Parent Council Work


We’re aware that this page currently requires a bit of a bit of TLC! We have therefore removed any information which is over 5 years old and will look to update it with our current work very shortly.

Year Rep Role
Update (Feb 2017):

It was decided to create and clarify the year rep role working together with the teachers and parents.

Year reps roles are filled by volunteer parents. Each rep has their own Parent Council email address with a list of parent email addresses for their year which were gathered to enable improved communication between the Parent Council and the parents

The role of the year rep is to:

  • issue an introduction letter to year group parents
  • represent their year at the parent council meetings and feed back any matters raised by parents
  • request agenda points from parents, issue the agenda and the minutes
  • meet with relevant teachers to agree how the year rep can help the teachers over the year. e.g. remind parents about up-coming events, help organise parent helpers

Smoking outside the school gates 
Update (Nov 2016):

A number of parents have complained about parents smoking at the school gates.

In November 2015, the Parent Council contacted the Council and “No Smoking” signs have been put up on the school gates. In November 2016, more signs were installed around several areas of our school.

Children who worry too much 
Update (Nov 2015):

Books have been purchased by the Parent Council for parents to borrow. Please contact the school office if interested. More information is also available by clicking the following link: Support At Home