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Friday 10th December:

P4 are Electric!

We have been looking at Electricity this week!

We started by looking at Static Electricity and had some fun with balloons!

We then moved on to Circuits and we worked out how to make light, sound and movement with batteries, light bulbs, buzzers, wires and fans. Some of our circuits didn’t work straight away and we had to work out what was going wrong. Some great problem solving was happening this week.

We have some future Electricians in P4!

Tuesday 30th November:

P4 at Edinburgh Zoo!

Wow! What a day!

“We all went to the zoo today, zoo today, zoo today. We all went to the zoo today and it was just great!”

We went to meet the animals we have been studying and see how they live in captivity. The zoo staff told us loads of fascinating facts about the animals. Here are just some of the highlights.

The big cats and the wildcats gave us some fun! Above you can see how well camouflaged the tiger is and how scary when on the prowl. Look carefully at the photos below and see if you can spot the wildcat. Then consider the lioness as she ate her lunch and was caught licking her lips – hope she wasn’t thinking of eating us next!

Thankfully she just wanted to laze in the sun with her brothers.

The rhinos gave us a tussle to watch, then looked as if they were going to fight us and then it all fizzled out as quickly as it began. Going outside into the fresh air always helps cool things off.

Were they just messing with us here?

A huge thank you to the parents who helped us out and all credit to the children whose behaviour and good manners were fantastic and meant we all had a safe and enjoyable day.

Where are we going next?

More Zoo fun

We loved looking at the animals that we have been researching in class and we made sure that we saw our animal (except the otters as they were hiding all day!)

We were all excited to see the animals up close and to find out some more things about them.

It really was a great day and so nice to hear from the Zoo staff how much they enjoyed having us.

Well done Primary 4 – a great day!

Monday 29th November:

P4 Book Week Continued!

We have been really busy researching, planning and making our animal books. We are really proud of how they turned out.

We also spent some time making books for the Nursery children to enjoy. We chose between making an electronic book or a physical book that they children could touch. They were lots of fun to make.

Thursday 24th November:

Last week saw everyone ‘dropping everything to read’. We loved it!

We sometimes amaze ourselves. This passage from ‘The Children’s Miscellany’ is written with just the first and last letters of each word correct. The P4s read it without a hitch. Can you?

Here are just some of the wonderful poster competition entries.

Non-fiction books.

Over the last few weeks we have been authors of our own ‘non-fiction’ books all about animals, in the wild. Here is a selection of some of the pages we have included with facts about these animals in the wild. They have headings like, diet, habitat, appearance and status. Some are cover photos.

Next week we are off to Edinburgh Zoo to visit the animal we have studied and to learn more about the species and how they live in captivity. We’re planning to include lots of our learning in a leaflet designed to showcase our own choice of animal at the Zoo.

Friday 29th October:

Symmetry Work

We have been looking at Symmetrical patterns and lines of Symmetry this week. We used lego, counters, blocks and square paper to make interesting patterns and pictures. It was lots of fun.

Friday 1st October:

It’s Maths Week Scotland and P4 have had great fun taking part in lots of events and activites.

The competition is on to find the school Sumdog champions for this week… LOTS of maths has been going on at home and in school. We have taken part in the fabulous Maths Treasure Hunt, organised by the P7s…thank you P7.

The P4 theme for this week has been ‘ maths in nature’. We worked on our maths ‘in nature'(outside) and discovered that there is lots of maths ‘in’ nature. Here we are following compass directions to find treasure, using natural materials to create 2D shapes and creating sequences and patterns.

You can also see some of our data handling skills here with tallies and groups of items selected.

We also had a great afternoon this week playing lots of different Maths games. We were using lots of maths skills – recognising numbers and dice patterns, adding, subtracting, using our times table facts, rounding numbers, recognising and names shapes and patterns and lots more.

We have also been working on Rounding and Estimating in maths this week. Some of us have become much more confident rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100.

Keep up the great work P4.

Friday 1st October:

Outdoor Learning in Maths Week

In Primary 4s Outdoor Learning lesson with Ms Pincock, children have been measuring trees. Climate change is an huge worry at the moment, but trees fight climate change by using up some of the carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere. The bigger the tree, the more carbon dioxide it uses up.

Primary 4s used tape measures, trundle wheels and calculators to find how tall the trees were, what their girth was (the measurement around the trunk) and from this they could calculate how old they were. Some of the trees in our school are nearly 70 years old!

Friday 3rd September:

We are back!

It is so nice to be back and the children (and teachers) are settling well.

We have been doing some fun things so far in Primary 4. Ms Pincock took the children Litter Picking and to collect fruit and vegetables from the allotment which was fun.

We have also been collecting, organising, displaying and interpreting information. We have thought about favourite ice cream flavours and pets.

In Science we have been investigating water. We did some experiments where we investigated what materials dissolved in water. We had to predict if we thought they would dissolve or not and then we had to see if we were correct. We used salt, sugar, sand, coffee and chalk.

It has been a great start to Primary 4 and we are looking forward to lots more fun. Just a reminder that our PE days are Tuesdays and Thursdays and that Outdoor Learning day is Wednesday.

Keep up the good work Primary 4.

Mrs Henderson (P4A) Mrs Bennett (P4B)