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Butteflies and Outdoor Learning!

Thursday 15th June

Over the last few weeks both P4 classes have been caring for and learning about Small Tortoiseshell caterpillars. We’ve seen them grow from tiny caterpillars into chrysalises and recently they’ve emerged as beautiful butterflies. Both classes looked after them wonderfully and were excited to release them into the playground where they will have a positive impact on the local environment. Your child will be happy to tell you some interesting facts about these butterflies! 

Here’s a video of P4B’s Outdoor Learning day from a few weeks, ago. Very well done to our camera man and video editors for putting this video together all by themselves! 

Thursday 7th June:

Highland Games – Carrick Knowe Style!

Wednesday 24th May:

Cooking in Primary 4!

Both Primary 4 classes have cooked over the last two weeks. Pupils made flat breads, which we baked in the ovens. Whilst they were cooking, they made a tzatziki dip. Nearly all the children liked the flat breads, though the dip seemed to be a more acquired taste. However, all pupils enjoyed the cooking experience.

If you want to make it, below is the recipe for one child. If you want more, just increase the quantities.

We couldn’t have done this cooking without all the help we had from parents, carers and other adults within the school. Thank you everyone!

Friday 5th April:

National Museum of Rural Life

Primary 4 had a fantastic time on our trip to the National Museum of Rural Life last week. The children enjoying looking around the working farm which was over 100 years old! A particular highlight was getting to meet some of the lambs and calves and even a farm cat!

We also learned all about how butter was made in the past and in pairs the children managed to churn their own butter too! Lots of the children enjoyed tasting their butter on a cracker. It was a lovely day of learning and we were very impressed by everyone’s hard work and good behaviour.

Some of our favourite scenes…

We wondered who was watching who?

These very friendly chickens.

We have some very confident tractor drivers…

We have a lot of children who know how to have a lot of fun. How many Primary 4s fit onto a net swing?

We learned so much during our day out about butter making and about life on a real farm. This inspired more work back at school where one of our parents visited the Edinburgh butter Factory and shared photographs with us and where we were inspired to write a recount of our day out.

Great work P4!