P2/3 and P3A Blog


Friday 24th March:

Term 3 in Pictures!

It’s been a busy term in P2/3. Here are just a few things we have been up to!

Making soup with the Primary 5’s!

Orienteering with Primary 7.

Learning keyboard skills and how to touch type.

Our local author Chris Maxwell came in to read us her story and teach us some breathing techniques.

World Book Day and reading with Primary 6.

And having fun with our electricity topic!

We can’t wait for another busy term after Easter!

Friday 24th March:

Cooking Soup with Primary 5!

Last Thursday, P3A made soup with the help of Primary 5B.

And P2/3 made it with help from Primary 5A.

We also had a lot of help from parents. Thank you so much! Here is the recipe. It makes enough for two people.

Friday 10th February:

STEAM Challenges in P3!

Over the past few weeks, P3 have been taking part in STEAM challenges (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths). Each week the children were set a task and given different materials to complete the challenge. We focussed on a different skill each week and planned and evaluated how we managed the task.

Challenge 1 Perfect Pillars

Challenge: Design and build a pillar which can hold as much weight as possible.

Skill: Communication

Challenge 2 Mars Lander

Challenge: Design and build a Mars lander which can land safely. You must make sure the cube does not fall out or bounce out. You are not allowed to stick the cube down, strap it in or cover the cup. You are only allowed to stick things to the outside of the spacecraft, at the bottom.

Skill: Creativity

Sadly the astronaut fell out of the lander!

Challenge 3 Getting Down Safely

Challenge: Design and build a slide for your character so they can get down safely. You are not allowed to touch the person while they travels down. The person cannot be stuck or tied on to your design. You may attach your design to the table and the carpet.

Skill: Collaboration

Challenge 4 Rafts

Challenge: Design and build a raft which you can blow across the water

Skill: Resilience