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Friday 18th November:

Book Week in P2A

Here at Carrick Knowe primary, we have been celebrating Book Week Scotland (this week, running from the 14th to the 20th of November) by engaging in many exciting activities. Also exciting, is the fact that alongside this, we are celebrating anti-bullying week, with Carrick Knowe choosing to focus on books with the theme of respect, one of our school values.

Here are some of the ways in which P2A celebrated both book week and anti-bullying week 2022!

Odd Socks Day

On Monday, both pupils and teachers at Carrick Knowe decided to celebrate being unique by wearing odd socks to school. We had a lot of fun doing this, with Miss Mulvihill even joining in!

Good Little Wolf – Book Week Poster

To celebrate book week and anti-bullying week, each class was given a picture book to explore and make an A3 poster on. P2A were given Good Little Wolf, written by Nadia Shireen. This book explored the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood with a twist, with this wolf being a good wolf. With the good wolf faced with the pressure of becoming big and bad, we learned about how it is good to stay true to who you are, even when others are pushing you to be different.

We drew pictures of the good and bad wolves, and discussed what we thought the book meant, recording these on our poster.

Drop Everything and Read

At Carrick Knowe, we decided that in order to celebrate book week, we should do more reading! Therefore, throughout Monday, bells went off at different times, with 10 minute intervals. During these 10 minute intervals, we had to stop whatever we were doing and get out a book.

The Perfect Fit – Bookbug Bag Story and Parent Visit

As part of Book Week Scotland, every year, primary 2s get gifted a Bookbug bag filled with books and activities. This year, one of the books they received was The Perfect Fit by Naomi Jones. We decided that to celebrate book week we would make our maths focus this week shape, and used The Perfect Fit to explore this. The story follows a triangle, who is struggling to fit in; she decides to go on a journey to find other shapes she can fit with, but ultimately learns that each shape is unique and has their own role. We learned about the shapes in the story, including squares, triangles, circles and hexagons.

Throughout book week, we did a mix of activities to explore this story; this included outdoor learning, using natural materials to make shapes, and tangram activities.

Here are some pictures from when some parents came to visit and did shape activities with their kids in P2A! We did tangram pictures, using shapes to make things like rockets, flowers, and snowmen! We also used some shapes to draw around and make into artwork.

Book Week Assembly

To finish off book week, we had a primary 1-3 assembly where we all shared what we had done this week. This included P2A sharing their poster about Good Little Wolf with the rest of primary 1 to 3, and sharing how we made our A3 display. We enjoyed seeing everyone else’s poster!

Friday 18th November:

Book Week in P2B

Scottish Book Week and Anti-Bullying Week

What a busy, fun filled week we’ve had, this week we have been taking part in Book Week Scotland and Anti-Bullying Week engaging in many exciting activities.

Our theme this year is Respect which ties in nicely with our School Values.

We started our week off by enjoying the D.E.A.R- Drop, Everything, And, Read slots throughout the day when a bell rang we had to stop what we were doing and get a book and read.

Odd Socks Day

On Monday as part of Anti-Bullying week we had fun coming to school wearing odd socks to celebrate us all being unique. Even the dinosaur models got odd socks.

Read Write Count

As part of Book Week Scotland, Primary 2’s are very lucky to have received Read Write Count bags, with books, games and activities. As part of Book Week we have explored one of our books Perfect Fit, about a Triangle who is trying her best to fit it and to be friends with lots of shapes but felt she didn’t fit in. She sets off to find friends who look like her, but discovers being the same isn’t as fun, Triangle learns to be happy just as she is.
Throughout the week we did a range of activities to learn more about the 2D shapes in the story and their properties, being able to name, identify and make them.

We had lots of fun when some of our parents/ carers joined us for some shape activities, getting creative with shapes to make robots, flowers, boats, aeroplanes and fish. Using shapes to draw pictures linking to our story to show how they are unique on their own but better when joined with other shapes.

We used our shape knowledge to go on a shape hunt around the school taking photos of all the shapes we found , then we learned how to use Chatterpix to make them come alive and tell us about what makes them special.

Llama Glamarama

To celebrate Book Week and Anti-bullying week, each class was given a picture book to explore the theme of Respect and make an A3 poster which will be displayed in our Library area. P2b were given Llama Glamarama written by Simon James. It tells the story of Larry the Llama who by day follows the same rules as the other Llamas in the barn but at night has a secret when no one is watching he loves to dance. This book taught us about celebrating who we are and our differences and to be proud of ourselves.

Friday 11th November:

Fairy tales in a tray

P2B are so lucky that P6 have been supporting them in outdoor learning, this has been a fantastic experience for both classes. This week their task was to create a Fairytale in a tray. They first decided on which Fairytale they would create in their tray.

Then they got to work outside collecting natural materials to use to represent their setting and characters, they could add some loose parts as extra details to their stories. They worked fantastically together creating their story scenes, discussing and problem solving as they went.

We then all gathered and had a Magpie minute to have a look at all the Fairytale scenes and shared why they liked them, the detail and creativity is amazing!

P2B can’t wait until their next Outdoor Learning Adventure with P6. 🌿🍂