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Wednesday 27th October:

P5A and P5/6 do Autumn Art using natural materials

Yesterday, P5A and P5/6 went outside to collect a variety of natural materials. It then started to rain heavily, so we came into the corridor to make our artwork in pairs or small groups. Look below to see all our creative ideas!

Tuesday 12th October:

P5/6 help those in the community!

On Monday 11th October, pupils from P5/6 went along to Murrayside Care Home in Corstophine to plant spring bulbs. The home was only built a couple of years ago, and last spring residents were unable to see any spring flowers. Pupils planted snowdrops, daffodils and tulips around the fences of the home, so residents will be able to see them from their rooms and from the communal gardens. Good work P5/6!

Tuesday 28th September:

Maths Week!

This week in P5A and P5/6, we have been looking 2D shape. The P5s have been looking at regular and irregular polygons, particularly focusing on pentagons, hexagons and octagons. The P6s have been looking at the properties of quadrilaterals. They have focused on these shapes – square, rectangle, kite, rhombus, trapezium and parallelogram.

After some work in the classroom, classes went outside for outdoor learning and used the iPads to photograph these shapes and then marked up the photographs.

Next, children found sticks and created these 2D shapes on the ground. Again, they used the camera on the iPads to photograph them and marked them up.

Thursday 16th September:

It’s good to be back!

We have had a really busy time in Primary 5A andPrimary 5/6 since we started back in August. The weeks have flown by!

After spending some time meeting new friends and exploring forgotten parts of the school, we got busy learning!

From litter picking, telling the time challenges and making physical clocks, to exploring Space, phases of the moon, research on i pads and learning to spell both inside and outside of the classroom- it has been a full timetable of non-stop events!

Have a lovely holiday weekend!

Mrs Kane, Ms Pincock and Mrs Buchanan