P1A and P1B Blog

Monday 19th June:

Our AMAZING P1 Assembly!

Last week Primary 1 presented their assembly to the whole school and then to parents and carers. They learned lines, sang songs, used technology and props and danced! What a brilliant effort from everyone.

We went under the sea, around the world and looked at all of our best bits from our year.

Here is the amazing P1A…

Here is the brilliant P1B…

Thank you all for coming, we hope you enjoyed sharing in our learning.

Tuesday 23rd May:

P1A are off under the sea and P1B are travelling round the world.

Where will they end and what will they find? Keep popping in to find out more about their adventures!

Thursday 11th May:

It’s another term and another chance to see all the play-based things going on by clicking on our ‘Sway’ below.


We’d also like to say another HUGE thank you to Miss Harris for putting this altogether and showcasing some of the amazing things going on in Primary 1. Enjoy!

Tuesday 9th May:

Spring and Growing Things!

We have been learning about the different parts of flowering plants and about what plants need to grow. We found out the names of different parts of a flowering plant and then explored outside in the school ground to see what we could find. We found daffodils, crocuses and snowdrops and tried to recreate them out of paper.

We learned about the different parts of flowering plants and made a huge daffodil to show off our knowledge!

We then thought about what a plant needs to grow and made a list. P1 then became scientists and we tried to grow plants in different situations- some in the dark, some with lots of water, some with no water, some in a sealed box etc. We were surprised by our results and founds that the cress needed more water than we thought! We also grew brand beans in bags on the window to see if we could grow roots and shoots. Some were more successful than others!

We hope you all had a lovely Easter break and received a Spring themed card or puppet from your son/daughter.

We looked at seed packets and decided to make our own. Some of us wrote instructions to grow plants, others wanted to grow sweeties or rugby balls! Brilliant writing P1!

Before the Easter break we planted sunflower seeds. We have been looking after them and now it is your turn! We have set P1 a challenge to see who can grow their little plant into a big one with a sunflower on it.

Good luck, please send us a photograph to show us how you get on!