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Friday 12th November:

It’s been a while… Bits and Bobs

A few weeks ago, we learned how to tell the time. It was fascinating to discover that it is not the same time here than in China and loads of questions popped up. We made some clocks to tell the time both digitally and analogue. You can tell how focused we are!

We wore red on Friday 29th of October to show everyone P3 shows the red card to racisms. We had a discussion about what racism is and most of us were wondering, how could racism even get started? We would rather be kind and respectful with the everyone around us.

Friday 15th October:

Hockey in P3A!

What a week it had been! We have been enjoying the lovey outdoors spaces while playing hockey. It has taken us a while to master the dribble but now we can even run with the ball. Most importantly, we remembered the safety rules to play with our classmates.

The Best and Worst P3 Neighbourhoods!

As part of the “Our Community” topic we have been speaking about what makes a good and bad neighbourhood. MorMar Developers got in contact with Primary 3 to propose a challenge: the pupils had to get into groups and design the best and the worst neighbourhoods.

Our creative minds have been running free and we have realised the importance of working as a team to reach a goal. It has been so much fun where we have had to design, build and then give feedback on each other’s creations!

I hope you enjoy this well deserved break!

Friday 8th October:

Name Tags

This term we have been ‘getting all techy’ and exploring the Keynote app. This week P3B made nametags using pictures of things that represented them. For example, you’ll notice the Leeds badge in Mr Morley’s tag.

Click below and see if you can work out which backgrounds each one of us has used.

Friday 1st October:

Maths week is so much fun!

We have been squeezing our brains with the daily maths challenges, it takes focus and teamwork to find the right answers. On Tuesday afternoon, P3A and P3B went for Maths Treasure Hunt and after finding all the hidden questions, we got some sweets. Hurray!

We are looking forward to knowing the winner of the SumDog Challange! What if it is us?

Friday 24th September:

An insight on P3A’s week

This week we have learning all about symmetry. We have been in the woods looking for symmetry in nature, drawing symmetrical pictures with chalk and building our own. Creativity has no end!

We do love a good dance at the end of the day to let off some steam. We are definitely getting much better at coordination and at following dance steps.

Off to a well deserved weekend!

Friday 17th September:

This Week in P3…

It’s been another busy week where both P3 classes were out in the local area – we also think it’s the first time anyone has left the school since March 2019!

We’ve also been looking at 2D and 3D shapes in maths and we went outside to show what we’ve learnt.

And now for the long weekend… Enjoy!

Friday 3rd September:

What’s been going on in P3B?

It’s been a busy start to P3 with lots going on! Here is just a few of the highlights below:

We’ve been keeping fit with 2-miunute fitness challenges in PE…

We’ve had the maps out as part of our ‘Local Area’ topic – digital and paper ones…

And on Friday, we had our live online assembly with Mrs Iley…

As you’ll see, some of us couldn’t choose between wanting to drink our milk or dance to “Can’t Stop The Feeling!”

Roll on next week!

Tuesday 17th August:

Hello P3A!

Hello everyone! My name’s Miss Martin and I’m delighted to be your new teacher.

I’ve been speaking with Mr Harper who has told me how wonderful you all are and I can’t wait to meet you all in person tomorrow.

I know that some of you will be a bit nervous and that is absolutely normal – I am too! But we are going to have lots of fun this year and the great thing is that we can “pop the class bubbles” so we’ll be able to team up with P3B too!

See you soon!

Miss Martin