P4A and P4B Blog


Wednesday 23rd June:

Living Things!

To finish off our block of work on ‘Living Things’ we looked at babies. How they grow and how they are looked after. In P4a we had 5 new members of our class appear one morning. They were babies! Each table had the responsibility for one of the babies and we had to a look after them all morning. Our babies cried throughout the morning (when the alarm went off) and we had to try and work out what was wrong. (We didn’t get involved in changing nappies or feeding!) There were some great mummies and daddies in the class cuddling our babies, keeping them warm, rocking and burping them and taking them for little walks.

In the afternoon Mrs McMorris came in with her new baby, Imogen and answered lots of our questions. We saw Mrs McMorris doing lots of the things we had been doing all morning with our babies, to keep Imogen happy. She is very cute!

We have learnt lots about Living things this term from plants to humans. It has been interesting learning about how things are made and grow.

Monday 20th June:

Our Summer Round Up!

We learned about the cycle of life.

P4 are still working hard on lots of projects and enjoying the events that come with summer term. We have brought home a tomato plant which we grew from seed during outdoor learning. Thank you Ms Pincock for organising all this. We learned by watching this seed sprout and grow roots and we also learned how pollination happens and the creatures responsible for it.

They drank a lot of water.

We moved from studying plants to insects and before we could get the butterfly we started out with caterpillars. You will see them developing in these photos. They were a source of daily interest and generated much discussion every morning.

In Maths we have been learning more about Bar Modelling as a strategy for adding, subtracting, finding the missing number, dividing and fractions work – just so many uses for this one. The children were thoughtfully engaged in this learning. Just look at the concentration.

We did ‘have a go’ writing and shared our stories with our classmates. We learned that one of the most famous children’s authors, Cressida Cowell, who wrote ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ loved ‘have a go’ writing when she was at school and thought it was a great way to encourage young authors.

Then it was Sports Day. The weather held although it was windy and everyone had a great time.

Of course, this day is not the same without the parents so thank you to all who were able to come along and support us.

Wednesday 18th May:

Meanwhile at the allotment…

Friday 6th May:

Food Glorious Food!

In Primary 4 we have been starting to look at Living Things. We started thinking about fruit and vegetables – naming them, categorising them and finding out where they grow in the world. The most exciting thing we did though was eat them! There were lots of new fruits and vegetables to try. Some we had never tried before and we have discovered new foods to eat which is very exciting!

Maybe we will start eating more fruit and vegetables at home and we are trying to see if we can bring more into school for snack and lunch.

Lots of fun with fruit and veg! We will be learning lots more about Living Things this term – including including animals and humans.

Friday 4th March:

Viking Longhouses!

We promised you more on Vikings and here it is. P4B went outdoors to build longhouses using sticks, broken branches ( after all the storms there were loads) and grasses. We looked at how the Viking peoples built their homes using wood and followed the design of upright posts with horizontal packing to keep out the cold. We made grass topped roofs and left these half open to show our indoor animal pens and space for a fire, beds, looms etc. There was lots of great teamwork as well as individual ideas such as a sign for the settlement and a couple of longhouses had their own outside toilets too. We compared life in a longhouse with our modern lifestyles and the building style and materials with homes of today.

Thursday 24th February:

Vikings come to P4B!

We have had lots of fun in P4 learning about the Vikings in Scotland.

A few weeks ago we looked at Viking families and homes – P4a made longhouses (out of Lateral flow boxes believe it or not!). We had lots of fun with lots of different materials and the classroom got quite messy!

This week we have been looking at Clothes and jewellery. We made viking brooches and don’t the look like authentic artefacts?

This week we had a ‘mini museum‘ in class where we pretended to be exhibitors and visitors. There was a real buzz in the classroom showing off our longhouses and brooches.

Lots more to come with Vikings!