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Friday 23rd September:


A range of certificates were given out this week. Lots of Motivated Mark, Focussed Felicity and WOW certificates for good manners and kindness. Well done everyone.


On Tuesday we used the Spheros to practice our place value skills. The children worked in pairs to programme the Sphero to stop on the number line where they estimated a particular number should be. It took a lot of trial and error to get the speed and the distance correct but everyone had a go and everyone succeeded.

One group challenged themselves further by stopping the Sphero and then programming to move to another number before returning to the start line. They then became the teachers and taught the rest of P7 the new skill they and learned.


It was great to see the different ways we could practice our common words this week.


P7 have been learning about genetics over the last few weeks. This week we were investigating dominant and recessive genes. We did this through creating alien parents looking at their genetic make-up and then working out what characteristics their alien babies might inherit. The children enjoyed creating their alien families.



We have been investigating the different ways that data can be displayed. This week, we started to look at pie charts and how you convert data into chunks and also how you use a protractor to visually display the data. The children worked exceptionally well and one child even said “I can’t believe I actually get this, it was so hard at first but now I have it!”


Archie came to visit P7b this week- the children loved having him in the classroom (and I think he loved being in with us too!) We were his last visit of the morning so he was very chilled and well behaved… he is welcome back anytime!

Friday 16th September:


Delighted that there are so many P7 pupils receiving certificates this week. Well done everyone.



This week 2 of our sports captains took over the warm up for P.E today. They did a great job.

We then split into two groups to practice a variety of football skills.


Primary 7 are continuing to work on developing their fitness levels. Each week they are working at different stations for two minutes. The children were delighted to get a chance at using the boxing gloves this week at one of the stations.

Genetics and DNA

We have been investigating dominant and recessive genes. We know that some of our characteristics (hair colour, eye colour, tongue rolling, freckles, dimples, curly hair etc) are passed down through families via genes.
On Thursday, we looked into the science of genes and talked about nucleus, chromosomes, genes and DNA.
We made our own DNA Double Helix using sweeties (don’t worry, they were strictly for modelling purposes and were not eaten). The children demonstrated their understanding of base pairings through making their models and had lots of fun in the process.


We discovered that we knew very little about the main political parties in Scotland. Therefore, we completed our own research and created PowerPoint presentations to record our findings.

Assembly Announcement

Finally, the big announcement of our Sports and House Captains was announced to the school. I think there were a few nerves as the all had to individually introduce themselves.

Friday 9th September:


Congratulations to everyone who got a certificate this week. Many were handed out for good team work and sportsmanship in football, for being focussed and motivated in class and small acts of kindness. Already looking forward to handing out more next week.


Mrs Canning asked each class to think about what kindness looks like in Carrick Knowe Primary School. So Mrs Mitchell got her ‘Kindness Glasses’ on to find out.


This week the primary 7’s were introduced to their P1 buddies. P7A read stories with their buddies and P7B either played with or read to their buddies. Everyone had a great time.


We have have been investigating place value, using terms such as, standard form, written form and expanded form.

House Point Collection

Each week the house and sports captains are responsible for collecting the house point totals from all the classes, totalling them up and then sharing these with the school. The Broom House Captains started this task off this week. Well done boys!

Friday 2nd September:


This week we handed out our first set of certificates. Many children were awarded WOW certificates for a variety of achievements linked to our school values and some were given Growth Mindset certificates.

School Values

Congratulations to all our winners. 😀😀


This week we continued to prepare for our upcoming elections.

We put up our posters around the school as part of our campaigns to encourage people to vote for us.

Everyone was quite nervous when it came to delivering their speeches to the rest of their house members but they all rose to the occasion and did a great job. So many teachers have commented on how well they all did. Everyone in P7 should be very proud of themselves.










Visiting P1

P7 visited P1 with Ms Pincock to help teach them about recycling and the new recycling bins in their classroom. They were all very excited.

Writing in P7

This week primary 7 were focussing on ‘Show don’t Tell’ emotion writing. This is where the children describe a character’s body language, facial expressions etc. to describe a feeling or emotion. First, the children worked together to play a game of matching emotion pictures to different descriptions. They then tried to write some ‘Show don’t Tell Emotions themselves. They shared their descriptions with the class while their classmates acted out their descriptions and then guessed which emotion was being described. The children did a brilliant job and had lots of fun too!

P.E – Fitness

Primary 7 always enjoyed the bleep test!

Friday 26th August:

WELCOME TO TEAM P7 2022-2023

We have had a great start to the year getting to know all our Primary 7 children!

Book Festival Trip

On Tuesday P7 enjoyed heading into town to the Edinburgh Book Festival to the show ‘Mystery on the Tracks’ with authors M J Leonard and Sam Sedgman. Maya and Sam are the authors of the book series We all thoroughly enjoyed the and each child were given a copy of the book ‘Sabotage on the Solar Express’

Sports and House Captain Elections

In Primary 7 we have been busy preparing for our Sports and House Captain elections. As part of our campaigns we have been writing speeches and preparing posters to try and persuade our peers to vote for us.

Health and Wellbeing

P7 started the term with playing some house and team games in P.E. We have also started a block of P.E. focussing on fitness. Our aim is to improve our overall fitness by the October holidays. We will be measuring our fitness levels by measuring our resting and recovery pulse rates.

The children have also being creating Time Capsules that will be kept safe and opened at the end of P7 in June 2023. The time capsules included a hand and foot print, a piece of string that the children used to measure their height and a mobile phone template showing all the things they like/are important to them. It will be interesting to see how much they change over the year!


Here we are, sitting on the benches in Assembly!

We are looking forward to meeting our Primary 1 buddies in the coming weeks too!

The B side!
The A side!