P7B – Mr Morrison


25th June 2021:

It’s The Final Countdown!

22nd June 2021:

17th May 2021:

An update from P7B!

It’s been a while since we shared much of our learning on here, but that doesn’t mean we’ve not been busy! The final term of the year is always a busy one, especially if you’re in P7. Here are some of our recent highlights! We’ve made fitness routines, cleaned up our playground, made tin foil people to help with writing, and started making clay doors. We even analysed the different flavours you get in a bag of sweets!

Thursday 4th February:

We’re nearly at the end of the week and our February break is just around the corner. I hope you have chosen your activity ahead of ‘no screen’ Friday tomorrow. Our magical moments this week are made up by a selection of our final Anderson shelters which P7 have been working hard on over the last few weeks. We have seen so many different creative approaches and there’s been a fair few allotments too. One thing is certain though, you all have serious patience waiting for glue to dry! Have a brilliant break when it comes.

Friday 29th January:

As we finish week 3 of home learning, it’s great to look back on our ‘magical moments’ from this week. There’s been a lot to choose from between, with Anderson shelters, art competition entries and our final year of the CK Scots poems. If you haven’t sent in a picture of your Anderson shelter, please do so by next Thursday and I will include these next week. Well done P7B!


Well done!


riday 22nd January:

Another week of home learning complete! Well done everyone for being so resilient in these difficult times. Here are some Magical Moments from this week. One of the shelters held a whopping 12kg of weight and didn’t collapse! I am hoping we will have more Anderson Shelters on here in the next couple weeks as the project progresses. Keep up the good work!

Friday 15th January:

What a week P7! Well done for all your hard work and independent learning, being able to see you all on Teams definitely makes a difference.

Here are some of our Magical Moments from this week, I can’t wait to see what you get up to next week!

Corona virus by Lucas

Acrostic Poem

Cases rising every day

Our world is in disarray

Running low on pasta and toilet paper

Our Government to help now not later

Nicola needs to lead the way

Astrazenica and Pfizer to save the day

Virtual calls and online schooling

In our houses we must remain

Reluctant to see family causing pain

Uniting as a community we will stay safe

Sooner or later we will regain normal pace

We also had a go creating some calendars for 2021!

Friday 13th November:

Our Afternoon as MSPs

This term P7 are focusing on understanding democracy, specifically in Scotland. We have been learning about the job of MSPs and what happens in Parliament. Everyone in P7 was an elected MSP for the afternoon and attended the debating chamber at Holyrood to discuss some very important bills, such as extending the Christmas break by 1 more week.

The MSPs addressed the Presiding Officer to share their constituents feelings on the matter. P7 were very creative in their reasons for or against this bill.

The parliament got the change to vote on this bill (It passed) and it became an Act of the Scottish Parliament, after receiving Royal Assent, of course!

Well done P7B!

Thursday 5th November:


A huge well done to our brilliant Euro Quiz team, who first won the Euro Quiz Edinburgh heats earlier this year, went on to collect a Bronze medal in the national final. The team totted up an impressive 63/75, after going up against every Scottish Local Authority.

There were three gruelling rounds, European history and geography, a foreign language round and a culture round. There were some really tricky questions that Mr Morrison had no idea about, thankfully the team did…

Perseverance was key in the teams success as they managed motivate themselves for one last push to compete in the rescheduled final, which took place on Monday (originally planned for June).

Congratulations team Carrick Knowe!

Friday 16th October:

P7 Art Competition

This month, Tom, Broom House Captain, launched his monthly art competition. This month’s focus, for the whole school was to design their own mask. I wanted to share some of P7’s brilliant work…

Wednesday 14th October:

The Hoodies Are Here!

I wanted to share a few photos of the long anticipated hoodies, which arrived today. P7B are really chuffed with them and will definitely come in handy ahead of a winter in the Annex.

Wednesday 30th September:

Outdoor Maths with 7B!

We are trying to spend lots of time outside at the moment, and it wasn’t any different for Maths Week Scotland. P7B were given lots of ideas for outdoor maths games and were tasked to set them up. Once they had found all the materials and learnt how it works everyone had the chance to play the other games, before the rain came on!

Monday 21st September:

Our New Captains!

Since returning to school, the P7s have hit the ground running with the house and sports captain elections! Once deciding whether they wanted to run for house or sports captains, the candidates came up with policies, delivered speeches and created posters to convince others to vote for them.

All the P7s put in so much work into this, and the results were extremely close, with most winners only winning by a few votes. Well done to everyone who took part! After a closely fought campaign, we have our new captains:

Monday 7th September:

P7 Hoodies

Mr Brewer & Mr Morrison are busy organising the P7 Leavers Hoodies.

Last year, all the children either ordered a XS, S or M (adult) sized hoodie. We have shown the P7s these sizes to help them choose, unfortunately the sample sizes cannot be tried on, but are available to view in the school foyer for the next two weeks. We hope this helps you to make your decision.

Please note the colour of the samples is not correct, the actual hoodies will be more similar in colour to their current P7 sweatshirts. This is also a bulk order, therefore late orders and payments will not be possible.

If coming to view sizes, please respect the one way system alongside social distancing measures. Only one household should be in the entrance foyer at any one time.

Mrs Matear will very shortly be sending a letter (via Parent Pay) with further details on how to place your order.

Friday 4th September:

Class of 2021

P7B are settling in well to being back at school and in their new home in the annexe. The sun is shining and everyone is in school today, so we thought it would be a great opportunity for our start of year photo!

Stay tuned for more updated of our adventures. Have a brilliant weekend!

Tuesday 11th August:

First of all, I am so sorry that I won’t be there for the first wee while, but I hope you are all as excited as me to get back to school. It is important to remember that even though we are back at school, it won’t be exactly the same as before. If you have any questions about how school will work (ahead of starting on Wednesday/Thursday) your parents should be able to help by looking at the parent’s guide available back on the home page.

Even though I won’t be with you to begin with, I am so pleased that Mrs McMorris and Mrs Clark will be there to help you settle back in. They will help you to get started on your House and Sport’s Captain campaigns. Our first literacy project will be on the book ‘Wonder’ by R.J. Palacio – a favourite of mine.

P7 is a brilliant year with lots of exciting and rewarding opportunities. When I am back in school we will spend a bit of time going over usual expectations and lots of things for the year ahead. If you have any questions in the next week or so, Mrs McMorris/Mrs Clark will do their best to answer them or write them down for when I’m back.

It’s a new year and the beginning of your final year at Carrick Knowe. I’d like you to keep our school values at the front of your mind as you settle in…

kindness, honesty, respect and responsibility.

Our new classroom will be Annexe 4, and you come in the last door of the annexe. I have included some pictures of what our room looks like (I hope you like blue and yellow…).

See you very soon!

Mr Morrison

Thursday 25th June:

Welcome to P7B!