P7A – Mr Brewer


22nd June 2021:

Monday 15th March:

P7A have had a fantastic first day back in school. We had a big chat about lockdown and returning to school, as well as what we were looking forward to in the coming months. Getting back into the normal school routine was a shock to the system for some of us, so we spent lots of time catching up with each other, spending time in the woods, and going over our learning for the coming weeks.

Despite some anxiety, I was really impressed with how positive the class were with their return to school. We reminded ourselves of the importance of looking after ourselves and each other, especially during difficult times, as well as what we can do to stay on track and keep ourselves motivated to learn.

Here’s to a great start back!

Mr Brewer

Thursday 4th February:

P7 have had another busy week of home learning. We have been exploring what growing up in the Second World War was like, building models of Anderson shelters, as well as continuing with various literacy and maths challenges. There have been lots of Magical Moments this week, and I’ve been really impressed with all the brilliant examples of work sent to me! Below is just a very small sample of some of the work completed this week:

Above is just some of the amazing research undertaken over the last few weeks, discovering what life was like growing up as a child during the Second World War.

Planning our diary entries, written as a fictional evacuee growing up in the Second World War

Well done for all your hard work, P7A – enjoy your “No Screen Friday” tomorrow. I hope you have a restful and well-deserved holiday next week, too!

Mr Brewer

Friday 29th January:

We’ve had a busy few weeks juggling plenty of tasks; researching, building Anderson shelters, Scots poetry recitals, and the art competition! I’ve been really impressed with all the hard work you’ve been putting in, as well as all the fantastic pieces of work you’ve been sending me.

Without further ado, here are the competition winners!

Art competition winner – Makensie

Scots poetry competition winner!

Thanks to everyone who submitted entries! Enjoy a well-deserved weekend!

Mr Brewer

Friday 22nd January:

Hi everyone!

Thanks again for a really productive week. I’ve seen some great pieces of work, and it’s clear that lots of you are working extremely hard at home. It’s sometimes hard to stay motivated, but it’s good to see how engaged and hardworking you continue to be!

This week, we started researching and designing Anderson shelters, which were built to protect civilians during the air raids in the Second World War. Check out the progress we have made so far in the pictures below:

The working light inside is a nice touch!

Some of us have also been in school, making the most of the snow we had over the past few days. Looks like we have a new member of our class:

Hope you all have a lovely, restful weekend! See you all on Monday 🙂

Mr Brewer

Friday 15th January:

Despite all the disruption, I’ve been so impressed with how well 7A have settled back into home learning! Even though it can be hard to stay motivated at home, we have produced some brilliant pieces of work, which need to be shared. Every Friday, I will be sharing some ‘Magical Moments’ of the week. This will be a showcase of some of the incredible work we have been doing at home. Here are just a few examples:

A recipe for Ted Hughes’ “The Iron Man”

Thank you for a productive week! Hope you have time to relax and enjoy your weekend 🙂

Mr Brewer

Friday 18th December:

And sew this is Christmas…

7A have enjoyed a really busy and eventful term, but are beginning to wind down for the well-deserved holidays. We decided to get crafty over the last couple days and have a go at sewing some of our own Christmas stockings! Despite using some very fiddly needles and fraying thread, we persevered and ended up nailing the blanket stitch. Have a look at what we managed to do!

“Needles” to say, we’re pretty impressed the results. Feel free to add buttons, ribbons or anything else to your stockings to make them even more Christmassy!

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Mr Brewer 🎄

Thursday 5th November:


A huge well done to our brilliant Euro Quiz team, who first won the Euro Quiz Edinburgh heats earlier this year, went on to collect a Bronze medal in the national final. The team totted up an impressive 63/75, after going up against every Scottish Local Authority.

There were three gruelling rounds, European history and geography, a foreign language round and a culture round. There were some really tricky questions that Mr Morrison had no idea about, thankfully the team did…

Perseverance was key in the teams success as they managed motivate themselves for one last push to compete in the rescheduled final, which took place on Monday (originally planned for June).

Congratulations team Carrick Knowe!

Friday 16th October:

P7 Part 1: Done!

Despite the changes and restrictions we’ve been faced with this term, 7A have settled back into school and are progressing brilliantly with their learning. Things haven’t always been easy, but when faced with challenges, we’ve been putting our growth mindset and resilience toolkit to good use.

Loads of us have really enjoyed spending more time outside, making the most of our extensive school grounds. One outdoor learning highlight this term has been creating pieces of art using natural materials found all around us. Even those of us who sometimes struggle with art found this a relaxing, calm activity to finish the day with. Here are some of our works of art, which really show off the amazing autumnal palette of our playground:

I hope everyone has a well-deserved, restful October break!

Mr Brewer

Monday 21st September:

Our New Captains!

Since returning to school, the P7s have hit the ground running with the house and sports captain elections! Once deciding whether they wanted to run for house or sports captains, the candidates came up with policies, delivered speeches and created posters to convince others to vote for them.

All the P7s put in so much work into this, and the results were extremely close, with most winners only winning by a few votes. Well done to everyone who took part! After a closely fought campaign, we have our new captains:

Wednesday 23rd September:

Mini Dens!

7A had the task of building miniature dens in the woods, designed to fit either a small toy or animal! They needed to use a variety of natural materials, make sure the den was relatively waterproof and windproof, and could withstand any sudden gusts of typical Scottish wind. This was deceptively difficult and fiddly, especially as we were working alone, but we persevered and produced some very creative structures.

Now that autumn is upon us, we hope to continue going outside as much as possible, making use of the fantastic space we have at Carrick Knowe Primary!

Monday 7th September:

P7 Hoodies

Mr Brewer & Mr Morrison are busy organising the P7 Leavers Hoodies.

Last year, all the children either ordered a XS, S or M (adult) sized hoodie. We have shown the P7s these sizes to help them choose, unfortunately the sample sizes cannot be tried on, but are available to view in the school foyer for the next two weeks. We hope this helps you to make your decision.

Please note the colour of the samples is not correct, the actual hoodies will be more similar in colour to their current P7 sweatshirts. This is also a bulk order, therefore late orders and payments will not be possible.

If coming to view sizes, please respect the one way system alongside social distancing measures. Only one household should be in the entrance foyer at any one time.

Mrs Matear will very shortly be sending a letter (via Parent Pay) with further details on how to place your order.

Tuesday 11th August:

Afternoon everyone,

I hope you all had an amazing holiday, whatever you got up to, and had a chance to recharge your batteries and unwind!

Today, I’ve been in school with the other teachers, and it’s definitely been strange walking back inside the building after months of being at home! I’m really looking forward to having you all back in on Wednesday/Thursday, too! It’s perfectly normal to be feeling anxious or nervous about this, but we’ll have plenty of time to talk about this, ask lots of questions and hopefully put your mind at ease. We’ll go through all the new bits and pieces when you’re in!

Just to remind you, our classroom is in the annex this year, which you will line up outside at the beginning of the day (at the ramp):

Take care, enjoy the last couple of days of holiday, and see you all very soon,

Mr Brewer

Thursday 25th June:

Welcome to P7A!