P2A and P2B Blog


Friday 24th March:

Working hard on the allotment!

This week, Primary 6B and Primary2B have been out to the allotment to get started with planting and general maintenance. Pupils transplanted carrot and courgette seedlings. They also put in potatoes and spread wild flower seed bombs in the wild flower area.

They also worked on digging out our oldest compost heap and putting the compost onto the beds in the polytunnel. We had a great crop of tomatoes from these beds last year, but the soil needs fertilised, if we are going to have good crops this year.

Children had a chance to look at mini beasts in the wood pile. Armed with magnifying glasses and bug boxes, they used identification charts to find out what they were.

We found a tray of spring bulbs that were shooting, and we decided to put them in the ground, even though it’s a bit late to do this. At least they will flower next spring.

All in all, a good days work on the allotment, and we were all finished in time for break!

Friday 17th March:

Soup Making with P6!

Primary 2b have been so lucky this year to have had the opportunity to work with P6b and Mrs Pincock on Outdoor Learning and cooking lessons. This week we made soup together, the children practiced skills such as peeling, chopping and grating carrots and potatoes to add to the onion and lentils to make our soup. We were all very responsible while using the utensils, it was hard work but we were rewarded with a lovely bowl of our soup!

We look forward to working with them again soon!

Thursday 9th March:

The Sound of Music!

Over the last few weeks Primary 2 have been making lots of noise – oops I mean music! We started by following the musical notes carefully and keeping to the beat. Once we were able to keep the beat clapping our hands we then went on to using lots of different instruments. We used triangles, maracas, tambourines and other instruments. Here we are making some Minecraft music.

We then went on to following the notes on a xylophone. We had to make sure that we played the correct notes at the correct time or it wouldn’t sound right. We played Baby Shark and it sounded really good!

We then put what we had learned together and used both xylophones and lots of other instruments. Can you tell what song we were playing?

We had lots of fun with the instruments and we enjoyed telling the class about what instruments we play at home!