P2/3 and P3A Blog


Friday 30th September:

Maths Week in P3A

To celebrate maths week in P3A we have been learning maths through games.

On Monday we were set a task by Robin the Maths Week Robot to create a maths game using different items by using addition or subtraction. We tried out all of the games and then voted for our favourite. Well done to the group who created the Card Monster game which is now out on a tray for us to play with.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we were set another task by Robin the Robot to create a board game in pairs using addition, subtraction and multiplication. We tested out another pair’s game and gave peer feedback using 2 stars and a wish.

We created maths hopscotches using chalk.

On Thursday we did the outdoor maths hunt and a maths quiz.

We have been celebrating and sharing our knowledge of numbers in different languages.

Every day at milk time we have had a different teacher.

On Monday Mavi and Aslan taught numbers 1-10 in Turkish.

On Tuesday Mayra taught numbers 1-10 in Hindi.

On Wednesday Julen taught numbers 1-10 in Czech and Spanish and Lucy taught numbers 1-3 in German.

On Thursday Alex taught numbers 1-10 in Polish and Skye taught us numbers 1-10 in Irish.

Friday 30th September:

Maths Week in P2/3

It’s been a busy week in P2/3 however we do have a lack of photos in comparison to P3A!

As it’s Maths Week Scotland, we’ve been looking at specific them and that theme is ‘games’. It’s amazing how many games involve maths without us knowing!

We have been:

  • Playing noughts and crosses against Mr Morley – he was quite competitive but Lottie did manage to beat him!
  • Creating our own board games
  • Playing a number of games outside using chalks, stones, leaves and number cards
  • And taking part in the Maths Hunt around the grounds!

Also this week… We’ve been making our own vegetable tarts!

Friday 23rd August:

Exploring Art!

We have had fun exploring lines, shape and pattern in Primary 2/3!

Friday 23rd September:

SSPCA Visit to P3A

On Thursday this week P3A had a special visit from the SSPCA and some robot rabbits! We learned all about looking after rabbits: how to hold them, what to feed them and how to keep them happy and healthy.

Tuesday 30th August:

What’s been going on in P2/3?

It’s been a busy couple of weeks.

We started our new ‘Food’ topic and have been visiting the allotment. Can you spot the ‘Plum Man’ below!?

We’ve also been exploring the loose part shed, creating rope swings, hammocks, houses and tents.

And today we were at the Edinburgh Book Festival on our first school trip of the year where we attended a show by the author and illustrator of the ‘Uncle Pete’ series.

We got to listen to Chapter 1 of ‘ Uncle Pete and The Forest of Lost Things’ whilst the illustrator, Will Hughes, drew what was happening in real time! As you can see from the pictures below, we then met some famous book characters as we waited for our buses. And finally… When we got back to school, we were each given a copy of the ‘Uncle Pete’ book to take home.

Wednesday 24th August:

Welcome to P3A!

We have had a great start to the school year in P3A. We have been getting to know each other and we are settling in well to our new routines and our classroom. We have enjoyed doing a range of activities such as drawing, making a P3 time capsule, using the iPads, going on an “exploring” walk of the school grounds and going to assembly.

We met our new class mascots and named them Badgie and Fluffy who are pictured below. Take a look at some photos below where you’ll also see a class photo. We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead.

Ms Murphy

Friday 19th August:

Hello from P2/3!

We have had a lovely week getting to know our new class. Mrs Kane has been the lucky one as she has been in for three days this week however Mr Morley is looking forward to getting to know everyone more next week!

We have had fun exploring our classroom, meeting some new friends and doing a wide range of things including drawing, counting, using the iPads and having our first assembly. Take a look at some of the pictures below where you’ll also see some nice class photos of us all.

It’s good to be back!