P2/3 and P3A Blog


Monday 13th June:

Pizza Making & Sports Day in P3A!

For our Food topic, we have had some fruit and chocolate testing, smoothie making and we have even made our own pizzas. From mixing the dough, rolling out and adding the toppings, it was really fun and tasty.


We had a blast moving through the different activities set up on the field and cheering up our teammates. We will need some more practise at skipping the rope though! We were so happy that our families were watching us give our best, thank you for coming.

Tuesday 7th June:

P6 meet P3!

Today we were visited by the Primary 6s who came down to listen to all of the stories we have been writing over the last few weeks!

We then teamed up to explore all of our loose parts (again!). Because we had them out a few weeks ago, we were the experts and were able to show P6 all of our creativity!

This time, we made dens, slides, jails, swings, swimming pools and even a replica of the Titanic. Take a look at our pictures below to see how we got on!

A special shout out to Dylan who…… after 3 million attempts……. managed to build his shelter! We’re ignoring the massive tent poles sticking out of the side!

Monday 30th May:

What’s new?

It was an eventful week last week!

We had the robots back out… Who would have thought they could help us with our maths!

We were making pizza…

And the P7s set us the challenge of building a den for Yoda in the woods!

Friday 20th May:

Loose Parts & Coding

Following our mini topic on materials, P3B had a great time this week getting out all of the loose parts from the shed. The sun was shining and we enjoyed making everything from a see-saw and swing to a train and a den! Can you spot Mrs Matear sneaking into one of our pictures!?

Over the past two weeks we have also been exploring our new robots… The Spheros! We started off by coding their LED lights (and writing messages to our headteacher!) and this week we’ve been learning how to make them move.

Thursday 12th May:

Assemblies – TICK
School Trips – TICK

We are thrilled that our Friday assemblies are back and we are getting to spend time with other children in the school. Mrs Canning and Mrs Iley have praised our good listening and sitting, it’s like we were never away. Well done us!

And as well as assemblies, school trips have made a return too and this week we went to Glasgow Science Centre where we have interacted with plenty of exhibitions and even got a chance to visit the IMAX to see a 3D movie about the fantastic creatures living in the sea.

Although it was quite busy with other schools also visiting, the P3s did Carrick Knowe very proud and their behaviour was EXCELLENT!

We must also say a huge thank you to Mrs McCormack, Mrs Roxburgh, Ms Doig and Mrs Moore for coming along with us. Have a look all the photographs to see a small snippet of what we got up to!