P4A and P4B Blog


Friday 3rd September:

We are back!

It is so nice to be back and the children (and teachers) are settling well.

We have been doing some fun things so far in Primary 4. Ms Pincock took the children Litter Picking and to collect fruit and vegetables from the allotment which was fun.

We have also been collecting, organising, displaying and interpreting information. We have thought about favourite ice cream flavours and pets.

In Science we have been investigating water. We did some experiments where we investigated what materials dissolved in water. We had to predict if we thought they would dissolve or not and then we had to see if we were correct. We used salt, sugar, sand, coffee and chalk.

It has been a great start to Primary 4 and we are looking forward to lots more fun. Just a reminder that our PE days are Tuesdays and Thursdays and that Outdoor Learning day is Wednesday.

Keep up the good work Primary 4.

Mrs Henderson (P4A) Mrs Bennett (P4B)