P2A and P2B Blog


Friday 11th March:

Antarctic Adventures

This week P1/2 jetted off over 10,000 miles on wings ck to the coldest desert Antarctica, we didn’t stay long as it is about – 40 degrees at the moment and no people live there, only Scientists stay there for a few months at a time.

We learned lots of new facts about the landscape, the animals that live there including the different kinds of penguins, seals and whales and how they survive. We had fun with some ice challenges helping Antarctic animals who were stuck in the ice. We enjoyed taking part in some penguin Yoga and learning a fun penguin song. In P.E we played some Antarctic animal games where we were cheeky Adelie penguins stealing rocks for our nests.

Outdoor Learning

This week we went to the Allotment and planted some vegetable and flower seeds in our class raised bed, we are looking forward to going to check on them and watch them grow. While we were there we had fun exploring, looking for bugs, and digging in the mud.

We look forward to sharing some more of our learning next week.

Friday 25th February:

Scots in P2

Over January and February Primary 2 have been working hard learning some Scots. Everyone did an incredible job working on their Scots poems, we’ve heard some wonderful recitals of Spaceman and Daisies both by J K Annand. We also learnt some body parts in Scots and had a go at signing heid, shouders, knaps and taes!

P2 had an engaging discussion about Nessie and used our imaginative writing skills to create our own Nessie adventure stories. Everyone was so proud of their writing that it went up on the Work to Bee Proud Of wall.

We learnt a bit about tartan and then had a go at making our own tartans using watercolours and crayons.

Lots of people were interested in castles so we’ve looked at some famous castles in Scotland, like Edinburgh castle. We learnt a bit about what life was like in a castle and some of the features of castles. Then we had a go at building our own castles in the woods out of natural materials.

Everyone worked hard and had some fun, well done Primary 2!

Friday 4th February:

Outdoor Learning

At Carrick Knowe we have identified six key skills we aim to develop through Outdoor Learning, these are Creativity, Risk Awareness, Investigation, Physical, Teamwork and Problem Solving.

For the last few weeks we have enjoyed using our woods for our Outdoor Learning sessions and have already used many of these skills.

We used Creativity, Problem Solving and Teamwork while creating nature patterns.

This week we made bird cakes and then hid them in the trees and leaves for the birds to find. We had to measure and mix together the ingredients of bird seed, cheese, sultanas and fat to make it all stick. We weren’t impressed by the smell of the cakes or how it felt when we had to mix it, but we knew the birds would love them.

We are looking forward to going back next week to see if the birds have eaten any of them.

Play in the Woods

We love nothing more than having time to Play in the woods, where we get to develop all of our skills, from Risk Awareness, Physical and Problem Solving by climbing trees and working out how to get down safely. Investigation by looking for bugs, under leaves and logs. Creativity by using sticks and leaves to create delicious mud smoothies and pies, and tree trunks becoming magical trains to take you on an adventure and finally Teamwork working together to build mud castles, and to dig tunnels to our houses.

Friday 28th January:

Exploring Pattern in P1/2

This week we have been exploring pattern. We identified patterns we could see in our classroom, discussed what patterns were and had fun creating our own patterns with a partner, having to continue a repeating pattern they had made, some were quite tricky.

In the classroom:

In the woods:

We even used our bodies to create a pattern when practising rugby skills, having to pass the ball, under our legs then over our head.

Linked to our Scotland context we looked at tartan patterns this week, and learned that tartan was used a long time ago and people from the same clan/family/area would wear the same tartan pattern. We had a go at creating our own tartan using crayons to make a repeating pattern, we then turned them into mini kilts.

Some children then decided they wanted to make their own kilts during their Play.

We cant wait to share our learning next week.