P7A and P7B Blog


Friday 27th January:


Congratulations to all our awesome certificate winners this week.


Well done to all our Primary 7 pupils that were involved in the Scots Assembly this week. We were very proud of our two presenters and all our performers.


It is always good to use concrete materials in maths. It can really help us with our understanding.


This week in gymnastics we had all the apparatus out. The challenge was to show a balance, roll, jump and travel at each station. It was important to try and link each skill and when landing we needed to keep our bodies strong, landing like a gymnast. There was lots of excellent work being displayed and lots of us challenging ourselves on the vault and on the ropes.

CONFLICT – How did WW2 begin?

We used a non fiction text and a clip from the internet to find out about all the events leading to the start of WW2. We used a variety of ICT skills to create a visual timeline to display in our classroom.

We also investigated the countries involved in WW2. We learned the terms, Allies, Axis and Neutral.


On Thursday, primary 7 went on a trip to the V&A museum in Dundee to take part in a ‘Plastics Remodelling our World’ workshop. The children learned about the devastating consequences that plastic is having on our environment and identified the huge number of products which contain plastic. The workshop finished by showing potential alternatives for the future. The workshop was very interactive and the children had a great time.

Friday 20th January:


WOW! So many certificates this week. Many of the Primary 7B pupils received a certificate for the effort they had put into their Scots Poem from Mrs Buchanan.


In gymnastics we have been practicing a variety of rolls and balances. It has been quite challenging for many for us and so we have had to be really focussed and determined. We have discovered that to be successful we need to have good core strength. Something we can all be working on!


Both classes were set the challenge of selecting and finding out about a famous Scot’s entertainer either past or present. They were then given half an image of that person and had to use a variety of art skills to recreate the other half. There effort that went into this art task was amazing and the result were superb.


In Primary 7 we have been preparing for the Scots writing competition. Our context has been pirates. We all created our own character, thinking about their physical appearance and their personality. We then wrote a detailed character description. We wrote in English first and then used a variety of strategies to translate our writing into Scots.


All of Primary 7A did a great job learning their Scots poems. Here are our three finalists who were judged by Mrs Iley to decide on an overall winner.