P1A and P1B Blog


Thursday 17th May:

P1A Bugs and Beasties!

We have a spider who likes to live in our classroom sink overnight. P1A decided that they would like to learn about all different kinds of mini creatures, including spiders!

First, we went minbeast hunting in the classroom and in the playgound. Thankfully, no creatures were found inside the classroom but we did find evidence of spiders. We went outisde, armed with a clipboard and a checklist and found worms, beetles, a spider and a ladybird. We needed our magnifying glasses to find them as some were really tiny!

We started to learn about butterflies and caterpillars. In maths, we have been learning about symmetry and used our knowledge to make a butterfly with symmetrical wings. We even made a huge one for the wall, which needed lots of paint! A group of pupils created a symmetrical pattern on the floor using resources found around the classroom.

Did you know a butterfly has 6 legs? We learned lots of new facts and information, including how a caterpillar changes into a butterfly. We made the life cycle of a butterfly out of different types of pasta!

Next was the ladybird. Inspired by the illustrations in the book, ’The Bad Tempered Ladybird’, we made and named our own ladybirds. It was quite a tricky challenge that needed careful painting and cutting skills but we did a brilliant job. We tried to make them symmetrical too! We are very pleased with our hard work. Just like the butterfly, we made a giant ladybird for the classroom too!

Next up is the spider! We’re going to build spider houses to encourage them to make webs and let us have a close look! 🕸🕷 Watch this space…

Friday 13th May:


P1B have been learning about our Solar System and in order for us to travel around space we decided to make our very own rockets. We had great fun launching our rockets and only a few ended up in the trees or on the roof…

Friday 6th May:

P1B are blasting off!

P1B really wanted to learn about planets and our Solar System. We have been learning all about the different planets and have learnt facts about each one. We also built a rocket to explore the planets and are having a ’blast’ playing together!

Sunday 24th April:

Happy Holidays!

It was very lovely to be back at school after my absence. I really missed everyone. In the last part of term we were very busy. We scooted, got on our plane and visited India and then created our own model Taj Mahal, learned about Easter, made our own Spring Chicken cards and sung the song lots and lots!

I hope everyone had a happy holiday. I am really looking forward to this final term of Primary 1!

Mrs MacLennan

Friday 8th April:

Happy Easter!

P1B have been getting crafty making lovely chicks using a printing method. I cannot believe another term of P1 is over, but I hope you all have an amazing break and I look forward to seeing everyone after the holidays.

Here are some P1B highlights from this term.

Mr Morrison

Wednesday 30th March:

Another Adventure!

This week in P1, some of us jetted off to India but some of us decided they would like to visit Poland instead. These were two countries that we were really interested to learn more about. We have been learning lots of facts about these places, including some landmarks and big places. We made Polish flags out of anything we could find in the classroom, there were some very creative ideas! In P1B, we made the Taj Mahal out of anything we could find. We learnt that the whole building is symmetrical and that 1,000 elephants were used to build it over the 22 years it took.

Tuesday 29th March:

Mixed Up Performance

On Tuesday this week Primary 1 and 2 had a brilliant time watching and taking part in the Mixed Up show in our school playground.

The show was a mix of physical theatre, dance, art and play. We all enjoyed watching the show and… making our playground very colourful afterwards!