P1/2 and P2A Blog


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Thursday 18th November:

A snapshot from the last few weeks of fun in P1/2!

We have been learning about Our Brilliant Bodies- we’ve had some great I wonder questions to find out about-

from Why do we have fingernails? to wanting to learn more about our bones, fingerprints and our teeth.

We set up a doctors, and had lots of fun caring for each other, putting on bandages and taking x-rays.

The class then decided they wanted a Police station, we were all kept safe by our Officers. We linked this to finding out about our fingerprints at the same time, learning that no-one has the same fingerprint pattern and there are 3 different kinds of fingerprint patterns- whorl, loop and arch. We enjoyed using the inkpads and magnifying glasses to have a closer look at our prints.


We learned about the festival Diwali and its meaning of the Festival of Light. To celebrate Diwali people decorate their houses with special lamps called ‘diyas’ and some people decorate outside their house with colourful Rangoli patterns to welcome people, we decided to create our own Rangoli chalk patterns outside our classroom to welcome our families.

Play, play, play

During our play, we continue to develop a wealth of skills- we’ve had artists at Drawing Club- wanting to learn how to draw different pictures, budding engineers, builders and chefs.

Scottish Bookweek

This week we became Authors and Illustrators creating our own story books, we had to look at and identify the features we needed on our front covers, giving our book a title, putting our name on it and an image to show what the book will be about. We then got to work creating our stories thinking of characters and settings, we had amazing adventures featuring Superheroes, Bears and Turtles to name a few. We hope you’ve enjoyed these being read to you at home!

We are looking forward to the next few weeks to see where our learning takes us.

Tuesday 6th September:

Outdoor Learning!

Everyone’s been working hard in P1/2 and P2. We’ve been enjoying learning outdoors where we have worked as a team to build a home for an animal, drawn shapes and identified halves and quarters and explored the allotment.

We’re looking forward to lots more outdoor learning this year!

Mr Harper & Mrs Christie