P5A and P5B Blog


Friday 13th January:


We hope all pupils and family’s in P5 have had a well deserved break. All pupils are getting settled and back into the swing of things! Mr Brewer and Mr Smith are both buzzing to see everyone and get back to learning in the new year!

Its Scots month at Carrick Knowe as I’m sure you are all aware, from the constant recital at home from the children and their chosen poems. All pupils as of next Monday will be reciting these in class, to then be chosen to be entered in the school competition. This has then lead us appropriately to began traditional Scottish country dancing, which everyone seemed to love. There seemed to be some promising dancers in P5 and we are looking forward to see more as time goes on!

We have been very busy with some art for our art competition at the school. We began by looking at the Scottish land mark that is Edinburgh castle, creating some beautiful looking pieces. This involved making a silhouette of Edinburgh skyline, creating a back drop of the sky with chalk and fire works using paint.

Again its great to be back and we hope you have all had a fabulous new year and hears to 2023 at Carrick Knowe Primary!

Monday 21st November:

P5 Update!

We have been really busy with our learning over the past few weeks. Here is a brief summary of what we’ve been up to!


The P5s have been challenging themselves with coding in the classroom, having a go at a variety of different “Scratch” projects. More often than not, they have been teaching Mr Brewer and Mr Smith a thing or two about the different features!


We have also been sharpening our badminton skills in PE; practising our serve, hand grip and hand-eye coordination. It’s been great to see so much enthusiasm and resilience from everyone.


In class, we have been learning about Fairtrade products; where they come from and why they they are important for farmers who grow these products. We looked at the journey of a banana from farm to supermarket, and how the money is split between the workers along the supply chain. In groups, the P5s have also been researching specific Fairtrade products and are creating dioramas to showcase what they have learned. More of this to come!

Anti-bullying Week/Book Week Scotland

As a school, we tied these two events together with one of our school values: respect. The P5 classes each had an assigned picture book to read through, unpack and discuss its key messages (‘Frockodile’ by Jeanne Willis and ‘Say Something!’ by Peter H Reynolds. Both classes gave some very thoughtful responses about how these books teach the reader about acceptance, diversity and standing up for what’s right. We displayed these on a poster and shared with the rest of the school during assembly.

Friday 4th November:

Planting Spring Bulbs at Manor Grange

Yesterday, both P5 classes walked to Manor Grange. We were met by activities coordinator Maureen and the gardener Walter. Children were split into two groups. One group worked at tables to assist residents to plant daffodil bulbs inside pots. The other group planted daffodil bulbs directly into flowerbeds along the edge of the home’s large grounds. The weather was lovely and the children did an excellent job of getting all the bulbs planted. Well done everyone!

Friday 30th September:

Maths, Maths, Maths with Primary 5!

This week has been a busy one for the class of primary 5. Since it is math week Scotland, We have been looking at mathematics and it’s impact on the world and the importance of why we need maths in our lives!

We have also has the chance to use our math skills in a different context and apply them to games outside, such as the Rook jumping maze (mind boggling) and the game of NIM (highly addictive).

On Monday we took part in a rugby touch tournament at Saughton Park. The team that went to the tournament was a combination of P5 A and B with a squad of 15. They played 4 games, showed great resilience and persistence to played to the final whistle for all of their matches!

Friday 16th September:

Caring Carrick Knowe

Today, pupils in Primary 5A and 5B harvested cooking apples grown in school. Our new high school helper Joseph was great at getting the apples from high up.

Sadly, we can’t use all of the apples we have grown so instead, we contacted two of the local care homes, who were very happy to receive them. Doing our bit for the community!

Maureen, the activities co-ordinator at Manor Grange, thought she might get residents to have a go at peeling and chopping the apples before chef Joseph cooks them.

At Murrayside, chef Iain is planning to make apple crumble for residents this weekend, and says they are always interested to know where their food comes from, and will be very pleased it’s from the local school.

Friday 2nd September:

Take a dive into P5!

Even though we’re only a few weeks into the year, we’ve already done so much!


We have been exploring different mental maths strategies to solve problems, as well as place value, ordering numbers and decimals fractions…


P5 have been developing their fitness skills and learning about the importance of warming up and cooling down. They have also been trying out touch rugby with Mr Smith!

Interdisciplinary Learning – Our Senses

P5 are learning all about our senses and sensory organs, as well as those living with disabilities such as deafness and blindness. So far, we have been exploring sound and have had fun investigating the properties of sound as an energy! We know that these sound waves can travel through gases (air), liquids (whale song through water) and solids (vibrations along pieces of string!)

Friday 19th August:

Welcome Back P5!

After a long, restful summer, Primary 5 have had a brilliant first week back at school!

Despite all the tired faces on Wednesday, we have all managed to get back into the swing of things.