P3A and P3B Blog


Friday 20th May:

Loose Parts & Coding

Following our mini topic on materials, P3B had a great time this week getting out all of the loose parts from the shed. The sun was shining and we enjoyed making everything from a see-saw and swing to a train and a den! Can you spot Mrs Matear sneaking into one of our pictures!?

Over the past two weeks we have also been exploring our new robots… The Spheros! We started off by coding their LED lights (and writing messages to our headteacher!) and this week we’ve been learning how to make them move.

Thursday 12th May:

Assemblies – TICK
School Trips – TICK

We are thrilled that our Friday assemblies are back and we are getting to spend time with other children in the school. Mrs Canning and Mrs Iley have praised our good listening and sitting, it’s like we were never away. Well done us!

And as well as assemblies, school trips have made a return too and this week we went to Glasgow Science Centre where we have interacted with plenty of exhibitions and even got a chance to visit the IMAX to see a 3D movie about the fantastic creatures living in the sea.

Although it was quite busy with other schools also visiting, the P3s did Carrick Knowe very proud and their behaviour was EXCELLENT!

We must also say a huge thank you to Mrs McCormack, Mrs Roxburgh, Ms Doig and Mrs Moore for coming along with us. Have a look all the photographs to see a small snippet of what we got up to!

Friday 25th March:

Art, Art, Art!

Since August, P3B have been working on lots of art so we thought that it’s about time we’d show some of our work off. Starting with a video of our 3D faces!

Wednesday 23rd March:

Boat Challenge and Acrosport

As part of our science topic “Materials and their properties” we set up a challenge that got us all really excited. In groups, the P3s had to design a boat that would be waterproof, durable and attractive to the eye. Using all the bits and bobs that families brought in, pupils came up wit the most ingenious floating devices. However, not all of them survived the wilderness of sitting in water for a whole day, or the air from Mr Morley’s blow dryer.

Enjoying the sunny and warm weather spring as brought to us, we went out to do some Acrosport on the grass. We focused on teamwork, strength and balance to get these body figures to stand. We enjoyed it!

Friday 4th March:

World Book Day!

This year’s World Book Day has been a display of creativity and colour!

Today we enjoyed not wearing our school uniform and dressing up as our favourite book characters. The teachers at Carrick Knowe dressed up as Dalmatians from the book “101 Dalmatians” and we also had a Snow White and Dwarf.

Can you spot Miss Martin in the photos?

We had a few children who weren’t in school on Friday, but still managed to get into the World Book Day spirit! Well done everyone!

We are already thinking about next year’s World Book day, who should we dress up as?