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Wednesday 4th January:

Previously in P1…

Miss Harris has been busy again making a Sway for you to enjoy which covers all of the amazing ‘Play’ that has been going on in P1. This new one covers the period between November to December. Just click the link below!


Friday 18th November:

Book Week and Anti Bullying Week in P1

This week has been Book Week Scotland and Anti-Bullying Week and it has been very busy! The theme for Anti-bullying week was Respect, which is also one of our school values. We have had some super discussions about celebrating our differences and how important it is to respect one another.

We started the week off with Odd Sock Day to celebrate what makes us unique.

We also had Drop Everything and Read, where a bell would ring at any point in the day, the class would then stop what they were doing to read a book until the bell rang for the second time.

Each class were given a book by the Equalities and Diversity group. We had to make a poster about for the wall in the library which told everyone about the book.

P1A read the book ‘Together We Can’ which is all about doing all sorts of different things we can do together and how much fun that is. We drew pictures of things we like to together with other people.

P1B read the book ‘Amazing’ by Steve Antony and we talked about how we are all amazing just the way we are and that we are all different to one another which is even more amazing. We drew pictures to show why we are amazing for our poster.

We were very lucky to have parents and grandparents in on Wednesday morning to help us build kites to fly outside, linked to the book ‘Stuck Inside’ from our Bookbug bags. Both classes loved having the parents in to help them in class.

During the week, we have had lots of chances to read books but we thought it would be a super idea to make our own books. We all chose animal to write about and used our sounds to write 3 pages and design a front cover.

I think we can happily say that P1 love books! 😍

Monday 7th November:

Play, Play, Play!

Play is very much a key part of our curriculum in Primary 1 and Miss Harris, our Early Year Practitioner, has done an amazing job creating a ‘Sway’ to highlight all of the fun and exciting ways we have been learning through play so far!

Just click the link below.


Friday 29th September:

P1 ❤️ Patterns!

This week is Maths Week Scotland and we have been learning about pattern. Our challenges have been to spot the pattern, keep the pattern going and to make our own patterns.

We started off with counters and objects and worked with a partner to see if we could keep their pattern going. Some of us went outside and made colour and number patterns. We did a brilliant job!

Pattern in Music

We listened to music and thought about the patterns we could hear the instruments make. We used our bodies and some instruments to make a pattern. P1A decided to make up their own musical patterns using their bodies, which everyone found lots of fun!

Drive, walk, run, drive, walk, run…

Patterns Outside

We love to learn outside! We used natural materials like stones, sticks, leaves and petals to make a pattern with a partner. We had to work together to find, make and check our patterns…especially when there was a gust of wind!

Patterns in Art

We looked at patterns that you might find in tiles in stairways and in places of worship. Some of them looked quite complicated! In a group, we made some circular pattern art using tiles and things found in our classroom. We had to work together as a team to make sure that our patterns were correct and that they didn’t get mixed up. Look at our wonderful creations.

P1 love maths and P1 love patterns!

Monday 12th September:

We’ve been busy!

We have now been in Primary One for a month! What a brilliant month it has been! We have played and learned with P1 pals. We have rekindled friendships from Carrick Knowe nursery and developed new ones with those who went elsewhere.

We are developing our skills in sharing and working together. Amongst other things, we have been playing games, building, using playdoh, drawing, painting and tidying up!

As you are no doubt aware, there are giraffes all around Edinburgh. To learn more about the different places around school, Mrs Mac and Mrs Hunter hid giraffes around the building for us to find. We loved giraffe hunting and visited lots of places including Mrs Canning’s office, the medical room, the ICT room and the P7 classroom. Our favourite part was when we got to pretend to be the teachers and sit in the staff room!

We have started to learn to write our numbers and sounds. What an impressive start writing the digits from 0 to 6 and the sounds m and a. We have learned that when writing the numbers we start at the top and when writing he sounds we start at the bottom, on the line. Look at our awesome efforts!

This Friday was very exciting as we were matched up with a P7 buddy! Our buddies came to visit, played and read a story with us. We really enjoyed our visit and look forward to seeing them very soon.

Wednesday 24th August:

Well done to all our P1 families…
We’ve made it through a week!

We have had a brilliant start to Primary 1 and we’ve learned lots of things about how school works.

We now know our houses (Broom – Yellow, Carrick – Blue, Castle – Red and Traquair – Green) and are becoming more confident with the routines of the day.

We are looking forward to learning lots of things and having loads of fun in P1.

Here we are in our classes enjoying a story and a chat with our teacher.

Mrs MacLennan and P1A

Mrs Hunter and P1B