P7A and P7B Blog

Monday 19th June:

P7 QUALI 2023

What a night!

Sunshine, dancing, awards, food, smiles, ceilidh dancing, laughter, dance off and lots of sweaty bodies. All in all an absolutely amazing night.

Monday 29th May:

Team Trip to Meadowbank for Inter Scholastics Event

Friday 19th May:


This week we have be learning about forces, in particular investigating air resistance. We made parachutes, discussing the importance of only changing one variable within the experiment. In this case it was the size of the parachute.

We had to record our results and decided a table would be the clearest way to do this. We spent time learning how to create a table using word before entering the data.

Friday 28th April:


We have been learning about chemical reactions this week. In particular, the difference between a chemical reaction and a physical reaction.


It is marathon season and so we are challenging ourselves to run continuously for longer. So far we have built up to 8 mins without stopping. Very impressive. It has been great to see everyone pacing themselves and full of determination to keep going. We are hoping to build up to at least 15 mins over the coming weeks. Although, Mr Smith’s Mini Marathin skills group have already smashed this.


In PE on a Monday we were practicing controlling the shuttlecock when using a forehand shot. We were serving a returning to a partner.

Friday 21st April:

First week of the last term for P7!

P7 have had a busy first week back. They have spent a lot of time reflecting on their time at camp (or their Easter Hols for those who did not go to camp). The children now have a large selection of camp photos on their iPads and they used these to create camp journals and camp iMovies.

Kick Rounders

Both P7A and B came together to play Kick Rounders. The classes were against one another. The children were quite competitive but also showed great sportsmanship!