and a roll of cellotape!

We were using our 5 STEM skills which are Resilience, Critical Thinking, Communication, Creativity and Collaboration.

Everybody really enjoyed themselves and hope to do another one soon.

STEM: Mini Raft Building (By Lewis, P7B)

Our STEM challenge this week was to create a raft which floats on water. But we were only allowed to use these materials; 5 straws, 5 lollipop sticks, 1 piece of foil, 1 yoghurt pot and a plastic bag. Part of the challenge was also to make the raft move across water using a balloon!

Update: the water tray is still in our classroom and we’ve no idea how to get rid of it!

STEM Thursdays

Over the next few weeks we are going on a STEM journey in Primary 7 and are looking at a number of different key STEM skills; Resilience, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication and Collaboration.

That journey started today with the creation of a ‘Marble Maze’. We only had a limited number of resources to work with but with expert planning (ish) and good team work, we came up with some really good mazes!

P1 Buddies

We have loved meeting our P7 Buddies this year and have helped them with lots of differing things including playground games, choosing library books and helping them on the trim trail. Here are some pictures…

Active Girls Day @ Forrester

Friday, 5th October was Active Girls Day and all P7 girls in the cluster schools were invited to Forrester High School to take part in an event with the current S1 girls.

The purpose of the event was to give the girls an opportunity to experience a wide variety of sports and activities to encourage them to keep active. We tried out netball, rugby, judo, cheerleading, glow stick aerobics and roller skating!

Mrs Mitchell and Mrs MacLennan got in on the act too! We only missed Mr Morley and the boys a little bit – they were happily learning about fractions back at school! 😀

Netball and Judo…


Glow stick aerobics and roller skating…

And ending with ‘Baby Shark’… Do do do do do !

Forrester Pupils Teach P7! 

It was ‘feet up’ time for Mrs MacLennan this week as P7A pupils were taught PE by a group of S4 pupils who are taking part in a Leadership Programme. The Leaders developed the Primary 7 dribbling skills and helped them to extend and use their skills in small sided games. We had an excellent time and all managed to be on time for High School at 8:30am! Roll on next Monday!

Resilience – Changing Our Mindset

We were asked to complete a task without any support or instructions.  Many of us felt frustrated and annoyed because we couldn’t do it and felt like giving up.  However, with the support of our friends and some basic instructions we all ended up experiencing success.

P7 House Elections

Forget Brexit, forget Westminster and forget the Scottish Parliament because it’s been a huge couple of weeks for our Primary 7 as they’ve been throwing themselves into their very own election campaigns!

Everyone had the chance to put themselves forward for either ‘House Captain’ or ‘Sports Captain’ and then came the hard work… Convincing their fellow house members to vote for them!

We developed policies, created slogans, made posters and constructed the perfect speeches! Take a look below to see how we got on…

Here’s The Classy Promo Shots…

The School Was Covered In Campaign Posters… Sorry Mr Miller!

Lots Of Preparation…

And Then Came Our Speeches On Election Day!

Hello from the Primary 7 team!

We hope everyone had a fantastic summer and is raring to go for their final year at Carrick Knowe. It is going to be an incredible year as we have lots of exciting things planned. This year the P7 teachers will be Mrs MacLennan (P7A), Mrs Mitchell (P7B) and Mr Morley (P7B).

Keep checking back here as the year progresses for more updates and photos!