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Friday 26th November:

P1 Love to Read!

Last week was Book Week Scotland and we loved it! Lots of things happened in the week and here is a sample of our favourite parts.

What makes a book a book?

We talked about the front cover, the author and illustrator and then picked a book to read ourselves. Some P7 pupils inspired us to keep reading by visiting and reading to us some of their favourite books.

We are authors!

We have learned the sounds to make words and we know what a book needs, so now it was time to be authors. We wrote our own books! We made up a character and designed a front cover. We wrote one thing that the character got up to in our story. Our ideas are amazing!

Film day Thursday

Julia Donaldson is one of our favourite authors and with cushions and snacks, we watched two short Julia Donaldson stories. What a fun way to spend a cold Thursday afternoon!

Buddies and Books

We love it when we can spend time with our buddies. Buddies and books are a perfect combination!

Children In Need

Friday was Children In Need day too and we loved making some Pudsey bears. Thank you all for your kind donations.

Monday 8th November:

P1 say Happy Diwali!

We learned about the festival of Diwali. The name Diwali means “rows of lighted lamps” and is a festival to celebrate new beginnings. Houses, shops and public places are decorated with small oil lamps called diyas. We made our own row of lighted lamps with lots of bright colours and some very careful cutting.

Many families will decorate their doorsteps with colourful rangoli patterns. We tried to do our own with chalk and made the playground very welcoming and colourful!

Another way people celebrate is by spending time with families and enjoying fireworks, We watched fireworks online and then made our own rockets. Woooosh! 🎇🎆

Happy Diwali everyone!

Friday 8th October:

It’s not a stick!

It’s not a stick it’s a…

P1 had a great time with our sticks at school today. We turned our sticks into other amazing things and wrote all about it.

In maths, we used sticks to make shapes and to measure. We found things around the room that were shorter, longer or the same size as our stick.

We used our sticks in P.E to help us jump forwards, backwards and side to side, to run round, move and stretch our bodies and even try some flying!

Finally, we turned our sticks into characters (people or animals) and made up a story with a partner.

P1 will tell you that it is definitely NOT just a stick! You’ll have to listen carefully to hear all of the things they turned their stick into! 🪵

What a fanta-stick day!

Monday 28th September:

Play, Play, Play!

We are having a great time learning through play in P1. We have been building and fixing structures in the playground.

We have also been working on our gross and fine motor skills and enjoying playing with lots of different toys with new friends.

P1 Bears!

We have had a great time playing in the woods with our bears. We worked with a partner to design and build a den for our bears. We had to use only the materials that we could find and had to be able to fit our bears inside. Have a look at some of our creative dens. We hope the bears are now behaving themselves at home!

Friday 10th September:

Fun in P1!

We have been very busy and have settled into the routines in Primary 1. Here are some of our highlights, which includes taking our bears on an adventure around the school, playing outside and making new friends.

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