P1/2 and P2A Blog


Friday 18th June:

Plants and Volcanoes!

P1/2 and P2 have been hard at work on the allotment and they’ve been learning about lava and volcanos. Everyone has planted and is caring for their own tomato plants in the classroom and they’ll soon be ready to go home! We’ve also been busy weeding a bed in the allotment and have planted lettuce, courgettes and green beans. Everyone chose to learn more about volcanos after showing a lot of interest in lava and what is under the ground, we’ve learnt that there are even some ancient and extinct volcanos in Edinburgh! We’ve all worked together to make a big volcano out of paper mache and decorate it, next step is to get it to erupt!

Monday 13th June:

P1 and P2 Sports Day Fun!

We had a brilliant time at Sports Day, the teachers were having so much fun doing their activities that they forgot to take photos! We hurdled, jumped, threw, carried things (luckily the eggs weren’t real) and ran as fast as we could to get point for our houses. Well done to those in Traquair (the green team) for winning, it was so close! Thank you to all our grown up supporters for coming along, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Wednesday 1st June:

Jubilee Celebrations!

Thursday 19th May:

Outdoor Classroom Day

Well the weather was kind to P1/2 and P2A today for Outdoor Classroom Day, we had lots of fun this morning, instead of doing our writing lesson inside we went outside and worked with a partner to collect natural materials to create a picture, which we then used to make up and tell a story.

Once we’d collected our natural materials, we started creating our pictures for our stories, we loved sharing these with our friends!

We had lots of amazing stories, featuring reindeer, rabbits, friends, families, dragons and houses to name a few, the creativity, communication and teamwork were amazing to watch.
Can you spot the castle with a King, Queen and a Giant?

Loose Parts

We love using loose parts in our outdoor play, this week the children wanted a doctors roleplay in the classroom. This has been taken outdoors to and we’ve had many flying doctors, going to mountain rescues.

Just two flying doctors going to help someone who’d fallen in The Pentland Hills, all before 9am

This week, all of our Primary 2s also got a chance to explore the loose-parts shed and take a look at some of the things we were able to create! There was everything from swings and rollercoasters to dens and caves. We are looking forward to developing our knot tying skills and want to build some more dens next.

Friday 13th May:

Floating and Flying


The last few weeks we have been learning about different kinds of Transport, we started with looking boats and learning about different kinds of boats and their purpose. We wanted to find out how boats float and don’t sink especially some of the huge cargo boats we looked at. We learned that it’s because of two forces gravity which pushes it down, like it keeps us on the ground and buoyancy a force pushing it up.

One of things we wanted to do was make our own boats, we started by testing materials so we could decide what would be the best for our boats. We then designed our boat, thinking about the type of boat we wanted to make and what materials we would need. We had Viking long boats, Dragon boats, Speed boats, House boats and party boats.

The best part was then getting to test our boats, we had to fit our mini me’s in our boats and some children wanted to test how many cubes it would hold. Like true designers and engineers, some of us had to adapt and change our designs along the way.

Things that Fly

This week we explored flying transport. We loved watching a video of lots of Hot Air Balloons and learning about how they stay in the air. We created our own Hot Air Balloon skies.

We wanted to build plane models this week, some of us chose to learn how to draw planes, make them from paper, from junk and from Lego. We had lots of amazing creations with lots of detail and different kinds of planes: sea planes, jets, passenger planes and bi planes.

Thursday 12th May:

S.T.E.M. in Action

In Primary 1/2 we are very lucky to have Miss Harris work with us on a Wednesday. Last week after it had been raining the children made baths for the dinosaurs and they were using the stones to add bath fizzers for the dinosaurs bath. This then led to some children drawing and designing their own bath fizzers and the children were keen to make their own

Today we had so much fun making our own Bath fizzers, we used so many skills doing this we had to measure the ingredients, we had to listen to and follow a recipe, we used our senses smelling scents to add and lots of discussion and communication.

We had some spare ones we tested them in cold and warm water to see if it affected them. First we made predictions of what would happen- warm water would fizz quicker, it would sound louder in warm water and there would be more bubbles, also it would disintegrate.

Friday 1st April:

Scooter-athon in P1/2

P1/2 had a fantastic time with P5/6 on their scooters, practising lots of skills such as gliding, starting, stopping and following tracks- it was wheely good fun!!

Tuesday 29th March:

Mixed Up Performance

On Tuesday this week Primary 1 and 2 had a brilliant time watching and taking part in the Mixed Up show in our school playground.

The show was a mix of physical theatre, dance, art and play. We all enjoyed watching the show and… making our playground very colourful afterwards!