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Friday 17th March:

P4 at Tennis Skills

First of all – great news – congratulations to Sarah and Joe of P4A and Amelie and Henry of P4B!

These young tennis players competed in one of the heats of the ” Mini-Tennis Tag Team Tournament!” Not only did they qualify to go through to the finals at Meadowbank in May this year, they came top in their group. Well Done! “Everyone gave 100% effort within their matches and it was great to see you playing lots of points against each other. I hope you enjoyed playing the fun games too!” Ryan Harrower.

Back at school all the P4s enjoyed a taster session for tennis skills. Activities in the pictures included, throwing the ball, with one bounce, to a partner, then hitting it with the racquet. There were bean bag and hoop challenges, balance and agility challenges and one which involved kicking a tennis ball off a cone with one foot. Trickier than you might think!

Thanks to Ryan Harrower for his excellent sessions today. Here are just a few pictures to show you what was happening.

Tuesday 7th March:

Primary 4’s Super Soup!

Last Thursday, both primary 4 classes made Lentil and vegetable soup. We are learning to cook healthy food this year, and though the ingredients didn’t come from the allotment this time, the vegetables are all things we could possibly grow here at Carrick Knowe. We were only able to do this cooking because of all the terrific help we had from parents and other school helpers. Most children liked the soup and some even wanted to make it at home, so here is the recipe. This recipe makes enough for two people, so use your times tables to make bigger amounts.

Look at all the fun we had.

Friday 10th February:

Primary 4 do the RSPB Big School Birdwatch!

This term started with Primary 4 surveying the school to see if it has everything that wild birds need. We looked for natural food, water and shelter away from predators.

Next, we had a STEM challenge of building our own birds nest. They needed to be off the ground, strong enough to do withstand the weather, warm enough for baby birds and able to hold at least three golf balls (eggs). However, we used our hands, but birds only use their beaks.

Then we made fat balls for birds and hung them in the woods and on the allotment. Our fat balls had fat, birdseed, raisins, and cheese. This mixture was packed around a pinecone.

Finally, today, both classes have taken part in the RSPB Big Schools Birdwatch. Over the last few weeks, we have learnt to identify 33 different species of bird and are confident telling them apart. We visited three different locations around the school and noted down any birds we saw. Then we returned to the classroom and entered our results into the RSPB website. This is a national survey, and our observations will help to build up a picture of birds right across the United Kingdom.

Great work Primary 4!

Friday 20th January:

P4 Down Memory Lane!

(Not far… just before Christmas!)

Here are some of our pre-Christmas activities and celebrations.

First up…..ready for our Christmas Party with P3.

Next – we worked with the I-pads to take group photographs and got involved with toilet roll based games!

Friday 17th November:

Book Week and Anti-Bullying Week

This week Primary 4 have been hard at work taking part in Scottish Book Week and Anti-Bullying Week. The Carrick Knowe Primary School theme for these events is one of our school values, respect.

Each class has had a special book to focus on this week, P4a have been reading Saving the Butterfly by Helen Cooper and P4b have been reading I’m Sticking With You by Smriti Halls. In our literacy activities we have been working on special reading task maps that focus on these books and we’ve been using our drama skills to retell the stories and give advice to the characters. We’ve been so impressed by everyone’s hard work and enthusiasm!

We have had several reading slots and have enjoyed our own choice of reading material.

Mr Harper & Mrs Bennett

Friday 23rd September:

P4 in September!

P4 have been busy with all sorts of exciting learning this term. Our trip to the book festival to meet the editors of the Beano was brilliant, we got lots of useful tips about creating our own comics and we’ve used them back in the classroom to make some hilarious comics. In Maths we have been working hard on column addition and now we’re getting starting with data handling. We’ve also been learning about the weather and creating our own tools to record the weather, like wind-socks. Here are a few snapshots of some of the things we’ve been up to so far this term.

Friday 16th September:

Testing Trousers!

Last school year, we were very lucky to receive a grant from Tesco’s for Outdoor Learning equipment. Lots of different things were purchased, including many pairs of waterproof trousers. The other day we had torrential rain, so P4B put on the new trousers and tested them out. Despite the weather, the trousers kept us all dry and happy.

Monday 22nd August

Welcome to P4!

We have had a great start to Primary 4.

It has been lovely getting to know our new classes and we are so impressed with how well everyone is settling in. Here are a few photos of what we have been up to and please do keep an eye in our blog where you will find snapshots of our learning in Primary 4!

And here’s P4B …

Looking forward to an exciting year of learning.

Mr Harper and Mrs Bennett.